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Accessory Review Brentwood Home Cypress Pillow Review

the cypress pillow by brentwood home review

You may already be familiar with Brentwood Home for their natural and oh so comfortable mattresses and other bedding products. Brentwood Home is known for using quality materials in all of their products and making comfortable beds and bedding that you can sleep comfortably knowing you’re sleeping on natural, safe materials. The Cypress Pillow we will be reviewing today is actually created to pair with their Cypress Memory Foam Mattress. However, we believe this pillow will be comfortable no matter what mattress you’re sleeping on. Continue reading to get all of the details in our review of the Cypress Pillow by Brentwood Home.

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Cypress Pillow Materials & Build:

the materials for the cypress pillowWhile the Cypress Pillow is made to fit well with the comfort of Brentwood Home’s Cypress Memory Foam mattress, it is actually made mostly out of Polyester. The cover is a Poly Spandex blend which feels soft and cool to the touch while allowing enough stretch in order for the pillow to contour to the shape of your head and neck.

While the fill is made out of springy polyester puffs. This poly filling gives the Cypress pillow it’s buoyancy and support. Unlike other pillow filling, the Cypress Pillow filling doesn’t bunch up in corners. So your pillow won’t go flat throughout the night or need fluffing in the morning.

One big benefit to having a polyester filled pillow is the amount of air it keeps inside the pillow while retaining it’s shape. This keeps your pillow cooler throughout the night and gives it a lightweight feel. Unlike memory foam, or latex pillows which tend to weight significantly more.

Cypress Pillow Comfort & Support:

is the cypress pillow by brentwood homes good for side sleepersThe Cypress Pillow has a rather lofty build overall. This is a great height for side sleepers especially. If you prefer to have a slightly thinner loft to your pillow, then we have great news for you. The Cypress Pillow is completely adjustable. Simply unzip the side of the pillow and remove filling. Do this until you get the perfect loft size for you.

This feature means that not only is the Cypress Pillow great for side sleepers, but for back sleepers and stomach sleepers as well. If you do take out some of the filling, we suggest holding onto the excess. If through time your pillow begins to compact or loose it’s life (which is very unlikely with the durability of poly) then you can simply add it back into your new pillow and bring it back to it’s former glory.

Overall we found this to be a fluffy, supportive pillow that has a new improved version of a traditional style pillow.

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Cypress Pillow Care:

the comfort review for cypress pillowWhile the cover of the Cypress Pillow is super soft and oh so comfortable, we do suggest using it with a pillow case. The Cypress case is not machine washable. If any spots or stains get on your Cypress Pillow cover, Brentwood Home suggests spot cleaning with a damp white cloth and allowing it to air dry in a sunny spot. They also discourage putting your cover in the washer or dryer, and not to use any bleach on their pillows.

While this isn’t a pillow you can throw in the washer or dryer to get fresh and clean, if you are using a pillow case and washing it regularly then it should not be an issue. For more information on suggested bedding care instructions, check out our page A Guide To Changing and Washing Your Sheets to learn more.


cypress by brentwood homes pillow reviewThe Cypress Pillow is the most affordable pillow offered by the Brentwood Home brand. This is likely due to the other pillows having more “premium materials” than the Cypress Pillow.

However, they also have different feel to them. If you are wanting a more dense heavy pillow then you will want to go for one of the more luxury options, like the Oceano Pillow or their Crystal Cover Pillow. However, if you are looking for a lightweight lofty pillow, then the Cypress is the one for you and it comes in at a great price of only $59. And, that doesn’t even include the 15% OFF exclusive coupon

This price also includes shipping, a 30 day trial period, and 1 year warranty. While this trial period is shorter than others out there, 30 days should be more than enough time to determine whether or not a pillow is the right choice for you. You should be able to feel out within a week or two in order to allow your body to adjust to your new pillow.

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Brentwood Home Cypress Pillow Review – Overall:

The Brentwood Home Cypress Pillow is a great go to pillow option. While it may not consist of the most cutting edge natural materials, it is a very comfortable, well made pillow. Due to it’s durable materials and construction the Cypress Pillow is going to last you a long time. While it’s adjustable nature makes it a great option for all sleeping positions. This pillow is great for anyone who loves the quality of Brentwood Home, but wants a lightweight traditional feeling pillow. Plus you just can’t beat the quality of this pillow at this price.

the cypress pillow care instructions

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