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Accessory Review Eli and Elm Whitney Sheets

eli and elm whitney sheets reviewWhen it comes to sheets there are qualities everyone should look for. Comfort, durability and affordable luxury. All of these qualities are easy to find in the Eli and Elm Whitney Cotton Sheets. These bedroom linens go above and beyond to provide a feel unlike any other. As well as performance to work with all sleepers. Even making them the best cooling sheets for hot sleepers. But still being plenty soft and cozy too.

Below we will go through the complexity and innovation in the materials to make them stand apart. As well as benefits, options available and value that each set provides. Making the Whitney sheets by Eli & Elm one of the most desirable sheet sets to hit the online market to date.

Eli & Elm Whitney Sheets Materials:

eli and elm whitney sheets reviewSo just what exactly are the Eli and Elm Whitney Sheets made out of to make them so darn comfortable? Well, to start with, the sheets are made using a long staple of single-ply yarn. This yarn is made from a combination of cotton, natural cellulose materials (lyocell) and paraffin plant oil.

The addition of lyocell and paraffin introduces the latest phase changing technology into the soft and solid cotton thread. This unique incorporation of these materials creates a highly advanced technology for thermo-regulation. Allowing the sheets to adjust to the temperature surrounding them all while maintaining a very soft and supple feel.

Not only that, but they also help absorb moisture, keeping your drier too. Simply put, these sheets are like magic, adjusting to what your bodies needs, warm or cool. Which is why they are the best cooling sheets around.

400 thread countThese sheets also use a 400 thread count. When it comes to thread count this number references the horizontal and vertical threads in each square inch of the fabric. This number is usually a good indicator of the quality of the bedding. As well as how soft the sheets will be, and how well they will soften over time.

Some may argue that too high of a thread count will lessen the softness as well as breathability in sheets. While having too low of a thread count decreases quality and feel as well. Finding an ideal balance, like the Whitney sheets, is the best bet for getting a soft and pliable feel that is still cool, crisp and durable.

The superior materials are enhanced by quality construction. Each set is made to order right in the USA. Made by using a sateen weave to give the silky smooth cotton the right amount of crispness too. This gives the sheets a feel that is the best of both worlds.

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Eli and Elm Whitney Sheets Benefits:

eli and elm whitney sheets reviewClearly the materials of these sheets will provide plenty of benefits for each sleeper. Rather you sleep warm or cool. Like a silky soft or fresh crisp feel. These sheets really will appeal to most anyone. These sheets are made to perform and as you can see from the list below will do so easily.

  • Naturally Temperature Regulating Materials – Ideal temperature for all sleepers, especially hot sleepers.
  • Soft & Silky as well as Crisp & Smooth – Cotton combine with PCM for cozy crisp feel.
  • Long Staple, Single-ply 400 Thread Count, Sateen Weave Construction – Serious luxurious sheets.
  • Durable, Long Lasting Materials and Superior Build – Quality for years to come.
  • Simple & Classic Design – Available in 3 sizes.
  • Affordable Pricing – Latest pricing and additional savings found HERE!
  • Free Shipping & 45 Night Trial – Bonus!

Eli and Elm Whitney Sheets Options: 

eli and elm whitney sheets reviewThe Eli and Elm Whitney Sheets are currently available in the timeless color – white. This classic look should work with any bedding and room design. With fine detailing and a smooth finish with just enough piping to distinguish the top from the bottom. These sheets are just a bit silky for a high end look and feel.

They are available in three sizes. With options for Queen, King and California King size mattresses. The pockets are deep and will work on most any mattress, especially thicker ones. Each set includes a fitted sheet, a flat sheet as well as two pillowcases too. Making a complete set perfect for any room. Eli & Elm also offer matching duvet covers, a mattress pad as well as pillows to complete your bedding needs.

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Eli and Elm Whitney Sheets Value: 

eli and elm whitney sheets reviewWhen it comes to quality, durability and comfort you may have to initially pay a little more. However, the years of wear and use you’ll get in return are more than worth it. Not only are you getting years of use, but years of comfort and quality that make for even cozier sheets as time passes.

The Eli and Elm Whitney sheets come in at $279 for the Queen size. And the King and California King come in at $299. For the best cooling sheets out there this is just a small price to pay for the most comfortable sheets.

Included with your sheets is free shipping. Once ordered it will take about 2-3 business days to manufacturer these made to order sets. Then about 2-5 business days for them to be delivered. Overall your sheets will arrive between 4-8 days after you order them.

You also have 45 night sleep trial before you need to commit to keeping your new sheets. It is requested that you give them a try for at least two weeks before though. If after that time you aren’t happy with your purchase, you can simply return them for a full refund.

Eli and Elm Whitney Sheets Care: 

eli and elm whitney sheets reviewCaring for your new sheets is simple. Machine wash your set separate from other laundry on either a warm or cool gentle setting. Avoid using any fabric softener too. Then, tumble dry on low heat. Iron on the lowest setting possible, if desired. DO NOT bleach or dry clean. The most important cleaning instruction to remember with your Whitney sheets is to keep it COOL. The paraffin in the sheets can not exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit when drying for optimal performance.

Eli & Elm Whitney Sheets Overview: 

If you want luxury sheets that are always perfectly cool, or perfectly warm, the Eli and Elm Whitney sheets are at the top of our list. This high performance bedding is ideally soft as it is durable and silky, yet crisp. Making for an overall superior feel to many other linens available.

The advanced technology to use the best natural temperature regulating materials gives them properties that standout. And the long lasting durability combine with the ultra soft finish makes them a favorite. You can’t go wrong with a classic white sheet set that provides all the necessary desires of a perfect night’s sleep.

If you have any questions about the Eli & Elm Whitney sheets, or any other products on Our Sleep Guide let us know. We are always happy to help with any of your bedding or sleep related questions. Just contact us and we will reply as quickly as we can!