November 12, 2022

Best Christmas Gifts For Better Sleep

best christmas gifts for better sleep

What better way to treat someone you love than to give them the gifts of great sleep?! Of course, here at Our Sleep Guide we spend a lot of time thinking about and reviewing products designed to help you get your best sleep ever. Which is why we are sharing with you some of our top favorite’s products that would make great Christmas Gifts for Better Sleep this year! Stick around for great gift ideas that will help you give the gift of great sleep.

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A New Mattress!

christmas gift ideas 2020We spend so much time in bed, if your mattress simply isn’t cutting it anymore it can really affect your sleep. It can even cause aches and pains throughout the day as well. A new mattress is a luxurious item that we often don’t think to gift to others.

However, with our list of the best mattresses made this year, combined with awesome trial period, a mattress could very well be one of the best gifts you can give someone this Christmas.

Check out our list of the Top Ten Mattresses to find a mattress that is sure to be a star gift this Christmas.

Vegan Silk Pajamas from Coroom

vegan silk pajamas christmas gift for better sleepYou may have loathed getting a set of pajamas as a gift when you were a kid, but as an adult… Is there anything cozier and more luxurious than a gorgeous pajama set? Something soft and elegant, upgrading you out of the old t-shirt that you also wear to the gym sometimes.

A beautiful matching pajama set is something we typically don’t bother buying for ourselves. However, they always feel great once you put them on. Making a quality pajama set an ideal Christmas gift that will help you sleep better. Check out this stunning vegan silk pajama set. Click the link below to shop now.

Click To Shop - Cloroom Vegan Silk Gifts

Curfew CBD Products

curfew cbd blanketIf you are shopping for someone who struggles to let go of stress and get the sleep they need at night. Then we would like to recommend the Curfew products line to you. This is the ideal gift you have been looking for. The soft snuggly blanket is infused with CBD, to give the user an extra dose of relaxation.

The Curfew brand also creates their own CBD Tincture and Salve. Making the ideal gift basket to help you get the best sleep ever. This is a no THC product, which means you get all the relaxation with no high. Click the link below to read our review or the shop button to start shopping now!


View our Curfew CBD Products Review Here! Or click the link below to start shopping now!

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Wedge Pillows by Brentwood Home

anti snoring wedge pillow reading in bedKnow someone who snores? Or better yet someone who loves to read in bed? Perhaps someone who loves binging Netflix in the bedroom. We have a great gift for these people! It is a wedge pillow from Brentwood Home.

Brentwood Home makes several different varieties to choose from. However, they all provide comfortable support that allows to you to lay at a comfortable incline. This is ideal for lounging in bed, or for those who need to lay at an incline to prevent snoring. (Or both!)

These pillows are one of those “I didn’t know I needed it until I had it” kind of items. They make lounging in bed easier than ever.

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Best Comforter For Hot Sleepers – Buffy Breeze

buffy breeze blanket comforter for christmasOverall, the Buffy Breeze is a great gift for hot sleepers. This comforter is made of a fabric and fill that is created from eucalyptus fibers. This is a lightweight and extra breathable duvet insert that is going to change the way you sleep.

Unlike most duvet inserts that are either made out of down or polyester fill. The Buffy is fluffy yet breathable and allows the sleeper to stay comfortable cool all night long.

Click the link to read our Buffy Breeze Comforter Review, or click the link below to shop now!

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Bearaby Weighted Blanket

velvet winter weighted blankets bearabyThis is such a stunning weighted blanket. We love that not only does this blanket apply breathable pressure to relieve stress and anxiety. It also just so happens to look gorgeous wherever you put it in your home.

Bearby makes their blankets in many different sizes for everyone, allowing you to shop for everyone from kids to adults. These stunning blankets come in fun seasonal textures, and colors.

I actually requested this blanket for Christmas last year and have been loving and using it ever since. It is a great option for anyone dealing with stress, anxiety, or could simply use a bit of help getting back to sleep at night.

Click HERE to read our full review over the Bearaby Napper Blanket, or click the shop button below to start shopping now!

Buy Your New Bearaby Blanket HERE!

Moona Pillow Pad

stay cool with a moona pillow pad for hot sleepersGive the gift of always sleeping on the cool side of the pillow this Christmas. Sound like magic? Nope, it is just the Moona Pillow Pad! This ingenious little device allows you to have temperature control over your pillow. Allowing you to keep your pillow cool, warm, or juuuust right all night long.

This is ideal for that person who is always too hot at night and is always blasting the AC. They will have their own personal cooling device keeping their pillow frosty. No more flipping over to the cool side because their pillow will always feel cool.

Check out the Moona Pillow Pad Review Here! Or click the link below to shop now!

Buy The Moona Cooling Pillow Pad HERE!

Best Quilt – Tuft & Needle Quilt

gorgeous quilt from Tuft & NeedleIf you are shopping for the person who has everything, why not go simple and get them a comfortable and quality quilt. They are beautiful, soft, and can be used anywhere.

The Tuft & Needle quilt is made out of soft and breathable cotton. Making this a great option for snuggling on the couch, a light blanket in the summer, or perhaps just a decorative layer on a bed. This is such a classic gift that is great for anyone to snuggle up in.

Click to learn about more fabulous Tuft & Needle Accessories! Or click the link below to start shopping now!

Tuft & Needle Accessories - BUY HERE!

Christmas Gift For Better Sleep – Under $100:

For all those wanting to stay on a budget this Christmas, these gift recommendations are for you. While they are not going to beat Dollar Store prices, they will be much more cost effective than buying your loved one a brand new mattress.

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Casper Silk Pillow Case or Casper Silk Eye Mask

silk pillowcase set from casper gifts under 100 dollarsWhile the matching silk pillow case AND silk eye mask combo from Casper is over $100. They are also for sale separately giving you a great way to buy a luxury gift while keeping the price down. Made out of 100% silk, this pillow case is wonderful for your hair and skin. It also just so happens to feel great too.

The Casper Silk Eye Mask pairs perfects with the Silk Pillow case for a complete gift set. You can pair with the pillow case or separately to create the perfect gift or stocking stuffer. This eye mask looks and feels absolutely beautiful. Perfect gift for anyone who should treat themselves this Christmas season.

Learn more about the other accessories from Casper in our post Top 10 Casper Bedroom Accessories or click the link below to buy now!

Casper Accessories Found HERE!

Baloo Satin Eye Mask

great gifts for crystal lovers

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The Baloo Satin Eye Mask is proof that you don’t have to spend a fortune to give a luxurious gift. This weighted eye mask is silky smooth and comes with crystal disks.

These disks can go into small pockets in the eye mask. Ideal for anyone who loves using crystals, or simply loves to get great sleep. Not only does this mask block out unwanted light, it also applies soft pressure for extra relaxation.

Check out this mask from Baloo and many more in our post Top Rated Sleep Masks or click below to shop now!

Latest Baloo Weighted Blanket Coupon HERE!

Buffy Nook Pillow

comfortable nook pillow from buffyThis is such a fun fuzzy neck pillow that adds a lot of comfortable support. This is a fun pillow for teens and travelers. This fun fuzzy neck pillow is extra large and loads more comfortable than the average travel neck pillow.

The Nook Pillow from Buffy comes in three chic neutral colors that are very on trend at the moment. Pairs perfectly with their new Buffy Wiggle Body Pillows. Such a cute look and comes in under $40. Making it a great price point for gifting.

Latest Buffy Coupons Found Here!

Reed + Gwen Bath Products

reed and gwen magnesium bath salt soakAll of the skincare and body products from Reed + Gwen are under $100 and make a gorgeous gift basket. If you know anyone out there that loves using natural and earth friendly products, then these are going to make for the perfect gift.

These gorgeous high-end products are made with a minimal amount of water. That means that none of these products are watered down, you are getting high concentration products that really work.

We highly recommend the Magnesium Bath Soak, it is perfect for taking a bath right before bed. You can actually absorb magnesium topically and get it into your system in order to get better sleep. Plus it looks and smells beautiful making for a gorgeous nighttime bath experience.

Click HERE to read all about this gorgeous line of skincare products.

BUY Reed + Gwen by Avocado Products HERE!

Avocado Organic Mini Pillow

mini organic avocado pillow for travelingThis tiny pillow allows the user to bring organic comfort with them wherever they go. Made in a compact size for easy travel. Perfect gift for the person who prefers to bring their pillow from home wherever they go. This compact pillow is created with the same comfortable organic materials as the Avocado Green Pillow.

Be sure to snatch this little item up. It gives you all that luxurious feel that avocado has to offer in a compact travel friendly size that comes in at under $50, and packed full of GOTS certified organic materials.

Check out more fun bedding accessories from Avocado in our post: Top 15 Avocado Green Mattress Accessories

Avocado Bedding Accessories Sale

Purple – Sleepy Jones Pajamas

perfect christmas gift from purpleStretchy Soft and Cute! The Sleepy Jones Pajama set from Purple make a fun and comfortable Christmas gift that is great for helping you sleep comfortably.

These pajamas are gender neutral and look/feel great on everyone. These extra soft pajamas are such a fun gift for the whole family this Christmas. They will look great when you snuggle up by the fireplace.

Click HERE to check out other accessories from the Purple Brand!

Purple Bedding & Accessories HERE!

Don’t Wait, Shop Now!

Shopping early makes the whole Christmas season so much easier. Deals are going now and won’t last long. Be sure to start shopping now and take advantage of all the Holiday sales and promotions currently going one. It will also help insure your gifts get delivered in time for Christmas morning. We hope this list helps you find the perfect Christmas Gifts for better sleep! Have a Merry Christmas!

top present ideas for chrismas

If you need help finding the perfect gift for better sleep, let us help! Simply Contact Us and we would be delighted to help you figure out what sleep products are best for everyone on your shopping list.