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September 16, 2020

Best Christmas Gifts For Better Sleep

What do you get the person on your shopping list that is looking for better sleep? With so many wonderful products easily at your finger tips the options are endless. Which is why we came up with our own list of the best Christmas gifts for better sleep! Perfect for the person on your list that could use some rest and relaxation. (Isn’t that all of us?) Keep reading for our top gift choices for better sleep, cozier rooms & thoughtful presents for everyone on your list.

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best christmas gifts for better sleep

 Best Christmas Gifts: Pillows

Best Adjustable Pillow – Helix Pillow

top pillow for a giftThe Helix Adjustable Pillow is a hybrid style pillow.

The adjustable pillow by Helix makes a great gift because the receiver of the gift can find tune it to suite their exact comfort preferences. The Helix Adjustable Pillow has side zipper with a removable core insert.

This insert can be added in order to made a dense more supportive pillow, or taken out for a fluffier lower profile pillow. Either way it is a very comfortable pillow that is sure to please.

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Best All Foam Pillow – Tuft & Needle All Foam Pillow

tuft and needle top all foam pillowThe Original Pillow from Tuft & Needle is a solid all foam pillow. This pillow is a fluffy lofty pillow this is soft and supportive.

Unlike other stiff all foam pillows, the T&N pillow allows for loads of pressure relief and support. It is a great option for side sleepers and back sleepers. If you’re shopping for anyone who loves comfort, then this is a great gift for them.

Click to view our T&N All Foam Pillow Review, or click the link below to shop now!

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Best Feather Pillow – Luxe Feather Pillow

best feather pillow reviewSometimes you just can’t beat a classic. If you are shopping for someone who loves the simple luxuries in life, then the classic Down Feather Pillow from Luxe is a great fist for them. This pillow is filled with sustainably sourced white goose down and high quality small-game waterfowl feather.

The combination makes for a super soft yet supportive feather pillow. The feather adds a bounce and support to the pillow, while the classic down feathers make for a cloud like softness. What a great gift to give to any of your loved ones this Christmas.

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Best Custom Pillow – Pluto Custom Pillow

pluto pillow review how it works Shopping for a Picky Penny, or a Choosy Charlie? Get them the Custom Pillow by Pluto. They have a built in pillow quiz that will give Pluto all the information they need in order to tailor make a pillow specifically for the person you are shopping for.

They even consider height and weight as this can change how soft or firm a pillow will feel and what loft size they may need. Making this the perfect pillow to choose for anyone who wants everything to be just right.

Something to keep in mind, you either need to know your gift receiver very well. (including what position they fall asleep in, what position they wake up in, their height, what they like or dislike about their current pillow.) Or else you may need to skip the surprised in order to get specific details in order to get them their perfect pillow.

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Best Natural Pillow – Avocado Molded Latex Pillow

top all natural latex pillowLooking to get a gift for someone who is on the hunt for the perfect natural pillow? Then you have to check out the Avocado Molded Latex Pillow.

The Avocado brand is all about creating premium natural bedding options with all of the latest and greatest certifications you could ask for. The Avocado Molded Latex Pillow is made out of an all natural charcoal infused latex. This infusion helps to keep you cool throughout the night.

Not only is this pillow oh so comfortable, it is made with environmentally friendly practices. Avocado ensures that they offset 100% of their carbon emissions annually. Making this pillow a great gift for all of the people who are out there fighting for our plant.

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 Best Christmas Gifts: Blankets

Best Comforter – Buffy Cloud

best comforter to give as a giftLooking to buy a new comforter for your beau this holiday season? We suggest the Buffy Cloud Comforter, it is a soft and fluffy comforter, the outer fabric is made out of eucalyptus fibers! This eucalyptus fabric is cool and oh so silky soft.

The inside of the Buffy Duvet is nice and fluffy, giving this comforter the Cloud name. It is light and fluffy, making it a great gift for anyone in need of a new comforter.

Learn more about this comforter in our Buffy Cloud Review, or click the link below to shop now!

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Best Comforter For Hot Sleepers – Buffy Breeze

best cool sleeping comforterIf you’re looking for a comforter for someone who gets really hot through the night, then check out the Buffy Breeze comforter. The Breeze is designed to stay nice and cool. While remaining cozy and fluffy as well.

The outside cover is made out of their signature eucalyptus fabric, which is great at wicking away humidity and keeping the sleeper feeling cool throughout the night. It is also a lighter overall weight than the Buffy Cloud, making the Breeze feel light and, well… breezy!

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Best Weighted Blanket – Baloo Weighted Blanket

top weighted blanket to give as a giftIf you’re on the hunt for the best weighted blanket in order to make it the perfect Christmas gift, then we have the blanket for you! The Baloo Weighted Blanket is exactly what you’re looking for. It is a classy and beautiful weighted blanket with a gorgeous french linen that comes in a few different colors.

Which is the perfect touch in order to customize your gift to exactly who you’re shopping for. You can also choose between a few different weights as well. This is our top pick for traditional weighted blankets, and we think it would make a great gift.

View our review for the Baloo Weighted Blanket here to learn more, or click the link below to shop now!

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Best Napping Blanket – Bearaby Napper

best gift this christmasLooking for a beautiful throw blanket with the added benefits of a weighted blanket? We have the perfect gift for you! The Napper blanket from Bearaby. They have a stunning chunky weave design that is oh so cozy to cuddle up in and won’t overheat you.

It is both adorable home decor addition as well as a soothing weighted blanket that helps your relax any time of day. What a great gift! While the Bearaby Napper Blanket is very aesthetically pleasing and looks great in just about every style of home, we think it would look best nestled under the Christmas tree with your name on it.

Learn more about the Bearaby Napper Blanket in our review here, or click the link below to shop now!

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Best Throw – Avocado Throw Blanket Collection

avocado throw blanketHas someone been very nice on your list this year? How about you give them one of these stunning throw blankets from Avocado. They come in many different materials from Cashmere to Alpaca fur, and all with stunning classic neutral patterns and colors.

You can’t go wrong with any of these throw blankets, the materials are sustainably and ethically sourced. Plus they are all oh so cozy and soft.

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Best Quilt – Tuft & Needle Quilt

best quilt to buy for a friendWe dare you to find anyone on your list who would love a new cozy quilt for their home. Our top favorite quilt this year is made by Tuft & Needle.

Their quilts are oh so chic and perfect for just about any home. The backing of these quilts are made out of a soft and breezy cotton.

The triangle quilting pattern is unique and modern, while the cotton is textured and relaxed. Making these quilts great for the modern home. We think they will make a wonderful gift for jus about anyone young or old.

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Best Holiday Gifts: Sleep Accessories & Gadgets

Moona Pillow Pad

best sleep gadgets gift ideasDoes the person on your list get hot at night? Are they constantly sweating through their pajamas and overheating? The Moona is the perfect gift for this person.

They can always sleep on the cool side of their pillow because the Moona is a cooling (or heating) pillow pad! The perfect gift for that person who needs a little help with staying cool (or warm).

Check out the Moona Pillow Pad Review Here! Or click the link below to shop now!

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Weighted Sleep Mask by Baloo

top stocking stuffers 2020We have all heard of a weighted blanket, but have you tried a weighted sleep mask? Not only do these oh so comfortable masks block out unwanted light, they also apply light pressure to the face.

This is a relaxing sensation that makes for a soothing face mask to sleep or travel with. This mask by Baloo also comes with gem stone disks. A beautiful and relaxing way to add a bit of luxury to your gift.

Check out this mask from Baloo and many more in our post Top Rated Sleep Masks or click below to shop now!

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Curfew CBD Products

top 15 sleep products you've never heard of beforeShopping for someone who could use a relaxing break from the everyday stresses in life? How about a CBD blanket?! Curfew has their own line of US Hemp CBD products that are perfect for a relaxing night in or to soothe yourself to sleep.

They have a tasty peppermint CBD tincture, a salve, and most unique of all, a CBD infused blanket. Such a unique gift that you just know they are going to love.

View our Curfew CBD Products Review Here! Or click the link below to start shopping now!

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Casper Glow Light

best gift idea for kidsKnow someone who just loves fun gadgets? They will love the Casper Glow Light. This genius little invention is a portable light that has been designed to incredibly simple, while also having a number of cool smart features.

You can twist on or off, it also has the ability to dim on and off so you can fall asleep slowly or wake up to the gradually raising light. This light can be taken around with you, making it the perfect transportable night light. A great gift for adults and children.

Learn more about the Casper Glow Light along with many other accessories in our post Top 10 Casper Bedroom Accessories or click the link below to buy now!

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Wool Bedding by Sleep & Beyond

top bedding to give as a giftAs close to magic as you can get with a natural material, wool has this amazing way of temperature regulating.

It will help you warm up when you’re cold, and cool down if you get too warm. It also helps to wick moisture away from the body if you get a bit sweaty, and is oh so soft and snuggly.

Making wool a fabulous material for any and all bedding. Sleep & Beyond has a full range of wool based bedding products that would all make for fantastic gifts for anyone on your list that struggles to regulate their temperature at night.

Learn more about the benefits of wool in our post Wool! Glorious Wool! or click the button below to shop now!

Sleep & Beyond – Multiple Wool Comforters

Best Luxury Christmas Gifts For Sleep

If your looking for a higher ticket item to splurge on, than we have several great options. Waking up on Christmas morning to find a new mattress or plush mattress topper could really be an exciting gift, especially for someone who isn’t comfortable in their current bed. Not only that, but cozy high end sheets or an adjustable base could really be a fun surprise that is also very practical and appreciated.


christmas gift ideas 2020A new mattress can be a big investment that some may not be willing or able to make for themselves. Making a quality mattress, an incredible gift. The gift of comfortable rest.

Tired of hearing your parents complain about the mattress you have in the guest bedroom? Then it might be about time to buy a new mattress for that guest bedroom of yours. Whether you are buying a mattress as a gift for family or friend, or as an upgrade to your guest room. It is the gift of great sleep which keeps on giving.

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Mattress Topper

layla mattress topperAnother luxury gift option to give to your loved ones is a new mattress topper. The perfect way to enhance a bed. A mattress topper is also much easier to fit under a Christmas tree.

Mattress toppers are great options for anyone who has a supportive mattress that is in good shape, but could use some pressure relief or added softness.

Find all our favorite mattress toppers in our post: Best Mattress Toppers

Luxury Sheets

A great gift is something that someone would love to have, but might not be willing to purchase for themselves. Luxurious sheets are a great example of that kind of gift. Everyone loves a luxurious set of soft comfortable sheets.

However, many are unwilling to shell out the extra money to buy this luxury for themselves. The gift of a high quality comfortable sheet set will be loved and enjoyed every night as they go to bed. What a fabulous gift is that.

Find the top Luxury Sheets we have reviewed on our page Top Luxury Sheets.

Adjustable Base

avocado adjustable bed frameSpeaking of luxury, an adjustable bed frame would make for a very fabulous gift for Christmas. An adjustable base is the epitome of luxury in a bedroom.

With the push of a button you can change the position of your bed from laying down, to sitting up, or take a relaxing nap in a zero gravity position.

Just make sure their mattress is compatible with an adjustable base and you’re ready for a fantastic gift that will never be forgotten.

Looking for a quality adjustable base? Check out our reviews over the Top Adjustable Bases & Bed Frames Here!

Don’t Wait, Shop Now!

This holiday season give the gift of great sleep with any one of these gifts on our list. Whether you are going big or looking for something more conservative, there is a great gift for just about anyone on this list. We hope this list makes shopping this Christmas just a bit easier this year. Happy shopping!

top present ideas for chrismas

If you need help finding the perfect gift for better sleep, let us help! Simply Contact Us and we would be delighted to help you figure out what sleep products are best for everyone on your shopping list.