December 1, 2022

Gifts For Him: Cozy Gifts That He Will LOVE!

gift ideas for the man in your life

Sometimes gift ideas just come to you! Whether it is while you are out shopping, or perhaps the idea just hits you. However, other times finding the perfect gift can be difficult. Which is why we are here to help by offering some of our top gift ideas to buy for the men in your life. Whether you are shopping for your significant other, father, grandfather, or friend these gifts are sure to please. From affordable to luxury, there are gifts in here for just about everyone!

Parachute Cloud Cotton Robe

parachute cloud cotton robeEvery man could benefit from having a comfortable robe to wear on lazy Sunday mornings. The Cloud Cotton Robe is a gorgeous weight, it is snuggly soft and breathable. The breathable 2-ply gauze allows you to wear it all year round.

Parachute made this robe out of 100% long-staple Turkish cotton, giving you a quality robe. Ideal for wearing when getting your coffee in the morning, or lounging after a shower. This is not just a great gift for him, but a gift for anyone on your list.

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Parachute Suede Slippers

gifts for dad suede slippers from parachuteThe gift of comfort is always well received. A stunning set of Suede Slipper will last for years and years. Unlike the slippers you can buy at big-box retail stores, the Parachute Suede Slippers are made with genuine suede and warm shearling wool.

The wool is ideal for slippers. Not only is wool soft and cushioning, it also is temperature regulating and wicks away moisture. Which means these slippers will keep feet at a comfortable temperature and dry all day. Gifting tip, these house shoes pair perfectly with the Cloud Cotton Robe to make a complete set.

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Curfew CBD Oil Sleep Aids

curfew cbd oil gifts for himCurfew is a relatively new brand that we are excited about! They have a few lovely products utilizing CBD to help you relax and drift off to sleep stress free. The star of the show is their CBD infused blanket! This blanket slowly releases low levels of CBD as you move under the blanket and are absorbed onto your skin.

Next is there nightly salve that is also a topical 500mg Broad Spectrum CBD oil that has a relaxing lavender scent. To top it all off is their evening tincture. Not only is this tincture very effective, it also has a lovely peppermint flavor. This is a great gift for any guy, whether they are already fans of CBD or are interested in trying it out.

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cooling heated blanket gift for boyfriendMen often have a more difficult time staying cool when they sleep. Often leading to battles with the thermostat. This is all solved with this ingenious product from ChiliSleep. The ChiliBlanket hooks up to their cube to channel cool or warm water throughout the interior of the blanket. This acts as a personal cooling or warming experience. Giving the user the power to adjust their temperature to feel just right.

This is a great gift for the guy who loves smart gadgets that make life easier. This blanket also has the added benefits of being slightly weighted. If you know anything about weighted blankets, then you know this is helpful with stress and anxiety.

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Brentwood Home Wedge Pillows 

wedge pillow gift for menAre you shopping for a reading enthusiast? This is a great gift for the man who loves to read. Especially if they enjoy reading in bed and struggle to prop themselves up with a dozen pillows. Or ends up with a neck or back ache from straining to see their book.

This pillow can be positioned a number of different ways in order to prop yourself up in bed. Allowing them to comfortably delve into their favorite book, newspaper, or TV show in bed comfortably.

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Moona Cooling Pillow Pad

cooling pillow pad from moonaAnother gift for the man in your life this is always wishing they could sleep on the cool side of the pillow. The Moona Cooling Pillow Pad is an ideal gift for him. This pillow pad gently cools your pillow so you feel refreshed as you sleep without ever having to wake up and flip over your pillow ever again.

Fun for tech savvy guys in your life. The Moona can be easily controlled through a Smartphone. Giving you the power to adjust to your ideal temperature.

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Avocado Cedar Stump Side Tables

cedar stump side table modernIf you are shopping for a man that loves the finer things in life, then this chic yet rustic side table is a unique gift idea. The Cedar Stump Side Table from Avocado are handcrafted in Los Angeles out of Red Cedar.

These are gorgeous side tables that are ideal for the man who already has everything, and has great taste and interest in interior design. It adds a gorgeous feel of nature to any home in a modern and clean way. It is finished with non-toxic varnish to keep the home and people in it safe. You have different heights are prices to pick from as well.

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T&N + SNOOZ White Noise Machine

snooz white noise machine from tuft and needleA great gift for any light sleeper. If you wake up at the slightest noise or disturbance, then a sound machine is a great way to drift off to peaceful and uninterrupted sleep. If you are shopping for someone with noisy neighbors or near loud construction, then this is a great gift option for him.

The Tuft & Needle Snooz creates the sound in their White Noise Machine with a small internal fan. This is unlike other noise machines that typically use low quality speakers. This gives you smooth organic sound that is not created with cheap speakers. It has ten volume options and the ability to adjust the tone of the white noise as well.

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Casper Glow Light

glow night light gift for himHave a gadget king in your life? For the guy who loves technology that makes their lives easier, they are going to LOVE the Casper Glow Light. The Glow Light is designed to help you fall asleep and wake up naturally.

It slowly dims as you get ready to fall asleep and gradually turns on in the morning in order to wake you up slowly. This allows you to wake up feeling well rested and ready to start your day. You can have multiple in your home and pair them all to work together. This is one smart bedside lamp and alarm clock.

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Gifts For Him: Cozy Gifts That He Will LOVE!

Hopefully one of our gift ideas for him has clicked and helped you get the ideal gift for your special someone. A gift is a little something to make sure that they know you care. These cozy gifts are just a few great options for adding comfort and class to any home. If you have a question for us, be sure to send us a message. We would be happy to help answer any lingering questions you may have.

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