March 25, 2020

Curfew Sleep Products

curfew sleep products review

For anyone looking for a natural and gentle way to help take the edge off before falling asleep, Cannabinoidal, also known as CBD, is a wonderful groundbreaking new product that is popping up all over the place. Products from soaps, lotions, sodas, pretty much anything that can be infused with CBD oil has been.

Yet, the company Curfew has managed to infuse something with CBD that we have never seen done before, a blanket! That is right! A blanket that is made out of CBD infused fibers. We are going to tell you everything you need to know about the different products created by Curfew, how they work and what we think of them. Keep reading to get all of the details.

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Curfew Dream Blanket Review

How does the Curfew Dream Blanket work?

review over the curfew dream blanket CBD… in a blanket?! That’s right! If you’re wondering how on earth such a thing works, you’re not alone. We were wondering the same exact thing so we looked deeper into the science of how a blanket could effectively use CBD. Curfew uses the latest technology to infuse every fiber of their Dream Blanket with CBD droplets. The technique is called micro-encapsulation technology.

This technology allows for CBS to bond with the yarn used in the blanket. It also keeps the CBD from oxidizing, evaporating, or being contaminated. When you snuggle up under your Dream Blanket, very small doses of CBD are released onto your skin as you move. This delivers a constant slow-release of CBD, which helps gently soothe you to sleep.


cbd infused curfew blanket review Blankets are all about comfort! All extra CBD calming features aside, we wanted to talk about the overall comfort of Curfew’s Dream Blanket. The cover is a soft blend of Polyester, Cotton, and Rayon fibers that is infused with CBD. The blanket has a quilted texture which is nice and cozy. This is a great go to cuddle blanket year round, as it is not too heavy for summer or light for winter.

The Dream Blanket comes in one size which is 50″ x 60″ which is the perfect size for naps, or as a layering blanket for the bed. Which means if you were hoping to have a Queen or King size quilt that is not yet available for the Dream Blanket. Although, we enjoy this size as it is so perfect for personal use. Overall we would say the comfort of this blanket is perfect for naps, cuddles and even layering for sleeping through the night. We think this may be your new go to cuddle blanket.

Will the CBD Infusion Wash Off?

is the cbd vurfew blanket comfortable? First things first, be sure to follow the care instructions provided by Curfew, we will post those below. According to Curfew you should be able to do 2 years worth of washing before your blanket looses it’s CBD infusion, which they approximate out to be 20 washes. Which is an impressive amount of washes for an infused blanket. Be sure to check out the care instructions below in order to ensure your CBD infusion will last as long as possible.

Care Instructions:

Wash your blanket on a cold setting with bleach free detergent. Line dry your blanket only. Do not put your blanket in the dryer, even on low.

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Curfew Nightly Soothing Salve Review


does the curfew cbd salve balm work? The Nightly Soothing Salve by Curfew has a base of Beeswax, Shea Butter, and Coconut Oil. This is then scented with Lavender and Eucalyptus essential oils. This concoction is then infused with 500mg of Broad Spectrum CBD. They CBD used in all of the Curfew products is made from 100% USA grown hemp. This salve is also third-party tested to ensure safety and potency. This salve is made out of Non-GMO ingredients.

How to use:

review over curfew cbd salve This salve is for topical use only. Simply warm and apply with finger tips and massage into pulse points or anywhere you may have little aches or pains.

While it is a wonderful treat to use at bed time, Curfew also suggests keeping their salve at your office desk to rub into shoulders or anywhere else you hold tension in order to relieve stress.


The Nightly Soothing Salve has deep tissue penetration, which allows it’s effects to absorb into the skin and take effect right where you need it. The soothing botanical scent of lavender and eucalyptus also does a great job and calming nerves and stress, which is perfect right before drifting off to sleep. Curfew also suggests massaging into sore muscles for pain and stress relief.

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Curfew Evening Tincture Review


cbd tincture review curfew Curfew’s Evening Tincture has a base of MCT Oil. This oil is commonly used in the world of health supplements. It is a healthy oil derived from coconuts, which helps the overall absorption of the 500mg Broad Spectrum CBD. If you have ever tried a CBD Tincture before, then you may be familiar with some that have a distinct earthy flavor. Curfew’s Evening Tincture tastes much better than most with their added peppermint extract.


does the cbd tincture from curfew taste good? A CBD Tincture is made for relieving stress and help you relax. The Broad Spectrum CBD oil used in this tincture is THC free, which means it does not have any psychoactive properties. Which means it will not give you any feeling of being “high” or any other mind-altering effects. CBD helps you relax by working with your bodies endocannabinoid system.

Learn more about how CBD helps you sleep in our blog CBD Oil Guide: Finding Better Sleep with CBD.

How to use:

how to use the tincture cbd oil to get to sleep There are several different ways you can use a Tincture like this one by Curfew. The suggested use is to use one dropper full (1ml) of the Evening CBD Tincture sublingually (under the tongue). Hold it there for 10-15 seconds before swallowing.

Your mouth is highly absorbent and this will get the CBD into your system quickly. You can also use the tincture topically, or add into food or drink. If you are adding into food we suggest adding it at the end after any cooking process is finished. However you decide to take it, be sure to shake before use.

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Curfew Sleep Products Value:

cbd salve by curfew to fall asleep There are a lot of CBD products hitting the market to choose from. We like that the nightly salve and evening tincture are not only made with quality USA Hemp based CBD oil, but is also Broad-spectrum quality which ensures that it is does not have THC in it. This makes it a gentle product that is legal to use throughout the US, and has no psychoactive effects.

We also love that they are both pleasant to use as they smell great and the tincture also has a pleasant taste. (This is not always the case with CBD products as many have an earthy flavor) While you could find cheaper options, the quality and pleasant user experience makes the prices for these products right on target.

The Dream Blanket does come in at a rather hefty price tag, although this is truly no ordinary blanket either. The CBD-Infusion into the fibers of the blanket is something unlike anything we have seen before, making it difficult to compare the price to any other product. This blanket is so cozy and such a treat to use. If you are wanting a blanket unlike any other, this is the blanket for you.

  • CBD-Infused Dream Blanket: $295
  • Nightly Salve: $75
  • Evening Tincture: $75

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Curfew Sleep Products Reviewed

These are great products for anyone looking to dip their toes in and try CBD products to help them sleep for the first time. The Broad-spectrum CBD used in all of their products is THC free, making it 100% legal within all 50 states. It is also perfect for anyone who wants to ensure they keep THC completely out of their system. As far as a strength level the tincture is the strongest potency, followed by the salve, while the blanket is going to supply the least amount of CBD per use.

We love the idea of a CBD blanket to cuddle up and chill out with. Curfew has done a great job using the latest technology in order to create such a cool product. Does it work? We would say so, is it worth it? That might truly depend on personal opinion. After 20 washes the CBD will have dissipated. While if you invest in the CBD products (which cost less) you will feel the relaxing effects more and when you run out, you can simply purchase more. While you would not be able to re-infuse your blanket. Although, having a blanket that provides any kind of CBD topical effect is truly unique.

Overall, we are impressed by the quality and user experience for these products and are confident in recommending them. These are great products for anyone looking into using CBD as a way to help relax before heading off to dream land.

curfew cbd sleep products reviewed

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