March 17, 2020

Nolah vs Nolah Mattresses Review

So you’re looking into buying a Nolah Mattress, but you’re not sure which one would be a better option for you. There is the Nolah 10” Original and the Nolah 12” Signature. How do you know which one is the right mattress for you? That is what we are here to help you decide. While these two mattresses use many of the same materials, their construction varies a bit and because of this, you will get a different feel between the two. Keep reading our Nolah vs Nolah Review to get all the details on what makes these two mattresses unique and better determine which bed is the right buy for you and your comfort needs.

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Why Buy Nolah?

  • Nolah’s AirFoam: Loads of Contouring feel without the heat retention of Memory Foam.
  • Mattresses Made in America: Durable product, supporting American jobs, and minimal new mattress smell
  • Customer Service: Nolah provides premium service for their customers.
  • Defenders of Wildlife: With every mattress sold, Nolah makes a donation to support the defense of the planet’s wildlife.

Nolah Original vs Nolah Signature

Benefits of Nolah 10” Original:

  • nolah 10" original mattress comparison review Medium-Firm Feel
  • All-Foam Construction
  • Made In America
  • Great for Most Sleeping Positions
  • Lots of Pressure Relief
  • Loads of Motion Isolation
  • Balanced Foam Feel
  • 120 Trial Period
  • 15 Year Warranty
  • Price Range: $619 – $1,119
  • Nolah Original 10″ Mattress Review

Who Should Buy The Nolah 10” Original Mattress:

The Nolah 10” Original mattress is going to be best for anyone who predominately sleeps on their side. This is because of the large amount of pressure relief that the 10” Nolah supplies. This extra pressure relief allows for your shoulders and hips to dip into the bed providing optimal spinal alignment. Although it has an overall balanced medium/firm feel that makes it a great option for most stomach and back sleepers as well. If you’re looking to save a few bucks, this is another great reason to go with the Nolah 10” Original as it comes in at a lower price range.

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Benefits of Nolah 12” Signature:

  • nolah 12 inch signature mattress comparison review Soft Side – Medium/Soft Feel
  • Firm Side – Medium/Firm Feel
  • Made In America
  • Flippable All-Foam Construction
  • Versatile comfort options
  • Great for Most Sleeping Positions
  • Better Support
  • 120 Night Trial Period
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Price Range: $1,069 – $1,769
  • Nolah 12″ Signature Mattress Review

Who Should Buy the Nolah 12” Signature Mattress:

We suggest looking into the Nolah 12” Signature mattress if you sleep on your back or stomach more often, or if you need more support than pressure relief. This is also a great mattress for anyone who is unsure whether they want a Medium/Soft or a Medium/Firm comfort feel. The flippable capability allows to change your comfort feel of your mattress whenever you please with a simple flip of the mattress.

Side sleepers will also enjoy the comfort of the softer side of the Signature 12” as it supplies a slightly softer feel than the 10” Original. The Nolah 12” Signature mattress also comes with a Lifetime Warranty compared to the still rather lengthy 15 year warranty of the Nolah 10” mattress.

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Mattress Materials: Nolah vs Nolah

Both the 12” and 10” Nolah mattresses are made out of nearly the exact same materials that have simply been switched up in order to create different comfort feels and to make the 12” Signature a flippable mattress. With either bed you go with here you are going to get the same American made quality and durability.

Original Nolah 10” – Materials:

The Nolah 10” Original mattress has a three layer design. Starting with their 7” layer of high-density base foam. While this is a dense foam it still allows for some breathability to keep the mattress cool all throughout the mattress. Next up is the 1” layer of their deep supportive high-resilience foam.  They claim that this foam has the responsive feel of latex while being more durable.

The final layer of foam is the 2” AirFoam while is what gives the Original 10” mattress most of it’s pressure relief. It is extra breathable to keep you nice and cool throughout the night as well. To top it all off is their natural viscose cover. This cover is oh so soft, great for wicking away heat and moisture to keep you cool and dry.

which mattress is better? original or signature nolah

Signature Nolah 12” – Materials:

The 12” Signature Nolah mattress has a lot of these same materials in a different order making for a loftier mattress with a flippable design. The core of the mattress is made out of a reinforced high-density core foam. This is a 7” layer of US made base foam which creates a solid core for both sides of the mattress. The firm side adds a simple 1” layer to the core. This layer is made out of the cooling Nolah AirFoam. This allows for the firm core foam to give lots of firm support while the AirFoam provides cushion and pressure relief.

While the soft side has two layers between the core and the top. The first is a deep support high-resiliency foam. This is a 1.5” layer that adds a great responsive transition layer. Next up is a 2.5” layer of the AirFoam. This is a nice thick layer of Nolah’s signature comfort foam. Giving the soft side of the 12” mattress an extra dose of pressure relief while still being cooler and more responsive than most memory foam mattresses.

nolah 12 signature mattress materials

Mattress Comfort – Nolah vs Nolah

When we are determining how comfortable a mattress is, we start with firmness level. It is one of the first things you will notice about a bed, and it has a lasting effect on how well you will sleep depending on your sleeping position, weight, etc.

mattress firmness scale

Original 10″ – Comfort

should i buy the signature or original nolah mattress The Original 10” Nolah mattress comes in at around a 5-6 on our firmness scale, giving it a Medium/Firm comfort feel. Which is really what we look for with any mattress that only comes in one comfort option. A Medium/Firm comfort feel is one of the most versatile and appeal to the majority of sleepers.

The top AirFoam in the Original 10” also provides plenty of pressure relief to the top of the bed. This allows side sleepers to sleep on their sides with less pressure on their joints. While back sleepers still get a decent amount of support. Stomach sleepers may even find this comfort option to work for them depending on their weight. If you are on the heavier side and need a lot of extra support, the AirFoam may be a little soft for you on this one.

nolah original vs nolah signature

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Signature 12″ – Comfort

The Signature 12” mattress is flippable and therefore has two different comfort options. The first side is their Soft option. The soft side comes in at a 4-5 on our comfort scale giving it a Medium/Soft feel. This is going to be great for those who want a little extra softness that is a bit more than what the 10” gives. Loads of pressure relief and yet still supportive. This is going to be best for side sleepers.

The Firm side comes in at a 6-7 on our scale (Nolah claims it is a firmer 7-8 on their scale) making it slightly firmer than the 10” Original. Yet it is still within that sweet spot of a Medium/Firm. This is going to be a great option for back sleepers and stomach sleepers looking for an extra boost in support.

nolah original vs nolah signature

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Sleeping Cool

which nolah mattress is cooler to sleep on One thing Nolah really focuses on is that they do not use any memory foam in either of their all-foam mattress designs. While memory foam is great for pressure relief and motion transfer, it tends to hold onto a lot of heat. While other mattresses use gel infusions and other ingredients to try and keep their memory foam cool, Nolah went in a completely different direction.

In order to keep their 10” Original and 12” Signature beds as cool as possible, Nolah decided to ditch all memory foam and make their own cooler AirFoam. This foam is their main defense against heat retention. It has many comfort benefits along with it’s cooling capabilities.

The Nolah 10” and 12” mattresses both contain this foam and have a very similar ability to remain temperature neutral throughout the night. However, if there is any noticeable difference it would be with the Firm comfort side of the Nolah Signature 12” mattress. Any mattress that is a bit firmer, tends to keep you sleeping more on top of the mattress than sinking into it, this allows for a more airflow around you as you sleep which inherently keeps you feeling cool. So, if we had to pick a winner (really the both do a good job at remaining temperature neutral) we would pick the firm side of the Nolah 12” Signature mattress for sleeping cool.

Is the Cooling Nolah AirFoam superior? Maybe so. Try your Nolah Mattress at NolahMattress.com.

Motion Transfer

what is the nolah airfoam and is it cool What a great pair of mattresses to look at for motion transfer. If you are tired of being woken up through the night due to your sleeping partner rolling over or getting out of bed, then these are both going to be great options for you to choose from. The Nolah AirFoam is one of the best materials for eliminating motion transfer throughout a mattress.

We found that there was very little difference between the two mattresses performance for motion transfer. They both do such a great job. If you really wanted to split hairs, we would say that the Signature 12” soft side barely edges out the 10” Original in this department, but you will hardly be able to tell the difference. Truly we think if you are wanting a mattress that does a great job at eliminating motion transfer, either of the Nolah mattresses will serve you well.

Learn more about the Nolah Signature 12″ mattress in our review HERE! Or at NolahMattress.com.

Edge Support

nolah 10 inch vs 12 inch mattress review Unlike motion transfer, all-foam mattress designs typically do not perform as well when it comes to Edge Support. Typically, a hybrid mattress allows for much more solid feeling support around the perimeter of a bed. When we look into how a mattress performs for edge support, we take a look at two main areas of focus.

First and more importantly there is how the sleeping surface holds up when laying close to the edge of the mattress. Secondly, and less vital is whether or not a bed will support you while sitting on the edge of your mattress. We consider this aspect to be less important as the comfort during your sleep is more vital than support for sitting.

We found that both mattresses provided a good amount of edge support when it came to sleeping surface. When we laid down rather close to the edge of either the Original or the Signature Nolah, both provided a supportive feel with nearly no “roll out” feel until you came right up to the very edge of the mattress. We did find that the Firm side of the 12” Signature mattress supplied the best edge support overall.

As far as edge support for sitting, the Nolah mattresses did okay. While you will sink into the mattress much more than you would for any hybrid mattress, however for minimal sitting on the side of the bed, either mattress will do fine. However, these mattresses are not good choice for anyone who plans to spend hours on end sitting on the edge of their mattress like a sofa.

Learn more about the Nolah Original 10″ mattress in our review HERE! Or at NolahMattress.com.

Mattress Value

There are a few ways to choose which mattress has the better value. The Nolah 10” Original is a great deal due to it’s lower price point. While the Nolah 12” Signature has a slightly higher price point, yet it comes with two different comfort options in one and a lifetime warranty. (Nolah 10” has a 15 year warranty) We say, choose the mattress that suites you comfort requirements best. Saving a few hundred bucks isn’t worth it if you’re getting a mattress that doesn’t give you the comfort you’re looking for.

Keep in mind that the prices posted below may change as Nolah often runs different seasonal promotions. These prices also do not include the Our Sleep Guide mattress coupons! So be sure to click the promotional buttons below to get your discounts.

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Nolah 10” Original – Prices:

Twin: $619
Twin XL: $759
Full: $879
Queen: $1019
King: $1119
California King: $1119

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Nolah 12” Signature – Prices:

Twin: $1069
Twin XL: $1169
Full: $1369
Queen: $1569
King: $1769
California King: $1769

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Nolah Original vs Nolah Signature – Overall:

It is understandable why anyone would need a little extra help choosing between these two mattresses as they are rather similar in a lot of ways. After analyzing how the Nolah Original 10” and the Nolah Signature 12” mattress perform side by side, we have found the few main differences that should help you choose between the two.

The Signature 12” will appeal to more people as it has two different comfort options in one flippable mattress design. It works well for anyone who wants a medium/soft feel for side sleepers, or the firm side for anyone looking for extra support which is great for back, and stomach sleepers.

While the Original 10” mattress has a universal Medium/firm comfort with plenty of pressure relief, it is wonderful for side sleepers although it will appeal to back and even some stomach sleepers as well

If you’re still not sure which mattress is the one for you, head over to our Contact Us page with any lingering questions you may have. We would love to make personal recommendations to help you find the perfect mattress for you.

which nolah mattress is better the 10 or 12 inch?
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