July 21, 2019

Casper vs Tuft and Needle

When you purchase a new mattress, you should take time to carefully review your options. This will allow you to find the best quality and price according to your needs. You should consider your weight and whether you share your bed. You should also reflect on how warm you sleep and your preferred sleeping positions. Another aspect to ponder on is your budget. While getting a high-quality mattress can cost a lot, having durability can save you time and money down the road. In this comparison review we look at the Casper vs Tuft and Needle mattress.

casper vs tuft and needle

These two competitors are made from all foam materials. They each provide a different firmness level and separate cooling properties. The cost of each of these brands is significantly different as well. Though very recognizable and both somewhat pioneers of the online mattress world, do either really offer the best bed? Learn more in this unique comparison review to find out for yourself.

Casper – Overview:

casper vs tuft and needleCasper is one of the original bed-in-a-box brands that took the mattress industry by storm. They advertise having a “one perfect mattress for everyone,” making it popular for couples that sleep in different positions. Four layers of foams create the 12-inch thick Casper. While the company’s slogan is mostly true, there are still individuals that require different feels for optimized comfort.

This medium to medium-firm design may be too firm for side sleeping and too soft for heavier people. New technologies and innovations are developing always. Due to this, there could be a better fit out there for your individualized comfort. Read through this comparison guide to see how it stacks up against the Tuft and Needle mattress.

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Tuft and Needle – Overview:

casper vs tuft and needleThe Tuft and Needle is a 10-inch thick all-foam mattress. It has two layers of foams, one providing support and the other offering pressure relief. This makes it great for comfort in most sleeping positions. The top layer is infused with graphite and cooling gel beads to improve heat dissipation.

You will have great reduction in motion transfer, but the Tuft and Needle is lacking in solid edge support. You can purchase this bed at a lower price than other all-foam options. If you need a budget-friendly mattress with a medium-firm feel the Tuft and Needle could be your ideal selection.

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Casper – Delivery and Off Gassing:

casper mattress boxYour new Casper will arrive compressed and roll-packed in a compact box. The shipping is included at no additional charge with your purchase. Weighing in at 75 pounds, calling in a second set of hands is a good idea. Total set-up time should only take a few minutes. Simply remove it from the box and unroll the mattress. Then remove the plastic, and watch it take shape.

It will take a short while to fully expand and could take a day or two to firm up. While completing your set-up, you may notice some strong scents. This is called off-gassing. If you are sensitive to smells, allow your Casper around 12-24 hours to breath before placing your bedding.

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Tuft and Needle – Delivery and Off Gassing:

The delivery of your Tuft and Needle mattress is included in your purchase price. This bed-in-a-box is compressed and roll-packed for delivery convenience. This mattress weighs around 60 pounds, so be sure to get help for set-up if you need it. Unboxing and arranging your Tuft and Needle should only take a few minutes.

Once unwrapped, this bed takes a short while to expand and up to a day to firm up. During this time, you could notice some smells from off-gassing. Properly ventilate the area by opening a window or running a fan. If you are more sensitive to odors, allow the bed a full day before using it.

Not a fan of off gassing or man made materials? Than a natural mattress may be the best bet. Learn more on our Best Natural Mattresses page. 

Casper – Comfort:

casper vs loom and leaf mattress comparisonIf you are searching for an all-foam mattress that provides a universal feel, the Casper could be a great option. With a comfort level of a medium to medium-firm feel, this mattress is good for all sleeping positions. It is rated a 6-6.5 on a firmness scale where 1 is the softest and 10 is the firmest. Back sleepers have enough firmness for lumbar support with contouring properties to cradle the neck and shoulders.

Stomach sleepers have a firm support to prevent the back from bowing. The Casper may be too firm for comfortable sinking at the hip and shoulder while sleeping on your side. People of larger proportions may not get adequate support, especially for stomach sleeping. There may be better options for this “one size fits all” take, but the Casper is great for specific comfort.

Tuft and Needle – Comfort:

Tuft & Needle mattressThe Tuft and Needle mattress also follows a universal approach in providing comfortable sleep. This option is slightly firmer, rating 6.5-7 on a scale where 1 is the softest and 10 is the firmest. Back sleepers will get satisfactory lumbar support with grooving at the neck and shoulders. Stomach sleepers will find this choice has more support to prevent curving at the back.

However, some side sleepers may not enjoy the firmer aspects of this bed. It will not allow the hip and shoulder to sink in as far as a softer mattress would. While the firmness level would be ideal for a heavier person, the foams are not as high-density. This means that over time, the Tuft and Needle is likely to soften and provide less core support. Overall, this mattress is an intermediate between latex and memory foam, giving you a responsive contoured sensation.

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Casper Mattress – Materials:

This Casper compiles 4 distinguished layers of foam to create a 10-inch thick mattress. The top layer is a breathable comfort layer. It has a responsive feel that contours in all the right places. The next segment of the Casper is a layer of memory foam. It aims to reduce aches and pains with pressure point relief. This component gives the mattress a softer feel that is ideal for side sleepers. No more restless nights once you bring home your new Casper.

The third portion of the Caper is a layer of transitional poly foam. The material evenly distributes weight by providing hugging support. It also aids in transitioning to the base foam. Density poly foam makes up the foundational layer of the Casper. It gives this mattress long-lasting durability and strong support.

The Casper mattress uses a premium, woven polyester cover. It was styled with a gray and white design. It is soft to the touch and responsive to your positioning. The materials used in the Casper are an overall good quality. However, you may find that other brands give you a better feel for the same price. Refer to our comparison tool to find the best choice in a new mattress for your personal needs.

casper vs cocoon

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Tuft and Needle Mattress – Materials:

The Tuft and Needle measures 10-inches thick. This mattress uses two layers of foam that provide support and comfort. The top portion is a 3-inch thick layer of T&N Adaptive® foam. This material provides exuberant pressure relief with comfortable contouring. The feel is somewhere between latex and memory foam, providing ideal levels of sinking to evenly distribute your weight. It is also infused with graphite and cooling gel to reduce heat retention.

The bottom part of the Tuft and Needle bed is a 7-inch thick 1.8-pound density support layer. This base provides lumbar support and encourages proper spinal alignment. The Tuft and Needle features a lightweight and breathable polyester-rayon blend cover to aid in keeping cool. The Tuft and Needle doesn’t use the top of the line foams. Still, the quality of this bed will give you a great night’s sleep.

casper vs tuft and needle

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Casper vs Tuft and Needle – Motion Transfer:

casper mattress reviewAll foam mattresses are the supreme choice for reduction of motion transfer. The materials of the Casper will rapidly absorb vibrations caused by getting in and out of the bed or repositioning. This will lead you to an undisturbed sleep. We’d recommend the Casper for anyone who shares a bed with a light sleeper. Those who have a partner who gets up frequently at night will enjoy a restful night uninterrupted by movement.

If you don’t want to feel your partner adjusting and getting up during the night, try the Tuft and Needle. This mattress is made from only foam layers. This material absorbs vibrations more readily than others. If you are a light sleeper, judging a mattress by its motion transfer can be a game-changer. With the Tuft and Needle, you should get a restful sleep undisturbed by your partner.

Casper vs Tuft and Needle – Sleeping Cool:

Mattresses constructed with foam materials tend to retain heat more than other styles. This is especially true of memory foam. Fortunately, the Casper brand incorporated cooling properties into their design. The woven stretch knit cover is breathable for proper air flow. Having firm layers of foam prevents you from sinking in too far. This traps heat around your body. Responsive layers allow you to reposition without feeling stuck in one spot. The top layer is an open-cell foam to encourage heat dissipation through air circulation.

Learn more in our full Casper Mattress Review or go right to Casper.com.

The top portion of the Tuft and Needle is infused with graphite and cooling gel beads. This addition will draw heat away from your body. The firmness level of this mattress also keeps you from sinking in too far. You will feel as though you are sleeping on top of the mattress rather than in it. The materials are also responsive to changing sleeping positions. You won’t feel stuck in one spot if you get too warm and need to roll over. Because of the cooling properties of the Tuft and Needle, it’s better for warm sleepers than all-foam beds.

If sleeping cool is at the top of your list check out our great selection of recommendations in our Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers.

Casper vs Tuft and Needle – Edge Support:

woman sitting on a casper mattressTraditional innerspring mattress designs usually include additional edge support, like a heavy border wire or dense foam encasement. Bed-in-a-box manufacturers typically do not include such materials in their design. Edge support is an important factor to consider if you share a bed. It is also a significant point if you like to sit at the edge of your bed.

With the Casper, you should have enough support at the perimeter to utilize the entire surface for sleeping purposes. You shouldn’t feel like you are going to roll out. This is great news if you and your partner like to stretch out while you snooze.  However, if you like sitting at the side of your bed while getting ready the Casper isn’t the best. It has enough firmness for comfort during short periods. Though, you will sink in considerably.

You’ll want to consider edge support thoroughly when purchasing a new mattress, especially when sharing your bed with a partner. The Tuft and Needle did not provide us with the best edge support during our review. While sitting at the side, you will feel like you are on a sliding board. While sleeping near the edge, you will feel as though you are going to roll out. The edge provides somewhat of a limited amount of support. Making it fall short of providing a fully usable sleep space.

If you want a bed that is solid and provides great edge support, check out our Best Hybrid Mattresses

Casper – Value:

casper vs cocoonA Casper mattress can be yours in a queen size for less than a thousand dollars. Your purchase price of $995 includes free boxed shipping. You will have a typical trial period of 100 nights to make sure this is the perfect bed for you. You also have a 10-year warranty to help you rest easy on this quality product.

Also make sure to save $100 by applying our Casper coupon code, SLEEPGUIDE, during your checkout process. Since Casper is one of the original bed-in-a-box brands, we feel that this is a good price, especially after coupon. Purchase yours now and get the latest pricing at Casper.com.

Tuft and Needle – Value:

a couple laying on a Tuft & NeedleThe Tuft and Needle is a mattress with a low price and quality that is just okay. You can purchase one in a queen size for the low price of $575. This includes your boxed shipping at no additional cost. You still get a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty that comes standard with most online mattresses. If you are wanting a mattress with better capabilities and better durability, consider other selections. You might find higher prices, but these a longer lasting product can save you money over time.

Tuft and Needle is one of the best budget friendly mattresses out there. Get yours now at TuftandNeedle.com.

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Casper vs Tuft and Needle  -Conclusion:

From reading this comparison review, you should have understood that these two mattresses provide key differences. We don’t recommend one over the other because of this. We actually don’t really recommend either when compared to the abundance of other options out there. The Casper is slightly softer than the Tuft and Needle. This means the Tuft and Needle is better for stomach sleepers than Casper. It also means the Casper is better for side sleepers than the Tuft and Needle.

casper vs tuft and needle

They provide similar motion transfer reduction. Both beds provide acceptable levels of cooling properties, but nothing that will help warmer sleepers. The Casper will give you a much higher degree of edge support. You can purchase the Tuft and Needle for a little over half the cost of the Casper. However, long-term support makes the Casper worth the extra money. All in all, both beds are just fine but with the influx of competition you no longer have to pick between quality or price.

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