July 25, 2019

Cypress Bamboo vs Tuft & Needle

brentwood home tuft and needle mattress comparison review
If you’ve been losing more sleep lately, it might be time to throw out your old mattress. Fortunately there are endless options online that can be delivered right to your doorstep. However, if you want a well priced foam mattress from an established brand our Cypress Bamboo vs Tuft & Needle comparison is for you.

Since the beginning, Tuft & Needle has made a profound name for themselves, providing a quality mattress with an affordable price tag. Tuft & Needle is now a household name that many sleepers are familiar with.

Brentwood Home brings you their new Cypress Bamboo to the table. Both mattresses are quality memory foam mattresses that you can afford, so your best sleep is only a click away. Continue reading for a detailed mattress review of the Cypress Bamboo vs Tuft & Needle.

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Cypress Bamboo Mattress Overview:

tuft and needle VS cypress bambooBrentwood Home has a new mattress that featuring a special gel memory foam, the Cypress Bamboo mattress. This foam mattress comes in at an affordable price and does not skimp on premium comfort either. They have also created this mattress to come in two different comfort options, a medium-firm and a medium.

The medium-firm comes in at 11″, while the medium feel is 13” deep. The gel makes this memory foam cooler than the average foam mattress. No matter which firmness level you choose, you are sure to be comfortable with the new Cypress Bamboo design by Brentwood Homes.

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Tuft & Needle Mattress Overview:

tuft and needle mattresses originalThe Tuft & Needle offers 10 inches of unique foam, for a universal medium-firm feel. The first layer is a one of a kind T&N proprietary foam for balance and pressure relieving. This specially engineered foam is meant to be comfortable yet supportive, without the “stuck” feeling of foam mattresses.

The top layer is also infused with a charcoal gel so you can sleep cool. Beneath the top 3” layer, is a 7” dense, base foam. This is the kind of foam you want in a mattress to create a supportive foundation and ideal base. Between the two layers you get sturdy support and optimal comfort all wrapped up in a breathable lightweight cover.

Like the Cypress Bamboo, the Tuft & Needle is made in the USA and delivered right to your door. It comes with free shipping at an unbeatable price. If saving money is your game, you can rest easy on the Tuft & Needle.

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Cypress Bamboo vs Tuft & Needle- Delivery & Unboxing:

brooklyhn signature vs bear hybridAfter you order the Cypress Bamboo mattress online, it will soon arrive conveniently at your doorstep. Like all other Brentwood Home products, the purchase price of this mattress includes free shipping and delivery.

We suggest having an extra set of hands to move and set up your mattress. If you prefer, you can also select white glove delivery and set up service for an extra cost.

If you choose to set up your mattress without the added white glove service, then your box will be dropped off at your door. When it does, all you need to do is carry it inside, take it out of the box, and remove the plastic.

After that, all you have to do is sit back and watch as your new, affordable luxury mattress comes to life. This USA-made mattress will have no noxious odors, just perhaps that new mattress smell. It is always recommended to wait a few hours before using your new mattress to let the fumes dissipate.

Tuft & Needle – Delivery & Unboxing:

comparison vs tuft and needle mintSimilar to the delivery and unboxing process of many other online mattresses, it will be deilvered straight to your door in a compacted box. You will want an extra set of hands to help maneuver the Tuft & Needle Mattress into your room. The mattress is approximately 60 lbs and somewhat awkward to move on your own.

Once you get it to where you will be sleeping just open the box, carefully cut the plastic off of the mattress, and place on a flat surface or on the bed frame. Then simply sit back and allow the mattress to expand.

Like most mattresses in a box, the Tuft & Needle will have some fumes, but not a lot. If you are particularly sensitive, you may want to open a window for a few hours. This is helpful because the mattress needs 24-48 days to expand anyway.

The only other addition you will need for your Tuft & Needle mattress is a compatible support. The Tuft & Needle works well with or without a frame, on a box spring and with various bed frames. You cannot beat the ease of delivery and unboxing for either of these mattresses.

Cypress Bamboo Mattress Materials:

Whether you choose the 11” or 13” mattress, the materials in your Cypress Bamboo mattress are the same, just in different thicknesses. Both mattresses have an all foam consistency with three different layers of foam.

Cover & Lining

You can’t talk about the materials of this awesome mattress without mentioning Bamboo of course. The breathable and ultra soft cover of the Cypress Bamboo mattress is made from a fiber created with eco-friendly bamboo wood cellulose. You can also unzip and completely remove this cover, making it especially easy to wash.

Under this cover, the entire mattress is wrapped in New Zealand wool. This is perfect for temperature control and moisture wicking.  Wool is a natural fire retardant and temperature regulator. So this layer is perfect for keeping you safe, dry, and cool every night you sleep in it.

Gel Memory Foam

The fabulous top layer of comfort foam is made with the Gel Memory Foam, this foam offers the benefits of a gel, combined with an ultra cushioning and extra soft memory foam. They designed this layer specifically to give relief to pressure points and evenly distribute weight. With the Medium 13″ comfort option, this layer will be one inch thicker. This is what gives you that extra plush layer of cozy comfort in the Medium vs Medium-Firm option.

Cool Zone

This middle layer of Airflux Foam is prime for giving support and keeping you cool. Brentwood Homes specially designed this entire section with ventilation in order to maximize heat dispersion. The more airflow you have within your mattress, the easier it is for heat to escape and therefore, keep you extra cool at night.

Base Layer

The bottom layer of this mattress consists of a thick layer of firm support base foam. This is the core support of the mattress. It helps with motion isolation and prevents sounds when you move in the bed. This is also the layer that will help to dampen the majority of any potential motion transfer. Keeping you and your partner sleeping soundly.

All of the foam used within this mattress are Certi-PUR-US certified. So you can breath easy at night knowing there are no fumes being released by nasty toxic foams.

materials for the cypress mattress

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Tuft & Needle Mattress Materials:

Tuft & Needle mattressThe Tuft & Needle is a multi-layered mattress for a total of 10” thick. The first layer is a 3”  proprietary adaptive foam by Tuft & Needle, infused with gel beads. It is the ideal combination of comfort and support. The layer is also pressure relieving, but balanced enough to allow you to move freely.

Lastly, this layer is also infused with charcoal to help regulate body temperature while you sleep. Beneath the comfort layers is 7” of dense base foam. This foundation is sturdy and provides plenty of support. This layer also amplifies the medium-firm feel. Wrap all of this up in a breathable, soft and lightweight knit polyester and polyamide cover, and you have your Tuft & Needle mattress.

It is truly unique how much comfort can fit inside a box, but keep in mind what you are paying for, for a mattress is a box. Convenient and cost-effective are this mattresses best qualities.

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Cypress Bamboo Comfort:

medium-firm firmness for cypress bedNot everyone sleeps the same way, that is why being able to personalize your mattress is so important. This is why Brentwood Home offers two different comfort options. So you can pick between their softer or firmer feeling while still getting the benefits of the Cypress Bamboo Materials.

Regardless of which thickness you choose, 11” medium-firm or 13” medium, the comfort and affordability will be the same. It truly just depends on how you prefer to sleep. Both will accommodate all shapes and sizes, but depending on your preferred sleeping position, you may prefer one or the other.

If you sleep on your side most of the time, then the 13” will be best for you. This thicker, softer option allows a little extra cradling for your pressure points.

medium firm mattress from brooklyn beddingFor all of the back sleepers out there, either thickness should be suitable. This is because both options give the mixture of support and comfort that they need. So for you back sleepers it is more about preference. If you like having a cozy in-the-bed feel, then the 13” is best. While the 11″ will provide more of an on-the-bed feel.

The sleeping position that has the most specific requirements are the stomach sleepers. This is because a firmer mattress is required in order to support the back to keep it from bowing. Due to this reason, we suggest the 11″ for any stomach sleepers out there that are curious about the Cypress Bamboo Mattress by Brentwood Homes.

Lastly, if you are a combination sleeper, either mattress provides a good option for you as it is a rather versatile mattress overall. However, the 13″ just barely tips the scale with its added comfort.

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Tuft & Needle Comfort:

tuft and needleThe Tuft & Needle offers one universal comfort option. It falls in the medium-firm category as well range from a 6.5-7 on a 1-10 comfort scale. Although the mattress is designed for anyone, for side sleepers, it may tend to feel slightly too firm, and lacks a transition layer for deep comfort. On the other hand, if you are a back, stomach, or even a combination sleeper, then this mattress should fit perfectly.

The Tuft & Needle has a thicker base than usual which gives you plenty of support. The topmost layer is thick enough for support, but soft enough for just a little sink. For back sleepers, this means those pressure points will be easily alleviated, but still maintain posture. For heavier sleepers, this mattress might not seem firm enough.

In truth, the Tuft & Needle base foam is not as high quality as other foams. Although you’ll love the springy top layer, and happy medium-firm feel, the less thick base layer might also decrease the quality of the mattress over time.

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Cypress Bamboo vs Tuft & Needle – Motion Transfer:

a couple laying on a Tuft & NeedleOne of the best features of an all foam mattress is its ability to dampen the majority of any motion transfer. Unlike spring or hybrid mattresses, all foam mattresses relieve bound and create an even sleeping surface.

The Cypress Bamboo, is no exception. Its slower responding and dense foams quickly absorb vibrations. If any motion does get through, it is quickly deadened by the transition layer. If you or your sleeping partner are especially sensitive to motion transfer then The Cypress Bamboo is ideal for you.

The Tuft & Needle also being an all foam mattress is also a great option for minimizing motion transfer. So if you’re getting in and out of bed to use the restroom or get a drink of water, then the Tuft & Needle ensures very little sleep disturbance. Therefore you and your partner shouldn’t feel each other get out of bed.

Cypress Bamboo vs Tuft & Needle – Sleeping Cool:

cypress bed vs nectar mattressUnlike motion transfer, all foam mattresses are not ideal for cool sleeping. One of the downfalls of foam is that it tends to hold onto heat. However, Cypress Bamboo and Tuft & Needle both have taken precautions in order to make sure that you still keep cool.

The Cypress Bamboo mattress starts with a bamboo cover and a wool wrap in order to maximize airflow and regulate temperature. Wool and bamboo, being naturally derived fibers, also helps to wick away any moisture which is an added benefit to keeping you comfortable and cool at night. Next, the gel memory foam has the unique qualities of gel that slightly offset the typical warmth of memory foam.

Their layer of Airflux is named as such because it is ventilated specifically to optimize airflow. This is perfect for moving body heat away from the body and out of the mattress. Lastly, if sleeping cool is your ultimate priority, you should sleep on top of the mattress instead of in it. Therefore, the firmer the mattress, the cooler you will sleep. So we recommend the 11” thickness, for the cooler Cypress Bamboo option.

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Although not perfect, the Tuft & Needle competes well with the Cypress Bamboo when it comes to sleeping cool. The top layer is infused with gel beads for optimal heat dissipation. Also, the Tuft & Needle is firmer, so it helps prevent any sinking into the mattress. Overall not sinking in as much is helpful, however the Tuft & Needle performs just fine for sleeping cool.

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Cypress Bamboo vs Tuft & Needle – Edge Support:

cypress bamboo mattressIf you enjoy sitting on the edge of your bed or need to use the entirety of the sleeping surface of your mattress, then edge support is going to be important for you. The Cypress Bamboo has a usable sleeping surface all the way up to the edges, thanks to a solid perimeter.

The entire mattress has rather even weight distribution while sleeping. However, this mattress does not give as much support while sitting on the edge. Truly the support you get from the Cypress Bamboo mattress while sitting on the edge, is minimal.

The Tuft & Needle mattress also has average edge support. If you are limiting your edge sitting time to just putting on your shoes, then you will be fine. However, much more then that and you will find yourself slowly slipping off of the side of the bed.

This mattress is also not ideal if you intend to sleep close to the edge, as it will not supply adequate support throughout the night. However, if you sleep by yourself or sleep at least 3-4 inches away from the edge, then you will be supported and sure to sleep well in the Tuft & Needle.

Cypress Bamboo vs Tuft & Needle – Value:

When it comes to value for your money the Cypress Bamboo is a real winner. For an 11″ medium-firm option, a queen will cost you only $500, while a 13″ medium option is just one hundred dollars more at $600. With every standard mattress size also available with varying prices too.

There are some mattresses with similar features that cost up to double those prices. This fantastic price also includes free shipping. This makes the option to get the white glove delivery service an appealing upgrade. And, make sure you take advantage of our exclusive 15% OFF Brentwood Home coupon too. That means you can get this mattress for an even better price. Just follow tour coupon link and use our code!

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In a very similar price range, the Tuft & Needle comes in at $595 for a queen. With other standard mattress sizes ranging in price accordingly. They offer free shipping with your purchase price as well.

We believe that the construction, materials, and overall quality of the Cypress Mattress is on a slightly higher scale than the Tuft & Needle. While the T&N mattress is still a great choice and a quality mattress, the Cypress Bamboo just takes all of that up a notch.

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Cypress Bamboo vs Tuft & Needle – Trial Period & Warranty:

cypress vs nectar comparison bedThe trial period and warranty for the Cypress Bamboo mattress also overshadows the Tuft & Needle. Brentwood Homes offers a 365 day trial period and 25 year warranty. This is an exception warranty and trial period. Going above and beyond so many other brands.

So even if you have been sleeping on your Cypress Bamboo mattress for over 300 days, you can change your mind, and send it back for a refund.

On the other hand the Tuft & Needle only offers a standard 100 day trial period and 10 year warranty. This is also offer a long time to really try out your mattress in order to see if it works for you. However, 100 days is rather standard when it comes to the length of mattress trial periods.

Cypress Bamboo vs Tuft & Needle – Summary:

You may have heard of Tuft & Needle more times than one, but the Cypress Bamboo would be a better buying option. The best part about both mattresses is their price, but you still want a quality mattress that is going to last a few years.

The Cypress Bamboo and Tuft & Needle perform similarly in terms of sleeping cool, motion transfer, and edge support, but you want a mattress that will keep performing. If you’re not sure which all foam mattress to choose from, we highly recommend the Cypress Bamboo.

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tuft and needle VS cypress bamboo comparison mattress review

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