November 21, 2019

Casper vs Nolah

Today we are comparing two quality All-Foam Mattresses, Casper vs Nolah. These are the original mattresses from these two well-known bed in a box brands. If you have narrowed it down to these two options and you’re trying to decide between the two, then you have come to the right place.

You can take a glance at the stats bellow or read the full comparison review to see all the details on what makes these two beds so great. Either way, we are here to help you decide for yourself which one of these mattresses are the right choice for you.

nolah vs casper comparison review

Jump right to the individual reviews for the Nolah Original 10″ and the Casper mattress too. 

Why Choose Casper

  • comparing the casper mattress review12” – 4 Foam Layers
  • Isolates Motion
  • Zoned Comfort – For Pressure Relief
  • Medium to Medium-Firm
  • Great for Side Sleepers
  • Offers In Home Set Up
  • 100 Night Sleep Trial
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Price: $595 – $1195

Click here to view the full Casper Mattress Review.

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Why Choose Nolah

  • comparing the nolah mattress review10” – 3 Foam Layers
  • Isolates Motion
  • Medium Firmness
  • AirFoam™ – Helps Sleep Cooler
  • Pressure Relief
  • Great for Side Sleepers
  • Donations to Help Americas Wild Life
  • 120 Night Sleep Trial
  • 15 Year Warranty
  • Price: $619 – $1119

Click here to read the full Nolah 10″ Original Mattress Review.

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Who Wins? Which Mattress is Better?

  • casper vs nolah battle of the bedsMaterials & Construction – Nolah
  • Edge Support – Tie
  • Sleeping Cool – Nolah
  • Motion Transfer – Tie
  • Pressure Relief – Tie
  • Comfort – Tie
  • Value: Tie
  • Trial & Warranty: Nolah
  • Winner: Tie! Everyone Wins

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Casper vs Nolah: Materials

Casper Materials

The Casper is made out of 4 different layers of foam, adding up to be a 12” thick mattress. Starting at the top layer of foam. This is where the majority of the pressure relieving comfort is going to come from with an open cell foam layer. The open cell technology helps to create airflow and give heat a place to escape. The second layer of foam is another comfort layer that adds even more pressure relief.

Next is a layer is a comfort zoned supportive foam layer. The zoning targets areas that need more support or more pressure relief and provide comfort accordingly. Making the bed softer where you need it and more supportive where you need it as well.

Finally, there is a base of High-density memory foam, giving the bed it’s foundation. Next is the zoned supportive foam layer.

On top of all of this is a soft polyester cover. The top part of this cover can be removed for washing, but should not be placed in the dryer, as it will shrink and no longer fit.

casper materials standard and hybrid

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Nolah Materials

The Nolah Original Mattress comes in at 10” thick and consists of 3 layers of foam. The first layer of the Nolah starts with a 2” layer of their very own AirFoam. Nolah created this foam for their bed. It has the responsiveness of memory foam with less of the heat retention. This foam provides the majority of the pressure relief in this bed.

The second 1” layer of foam provides a responsive supportive layer that feels similar to latex. This helps keep you from feeling stuck in the bed and makes it easier to get in, out, and move around in bed.

Then we come to the base of the bed which comes in at a hefty 7” layer of support foam. This firm foam give the mattress stability and allows the top layers to better conform and support the sleeper. The cover for this mattress is made out of a natural viscose material that helps to keep it’s sleeper cool and wick away any moisture.

nolah materials mattress review

We feel the overall quality of the materials in the Nolah mattress takes the win over Casper in this category.

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Casper vs Nolah Mattress Comfort

comfort of the nolah mattressThe Nolah and Casper are nearly identical when it comes to comfort. They are both All-Foam based mattresses with plenty of pressure relief with a, overall medium feeling firmness. It is safe to say that if you enjoy the feel of one you will equally enjoy the feel of the other as well. The Casper and Nolah are both great mattress options for side sleepers, although they work well for back sleepers as well. If you are a stomach sleeper, you may find that neither of these mattresses provide the support you will need to keep you back from bowing into the bed. We would suggest looking for a firmer mattress for you.

The Casper does have a slight difference with it’s zoning layer. This layer provides a little extra support for your trunk, while giving your shoulders plenty of pressure relief. However, the difference is rather slight and we still give these beds a tie for comfort.

casper comfort vs nolah

Casper vs Nolah – Benefits

Edge Support:

the casper bed better than the nolahIf having plenty of edge support is a “must have” in your mattress, then we suggest looking into hybrid mattresses. Neither Casper or Nolah have edge support as one of their strong points. So if you’re planning on sitting on the side of your bed for extended periods of time, you will find that these beds lack in support.

However, the edge support for sleeping surface on these beds are rather decent for All-Foam beds. As long are you have enough room in your bed to sleep several inches away from the very edge of your bed, you should be able to sleep comfortably. On the Casper and the Nolah as you lay closer to the edge of the mattress you will notice slight rolling out feel, which is less than ideal. However Nolah and Casper tie for Edge Support.

Sleeping Cool:

nolah bed better than the casperWhen it comes to sleeping cool, this is another area where typically All-Foam mattresses struggle. The same sinking feeling that gives your joints pressure relief also traps in more heat. This is because more of the surface of your skin is in contact with the surface of the bed as you sink in. Hybrids also have the benefit of giving heat a place to escape through their coil system.

Nolah and Casper have both taken precautionary measure to try and keep their sleepers cool. Casper changed their original comfort foam to a open cell foam, this means their foam has more airflow than other foams. Which should mean it sleeps cooler. Nolah has changed several of their materials to try and keep their sleepers cool as well. Their cover is a natural viscose material which breaths nicely and wicks away moisture. While the comfort foam they created, called AirFoam, also allows more air flow keeping their sleepers cooler. Which is what gives Nolah the win by a hair for sleeping cool.

Click here to read the full Nolah 10″ Original Mattress Review.


Motion Transfer:

which mattress is better the nolah or the casperThe Casper and Nolah mattress tie for the win for motion transfer. Both of these beds are great at cutting down on vibrations and deadening any motion made in the bed. It is a great advantage that all-foam beds have over hybrids options. Either the Casper or the Nolah would be great options for anyone who is easily disturbed by motion throughout the night.

This is especially great for couples or people who sleep next to their kids or pets. The more folks you have cuddling up with you while you sleep, the more motion there can be to disturb you. Which is why having a bed with as little to no motion transfer can be so helpful to get less interrupted sleep throughout the night.

With the Nolah and Casper both being so great for minimizing motion transfer they tie in this category.

Casper vs Nolah Mattress Basics

Delivery & Unboxing

nolah or casper bed deliveryThe delivery and unboxing process is very similar for both of these beds. Whether you order the Nolah or the Casper mattress you can expect to receive your mattress to be delivered to your door within a week or two. Casper offers in home set up for an added cost of $149. At this price you can schedule your delivery date and time and they will move and unbox your mattress into your room, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

As far as new mattress small goes, we did notice a difference between these two beds. Nearly every mattress that has been vacuum packed will release some kind of scent as they air out. Including the Nolah and Casper beds. However, we did notice that the scent for the Casper was much stronger and took longer to dissipate than most bed in a box mattresses. It will eventually air out. However, if you are sensitive to smells we do suggest opening a window, turning on a fan, and getting as much airflow to the room it is in as possible. This will help get rid of any smells faster.

Value & Financing

The prices for these two mattresses are right in the same spot. With such similar mattresses at such similar prices, it is so difficult to choose a clear winner. Both the Casper and the Nolah offers free shipping with your purchase, and even financing options.

Casper – $595 – $1195

Nolah – $619 – $1119

Keep in mind these prices do not reflect any current deals or coupons. Head to Casper.com or Nolah.com for the latest deals, and click the buttons below for our latest coupons.

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Trial Period & Warranty

Casper offers a 100 night trial period on their mattress with a 10 year warranty. While Nolah offers a 120 night trial period and a 15 year warranty. Keep in mind that these warranties take into account normal wear and tear.

While the trial periods are extensive you should typically be able to determine whether or not a mattress is the right one for you within a matter of 30 days or less. This is the max amount of time it typically takes for your body to fully adjust to the new feel of a mattress. So Nolah takes the cake for Trial Period and Warranty, however the ones provided by Casper should suffice just fine.

Casper vs Nolah Mattress – Our Verdict:

If you are hunting for an all-foam mattress that is great for side sleepers and pressure relief, you really can’t go wrong with either of these mattresses. Their comfort, construction, and materials are so similar that it is near impossible to choose between the two.

So here is what you need to choose between. If you want a slightly thicker/taller mattress then we would suggest going with the Casper as it is two inches thicker than the Nolah mattress. While the Nolah has slightly more updated materials that may help you sleep slightly cooler and have less off-gassing than the Casper. These are both very comfortable mattresses that are great for giving relief to your pressure points. So everyone wins!

nolah vs casper comparison review

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