April 1, 2020

Casper Mattresses Review

casper mattress review all of the beds compared

Casper is an online mattress brand and they have an entire line of different mattresses that they sell. Some of which come in Hybrid and All-Foam versions. Making for a total of 7 different mattresses to choose from. Which can get a little confusing when you’re trying to decide when mattress will work best for your needs. Which is why we are here to help you determine which Casper mattress is right for you. Keep reading to get all of the details on the Casper Element, Original, Nova, and Wave mattresses.

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Casper Mattress Features:

element mattress by casper compared Casper Element Mattress

  • All-Foam
  • Firmness Level: Medium
  • Great Value
  • Sleeps Cool
  • Price Range: $395 – $795

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casper mattress brand comparison review Casper Original Mattress

  • All-Foam & Hybrid
  • Firmness Level: Medium/Firm
  • Zoned Pressure Relief
  • Sleeps Cool
  • Price Range: $595 – $1,295

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nova mattress compared to other casper reivew Casper Nova Mattress

  • Hybrid
  • Firmness Level: Plush/Soft
  • Extra Plush Comfort
  • Supportive Feel
  • Price Range: $1,095 – $2,295

Our Sleep Guide individual Mattress Review for the Nova Mattress is Coming Soon!

Casper Wave Mattress

  • the best casper mattress overall Hybrid
  • Firmness Level: Medium/Firm
  • Advanced Support
  • Optimal Spine Alignment
  • Sleeps Extra Cool
  • Price Range: $1,495 – $2,995

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Casper Brand Features

which casper mattress is the best? When you are shopping with Casper there are a number of bonus features that you will get with any Casper mattress you purchase. The first is that shipping is free within the continental US, this includes shipping costs if you decide to return the product as well. Each mattress comes with a 100-Night risk-free trial period.

All Casper mattresses come with a 10-Year limited warranty. While some brands will change their warranties or trial periods depending on which version of their mattress you purchase, you can feel confident that each bed comes with the same level of quality as they are all covered with a 10-year limited warranty.

Casper Mattresses – Delivery & Set Up

casper comparison reviewAs we mentioned earlier shipping is free with the cost of purchase if you live within the continental US. Your mattress will be compressed and roll-packed into a compact box and then delivered to your home. This process is usually pretty quick with Casper.

After your mattress has been delivered to your home, you will need to move it into the bedroom you wish to have it in before opening up the box. The Casper mattresses range in weight from 41lbs to 143lbs depending on the style and size of mattress you choose. Which is why we generally suggest getting a helping hand from a friend or family member when moving your mattress to it’s assigned bedroom, as it can be too heavy for one person to carry.

Once you have your mattress in the room you would like it to live in, it is now time to unbox and set up. This process is relatively simple to execute although it is much easier to maneuver the larger sized mattresses with two people. Simple take your mattress out of it’s box, unroll, unfold and carefully remove plastic packaging. Your new mattress will expand and come to life. This should only take a few minutes, although it will take a day or so to reach it’s true firmness level.

New Mattress Smell

While all new mattress smells will eventually dissipate, it can be a point of concern to some which is why we like to mention it in our reviews. The Casper mattresses are now made with CertiPUR-US foams with low VOC’s, which means any scent coming off of your new Casper bed should not be noxious. However, if you are sensitive to smells we do suggest letting your mattress air out in a well-ventilated room for several hours before you plan to sleep on it.

Ready to experience an original bed-in-a-box? Learn more at Casper.com.

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Casper Mattress Comfort

mattress firmness scale

Casper Element – Comfort

which casper mattress should i get?

The Casper Element is a Medium firmness level coming in around a 5 on the firmness scale. The Elements simplistic design has two layers. The base foam to create support, and their AirSpace comfort foam layer that provides pressure relief. As far as firmness goes this is going to be a good mattress for lighter weight individuals.

The Medium firmness paired with the fact that the Element does not have a transitional layer, means anyone who is on the heavier side may experience a “bottoming out” feel in this mattress. Which is the feeling when you sink through the comfort layer and hit the bottom base layer of foam. Lightweight side sleepers and back sleepers will enjoy this mattress.

Casper Original – Comfort

is the original casper mattress comfortable? The Casper Original has a Medium/Firm comfort feel. Coming in at a 6-7 on our firmness scale, this is going to be one of the firmest options available from Casper. The Original comes in an All-Foam and a Hybrid option. The main comfort difference is that the hybrid option is going to supply a more responsive feel overall, while the all-foam version will have less motion transfer and feel a bit slower moving.

Both versions of the Casper Original mattress will come with a Zoned Support layer which helps provide the right amount of support where you need it along with pressure relief around the hips and shoulders. This allows for a balanced feeling mattress. Most sleepers will be able to find this mattress comfortable. Although some side sleepers may find they need a bit more pressure relief or prefer a softer feel.

Casper Nova – Comfort

which casper mattress is the most comfortable? The new Casper Nova is the softest, most plush mattress available from Casper. When you lay on the Nova mattress you will experience a gentle sinking sensation. Coming in at a 4-5 in a Soft/Medium comfort feel on our scale, this mattress is going to be fabulous for side sleepers and even some back sleeper who prefer a softer feel. While stomach sleepers may find this option to be too soft for them.

The Nova mattress has a hybrid design which provides a lot of responsive support and great edge support. This adds a lot of lift to the bed without adding pressure. Casper also put a Zoned Support layer into their Nova mattress. This allows for the Nova to have its plush feel without losing support.

Casper Wave – Comfort

the new wave casper mattress review The Casper Wave is the top of the Casper line of mattresses, and it isn’t hard to see why. It has a Medium/Firm feel coming in around a 6 which is arguably the most well-liked firmness level for most sleepers. It has Zoned Support with an added layer of gel pods under your waist and lower back that create extra support and help keep your spine in proper alignment while you sleep.

The Wave has a Hybrid design with individually pocketed coils for extra lift and support without too much motion transfer. This is going to be a great mattress for nearly all sleeping positions,

Casper Mattress Brand – Materials & Construction

AirScape Foam:

airscope foam comfort Different variations of the AirScape foam is used on the top layer of all of Casper’s mattresses. It is a perforated CertiPUR-US certified foam that is made to provide lots of airflow through the top of the mattress, which is vital for sleeping cool. The Nova and Wave mattresses has some upgrades to their AirScape Foam. The Nova Mattress has a second layer of perforated foam, which allows for even more airflow throughout the mattress, as well as a bit of added pressure relief.

While the Wave Hybrid mattress comes with 3 layers of perforated foams along with a thin coating of cooling gel for extra cooling capabilities.

Zoned Support:

zone support by casper review The Original, Nova, and Wave mattresses all feature Zoned Support. These layers create support or pressure relief right where you need it, instead of having to pick one or the other. The Original Casper Mattress has a transitional layer of foam that has three different zones which vary in support. While the Hybrid has a three-zone support layer of foam along with a layer that has 4 more zones for support and pressure relief.

Finally, the Wave mattress has both of those layers plus a layer which features gel pods. These pods are specifically placed under the waist and lower back in order to provide optimal support and spinal alignment. All of the foam used in the Casper mattresses are certified by CertiPUR-US for safety.

Coil Systems:

casper hybric vs all-foam which is better? Only the Hybrid options from Casper will have a Coil System. The system that Casper uses individually wraps each spring in order to limit the amount of motion is transferred throughout the bed. They also incase the coils with a foam border around the edge of the mattress. This helps support the coils and create extra edge support as well.

Base Foam:

the foam in the casper mattress While all of the Hybrid mattresses will feature a thin layer of foam underneath their coils, the All-Foam mattresses will have a much large base layer of foam for support. The foam options for the Casper Original and Element mattresses feature the same base foam which is designed to prevent any sagging.

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Casper Mattresses – Motion Transfer:

element casper mattress review When it comes to motion transfer, the materials used in a mattress can make a big difference. For instance, while hybrid mattresses provide lots of comfort and support, then tend to have more motion transferred throughout the mattress than all-foam mattresses do.

Casper has two All-Foam options, the foam Original Casper mattress and the Element mattress. These foam beds are going to do a fantastic job at limiting the amount of movement is felt throughout the bed.

Although, we must say that the individually wrapped coils along with the foam comfort layers for all of the hybrid options available from Casper also do a great job at eliminating and limiting the amount of vibrations are felt throughout the mattress.

Casper Mattresses – Sleeping Cool:

original casper mattress review The more air flowing throughout a mattress there is, the cooler it will sleep. It is all about how a bed eliminates heat which allows it to stay cool. We found that the Wave slept the coolest out of all of the Casper mattresses with the Original and Nova close behind.

The Wave Mattress does such a great job due to Casper’s many different layers of defense against heat retention. It has three layers of their AirScape perforated foam. These layers are coated in a cooling gel for an extra cool feel. Then the coil system allows for airflow deep within the mattress temperature neutral from the inside out.

The Nova also does a good job at sleeping cool, however we found that the softer feel allowed us to sink into the bed a bit more, making it just a bit warmer to sleep on than the Wave. Although they do have horizontal channels in their third layer of foam to allow air to escape quickly and efficiently. This helps keep the Nova nice and cool.

While the Original Hybrid Casper Mattress uses the AirScape foam along with it’s coil system in order to stay cool. We also found that it’s medium/firm firmness level allowed for us to sleep more on top of the bed than in it, which also helped keep the mattress sleeping rather cool.

The Element mattress does have the same AirScape perforated comfort foam that the other mattresses have from Casper. However, we found that the Element by Casper was the most likely to warm up throughout the night. This is partially due to the fact that it does not have a coil system along with it’s medium comfort feel while allowed us to sink into the mattress a bit more than the Wave or Original mattresses.

If sleeping cool is a concern to you make sure you check out our Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers.

Casper Mattresses – Edge Support:

wave casper mattress review Typically foam does a great job with pressure relief, and lacks the support needed for optimal edge support. Which is why hybrid mattresses tend to perform much better when supporting the edges of a mattress. The Casper Hybrid mattresses also feature a dense firm foam border running around the coil systems in their hybrid mattresses like the Original Hybrid, Nova, and Wave mattresses.

When comparing edge support for the Casper mattresses we noticed a great improvement from all of the hybrid options. This is especially true for the firmer mattresses, Original Hybrid and Wave. The Nova’s plush feel allowed for some sinking while sitting near the edge, which is common for most soft mattresses. Although the reinforced edges helped keep the sleeping surface well supported. Although it still performed better than the Original All-Foam and Element mattresses.

Casper Mattresses – Value:

which casper mattress is the best price? When choosing a mattress with the best value out of a collection of mattresses, we are looking to find the mattress that has the best balance of comfort for the given price. While the Element is by far the most affordable option, we see the Original Hybrid and Nova to be the two mattresses with the best value for your money out of the Casper mattresses.

If you are looking to get a great deal on a Casper mattress, be sure to use our coupon code. You can save $100 on any of the Casper original mattress or $200 on the Casper Wave mattresses. Simply by using our coupon code, SLEEPGUIDE at Casper.com.

Element Mattress: $395 – $795
Original Mattress: $595 – $1,295
Nova Mattress: $1,095 – $2,295
Wave Mattress: $1,495 – $2,995

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Casper Mattresses – Our Pick!

There are several different Casper Mattresses for a very good reason, people have different priorities in a mattress. Which means depending on your personal needs, we would suggest a different Casper mattress for you. For our budget conscious shopper, the Element is a really great deal. While the Original All-Foam and Hybrid are also budget friendly with some extra support and comfort features. The Original is also a Medium/Firm comfort option making it suitable for most sleeping positions.

While the newest addition to the Casper family, the Casper Nova mattress is their plushest option to date. Which also having a support coil system and zoned support allowing it to maintain a comfortable amount of support along with it’s plush feel. This is a great option for side sleepers and back sleepers who love a soft feeling mattress.

The Wave is the cream of the crop from Casper. It has been updated with gel pockets for optimal spine alignment. It is also a crowd pleaser, with it’s supportive medium/firm comfort feel and loads of cooling materials. The Wave is a mattress is the Our Sleep Guide pick, as it works well for most sleeping and performs the best in nearly every category. Be sure to check out our individual mattress reviews to learn more about each! Or head over to our Contact Us page and send us a message on what you’re looking for, we would love to give you a personalized recommendation.

which casper mattress should i get?

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