February 18, 2020

Casper vs Puffy Mattress Comparison Review

Today we are looking at two of online mattress legends, the Casper and Puffy original beds. Both of these mattresses have been upgraded since they first came out, and now we want to see which of these online mattresses is the best. In this comparison review it is Casper vs Puffy.

We will have a snapshot mattress comparison where you can see which mattress we pick as the winner in each category at a glance. Stop there or keep reading to see why we picked each mattress for each feature in order to better determine which mattress is the best choice for you.

puffy vs casper mattress comparison review

What Makes Casper and Puffy Different?

Casper Mattress Overview

  • the casper mattress compared to the original puffy mattress12″ Mattress | 4 Foam Layers
  • All-Foam Construction (Hybrid Upgrade Available)
  • True Medium Feel
  • Zoned Comfort Support Foam
  • Responsive Foam
  • Pressure Relief for Shoulders
  • 100 Night Trial Period
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Price: $595 – $1,290
  • Casper Mattress Review

Casper is a highly recognized brand name. They have done an impeccable job at getting their product out to the public and turning Casper into a household name. Although marketing isn’t the only thing Casper has been working on.

They also upgraded their original Casper mattress design to be more comfortable overall. They got the feedback from their customers and enhanced their mattress with a zoned transition layer. Allowing the mattress to give more support where you need it, as well as added pressure relief. Will it be enough for Casper to beat the Puffy? Keep reading to find out.

Check out more and shop the original bed in a box at Casper.com.

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Puffy Mattress Overview:

  • the puffy mattress compared to the casper mattress10″ Mattress | 3 Foam Layers
  • All-Foam Construction
  • Made In USA
  • Medium-Firm Feel
  • Stain Resistant Cover
  • Contouring Comfort
  • Great Sleeping Cool
  • 101 Night Trial Period
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Price: $795 – $1,350
  • Puffy Mattress Review

Puffy manages to create a surprisingly comfortable and supportive all-foam mattress. Why so surprising? Because they manage to create this level of comfort with a rather simple design. The original Puffy mattress consists of three foam layers and no innerspring coil system.

While other mattresses with a similar construction may lack support or contouring comfort, the Puffy manages to provide both. This is likely due to the high quality of the materials used by the Puffy brand. If you’re looking for simplicity paired with comfort at a low-price tag, then the Puffy is a great mattress to look at.

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We are putting these mattresses head to head in our Casper vs Puffy mattress comparison. Looking at the similarities and differences and giving our honest feedback. Check out the Casper vs Puffy Snapshot to get a quick glance at which mattress is better in every category. Or read further to get more information on how we felt about each bed to see which mattress will be a better fit for you.

is the casper or puffy mattress betterCasper vs Puffy Mattress – At A Glance

  • Sleeping Cool – Tie
  • Edge Support – Puffy
  • Motion Isolation – Puffy
  • Quality of Materials – Puffy
  • Pressure Relief – Puffy
  • Value – Tie
  • Shipping & Delivery – Tie
  • Trial Period – Puffy
  • Warranty & Trial Period – Puffy

While this snapshot depiction of the Casper vs Puffy comparison review seems like Puffy won by a landslide, these are actually rather similar mattresses when it comes to comfort, construction, and overall feel. There are a few main differences.

However, overall Puffy just barely tipped the scales in it’s direction in just about every category. Making it an easy decision, it is no secret that we prefer Puffy. See how close Casper was to winning and why we picked Puffy in the following in depth comparison review.

Casper vs Puffy Mattress Comparison Review

Puffy vs Casper – Delivery & Set Up

what is the delivery process likeOverall the entire purchasing and delivery process is rather simple for both mattresses. You order online and your mattress is delivered to your home in a compact box. You then carry your box into the desired bedroom and unbox. Once you remove the vacuum packing, the mattress will come to life.

Typically, anytime a mattress is vacuum packed into plastic, it is going to have some kind of scent as it airs out. This scent will vary in strength and pungency depending on the quality of materials within the mattress and for how long it was compressed before it was shipped to your home.

The new mattress smell is where the Casper and Puffy mattress differ the most. Puffy makes their mattresses in the USA and uses top notch materials.

While Casper constructs their mattresses overseas where they are then vacuum packed and shipped over to America. This means that the Casper mattress on average spends more time compacted than the Puffy which often leads to a more intense new mattress smell that requires extra air out time. We suggest for any compacted mattress to allow it to fully air out in a well-ventilated space for at least several hours before sleeping in it.

puffy ad

Materials & Construction – Casper vs Puffy Mattress

Both the Puffy and Casper mattresses are the original beds by these companies, both of them have been significantly updated to better suite the wants and needs of their customers. Both of which included adding at least one additional comfort layer to their bed.

Puffy added a transitional layer to their mattress. This added extra pressure relief and cushioning between the top comfort layer and the base foam. While Casper improved some of their materials as well as adding a zoned transitional layer. Keep reading to get more details on what makes the contents of these beds different.

Puffy Materials

what mattress has better materials puffy or casperWe love that Puffy makes their mattresses in the USA. Even some of the materials like the cloud cover and cloud foam are made in America. This is a sign of a quality mattress.

Puffy manages to mix great materials along with making it easy to use and care for. For example, the Puffy Cover is not only stain resistant and removable for easy washing, it is also Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Certified. Making this one of our favorite mattress covers to date.

All of the foams used by Puffy are CertiPUR-US® Certified. So you can sleep confidently knowing that these are safe foams made from quality materials. They also infuse these foams with cooling properties and with plenty of airflow. This allows the foams to contour to the body and keep the bed cool throughout the night.

Puffy is a 10 inch thick mattress and features only 3 different layers of foam. While this is a very simple design, you would never notice from how comfortable it is. They use such supportive and contouring foams that balance each other out extremely well. If you love a memory foam feel but looking for support. Than the Puffy will be a great mattress for you.

Interested in trying the Puffy and it’s cloud-like feel? Head over to Puffy.com to learn more. 

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Casper Materials

what makes the casper mattress greatCasper has upgraded to also use CertiPUR-US® Certified foams in their mattress. This now gives us more confidence in the overall safety and quality of the Casper Mattress. They start with a simple base foam which provides the majority of support for the mattress. Then comes their zoned transitional layer of foam. Next up is a layer of memory foam which gives the mattress most of it’s contouring features. The mattress is then topped with a final layer of open-cell foam which is the most breathable of the foams used in the bed. This makes it a bit more breathable right on top where you need it most. We also like that Casper upgraded their cover to be removeable and washable just like Puffy.

While the Casper and Puffy mattress seem rather similar in many ways when it comes to materials, we found that when using these two beds the overall quality in materials really felt more substantial in the Puffy mattress. Giving it just that final push giving it the win for this category.

Looking to try out the Casper for yourself? Get the latest pricing and shop and Casper.com.

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Casper Mattress vs Puffy – Overall Comfort

the puffy mattress specsHow does one choose which mattress is more comfortable, Casper or Puffy? Well we start with our last category, construction and materials and work from there. Both mattresses do a solid job at providing adequate support and pressure relief.

We really enjoy that the Casper mattress has different zones built into it. This creates a space in the mattress for a bit of extra pressure relief for side sleepers especially. This allows for extra pressure relief around your shoulders. Allowing you to have less pressure on your shoulders while still providing support and proper spinal alignment.

The Casper also has more of a True Medium feel to it than the Puffy which has a Medium-Firm feeling mattress. The Medium-Firm feel tends to be the most universally comfortable for the majority of people and sleep positions.

The high-quality foams used in Puffy’s mattress is really what gives it so much success. While it does not have a zoned layer like the Casper has, it also does an impeccable job at balancing support and pressure relief.

However, we found that we enjoyed sleeping on the Puffy mattress more because of it’s true Medium-Firm feel. It provided just that little bit more support that was great when sleeping on your back, stomach, and even on your side.

Motion Transfer – Casper vs Puffy

casper mattress motion transferBoth the Casper and the Puffy mattress truly excel when it comes to motion isolation. Since they both have all-foam constructions, they limit a lot of potential motion transfer throughout the bed. Casper’s softer Medium feel to its bed helps to soak up a lot of vibrations through the mattress.

Although Puffy again just barely takes the lead. This is due to the fact that it has more of that memory foam feel to it. Memory Foam simply can’t be beat when it comes to eliminating more transfer throughout a bed.

However, at the end of the day if eliminating motion transfer is one of your absolute top priorities, either the Puffy or Casper mattress is truly going to serve your needs well.

Sleeping Cool – Puffy vs Casper Mattress

While all-foam mattresses do fabulously with limiting motion transfer, they don’t always do so well when it comes to sleeping cool. Foam, especially memory foam, tends to hold onto heat and struggle to cool off. However, both Casper and Puffy have made sure to do everything they can to prevent their beds from getting too warm.

Does the Casper Mattress Sleep Cool?

puffy vs casper reviewThe main attempt Casper made to keep their mattress temperature neutral was that they used an open-cell foam on the top layer of the Casper bed. If you are not familiar, open-cell foam simply means that it is more porous and allows air to flow and move through this layer a bit better. The more airflow you have in a bed, the cooler it will be.

However, we found that the Casper mattress still tended to warm up and hold on to heat more throughout the night. This is also due to the softer feel of the bed. Since you sink into the mattress a bit more than the Puffy, you have less air moving around you as you sleep. Instead more of your skin is surrounded by the top of the mattress. This also doesn’t help when it comes to trying to stay cool.

If sleeping cool is a concern to you make sure you check out our Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers.

Does the Puffy Mattress Sleep Cool?

puffy mattress sleeping coolPuffy also used extra breathable materials that also allow for optimal comfort. However, they also infused their top layer with a cooling gel. Their transitional layer is made out of their ClimateComfort Foam, what this foam does is resist any extreme temperature shifts. Which helps maintain an optimal sleeping temperature for the sleeper. So you won’t wake up feeling to cold or too warm.

All of this paired with the fact that you sleep more on top of the mattress than you do with the Casper, is what makes the Puffy a clear winner when it comes to sleeping cool.

Learn more about the Puffy mattress on our in-depth Puffy Mattress Review or at Puffy.com

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Edge Support – Casper vs Puffy

casper mattress edge supportIf you are wanting to use the side of your mattress for sitting for extended periods of time, then you will likely find yourself disappointed when it comes to all-foam beds. They focus far more on the comfort of your mattress when you lay down than for sitting. (Which we think seems rather reasonable for a mattress)

We found that the Casper did a relatively good job at giving good support while laying down even as we came up to the edges. We did feel a bit of a give right when you get to the very side, with a bit of roll out. If you don’t plan on sleeping right up to the edge of your mattress then this shouldn’t be a problem at all. However, if you need to capitalize on every last square inch of your bed, then you might want to look for a different mattress then the Casper.

When we slept on the Puffy mattress, we found little to no difference in support no matter where we slept on the bed. You can lay right up to the edges of the Puffy bed without getting any roll out or buckling. This bed is very supportive for an all foam bed. Even when sitting on the side we found that the Puffy did rather well. Which makes Puffy the winner when it comes to edge support.

If you really like the Casper mattress but need more edge support, we suggest looking into the Casper Hybrid option which comes with dense foam encasement as well as an innerspring system. The hybrid version of the Casper mattress will provide far more edge support then it’s all-foam brother.

Mattress Value

casper mattress comparison reviewWhen we are determining the value of a mattress, we are looking at the overall quality of the bed at the given price. If the price of a mattress far exceeds the quality of the bed, then we would not say it is valued well.

However, we find that for the most part these mattresses are price relatively fairly for their quality. Although we have to say that the Puffy, being such a great all-foam mattress and having such an affordable price tag makes it our clear winner for value. Yes the Casper is cheaper, however we still think it is slightly overpriced for what you’re getting.

Casper Prices

Twin: $595
Twin XL:
California King:

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puffy original mattress price value worth itPuffy Prices

Twin: $795
Twin XL:
California King:

Don’t forget that both the Casper and Puffy mattresses come with free shipping. The Casper has a 100 Night Trial Period along with their 10 Year Warranty. While the Puffy has a slightly more generous 101 Night Trial Period along with their Lifetime Warranty.

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If you are looking for a mattress on a budget make sure you check out our Best Mattresses On A Budget. 

Casper vs Puffy Mattress Comparison Review – Overall:

We have reviewed so many mattresses that even before we try them out, we tend to have a good idea of what they are going to feel like and how they are going to compare to other beds. Not in this comparison review. On paper the extra layer of the Casper mattress could easily make you think that it could potentially beat out the Puffy mattress when it comes to overall comfort. Or that they would rank out the be extremely similar beds do to their simple all-foam designs.

However, as we slept on both we found that as we went through each category Puffy kept coming in and performing at a higher level than the Casper mattress. We believe this is due to the overall higher quality of materials used.

They are both solid all-foam mattress options. If you prefer to sink into your bed a bit more with a softer Medium feel and you don’t mind sleeping a bit warmer or intense edge support then you will likely prefer the Casper mattress.

Although we found that the Puffy was the better pick for overall comfort and performance. Click the links below to let us know what you think and find the latest coupons and deals.

floating puffy mattress comparison review

Still unsure? Check out the FULL review of Puffy and the Casper.

Casper vs Puffy… It Doesn’t End There

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