June 30, 2019

Cocoon vs Puffy

The Puffy and Cocoon Chill by Sealy mattresses are two mattresses that make for an ultimate comparison. While the Puffy is priced at $1150 for a queen and the Cocoon Chill is priced at just $850, both of these mattress have a lot to offer. Sealy and Puffy have both created fantastic 10″ all foam bed in a box mattresses. Lucky for you we have had the opportunity to try both and can give you a more in depth comparison in our Cocoon vs Puffy review.

casper vs puffy mattress comparisonPuffy Overview

The Puffy mattress is a mattress inspired by the idea of sleeping on a cloud. The top layer is a thick layer of body adapting and pressure relieving memory foam.

The second layer is designed as a secondary form of pulling heat away from the body and adding pressure relief. Their design focuses on providing the coolest medium-firm comfort available. The Puffy mattress hasn’t been on the market long but it’s popularity is growing with rapid momentum.

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Cocoon Chill Overview

cocoon vs puffyThe Cocoon Chill by Sealy mattress has a solid name behind it that is not only recognizable, but also popular with anyone who has ever looked for a mattress. Their bed in a box uses three layers of foam to create a 10 inch mattress that you can choose in either soft or firm. This mattress has a top comfort layer of memory foam to give you a hugging and cocooning feel, hence the name. The Cocoon mattress is backed by a well known brand to give it an instant edge over much of its competition.

We are putting these mattresses head to head in our Cocoon vs Puffy mattress comparison. Looking at the similarities and differences and giving our honest feedback. Read on to find out how we felt about each of these brands as well as see which one will be a better fit for you.

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Off Gassing & Delivery

casper vs puffy mattress comparisonThere isn’t much difference in this category for the Puffy and Cocoon mattresses. Both are made in the USA, compressed, put into a compact box and shipped right to your door.

The biggest difference may be that Puffy is made to order and therefore isn’t packaged until it is made and then directly shipped to you. This will help the off gassing by spending less time in the box and plastic, opposed to a mattress that was packaged in advance and has been sitting in a box for an extended period of time.

We noticed that the off gassing and fumes of the Puffy was very minimal, especially for a bed in a box mattress. The Cocoon seemed to have a few more fumes trapped, but nothing that won’t dissipate in a few hours.

Both of these mattress could take up to a full day to reach their full firmness. We suggest you let them expand and breathe for at least a few hours before sleeping on them. This allows you to get a sense of its true feel as well as letting lingering fumes dissipate.

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The Cocoon & Puffy mattresses are going to vary a bit in feel and comfort and this aspect is highly subjective to each sleeper. However, when comparing these beds to each other there will be a few ways of objectively approach how comfortable they may be.

First off the firmness of these two mattresses varies quite a bit. The Cocoon will have a softer and firmer option while the Puffy has a more medium to medium-firm feel. This alone could help you easily decide which may be a better fit for you. The Puffy mattress has one comfort option, a universal feel that will be around a 6 to 6.5 on a firmness scale of 1 through 10, 1 being the softest and 10 being firmest. This medium-firm feel will be ideal for the majority of sleepers.

This feel offers the right amount of support as well as just enough softness & cushion for all sleeping positions. The Cocoon by Sealy mattress has two comfort options to choose from, soft and firm. The soft choice is around a 4 to 4.5 on the firmness scale, while the firm comes in around a 7.5 to 8. These choices fall a little outside of the popular medium-firm feel, however, the soft option is great for side and back sleepers while the firm is more ideal for stomach sleepers.


The Puffy mattress is a 10″ this mattress with 3 layers of foam. The top layer is their Cooling Cloud Foam, designed to stay cool while providing the optimal amount of comfort and support.

The second layer is the Climate Comfort Foam. This layer of memory foam is supportive and adaptive to every point of your body and focuses on relieving pressure from head to toe. This layer also helps to keep you cool be pulling heat away from the body.

The base layer is the Firm Core Support Foam that incorporate Insta-Firm technology that makes for a more responsive as well as more supportive base foam. These two layers work together to provide just the right balance for a quality sleeping surface.

cocoon vs puffyThe Cocoon mattress is also a 10″ mattress that uses 3 layers of foam. The top layer is going to be 2″ of a memory foam. This comfort layer is going to provide good pressure relief as well as a contouring feel that helps distribute your weight evenly. This is followed by another 2″ of transition foam that will help create a balance and gentle support between the dense base foam and softer memory foam. These comfort layers sit on a 6″ base of dense support foam. This mattress will have a conforming and hugging feel that will be exactly what to expect from a true memory foam mattress.

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Motion Transfer

Both of these mattresses are all foam mattresses and that alone will make for minimal motion transfer. Each of these mattresses are 10″ of all foam that makes for little vibrations from movement. The Puffy mattress does have 2 layers of memory foam on top that will respond quicker to reduce movement and eliminate it before it travels to your partner. Cocoon also has a 2″ layer of memory foam on the top that also reduces vibrations and isolates motion very quickly too. The Puffy and Cocoon will also have dense base foams that will create a solid core that won’t create extra bounce too. Both of these mattresses will have little to no motion transfer and are great for anyone who shares a mattress, even for the lightest sleepers.

Sleeps Cool

casper vs puffy mattress comparisonAs you already know, these are both all foam mattresses. Anytime you have all foam mattresses retaining heat may be more likely than on a mattress that utilizes a coil system. However, the Puffy pays close attention to this factor and incorporates materials from top to bottom that help reduce heat retention as much as they can. The Cocoon Chill mattress is the option from Sealy that is the answer to the problem for heat retention with their mattress. The cover of this mattress utilizes thermic phase changing material to help with sleeping cool.

Puffy – Staying Cool

The Puffy mattress incorporates cooling technology in every material of this mattress. The top two layers of memory foam layer is a patent pending cooling cloud foam that uses convection and conduction to dissipate heat and keep it away from the body. It’s also infused with gel that increases the airflow 8x more than standard foam mattresses.

The base foam is dense and supportive to create a solid base that won’t allow you to sink into the mattress and keep you closer to the surface where less heat will build around the body. The cover is also breathable to aid in keeping cool. All of this allows for the mattress to maintain an ideal temperature while sleeping.

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Cocoon – Staying Cool

The Cocoon mattress has a top layer of true memory foam that may sleep a little warmer. The transition layer doesn’t have any added gels or cooling properties to aid in heat dissipation but will be more responsive to help you not feel stuck. If you are a warm sleeper you will have the option of getting the firm option that will allow you to ride more on top of the mattress. The cool to the touch cover with thermic phase changing material will help eliminate heat. This cover will not only be cool to the touch but also help wick away moisture.

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Edge Support

cocoon vs puffyEdge support may or may not be something that is a big concern to you. If it is however, than you should pay attention to the construction and the materials. Both the Puffy and Cocoon mattress perform fine for utilizing the edge while sleeping. However they may lack the desired support for sitting on the edge.


Notice that don’t use the term price, but instead value, because value and price are not the same thing. Value is going to be what you are getting for what the price is. It might look like a good price but if you aren’t getting the best product for that price, than the value isn’t that great. This is especially true for mattresses.

cocoon vs puffyThe Puffy mattress is currently $1150 for a queen, this price also includes free shipping and has 101 night sleep trial as well as a lifetime warranty. The Puffy mattress is comfortable, made well and has a universal feel that the majority of people should enjoy. It also has several cooling properties that will help warmer sleepers too. You also get a lifetime warranty that will cover replacing it if necessary.

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cocoon vs puffyThe Cocoon Chill mattress is $849 for a queen size and includes the shipping in the price. This mattress also includes a 100 night sleep trial and a 10 year warranty. This mattress may be right up your ally, and if that is the case, great. It is a 10″ thick mattress with memory foam and two comfort options to choose from. We can offer you our exclusive discount to save $100 on your new mattress.

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Cocoon vs Puffy Mattress Comparison Summary

Both the Puffy mattress and Cocoon by Sealy perform well for online bed in a box mattresses. They have many similarities with the biggest differences being the feel or firmness and price. The Puffy will have a more medium to medium-firm feel. Meanwhile the Cocoon will have two comfort options to choose from. Both will have little to no motion transfer, good edge to edge support for sleeping.

The Cocoon Chill by Sealy will be a better value, especially when utilizing our $100 off coupon, OSG100. This brings the Chill option down to $749.  Both will perform very well and have a fairly similar true memory foam feel. For more information on each of these check out the full mattress reviews too.

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