June 24, 2019

LuuF vs Helix Luxe

Everyone loves to sleep, until they don’t. Mattresses wear out over time, but your sleep shouldn’t. If your currently sleeping on a mattress that is more tired than you are, it’s time for an upgrade. Online mattress shopping is the easiest choice because it’s convenient, affordable, and still comfortable.

Some of the best mattresses in the business are available to you online, starting with the LuuF and Helix Luxe mattresses. These hybrid mattresses take sleeping to a whole new level. Or perhaps they might even remind you what good sleep should feel like. Continue reading for a comprehensive review between the LuuF vs Helix Luxe mattresses.Helix Luxe vs Luft Bed Comparison

LuuF Overview

luft mattress vs oceano

LuuF (formally known as Luft) mattress is a fairly new brand to the mattress world, but you’d never be able to tell based on their high quality mattress. They offer their LuuF Hybrid mattress as well as a LuuF Memory Foam mattress, and we will review the LuuF Hybrid mattress.

The 14” + plush, durable mattress goes above and beyond. The layers of gel and graphite infused foams provide maximum comfort and coolness. The LuuF will give you a perfect medium feel thanks to its individually wrapped coils. These coils reduce motion transfer. It also reinforces the border for outstanding edge support. The LuuF surpasses most other brands, we can truly say it is meant for everyone. You get quality you can feel, durability, and luxury delivered right to your door. Not to mention the 10-year warranty and 100-night sleep trial.

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Helix Luxe Mattress Overview

helix luxe vs bear hybrid resting

When it comes to the Helix Luxe, less is more. The original Helix mattress may have more comfort options than the Helix Luxe, but Luxe is more structurally designed for your best sleep. The Helix Luxe now has 6, opposed to the original 9 comfort options, ranging from the Helix Sunset to Helix Dawn. The new Helix Luxe mattress is thicker, more luxurious, and ideal for all those sleeping positions, including larger sleepers.

The new Helix Luxe is the answer to everything the original Helix was missing, more importantly it is an answer to your sleep. In addition, buying from the Helix brand is a trusted decision supported by high quality materials and high quality customer service. For an exceptional mattress, the Helix Luxe is actually very reasonably priced. This allows you and your wallet to be ready to buy your Helix Luxe today.

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LuuF – Delivery & Unboxing

Although it is not your standard roll package memory foam mattress, the LuuF will still need to be taken out of the box. The LuuF is 120 lbs of solid material, so make sure you have some help moving it around. Once you have it where it needs to be, remove the plastic.

The mattress should only take a few minutes to come to life. The LuuF will not be completely free of fumes, but no noxious gasses. If you are especially sensitive you may let the mattress breathe for up to 8 hours, but otherwise it is ready to go.

The LuuF will need a flat, even surface, but works well with any option. The LuuF can be used with or without a frame and goes great with a box spring. Or choose from an adjustable base, slatted bed, or platform bed. The choice is yours. It’s all about what is functional and aesthetically pleasing for you.

Helix Luxe – Delivery & Unboxing

helix mattress reviewThe Helix Luxe includes delivery fees in the original price, and offers free shipping inside the US. Your Helix Luxe mattress is made to order, compressed, rolled, and packed.

Then it arrives via FedEx Ground to your door in approximately 6 to 10 days. Once the wait is over and your mattress arrives, setup is easy. Keep in mind that the King size can weigh up to 100+ lbs. so you might want an extra set of hands to move the box where it needs to be.

After that, open the box, slide the rolled mattress out, carefully cut away the plastic, and position the mattress the way you want it on the frame. Then, sit back and watch how quickly your Helix Luxe mattress takes shape.

Although there may be a lingering ‘new mattress’ smell, this USA made mattress will not have any toxic odors. Even still, it is recommended to let your mattress air out and completely take shape for at least 24 hours (if you can wait that long), so that you may enjoy your most comfortable mattress yet.

LuuF Materials

Luuf Mattress Materials The LuuF mattress is a whopping 14” thick and has 4 layers plus a cover. With the LuuF mattress, comfort starts at the cover. The cover is made with a gel infused quilting foam and Dacron high loft fibers. This creates several inches of cool, breathable, plush comfort.

The first layer gives you 1” of graphite infused open cell memory foam. This layer keeps you extra cool while relieving pressure points and evenly distributing body weight. Next is the 2” layer of transition foam for extra deep comfort and support.

The core of the LuuF mattress is the 8” coil system. It is made up of 1074 (queen) innersprings. This layer is perfect for dissipating heart and providing ultimate support. The coils are individually wrapped to reduce motion transfer and provide support exactly where it is needed. Finally, you get durability and longevity with the 1” layer of dense support foam.

Helix Luxe Mattress Materials

Buying a comfortable mattress on the outside, starts with purchasing the high quality materials that its made of, on the inside. The Helix Luxe is 14 inches of thick luxurious foam, with 6 unique layers, atop a coil system , and a soft, quilted cover. They construct each Helix Luxe option the same way, with only different support layers.helix luxe upgrades

Helix Luxe Cover:

All Helix Luxe mattresses will feature an Ultra-Cool Premium Pillow Top cover. The ultra soft, plush cover gives the mattress a premium feel and uses phase change material to absorb excess body heat and regulate body temperature throughout the night.

Helix Luxe Comfort Foams:

helix luxe dusk materialsDirectly beneath the cover is the first layer of Gel Visco memory foam. The 1” layer is a high density layer  that is meant to provide consistency and comfort, by contouring to your body to relieve pressure points.

The next layer is 2” of either Memory Plus Foam or Helix Dynamic Foam depending on your chosen mattress comfort.

These foams add cushion and optimal support, while never giving you the feeling of being stuck. Next is the High Grade Transition Foam layer, which adds deep comfort and creates ergonomic support. This layer is necessary to create a comfortable transition and progression of your body weight into the mattress.

Helix Luxe Support Layers:

The transition goes into the base layers, specifically 8” of thick zoned body shape coil system. This coil system includes 1000+ individually wrapped coils that are slightly softer under the shoulder region and firmer under the hips.

In addition, these coils are more reinforced near the edges, giving you ideal edge support. The last layer is the base layer of DuraDense Foam. This heavy duty foam solidifies the bed. The thick foam stabilizes the layers above and creates durability and longevity for your mattress.

Helix Luxe Material Differences:

There will also be a slight material variance as mentioned above. Depending on which comfort option you choose, and if the mattress is soft, medium, or firm, there will be a variation in the support of the foam. This comes with the MemoryPlus Foam layer or the Helix Dynamic Foam.

If you are a side sleeper, your mattress will include the Memory Plus Foam, and if you are a back or stomach sleeper, it will include the Helix Dynamic Foam. Both layers contour and relieve pressure, the foams are simply aligned with the support you need.

LuuF Comfort

luft mattress lifestyle comparisonThe LuuF is 14” of luxury comfort. The mattress has a solid innerspring core with layers of premium foam on top, and is perfect for anyone. Not only is this mattress thick and durable and at a great price, but also available in three unique feels.

  • LuuF Plush Multi Sleeper

The softest option is the Plush Multi Sleeper that offers comfort foams with more sink. For just enough of a plusher and more ideal feel for side sleepers. By allowing your shoulder and hip to sink in just enough for the most ideal comfort.

  • LuuF Luxury Firm Mutli Sleeper

The most popular comfort option is the Luxury Firm Multi Sleeper. This balanced option offers up just enough sink and firmness for an adaptive comfort that works great for most sleepers. This is going to be a great comfort option for back sleepers, couples and combo sleepers needing to satisfy many sleeping positions.

  • LuuF Firm Sleeper

While anyone who sleeps on their stomach or likes a firmer feel while on their back will enjoy this option. The LuuF Firm Sleeper features slightly denser foams to ensure little sink into this thick bed. This makes it not only great for stomach sleepers and back sleepers, but also large and heavy people too. The luxury firm option would also be nice, but this choice uses more ideal foams for long lasting durability with added weight.

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Helix Luxe Comfort

helix luxe mattressesThe Helix Luxe means luxury and provides luxury comfort. The 14” mattress is designed to benefit your sleep, and with 6 different options you’re guaranteed to feel the benefits. Each mattress features the same comfort technologies, including the Helix Cool Sleep Technology with phase change material to maintain your body temperature all night long. However, each different mattress will have slight comfort/ support variations and are described as follows:

  • Helix Sunset

This overall, softer mattress is ideal for smaller sized persons who sleep mostly on their back or side. It offers a more plush feel and contouring support.

  • Helix Moonlight

This mattress is also softer, but with even more support. It is meant for a wider variety of sleeping positions for smaller persons, or for larger persons who life a more plush feel.

  • Helix Midnight

The ‘just right’ mattress, the Helix Midnight is the most popular. This mattress is ideal for side sleepers, with a more medium feel. It’s adaptable comfort isn’t too soft or firm and therefore is suitable for any sized sleeper.

  • Helix Dusk

This mattress is also highly popular, being a medium feel, but with even more support than the Helix Midnight. This makes the mattress more ideal for back and stomach sleepers, and larger sleepers too.

  • Helix Twilight

The Helix Twilight is the just for side sleepers mattress with more firmness than usual. If you are a larger or heavier sized person who sleeps predominantly on your side, this is the mattress for you. However if you’re a smaller side sleeper, who likes a firmer feel, you may also love this mattress.

  • Helix Dawn

This mattress is by far the firmest choice, making it ideal for larger sleepers who sleep in every position. If you are a smaller person who sleeps on their back or stomach, you might also appreciate the extra support of the Helix Dawn.

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LuuF vs Helix Luxe- Motion Transfer

luft mattress vs bed The LuuF is evenly matched to the Helix Luxe when it comes to motion transfer. It’s coils are also individually wrapped and covered with a 1” foam, plus 3” quilted cover.

Lastly there is a dense foam between the top and coil system. And the more dense, the less vibrations travel through the mattress. All of these characteristics greatly reduce motion transfer. If you feel any vibrations, it certainly won’t be enough to disturb you or your partner.

Although the LuuF is a close contender, the Helix Luxe may have the upper hand in motion transfer. The Helix Luxe uses an innovative design, which results in hardly any motion transfer, and therefore no partner disturbance either. The coil system is the key to buoyancy without transference.

This means you can move throughout the mattress easily, without disturbing your partner. Lastly, the thick layers are sure to absorb any motion before they can be transferred, making this mattress ideal for anyone who co-sleeps.

LuuF vs Helix Luxe- Sleeping Cool

helix luxe vs luft bedThe LuuF and Helix Luxe mattresses are ideal when it comes to sleeping cool. In the LuuF the individually wrapped coils give breathability and plenty of air circulation. Any coil mattress will eliminate heat much better than an all foam one. The LuuF  also engineered its memory foam to be infused with graphite to keep the foam from being naturally warm. In addition, the 3” quilted cover is infused with gel and high quality Dacron fibers to wick away moisture. With all of these ingenious characteristics, your temperature will be maintained and coolness is no question.

The key to sleeping soundly throughout the night is not overheating, and the Helix Luxe uses high quality materials that encourage sleeping cool and temperature regulation. Keep in mind that every Helix Luxe mattress you choose comes with a cooling cover that uses Helix Cool Sleep Technology. This technology uses phase change material to absorb excess body heat and regulate the body’s temperature throughout the night. There is also an added gel in the top layer of foam, giving coolness a slight edge, since foams do tend to trap more heat. However, with the coil system at the bottom, there is no way for heat to stay trapped since it easily escapes through the coil system.

LuuF vs Helix Luxe- Edge Support

luft hybrid mattress vs helix luxeOnce again, these two hybrid mattresses will not disappoint. The LuuF has a very stable sleeping surface from edge to edge. The LuuF uses a higher gauge steel coil around the perimeter of the mattress than in the center, giving you that added support. This means sitting on the edge will be firm, unlike most boxed mattresses. You want to use every inch of sleeping surface when you have a mattress like the LuuF. Sleep anywhere you’d like without that “rolling out of bed” feel.

At the same time, if the Helix Luxe is one thing, it’s strong around the edges.. The coil system uses more weight resistant springs around the edges, which helps with the added stress when more force and weight is put on it. Pair these durable coils with dense foams and you get a mattress that is equally as supportive as it is comfy from edge to edge.

LuuF vs Helix Luxe- Value

luft mattress review vs helix luxeThe LuuF and Helix Luxe mattresses are comparing two great things, so in the end, what’s the difference? The LuuF is $1099 for for a queen size and offers 100 nights sleep trial. The Helix Luxe comes in at $1745 for a queen size, including the free shipping, 100 night sleep trial, and 15 year warranty.

Both of these bed features some amazing qualities that justify their price points. However, the amazing value of the LuuF does give it an edge when it isn’t quite as hard on the wallet. Though both of these beds offer plenty of benefits, you won’t be disappointed with whichever you choose. And, to top it off check out the latest coupons for both too.

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If you are looking for great savings you have found it. The best LuuF mattress coupons are right at your fingertips. The LuuF promo codes alter from time to time, but the link below makes sure to give you access to the latest one. And, if LuuF is running any current promotions, than make sure to use our exclusive $125 coupon too. Just use code: OURSLEEPGUIDE125 when purchasing your new LuuF hybrid mattress.

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Helix Luxe Mattress Coupon

Similar to LuuF, we also have access to the latest and best Helix mattress coupons too, including the Helix Luxe. Make sure to follow the link below to get access to the latest Helix Luxe discount code. Though we don’t offer a personalized Helix promo code, they link below always features savings that will bring the price of your mattress down.

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LuuF vs Helix Luxe- Trial Period & Warranty

It is within these last categories, that you are splitting hairs deciding between two great mattresses. The LuuF offers a 100 night sleep trial plus 10 year warranty. The Helix Luxe offers 100 night sleep trial and 15 year warranty. However, if you decide either mattress is not the perfect fit, rest assured the return process for both brands is simple.

LuuF vs Helix Luxe- Summary

The LuuF and Helix Luxe mattress are both fit for a King… or Queen! The online purchasing method makes them easy and affordable. While their incredible design and construction makes them and comfortable. Although you cannot go wrong with either mattress, both offer unique benefits. While both have several options available. And their thick and durable build make it hard to believe that they are online bed-in-a-box mattresses. This one really is a toss up. We give both of these beds top ratings, so now it really is up to you!

Helix Luxe vs Luft Bed Comparison

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