March 2, 2024

Stress Free Morning Routine

Being startled awake by an obnoxious alarm clock is no way to wake up. In this day and age many of our lives are filled with stress and anxiety. Instead we believe that mornings can be a time for zen and relaxation to set up your day for focus. One of the best ways to do this is to create a stress free morning routine. We are going to walk you through 11 different ways you can wake up slowly and naturally without being jolted awake in order to ease into your day.

1 – Start The Night Before

how to prepare for a better morning Mornings are stressful enough without having to remember a dozen different things before you walk out the door. We suggest setting up your day the night before as much as possible. Put out your clothes, make your lunch, clean up the kitchen.

For the things you cannot accomplish the night before, set out reminders for. Post it notes, or even reminders on your phone are a great way to ensure you don’t forget that dentist appointment or that your little one needs to bring their class project tomorrow. By doing a little extra work and planning the night before you are going to make your mornings feel like smooth sailing.

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2- Automate Your Morning

Technology is constantly coming out with new ways to make your life easier, including automated alarms and more. If you are still setting your alarm for the morning every night, then you are living with unnecessary stress.

stress free morning routine

Forgetting to set your alarm in the morning can throw off your entire day. Instead, find a good time that will work for 90% of your mornings (excluding early wake-up calls for trips etc) then have your alarm clock set to go off the same time every morning.

While we don’t typically suggest sleeping in on your days off (it can throw off your circadian rhythm) many alarm clocks can now be customized to go off at different times during different days of the week. It doesn’t end there, there are also automated coffee machines, lights, thermostat, music, blinds, and more. If there is anything that you can take off your own plate by automating it, your morning will get that much easier.

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3 – Alternative Alarm Clocks

how to have a stress free morning routine Doesn’t it feel wonderful waking up naturally to the light of the sun gently coming through your window? What if every morning could feel like that? We have great news, it can. There are now light alarm clocks that will slowly raise the light of the room in order to mimic the rising sun.

You can schedule these lights to turn on by a certain time in order to help you rise naturally. No more loud disruptive traditional alarm clocks. Instead your circadian rhythm kicks in and your body wakes up slowly, this allows you to wake up peacefully and feeling well rested.

There are other fun alternative alarm clocks to try out as well, including some that play relaxing music of your choice, or even releasing essential oils to slowly stimulate your senses as you rise. Find what works for you and helps you wake up feeling refreshed.

4 – Stretch & Breath

yoga in the morning to ease into your morning A big yawn and stretch are typically instinctive when you first wake up. We suggest taking it a bit further in order to really wake up your body to feel refreshed and awake as you start your day.

Stand up and stretch out your arms and legs, roll your spine up and down. Pay attention to stretch out any stiffness out of your neck and shoulders. Yoga is a great example of deep stretches to knock out all those kinks from sleeping, align your spine, breathing deeply and awaken your body and mind.

This is a gentle yet incredibly effective way to get your blood full of oxygen and make your body feel limbered up.

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5 – Hydrate

stress free morning routine If you wake up feeling groggy and stale, hydration will help. Before you start hitting the caffeine, we suggest drinking a cool glass of water. This is a great way to knock off the nights cobwebs and wake up your body. This also helps to get ride of any morning headaches often caused by dehydration.

Typically we sweat while we sleep and going 6-8 hours of deep breathing without a drink of water is a long time without re-hydrating. Which is why a glass of water can be so refreshing and a replenishing way to start your morning. If you like you can add a bit of lemon or cucumber for an extra boost of refreshing and hydrating flavor. (Lemon is great for replacing electrolytes while cucumber helps to reduce swelling)

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6 – Take a Shower Every Morning

showers are great for waking up One way to gradually and gently wake yourself up in the morning is with a shower. We have even heard of some folks taking a warm bath in the morning, however fair warning this may be so relaxing that you fall back asleep in the tub. A shower is warm, comfortable, yet forces you to stand up and get moving.

This is a relaxing ways to get moving in the morning. Plus your friends and family will appreciate your extra fresh aroma everyday. A note for all of our ladies out there, we are not suggesting that you have to wash your hair every morning. We know this can be a huge hassle for many. So use a nice shower cap or simply throw your hair in a bun for your morning rinse off.

7 – Set Your Daily Intentions

stress free morning routine

Find a way that you can sit down and focus your day in a positive direction. Whether this is with a guided daily journal, morning devotional, intention setting meditation or whatever works for you.

Having a consistent activity that you do every morning can be a great way to set your day up for success. Especially when you are intentionally focusing your energy and intentions on making your day a good one.

8 – Watch Some Positive TV

don't listen to the news We highly suggest avoiding the News channel beyond a short (less than 10 minute) recap. News has a way of spiraling into negativity. So if you choose to flip on the TV to play in the background of your morning, choose to turn on something uplifting.

The content you take in, especially first thing in the morning or last thing at night, has a lasting effect on our attitude and mood. So choose content that is going to set you up for the day that you want to have.

9 – Listen to a Podcast or Audiobook 

audiobooks and podcasts to listen to in the morning We love listening to a Podcast or Audiobook while we get reading in the morning. It is entertaining while not needing full attention. There are Podcasts on just about every possible subject out there.

Whether you want to listen to some fiction, non-fiction, or whatever else your heart desires we simply suggest it leaves you in a great mood. This is also a great activity to get you through your daily commute.

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10 – Call A Loved One

stress free morning routine Mornings are a great time for connecting with loved ones who don’t live with you. If you are short on time (or related to someone extra chatty) then we suggest scheduling this call for your morning commute. Catching up with someone you love is a great way to spend your time while sitting in traffic.

For your extra chatty relatives it also gives you a natural end to the conversation. ie. “Sorry mom, I am at the office now. Got to go! Love you!” The conversation doesn’t need to be long to let someone know you’re thinking about them and for a quick chat. If your friend or family member isn’t a morning bird, try scheduling your call ahead of time so you don’t startle them awake with a call.

11 – Sit Down for Breakfast

set positive intentions for your day This might sound totally crazy during this day and age, but we promise this is worth waking up early for. Sitting down for a light meal before starting your morning is truly a treat. It is such a relaxing feeling that is truly an act of self care.

Now this does not have to be a full breakfast, even if you just sit down with a coffee and a pastry, it will be enough. This is also a great time to listen to your music, podcast, or journal like we mentioned earlier. Or simply enjoy the peace and quiet before the day gets going.

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Time To Create Your Stress Free Morning Routine

How you start your day sets the tone for how you will respond to everything else that comes your way. We hope all of our tips and tricks help you to set your intentions and wake up into your morning with ease. Be sure to stay positive and treat yourself nicely. The more you can prepare for yourself at night, the easier your morning will be.

If you have any other tips or tricks that have worked for you, we would love to hear about it, head over to our Contact Us page and shoot us a message. We would love to hear from you.

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