March 3, 2024

TempurPedic Bedding Accessories: Top 10 Must Haves

We already know you love the Tempur-Pedic Mattresses, but how about those bedding accessories?! Your bed simply is not complete without sheets, pillows, and blankets! Which is why we are sharing with you our Top 10 TempurPedic Bedding Accessories!

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While we save the best for last, we would recommend all of the accessories on this list. If you want to sleep in comfort, then you have come to the right place! Especially, if you love memory foam. Keep reading to get all the details on our favorite bedding from TempurPedic.com.

10) Combed Cotton Sheets 

cotton bedding from tempurpedic Sometimes all you need is a soft cotton sheet set to make your bed complete. The combed cotton sheets from TempurPedic are just that. The combed process gives these sheets an extra cozy soft finish. They use 100% long-staple cotton for these sheets that have a single-ply authentic 260 thread count.

While this is not an intensely high thread count, it does allow for a breathable finish that helps keep you cool. While the combed finish to the sheets makes them feel nice and soft against your skin. This is a comfortable and one of their more affordable sheet sets.

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9) Tempur-Cloud Adjustable Pillow

adjustable pillow comfortWe love this affordable pillow option from TempurPedic. This is ideal for anyone who wants to ability to adjust the comfort and loft height of their pillow. It is shaped more like a traditional pillow than their molded memory foam options. Instead, it has a zipper closure that gives you access to the shredded foam blend inside. You can then remove or add fill in order to adjust your pillows height and softness level.

We love this because it allows you to really get the exact feel that you want out of your pillow. It also is a great step into memory foam if you are used to the huggable and squeezable comfort of a traditional down or down alternative style pillow. You can really fluff and mold this pillow for ultimate snuggability as you sleep.

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8) Primaloft Comforter

primaloft super soft duvet insert tempurpedicLike most bedding accessories, the comfort you get is going to be largely based out of the materials used to create it. The Primaloft Comforter is a great example of quality materials coming together to create a quality comforter. This TempurPedic comforter is filled with Primaloft down alternative fill. This creates for a fluffy and breathable comforter.

The cover is made with a silky smooth 300TC Cotton Sateen. The sateen finish and high thread count really make for a soft and smooth cover. Yet it is not so high of a thread count that it blocks any air flow. This allows the comforter to give you lots of fluffy duvet comfort without getting too hot during the night. Overall, a great addition to your TempurPedic bed.

7) Egyptian Cotton Sheets – TempurPedic

egyptian cotton sheets comfortIf you love traditional luxury, then you are going to adore the Egyptian Cotton Sheets from TempurPedic! These sheets are made out of high-quality Egyptian Cotton and have an authentic 420TC. This really bring a durability and luxurious feel to these sheets. The high thread count helps to keep your sheets strong and comfortable for many years of use and washing without becoming thin or wearing out.

These sheets come in a variety of gorgeous colors. However, something we think you are really going to love about these sheets is their traditional appeal with the dobby stripe pattern. This adds a layer of elegance to your bed that can’t be overlooked. Truly a great look and feel for you bed.

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6) Tempur-Cloud Pillow

super soft cloud pillow tempurpedic bedding accessoriesThis extra soft pillow is a dream to sleep with. We would recommend it to back sleepers and stomach sleepers that are looking for that super soft cloud like feel. We love that the cover of the pillow can easily be removed for easy washing as well.

This pillow is ideal for all of our travelers out there! This pillow so easily compresses down, that it can easily be rolled up and packed into your luggage. Allowing you to take the comfort of your favorite pillow everywhere with you! No more neck aches as you sleep on a stiff and flat hotel pillow ever again.

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5) Tempur-Weighted Blanket

weighted blanket comfortLooking to add some stress relieving comfort to your TempurPedic bed? If so, then you should try one of their weighted blankets! The Tempur-Weighted Blanket has a plush soft cover and quilted design. The quilting helps to keep all of the glass beads evenly distributed throughout the blanket.

A weighted blanket like this one from TempurPedic is a great way to lower stress in the body and mind in order to drift off to sleep quickly. Using weighted blankets as even shown evidence that it can lower your heartrate and blood pressure. It gives you the same boost in relaxing happy hormones that you get from a tight hug. Making this another great addition to your bedroom and home.

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4) Tempur-Symphony Pillow

contoured pillow soft memory foamThis molded pillow from Tempur-Pedic is a great addition to their line up because it offers multiple pillow designs in one. On one side of the pillow you get a contoured shape that is ideal for back sleepers.

While the flip side is designed to work well for side and stomach sleepers! Giving you the chance to try out two different designs in one pillow. If you are a combination sleeper, or just unsure to what style of pillow you will prefer, this is a great option to try out. Be sure to click the link below in order to read our full review over the Tempur-Symphony Pillow.

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3) TempurPedic Premium Soft Sheet Set

extra soft sheets This sheet set rose straight to the top of our list of favorite sheets from TempurPedic. While we all love a great 100% cotton sheet, there is just something about rayon from bamboo that is *chefs kiss* oh so comfortable! These sheets are a blend of 70% rayon from bamboo and 30% cotton.

This blend makes for lightweight and breathable sheets that are truly comfortable to use all year round. The rayon adds a silkiness to the cotton that both feels and looks luxurious. Although they are actually more affordable than their Egyptian Cotton sheets. Making this sheet set easily a great buy from TempurPedic.

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2) Tempur-Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling Pillow

dual cooling extra cool pillow memory foamThis pillow is our top pick out of the TempurPedic pillow line up. We love that you get the comfort and support from the medium softness memory foam, along with luxurious cooling gel on both sides of the pillow. This way you get maximum cooling comfort no matter how you sleep.

One of the only complaints we hear about memory foam is that it can sometimes retain heat more than other materials. With these cooling panels on both sides of the pillow it helps to keep you comfortably cool throughout the night. This locked in with a foam that supplies ample pressure relief and support and you have got yourself a great pillow. Absolutely worth checking this one out.

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1) Tempur-Topper Supreme Mattress Topper

tempurpedic memory foam mattress topperThe Tempur-Topper Supreme Mattress Topper is ideal for any and all people on the hunt to get that luxurious memory foam feel to the top of their bed. If your mattress is nice and supportive but causes aches and pains from not having a soft top layer, then this is the mattress topper for you.

The Tempur-Topper Supreme is 3 inches of plush tempur-material memory foam. This will add plush pressure relief to any mattress you put it on. You absolutely get the feelin of supreme comfort with this topper due to the quality and comfort of the foam used. It also features a completely removeable and washable cover. This makes it very easy to keep fresh and clean.

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Top 10 Tempur-Pedic Bedroom Accessories – Final Thoughts:

While TempurPedic is now known for their mattresses, you simply can’t skip the accessories. We are especially big fans of the pillow options and of course our top pick, the Tempur-Topper Supreme. If you are on the hunt for a specific kind of pillow, sheets set, or mattress. Then make sure to send us a message! We would love to hear what you are on the hunt for and make you a personalized recommendation! Click the link below to contact us and we will respond as soon as we can.

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