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Accessory Review TempurPedic Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling Pillow

tempurpedic cloud breezeTempur-Pedic has been synonymous with high end memory foam mattresses for several years. They have even expanded their line to include the best memory foam pillows too. We tried the Tempurpedic Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling Pillow and we think it is a delightful pillow. They used their high end dense, yet soft, memory foam to make another great product. Continue reading to learn more about one of many pillows offered in the Tempur-Pillow line.


Tempur-pillows use the proprietary Tempur-pedic memory foams to create a contouring surface. This allows for individualized support that adapts to your head and temperature. This pillow is made of a solid piece of memory foam that is dense, yet pliable with an added inlay of cooling gel on both sides. This layer is gel is cool to the touch and can be felt through the soft, breathable knit cover. This cover can also be unzipped and removed for easy, fast cleaning.

tempurpedic cooling pillow


The Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling Pillow comes in one thickness option, or loft height, at 6.4″ and is made of a softer memory foam. This combination makes it a comfortable pillow for all sleeping positions and easily adjustable to your specific needs. This pillow is more ideal for medium to large build individuals and if you have a smaller frame may be a tad thick for you. This is a slow moving memory foam but does quickly adjusts to your head weight and shape to make an ideal resting place for your head and neck while you sleep.

tempurpedic cooling pillowThe materials themselves provide a plush cushion of support and is easy to move on. Sleeping in any position does work for the most part. Side and back sleeping are most ideal and stomach sleeping works fine for a limited period of time. If you sleep mostly on your stomach a lower loft pillow would probably be a good idea, but if you transition between all sleeping positions than this memory foam pillow should work well for you.

This pillow is also comfortable from a temperature perspective too. This dual sided pillow features the same cooling technology on both sides to make sure each side of the pillow is the cool side. This ensures that the memory foam won’t get too warm and cause any disruption while you’re sleeping. If you like a cool to the touch pillow that can transition with sleeping in all positions than the Termpur-Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling Pillow by Tempurpedic would be great for you.


tempurpedic cooling pillowThis pillow has one option for loft height which will be about 6.4″ and this should allow for plenty of support. This pillow has the most ideal support for side and back sleepers. It is also going to work best for people who have medium to larger build and need a bit more support too. This pillow is slow moving enough that you will slowing ease your way into the ideal comfort and support but also quick enough to move with you when changing positions. Unless you like a pillow with very ample support or very thin loft height this should work well for providing good, dense memory foam support.


This Tempur-Pillow Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling Pillow comes in two size options, queen and king. The price for the queen is $149 and the price for the king is $189. This high quality memory foam is soft and dense and provides great comfort and support for most anyone and all sleeping positions. This pillow is a good value, especially when you can take an additional 30% off and save yourself some money. They also ship this American made pillow for free and they include a 5 year warranty.

This pillow is also easy to care for, just unzip the top cover and wash and dry as needed. However, don’t wash the actual pillow itself. You can air out the memory foam, but it shouldn’t be washed. This makes having a clean, fresh pillow that much simpler.


Overall this Tempur-Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling Pillow is a well made, durable memory foam pillow. It uses the proprietary designs and memory foams of Tempur-Pedic to create a ideal pillow for most everyone in every sleeping position . It also makes for a nice cool pillow on either side that will be comfortable all night long.

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