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There truly is a TempurPedic pillow out there for just about everyone. Today we are going to be taking you on a deep dive into the Tempur-Symphony Pillow to see what makes it unique along with who we would recommend it to. If you are a fan of Tempur Material memory foam with a nice soft feel, then stick around! This pillow is worth checking out. You can also click the shop button below to start shopping now!

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Tempur-Pedic Symphony Pillow At A Glance:

  • Size Options: Standard
  • Trial Period: No Returns
  • Warranty: 5-Year Limited Warranty
  • Soft Feel
  • Dual-Sided Comfort
  • Stretchy 100% Polyester Cover
  • TEMPUR-Material
  • Designed & Assembled in USA
  • Great For: Back Sleepers, Combination Sleepers, and Stomach Sleepers
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Materials & Design:

tempurpedic memory foam pillow

A. Premium Polyester Cover B. Tempur Material

The design of the Tempur-Symphony Pillow is rather unique. It features a dual-sided design, one side is designed for back sleepers. While the other side is designed to work best for stomach sleepers. The back sleeper side has gently arched sides to them. This gives extra support for your neck and shoulders.

The opposite side of the pillow has a flatter and more traditional shape. This lower profile works perfectly for stomach sleepers. While they also suggest that the flat side for side sleepers, we would say that this is only the case if you do not prefer to have a high loft height. For the most part we would only recommend to back or stomach sleepers for this design.

TempurPedic made this pillow with their signature Tempur-Material in a soft feel. The cover is made out of a hypoallergenic polyester. Another great feature of this pillow is that the cover is easily removed! This allows you to easily wash your pillow cover while keeping the internal foam dry, as the foam is not machine washable.

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Is The Tempur-Symphony Pillow Comfortable?

how comfortable is the symphony pillow?Something worth noting about this pillow is that it is designed with two comfort options. Each side of the pillow features a different shape in order to work with different sleep positions. One side creates a lower flatter sleep surface, this side is going to work best for our stomach sleepers. The lower sleep surface helps to prevent straining your neck.

While the other side has a curved portion and a higher sleep surface in order to work better for back sleepers and even some side sleepers too. This allows the pillow to be comfortably used in all sorts of sleep positions. For this reason, the pillow also works for combination sleepers. Although you would need to reposition the pillow anytime you change positions which is not always ideal.

The pillow has a soft memory foam feel. This means you get the support of memory foam, it will retain its overall shape without falling flat. Although it does have a good amount of pressure relief to avoid any pressure points. Overall, this combination makes for a rather comfortable pillow that will work for a lot of different sleepers.

Care Instructions:

back and stomach sleeper pillow reviewLike all of the memory foam pillows from TempurPedic, the internal foam portion of the Tempur-Symphony Pillow is not washable. If need be you can spot clean as needed as long as you don’t let it get too wet and allow to fully dry before continuing use. While this may be a let down for those who are used to machine washing their pillows, we do have some good news.

The cover of this pillow is completely removeable and machine washable. The zipper on the cover allows you to remove the cover for easy washing. They recommend that you wash the cover with cool water and gentle detergent. For best results, the suggest air drying. Although it is safe to tumble dry on low heat. As long as you avoid high heat and harsh cleaners, this pillow cover is very easy to wash. Which makes it simple to keep your pillow fresh for a very long time.

TempurPedic Symphony Pillow Value:

extra soft tempur-pedic pillowWhen it comes to the true value of any product, we always like to compare the overall quality of the item to it’s price. The Tempur-Symphony pillow is a quality pillow made with high end memory foam and a unique design.

The design allows the pillow to be used in different ways making it work well for a wide range of people. The price absolutely reflects the overall quality of the pillow. While it is on the higher end compared to some lower priced pillows out there, we think for the quality of the pillow that it is a fair price. Be sure to click our shop button below for the latest deals, promotions and coupons!

Standard Pillow: $119

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Tempur-Symphony Pillow Review – Final Thoughts:

We would recommend the Tempur-Symphony Pillow to anyone who wants the option for back sleeping support or low profile stomach sleeping comfort. If you often flip back and forth throughout the night, or change how you sleep from night to night. Then the Tempur-Symphony is a great option for you.

This pillow also works wonderfully if you only sleep on your back as the design does provide a great amount of support for your beck and shoulders. For anyone who likes the idea of the original Tempur-Cloud pillow, but is in search for a softer feel, this would also be a great option. While this is a higher priced pillow, the design and materials make it well worth the investment in our opinion. Be sure to click our shop button above to get the latest coupons and discounts!

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