March 4, 2024

Bedroom Spring Cleaning

spring cleaning your bedroom

Even the most tidy and clean amongst us need to do a deep clean every now and then. This is where spring cleaning comes in handy! It is a great idea to annually move everything and really do a deep clean of your home. This is especially true for your bedroom. We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms getting all the sleep we need, hiding in corners and on top of bed posts and fan blades can hide layers of dust that can make it more difficult to sleep well. We are going to share our top tips on how to give your bedroom a truly great spring cleaning.

Bedroom Spring Cleaning Equipment

  • all of the spring cleaning supplies you will need for your roomHand Vacuum
  • Full Size Vacuum
  • Dusters
  • Multi Surface Cleaner
  • Microfiber Cloths
  • Broom & Mop (For Tile & Hardwood Floors)
  • Fabric Fresheners
  • Disinfecting Cleaners for Surfaces & Fabrics

Steps to Deep Cleaning You Bedroom:

Once you have the time and the tools you need, you can begin the spring cleaning process. Below we have listed a step by step process on how we recommend deep cleaning your bedroom for the best results. If you prefer a different method or process, do it your way! All that mattress is that it gets done, this is just our favorite way to deep clean the bedroom.

Tidy Up:

remove decorations and dust underneathYou truly cannot begin to deep clean your bedroom until all of the clutter has been removed. If you have any trash, dirty cups, clothes, or any other things that do not belong in the bedroom, now is the time to remove them. Put all your dirty laundry in the hamper, trash in the trash, cups or plates in the kitchen and so on. Anything that belongs in other parts of your home, go ahead and set them in those other rooms to organize or clean up later.

This will then give you a good starting place to actually start a cleaning process beyond tidying up. Often our maintenance of our bedrooms consists of tidying up more than actually cleaning. Once all of the extra items are removed or put away, you can begin to clean.

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Put Linens in the Wash:

remove bedding and throw into the washerRemove all of your sheets, duvet cover, etc and put them in the wash. If there are other linens that cannot go in the wash like heavy comforters or delicate quilts, now is a great time to take them to the dry cleaners.

We recommend getting them straight in the wash or out to the cleaners right away. This allows your bedding to be getting washed as you continue cleaning the rest of your bedroom.

It is a great way to make the most of your time and will allow you to make your bed and have everything fresh and clean at the end of the cleaning process.

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Move Your Furniture & Remove Décor:

remove all cluter and decor off of your shelves and nightstandHave you ever moved out of your home, and during the process realized how much dust and dirt were hiding behind all of your stuff? This is exactly why we recommend moving your furniture and décor away and cleaning behind, underneath, and on top of everything in your bedroom.

We know this is a pain, and that it is a long and obnoxious process. However, this is why we only recommend doing it once a year. It may be a pain to do, but you only have to do it once a year and it will do the job to keep your bedroom clean and never allow the dust to get out of hand.

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Dust From Top to Bottom:

dust from the top downA good rule of thumb to keep in mind whenever you are deep cleaning your home is to always work from top to bottom. This is especially true if you are dusting.

Why is this? Well, dust and dirt fall downward. Which means if you vacuum the floors and then dust the ceiling fan, you are going to knock down a lot of dust down onto your clean floors.

Instead, we recommend dusting and cleaning your room starting at the top and then working your way down to the floors. This allows you to not accidentally dirty up anything you have already cleaned.

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Wipe Down Surfaces:

wipe off all of your surfaces including bedframeWhen doing a deep clean, it is a good idea to do it all the way. We do not always take the extra time to wipe down all of the surfaces, doors, doorknobs, and other surfaces in our bedrooms.

However, we spend so much time in these spaces and touching these things that it is a good idea to go ahead and makes sure they are nice and clean.

Often times dusting is not enough. Dust goes up into the air and drops back down onto the surface below. There can also be water stains from cups, small bits or food, sticky handprints from children and so on. Which is why not only is it a good idea to take off clutter and dust, but to also wipe down all of the surfaces in your bedroom.

Wash Your Windows:

spotless window clean without chemicalsDuring spring cleaning, we recommend cleaning every part of your home that normally goes unwashed. Washing your windows is often something that gets left undone. (At least it does in our home). Which makes spring cleaning the perfect time to make sure you get all the grime off your windows so they remain clean and beautiful.

When washing your windows, we suggest washing them inside and out. This task will be much easier if your bedroom is on the first floor or if they are easily accessible. If they are difficult to get to it might be easier to wait for a day you are ready to clean all of the windows in your home.

To wash your windows first rinse and wash off all dust and dirt. Then you can make them shine with a glass cleaner. You will be shocked by how dirty your windows are and how much of a difference a good cleaning can make.

Clean The Curtains:

how to properly clean your blinds and curtainsCurtain can be serious dust collectors. If you struggle with allergies, you are going to want to make sure your curtains are getting cleaned at the very least once a year. Depending on your curtains, there may be different ways to go about cleaning your curtains. Some are easily removed and even machine washable. This is a great way to insure all of the dust and allergens have been washed away.

If your curtains are not washable, then we recommend hand vacuuming to get as much dust removed as possible. Be careful as some curtains could get pulled into vacuum hoses.

If you have particularly delicate curtains, removing them and giving them a good shake outside can also help to remove dust gently. Disinfecting fabric sprays can also be useful when refreshing curtains.

Disinfect Highly Used Areas:

spring cleaning your bedroom tipsWe are not always as concerned with disinfecting the home as we should be. It is fine to let it go and often we do not disinfect the surfaces unless someone in the house has gotten sick.

However, it is a good idea when deep cleaning your bedroom to go ahead and disinfect any highly used surfaces.

Some highly touched surfaces may include but are not limited to… Nightstands, door knobs, table tops, bed posts, remote controls, and many more. Think of the things that you use most and go ahead and give them a good cleaning.

Cleaning Your Floors:

how to keep your floors in your bedroom spotlessTime to clean your floors! Your floors are often one of the dirtiest places in your home, including in the bedroom. This is especially true if you wear your shoes in the house. This is going to be pretty standard moping or vacuuming depending on if you have carpets or hardwood/tile etc.

However, if your floors could really use some extra TLC, then now is the time to do it. If your rugs need a deep clean or carpet could use a steam cleaning, spring cleaning is the season to go ahead and do just that.

This is especially important if you have pets or children that make extra messes in the house. Giving your floors a deep cleaning can really freshen up your entire bedroom.

Don’t Forget The Base Boards & Molding:

spots often missed when deep cleaningOften times when doing a regular home cleaning, the floors get washed but the baseboards get left alone. If you get up close you may be shocked but the amount of dust that has collected on your baseboards. Spring cleaning is a great time to dedicate some effort towards keeping them clean.

The same goes for any decorative molding you may have on your walls or ceilings. These beautiful decorative additions can really collect dust if you do not get to them regularly.

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Refresh Your Pillows:

standard cleaning and how to spring clean your bedroomWe often wash our sheets but rarely wash our pillows. A pillowcase can only do so much to protect your pillow from drool, sweat, and oils. (Especially if you are not washing your sheets on a regular basis.)

To freshen up your pillow it is important to first determine whether or not it is machine washable. If it is, this is a great way to give your pillow a deep clean. Be sure to follow care instructions and make sure it is completely dry before you continue use.

For pillows that are not machine washable, you have a few options. The first is to give it is good hard fluffing to remove as much dust as possible, all while refreshing and fluffing up the internal fill. You can also lay your pillow out in the sun on a warm dry day. The sun has natural disinfecting properties. If you need further recommendations on how to get your pillow fresh and clean (including removing yellow stains) click the link below!

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Clean Your Mattress:

how to get started with keeping your bedroom clean and tinyYour mattress gives you comfort and support every night, it is about time you give it some love. Cleaning your mattress is not as intimidating at is may seem as long as you are washing your sheets regularly and using a mattress protector, which we recommend everyone does.

As long as you do that a simple vacuum with a hand vacuum or wand should do the trick. Spot cleaning may be needed if you do not use a protector.

Otherwise, as long as you are washing your sheets regularly your mattress should be pretty clean. Dusting or vacuuming around your bedframe will also help to keep your bed nice and fresh.

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Spring Cleaning Your Bedroom – Final Thoughts:

While your bedroom may require some other cleaning that is specific to your bedroom, this should give you a good head start. Tidying and decluttering only does so much when it comes to keeping your home clean. By giving your bedroom and home a deep cleaning at least once a year, this will help you to be sure that nothing gets entirely out of hand. This will help keep your allergies down and your home feeling and smelling fresh and clean. It will also help you to know where you could be doing better with maintenance cleaning. We hope we have helped you get a good start on spring cleaning your bedroom!

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