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March 3, 2021

Bedroom Spring Cleaning

We all try and maintain keeping our homes clean. However, there are different things that tend to fall by the wayside. Our bedrooms may be one of them, which is why Spring cleaning your bedroom is a must.

Whether you avoid cleaning the floorboards, dusting hard to reach places, or removing furniture to clean underneath, we are here to help with our step by step guide. Keep reading to as we share with you our top tips on for the best deep cleaning of your bedroom this Spring.

spring cleaning your bedroom

Bedroom Spring Cleaning Equipment

  • all of the spring cleaning supplies you will need for your roomHand Vacuum
  • Full Size Vacuum
  • Dusters
  • Multi Surface Cleaner
  • Microfiber Cloths
  • Broom & Mop (For Tile & Hardwood Floors)
  • White Vinegar
  • Distilled Water
  • Spray Bottle

Steps to Deep Cleaning You Bedroom:

Not that you have your arsenal of equipment and products comes the Springtime deep cleaning your bedroom needs. Below is a step by step guide on how to go about thoroughly cleaning your bedroom from top to bottom for the best results.

Tidy Up:

remove decorations and dust underneathFirst things first, it is time to remove anything that doesn’t belong in your bedroom or simply needs to find a new location. Put dirty clothes in the hamper, move plates or cups to the kitchen sink, kids or pet toys back to their designated spots etc. This way you can focus on the items that are meant to be in your bedroom.

Do any of your other typical tidy up activities to remove and items that don’t belong. Cleaning tip for daily cleaning, have a basket you keep in your room for items that belong in other rooms. If your bedroom tends to collect items that don’t belong there, this is a great way to keep your bedroom as clean as possible.

As you spend time in your bedroom and you come across items that need to be relocated to other parts of the house, place them in this basket. Then whenever you leave your room take those items with you into that section of the house.

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Put Linens in the Wash:

remove bedding and throw into the washerRemove all of your bedding and do a standard wash of sheets, duvet covers, etc. We like doing this early in the process as it can be running in the background as you do your other deep spring cleaning tasks.

If you have linens that are difficult to clean, like throw pillows that can be removed, large comforters without covers, weighted blankets that can’t be washed traditionally, or heated blankets that cannot be put in the wash. Then this is a great season to find a way to refresh these items in a way that it safe.

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Move Your Furniture & Remove Décor:

remove all cluter and decor off of your shelves and nightstandIf you can completely remove your furniture, this will be ideal for cleaning your floors. However, this can be incredibly difficult if you lack space or have very heavy furniture.

If you are unable to remove your furniture completely, then we recommend at least picking up all small items and pushing larger furniture away from the wall so you can easily clean those hard to reach areas.

If you have any plants, baskets, area rugs, floor lamps, etc. be sure to remove all of these before you do a deep cleaning of your floors. Next on the top do list is to start cleaning your room from top to bottom and getting into all those little spots that are normally missed.

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Dust From Top to Bottom:

dust from the top downWhen you begin cleaning your room from the top to the bottom, this allows any falling dust to gather on the floor below that will then be cleaned. Instead of cleaning your floors and then ruining them by dusting your ceiling fan.

Speaking of, we typically suggest starting by dusting your ceiling fan, and high shelves, crown molding, etc. Then you can move down to lower shelves, headboards, dresser surfaces etc. until you get to the floors. Be sure to remove knickknacks and other items on shelves and surfaces and be sure to dust them and the surfaces underneath.

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Wipe Down Surfaces:

wipe off all of your surfaces including bedframeTypically we clear off all surfaces in order to make this process of dusting and wiping off easier but you can take things off and immediately place them back. This is all up to your personal preference.

After you have finished dusting your room top to bottom, you can not wipe down all of your surfaces. If there are any hard stains, spilled wax, or mystery sticky spots. Then we recommend soaking these areas with cleaner as you work on wiping everything else down.

This gives it some time to hopefully soften/dissolve so it is easier to remove once you get back to it. (Be mindful of painted or vinyl furniture as some may be damaged from soaking.)

Wash Your Windows:

spotless window clean without chemicalsBedroom Spring cleaning wouldn’t be complete without nice & clean windows. Since windows tend to collect a lot of dust, dirt, insects, etc., be sure to start by vacuuming up the bulk of the debris. Then you can clean off your glass as well as your window sills and trim. When giving your windows a good wash, we always recommend cleaning off the outside as well as the inside of your windows.

Water and white or distilled vinegar is a great combination for getting crystal clear and clean windows. If you are sensitive to the vinegar scent, use this on the outside of your windows only. If you have especially hard tap water, you may want to use distilled water in order to avoid water stains.

Microfiber cleaning cloths specifically made for glass are life savers. Not only will they change how you clean your windows, they will also change how you wipe down your mirrors as well. All you need is distilled water in a spray bottle and one of those cloths in order to get a streak free finish. Seriously, it is all we use on interior windows and mirrors and it works like a charm every time. (Great for cleaning eye glasses too!)

Wash/Refresh Curtains:

how to properly clean your blinds and curtainsWhile your curtains to not get nearly as dirty as other linens within a bedroom, they can collect a lot of dust. If you do have washable curtains, spring cleaning your bedroom is a great time to do so. If not, we suggest removing dust by shaking them outside, or vacuuming. Hand vacuums work wonderfully for this job as they more portable and usually have optional low settings.

After you have finished removing the dust, we suggest using a refreshing linen spray. Preferably something that not only freshens the smell of the curtains, but also one that kills off most germs if possible. Making for an extra fresh bedroom. Keeping your curtains clean is a great help for anyone who suffers with allergies.

Disinfect Highly Used Areas:

spring cleaning your bedroom tipsWe don’t always think to disinfect areas of our homes outside of the kitchen and bathroom area. While these places do need to be disinfected more often, you should also periodically disinfect highly used surfaces in your bedroom as well.

Nightstands, door knobs, desk tops, bed posts, remote controls, are all locations that could probably use a good deep clean and disinfecting in order to give your bedroom a good fresh start.

This can also be a good habit to include more frequently in your bedroom tidy ups. It helps to keep you and your family healthy. We especially recommend doing so if you have been sick recently in order to knock out any lingering germs.

Clean Base Boards & Molding:

spots often missed when deep cleaningIn our house, base boards are one of the most neglected areas when it comes to cleaning the house. We clean our surfaces and floors regularly. However, those baseboards on the walls just a few inches off the floor tend to get overlooked. You don’t really pay much mind to them as they are not a surface you touch or step on, and yet they have a nasty habit of collecting dust.

This is the same issue with decorative molding on walls. If you have any kind of decorative frames, boarders, molding etc. on your walls, then you are going to want to make sure that you knock off all the dust while doing your spring cleaning in your bedroom.

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Cleaning Your Floors:

how to keep your floors in your bedroom spotlessFinally you have worked your way cleaning down your room and have gotten to your floors. If you have hardwood floors and a rug, be sure to remove the rug and clean according to what works for the style of rug you own. If you have a washable rug, be sure to load this into your washer around the time you wash your linens earlier in the cleaning process.

Dusting. beating, vacuuming, spraying, or steam cleaning your rugs are all great ways to freshen up your rugs. Just be sure to follow care instructions as not all rugs can be washed in the same way. Once rug is removed and washed you can sweep, vacuum, and mop your hardwood or tile floors as you like.

For carpeted floors bring out your full sized vacuum and go to town. You can always use the hand held vacuum or attachments to reach any tight areas that are difficult to reach. Steam vacuums and/or carpet refreshing powders can be a great addition for pulling up deep set dirt and grime. While also giving your carpet a deep refreshing cleanse.

Freshen Your Pillows:

keep your pillows fresh and clean or replace themPillows can really get forgotten when it comes to cleaning. That is until they use yellow with stains, or perhaps even start to stink. Which is why we recommend giving your pillow a good wash.

Always be sure to follow the care instructions from the manufacturer for best results. However, if your pillow has lost its life and is laying flat or stuff without giving you the support you need, then it may be a good time to ditch the old yellow pillow and start with a fresh new pillow instead.

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Cleaning Your Mattress:

how to get started with keeping your bedroom clean and tinyWe spend a lot of time in bed. While we always suggest using a mattress protector in order to keep your bed as clean and long lasting as possible, we know that not everyone does. If you DO use a mattress protector, simply remove the protector, do a quick once over with your vacuum, and you should be ready to go. This is also a great time to flip or rotate your mattress if this is something your specific mattress will benefit from.

For those who do not use a mattress protector, you are going to want to do a much deeper clean than a simple dusting or vacuuming. If this is you we suggest clicking the link below to our Mattress Care post. This will advice you on how to deep clean your mattress.

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Ready to Spring Clean Your Bedroom?

Seasonal cleaning is a great way to stay on top of those cleaning duties that often get pushed aside. Take this time and really take a good look on where your regular cleaning is lacking. If you suffer from dust allergies you may want to consider doing a deep clean to your bedroom more often. Especially if you tend to suffer from allergies more in the evenings when you’re trying to rest than during the day.

We hope these spring cleaning bedroom steps and tips help you to keep your bedroom fresh and clean all year round. Be sure to repeat in the fall before winter hits as well in order to really keep things fresh and clean.

standard cleaning and how to spring clean your bedroom

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