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September 12, 2019

Best Bedroom Fragrance & Safe Scents For Bedrooms

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If you are like us at Our Sleep Guide, then you love having a beautiful smelling home. Not only just a home, but specifically a wonderfully pleasantly scented bedroom too. But, when it comes to your bedroom which is the best bedroom fragrance. And more importantly what is the safest method to getting your room to smell so good?

bedroom fragrance and scentScented candles are a welcome addition to nearly every room. However, if you want to fall asleep to a soothing scent, candles are much too dangerous to fall asleep to. If you get too relaxed, you may forget to blow out your candle before you go to sleep. Even wax warmers are not suggested for overnight use. In this article we are going to explore some different options for adding scents to your bedtime routine. As well as all the best bedroom fragrance options. Keep reading to get all the lovely smelling additions to your home.

Best Bedroom Fragrance:

When it comes to the power of fragrance it is important to understand your goals and how to best utilize scent to reach these goals. Adding specific smells and fragrance to your bedroom can help improve sleep, clarity or even passion. Understanding what the best fragrance to enhance your mood will ensure your end result is pleasant and helpful.

10 Best Bedroom Fragrances:

best bedroom fragrance lavenderLavender –

Lavender is synonymous with sleep. This calming smell has been used for centuries to help alleviate anxiety. It is even clinically proven to help slow down your nervous system that literally slows your body down. Allowing you to relax and sleep easier. Not to mention the light floral aroma offers a beautiful fragrance.

Vanilla –

Maybe it’s the familiar baking scent that reminds us of Grandma’s kitchen that soothes us so. Or maybe it is literally the links to being a noted stress reliever and relaxer. Either way the benefits and calming properties of Vanilla make it an ideal fragrance to introduce to the bedroom.


The scent of Jasmine is sweet but soft and most surprisingly a solid sleep aid when it comes to scents. This scent again is helpful and powerful on calming the nervous system. Giving you a stress-fighting and sleep-inducing scent that also offers a bit of an aphrodisiac as well. Giving this bedroom fragrance two appeals.

best bedroom fragrance chamomileChamomile –

Though Chamomile might be most closely associated with drinking tea before bed, the scent alone is quite powerful too. It’s soothing effects make it a great option for a bedroom fragrance. Especially if paired with another scent, like Vanilla or Lavender.

Bergamot –

The slightly citrusy smell of this scent is an anxiety reducing cure. It is uplifting and helps rid negative thoughts and feelings leaving you in a much more calm and happy state.

Geranium –

Though it may smell similar to Rose, this floral scent has been used for years to help with insomnia and stress. Geranium is a natural sedative that has been a “go to” fragrance by aromatherapy junkies for years.

best bedroom fragrance peppermint
Peppermint –

The though of a minty fresh smell may not make you think of sleeping. However, the amazing clarifying properties of Peppermint make it great for clearing your mind.

Rose –

Rose is a classic fragrance that is so often linked with romance. Which is why this scent is so aptly used as an aphrodisiac. The soft floral scent certainly helps set the mood with it’s libido heightening association. Giving you a scent that is best used for pre-sleep events.

Cedarwood –

If you like the smell of more woodsy or warm, cozy scents than Cedarwood is a fabulous addition. Many find the association of a cozy campfire under the trees to induce calming and sleep inducing feelings.

best bedroom fragranceLemon & Orange –

More or less the bright and uplifting smells of citrus are best for helping you wake up in the morning. These scents are great bedroom scents, however, when you use them is key. These cheery fragrances are best for helping with cognitive function.

Selecting A Scent:

Now that you know which fragrances will help in various ways it’s time to pick your favorite. We know that fragrance is a very subjective and personal choice. So find one that you truly enjoy.

When you have a fragrance that you enjoy that alone helps you relax and benefit even more. Also, if you share a room with your partner, make sure you pick a fragrance you both enjoy. It makes it all the more special and helpful.

Now that you know which fragrances are best for the bedroom and for you it is time to figure out the best method to add these scents to your room.

Fragrance Diffusers

a safe way to make your bedroom smell lovelyThere are dozens of fragrance oil diffusers out there in just about every price point. We particularly enjoy the diffusers by Nest Fragrances. They scents are lovely and their diffusers have decent throw without being overwhelming or smelling overly thick of heavy. We particularly like their Vanilla Orchid Almond, or Linen scents for the bedroom.

Essential Oil Diffusers/Humidifiers

healthy scents for sleepingTypically the essential oil diffusers come with the benefit of adding just a bit of mist into the air. Which helps to keep the air in your room from getting too dry.

There are even humidifiers that now come with essential oil diffusing capabilities. This is especially important in the winter when you have your heater running.

The diffuser by Zero&Mood also serves as a night light. Essential oils are gentle and safe for kids. Making this a great addition to kids bedrooms as well.

Essential Oil Roller Balls

essential oils for sleepingIf you don’t want your entire room to be scented, but you would like to treat yourself to a bit of scent while you fall asleep, then putting a bit of essential oils on your pulse points can provide that little bit of scent for you.

Lavender is one of our all time favorites for this. Although there are plenty of oils and blends that work just as well.

A great way to do this is with an essential oil roller ball like these made by Sacred Life. This duo comes with a morning and night scent. Their Sleep Scent is an essential oil blend of Lavender, Cedarwood, Lime, Bergamot, Marjoram, and Vetiver. We assure you that this blend is oh so relaxing.

Lightly Scented Laundry Detergent

safe scents for beddingWashing your sheets regularly is the best way to keep your bedroom smelling clean and lovely. If you’re looking for a gently scented laundry detergent option.

We recently fell in love with the botanical line by Gain. Their White Tea & Lavender scent is particularly soft and perfect for bed sheets. Try to avoid overly scented laundry detergents as they might be too stimulating as you are heading off to dream land.

Linen Sprays

safe scented options for sleepingIn between laundry days, linen sprays are a great way to freshen up your sheets. We have two options for linen scents that we particularly love.

Starting with the more economically friendly option, the Musti Spray, so gentle it is actually created for babies however it is such a cozy scent that we love it everywhere.

The second being the Jo Malone Linen Spray this spray is slightly more sophisticated. This lovely spray will leave your linens lightly scented of fields of lavender. The perfect scent for sleeping.

Learn how to make your own linen and room spray in our guide to DIY Natural Linen Spray

Scented Pillow

scented pillows for your bedroomDid you even know there was such a thing?! We didn’t until we came across the Malouf Z-Zoned scented memory foam pillows. They come in three different scents Chamomile, Peppermint, and of course Lavender.

The scents on these pillows are light and yet, effective. The pillows are infused with the peppermint, chamomile, or lavender oils. If you find that after time the scents begin to fade or if you simply want them a bit stronger, they come with a scent refreshing spray. The perfect mixture of comfort and cozy scent.

Dryer Sheets

creative ways to use dryer sheetsIf you love the comfort of your current pillow, but you want to add a little scented goodness. Well, then we have a hack for you.

When you’re done with your laundry, instead of throwing away your dryer sheet, put a few drops of your favorite essential oils on it and slip it into your pillow case. Make sure your don’t over soak the dryer sheet or else the oil may soak into your pillow case and potentially put oil stains onto your sheets.

If you use scented dryer sheets, you can also place and unused dryer sheet into your pillow case so your pillows continuously smell of fresh laundry.

Lavender Eye Masks

silky soft lavender scented sleeping eye maskWe love an eye mask to block out the light. Having a light scent of dried lavender is just a bonus. This awesome mask by Astura is made with a soft silk and filled with flax seed and dried lavender.

This adds a gentle relaxing lavender scent that gently lulls you to sleep. With this mask you also get the added benefits of silk. It is extra soft against skin and hair, which is great for preventing sleep wrinkles and crazy bed head.

Plug Ins

best plug in essential oils diffuserThere are a number of wall plug-ins with home fragrance option in the grocery store. Although, many of them use synthetic scents. If you don’t mind that, then they are a much safer options than a scented candle while you sleep.

If you want the convenience of a plug in, with the natural scents of essential oils then we suggest trying a product like Pura. They have a smart plug in essential oil diffuser that you can schedule to go off at different times. So if you only want your room to smell like lavender at night and have a citrus scent in the mornings, you got it. Just set up those scents to go off at those different times.

Stay Clean

cleaning your bedroom will keep it smelling niceWhat makes a room stinky? Dirty sheets, dirty clothes, forgotten plates or cups etc. So in order to keep your bedroom smelling fantastic, it is as simple as keeping your room clean. Wash your bedding every one to two weeks, tidy up clothes, and if you choose to eat or drink in bed then be vigilant about cleaning up after yourself. If you’re room is fresh and clean then it will smell fresh and clean.

If you want to learn more about how to get your bedroom clean and KEEP it clean, then check out our guide to Cleaning Your Bedroom to learn all about it.

Plants and Flowers

put flowers in your room to add scentHow more natural does it get then having your room scented by fresh flowers. Some flowers are much more scented than others. So if you’re looking to fill your room with floral scents then stick to flowers like lilies, stock, peonies, bells of Ireland, freesia, tuber rose, carnations, and some varieties of roses.

Different varieties of these flowers will be more scented than others, for example oriental lilies are very heavily scented while most asiatic lilies have nearly no scent to them whatsoever. If you need help, talk to your local florist for guidance on what they have available this season.

Indoor plants can clean the air as well as potentially add a bit of scent as well. Hyacinth can be potted and grown indoors, their sweet scent is sure to fill your entire room. You can even grow a small pot of lavender indoors, although it is more scented once it has gone through the drying process.

Are Scents Safe in The Bedroom?

Absolutely! Candles, incense, and wax warmers are all lovely and set the mood nicely for sleep. However, they can be dangerous and should not be used throughout the night while you sleep. With all of these alternative options, we hope you find what is best for you and keep your bedroom smelling lovely.

We know you will not only keep your room smelling fantastic but also gain powerful advantages. With the best bedroom fragrance you’ll find  a combination of scents that help induce sleep, calm your nerves and anxiety as well as spice up the romance department.

diffusers are safe for bedrooms

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