Accessory Review Malouf Lavender ActiveDough Zoned Pillow

lavender zoned activedough pillow from malouf review If there is a single scent that is most commonly associated with great sleep, it is lavender. Which is why it is no surprise that when Malouf designed a line of scented memory foam pillows that they created one with a lavender scent. This Lavender Active Dough Zoned Pillow from Malouf is made with perforated memory foam that is infused with a lavender oil to give the sleeper relaxing aromatherapy as they drift off to sleep.

However, it is much more then simply a scented pillow, it also features great materials that makes for a rather comfortable pillow to sleep with. Keep reading to learn everything there is to know about the Malouf Lavender ActiveDough Zoned Pillow. Along with who we think it would work best for.

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Malouf Lavender ActiveFoam Pillow At A Glance:

  • Size Options: Queen, King, Queen Cut-Out, and King Cut-Out
  • Active Dough Memory Foam
  • Lyocell Mesh Cover
  • Lavender Infusion
  • Comes With Scent Touch Up
  • Supports Malouf Foundation – Fights Human Trafficking
  • Works Best For: Back Sleepers & Side Sleepers
  • Latest Pricing Found Here!

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Materials & Design:

malouf zoned pillow lavenderFirst and foremost this pillow is a memory foam pillow that is built for comfort. Malouf uses a specialty foam called ActiveDough. This is a type of memory foam that has a rather responsive feel. This is referring to the fact that after pressure is released, the foam adapts and regains its original shape rather quickly. It has a quick bounce back, which for many adds to comfort. This memory foam also is perforated throughout which allows for lots of airflow throughout the pillow.

The foam itself is infused in a lavender oil which is what gives the pillow its signature scent. This is a subtle addition that makes for a lovely aromatic sleeping experience. If your pillow’s scent ever fades, have no fear. Malouf provides a top up spray of the scent specifically to refresh or intensify the lavender scent to your pillow.

The cover of the Malouf Lavender ActiveDough Zoned Pillow is made out of a breathable silky smooth lyocell fabric. This fabric is designed to allow for plenty of airflow throughout the pillow. Not only does this help disperse the scent, it also allows for heat dispersion. This keeps your pillow from heating up as you sleep. The purple color of the pillow is a fun reminder of the scent but have no fear. The cover does a great job disguising the color so that it does not show through your pillow cases.

Lavender Scent:

lavender scented pillow top rated by malouf If there was ever a scent you would want your pillow to have, it would be lavender. This scent is well known for being stress relieving and helping to induce sleep. Most candles, bathing products, tea and so on that claim to help put you to sleep likely have lavender in it. All of this is because it is a aromatherapy that has a way of making us feel calm and relaxed, which is ideal for heading off to sleep.

The scent for the Malouf pillows is done by infusing the zoned memory foam with an aromatherapy based scented oil. This is what provides the scent. We found that is worked nicely without being overwhelming. Although, if you find it to be too gentle for your liking they do provide a spray bottle for scent touch ups. You can even use this spray bottle to intensify the scent of your pillow as well.

When applying the scent, Malouf recommends removing any sheets, and the cover and only spray directly onto the foam itself. Then let it dry before replacing the cover and pillowcase. This will help avoid any discoloration for the covers.

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Is The Malouf Lavender ActiveFoam Pillow Comfortable?

lavender active dough zoned memory foam pillow scentedThere is no doubt that they calming scent of lavender has a comforting affect when you sleep on this pillow. However, we are going to focus in on the comfort provided by the physical pillow itself. This is all to do with the ActiveDough foam that they use to create this pillow. This foam behaves more like a latex foam. however technically it is a version of memory foam. The support and responsive feels makes this pillow adaptive to the shape of your head and neck. This allows it to cradle your head gently without causing any added pressure points. It also supports the neck and shoulders without falling flat. Overall that makes this a comfortable pillow to sleep one.

The loft size also plays a big factor in who we think this pillow is best suited for. The ActiveDough Zoned Pillows from Malouf all have a 6 inch loft height. This is just above average, making it a rather high loft pillow. It is also nice and supportive which means this is going to be ideal for side sleepers. While back sleepers that prefer a lofty pillow will also really enjoy sleeping on the Malouf Lavender Zoned ActiveDough Pillow. The cover and foam are both very breathable which allows for plenty of space to prevent heat retention. This goes a long way when it comes to keeping your foam pillow cool. We would say this is going to be a comfortable pillow for back and side sleepers who enjoy a lofty pillow.

Care Instructions:

lyocell breathable pillow coverThe Zoned ActiveDough Lavender Pillow from Malouf is a rather simple pillow to keep fresh and clean. While the internal foam portion of the pillow is not machine washable and should be be gotten wet, the cover is completely removeable. The cover of this pillow is completely machine washable.

To wash, simply remove the internal foam portion of the pillow and set it aside. Then put the cover into a cool wash with gentle detergent and like colors. Be sure to avoid any products containing bleach or chlorine as these can damage the fabric. To dry you can tumble dry on a low heat or hang dry. Just be sure it is full dry before returning onto the pillow.

While the internal foam section of the pillow is not machine washable, you can spot clean as needed. Just be sure to avoid getting it overly damp and allow to fully air dry before you continue use.

Malouf Lavender ActiveFoam Pillow Value:

zoned pressure relief for your comfortWe always like to compare the value of comfort and quality of materials compared to the price you pay when it comes to determining the value of a product. Overall we would have to say that this is a rather comfortable pillow with some bonus features for it’s aromatherapy lavender scent.

There are some memory foam pillow with added features and certifications, however those pillow are going to cost more than this one. We would have to say that this is a reasonable price for the quality of pillow you are getting.

Queen: $110
King: $130

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Malouf Lavender ActiveFoam Pillow Review – Overall:

lavender dough pillow maloufThis is going to be a great pillow for anyone who loves the feel of an all foam pillow that conforms nicely around you neck and shoulders. The high loft will be ideal for back or side sleepers. While stomach sleepers will likely find it is too high for them. The aromatherapy aspect to this pillow really kicks it up a notch.

The lavender scent is great for drifting off to sleep and letting go of the stress from to day. The price is higher than most pillows you will find at your one stop shop store, however it is a more advanced foam pillow with special features. Overall, we think that if you are looking for a comfortable scented foam pillow, then you will love this one.

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