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Accessory Review Malouf Lavender ActiveDough Foam Pillow

zoned activedough lavender pillow malouf review

The Malouf Sleep Brand makes a wide variety of bedding products from bed frames to sheets and pillows. Today we are looking at one of their scented pillows, the ActiveDough Zoned Lavender Pillow by Malouf. This pillow features their signature zoned foam design which allows for more pressure relief and support right where you need them.

With the Lavender ActiveDough Z Pillow you also get the added benefits of aromatherapy to help you drift off to sleep naturally. This is a unique pillow and we are going to get into the details of smell and overall comfort to help you determine if this is the right pillow for you.

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malouf zoned dough pillow review The Z Pillows by Malouf used to be made of memory foam and has sense been upgraded to their trademarked ActiveDough foam. The reason behind this change is to use a foam that stays cooler and adapts faster to your movements. Which the ActiveDough foam does both while maintain the same contouring comfort of memory foam. ActiveDough Foam by Malouf is definitely more response and stays cooler than memory foam while still allowing the pillow to mold to the shape of your head and neck.

With the Lavender ActiveDough Foam Pillow, the internal foam is infused with a natural lavender oil. This is what gives this pillow it’s signature scent. The scent is not overpowering and gently soothes your senses. If you would like to intensify the lavender smell, you can do so with the spray bottle with extra lavender oil that comes with your pillow purchase. This spray also helps to refresh the lavender scent of your Malouf pillow if it starts to fade over time.

Then comes the cover of the Malouf Active Dough Lavender Pillow. This cover is made out of a soft Tencel mesh fabric. This Tencel fabric is extra breathable and helps release the lavender scent while remaining nice and cool.


lavender scented pillow top rated by malouf If there was ever a scent made to infuse a pillow it would be lavender. Such a relaxing scent, the ActiveDough is infused with a natural lavender oil and it is a gentle and effective aromatherapy. If you ever want to refresh or enhance the scent of your lavender pillow, your order comes with a small spray bottle of natural lavender oil that can be sprayed directly onto the pillow.

While you can spray on top of your pillow case, we do suggest spraying directly onto the pillow as it will hold onto the scent nicely and prevent potential staining on sheets.

Overall we really enjoyed the aromatic experience of this pillow and find that lavender is truly great at helping to relieve stress and help encourage sleep.

Comfort & Support:

activedough lavender aromatherapy pillow review Beyond the comfort that the lavender scent brings, the Zoned Lavender ActiveDough Pillow supplies a great deal of comfort and support to your sleep. Each pillow has specific zones made with different size holes that create a different amount of support or pressure relief. In the middle of the pillow there are larger holes which allow for your head to be gently cradled. While around your neck the holes are smaller in order to provide more support for the neck.

The ActiveDough foam used in this pillow provides a responsive feel that contours and adjusts to changes in pressure quickly like latex. Although the foam is still gently contouring like memory foam.

Malouf’s Zoned ActiveDough Lavender Pillow comes in two main sizes a Queen and King. Both of these pillows have a 6” mid loft which work very well for most sleepers. This is especially nice for most side sleepers and back sleepers, while the majority of stomach sleepers will likely find this pillow to be too high for optimal comfort.

Care Instructions:

zoned foam comfortable pillow The care and cleaning of a pillow is important in order got your health and for your pillow to have long lasting comfort. Thankfully the Zoned Active Dough pillows have a removeable zipper cover that keeps the foam clean. This cover is completely machine washable.

Malouf recommends washing the cover on low with warm water and a cool rinse. They also suggest using a gentle detergent without any bleach or chlorine. If you choose to tumble dry be sure to do so on a low-heat setting. If the internal foam part of your pillow needs cleaning it is suggested to spot treat as necessary.


When you compare the price of this pillow to other high-end foam pillows similar to it, the Malouf Lavender Zoned Pillow comes in at a rather reasonable price point of around $100. Also consider that this pillow provides the unique experience of combining aromatherapy with your sleep. This price also includes the bottle of lavender oils to refresh your pillow anytime you please. The materials and overall comfort of this pillow are fabulous for the price.

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Zoned Lavender ActiveDough Pillow Review – Final Thoughts:

Overall this is a great design for an all foam pillow is conforms to the shape of your head comfortably. We love that the Zoned ActiveDough design allows for a great balance between pressure relief and support. Although, what really makes this particular pillow so well liked is it’s scent. The natural lavender oil which is infused into the foam of the pillow really creates an extra luxurious sleeping experience. This pillow turns your bed into a relaxing spa atmosphere, and it all comes at a great price. We think you’re going to love it. Be sure to click the link to start shopping for your Lavender Pillow by Malouf today!

review over the zoned lavender pillow by malouf

Malouf Lavender Pillow - Shop HERE!

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