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Accessory Review Malouf Chamomile Zoned ActiveDough Pillow Review

chamomile zoned pillow foam review Malouf makes lots of different comfortable bedding options from sheets to pillows. The pillow we are reviewing today is the Zoned ActiveDough Foam Chamomile Pillow. This pillow is part of a collection of Zoned Foam pillows by Malouf.

This particular pillow has aromatherapy features with natural sweet chamomile oil infused into the foam of the pillow. This makes for a soothing sleep experience. Keep reading to get all of the details on this pillow and our experience using it.

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malouf scented foam pillow review The Zoned ActiveDough Pillows by Malouf are made using their trademarked ActiveDough foam. This foam gently contours to the shape of your head and neck like a memory foam would. However, with this foam also feels like a latex foam in that it adapts quickly and stays cooler than memory foam. This foam is perforated for extra airflow and pressure relief.

For the Scented versions of these pillows, like the Chamomile ActiveDough Foam Pillow by Malouf is infused with all-natural scented oil. For the Chamomile pillow they use a sweet chamomile oil to infuse the foam with.

The foam insert is covered with a breathable mesh cover. This cover is made out of a soft Tencel fabric that allows for air to move freely in order to keep the pillow cool and so the scent can easily be released.


chamomile aromatherapy pillow review The soothing scent of sweet chamomile is infused into the foam of the Chamomile ActiveDough Foam Pillow. Scent is a highly enjoyable way to help you relax and fall asleep naturally. We found the scent to be light and enjoyable. While we found the amount of scent to be nice and long lasting, if you prefer a more intensely scented pillow, then they have you covered there. Each pillow purchase comes with a small spray bottle of chamomile oil.

Simple spray the oil onto your pillow to intensify or refresh the scent as you like. We suggest spraying onto the foam directly and then cover with your pillow case. (Some pillowcases may slightly change in color if they come in direct contact with oil.)

Comfort & Support:

zoned activedough pillow review We love the overall comfort of the Malouf Zoned ActiveDough pillows. They put different sized holes in different areas of the pillow in order to create zoned support throughout the pillow. This means you get the support for your neck and pressure relief for your head. This helps keep proper spinal alignment while you sleep and minimizes the usually aches and pains caused by less supportive, or too firm pillows.

The Zoned ActiveDough pillows also come in two sizes, a Queen or King pillow, both of which now come in a single loft size of 6”. This is a lofty medium height for a pillow which should work well for back and side sleepers. Stomach sleepers may find it to be too lofty for you.

The new ActiveDough foam has the quick responsive feel of latex while maintaining the contouring of memory foam. It is a great combination that makes for a very comfortable pillow.


chamomile active dough pillow review The Zoned Active Dough Pillows by Malouf are covered in a zipped removeable Tencel cover. This cover is completely machine washable, while the internal foam of the pillow should only ever be spot treated as needed.

Malouf suggests washing separately on a gentle cycle, with warm water, and a cool rinse. They also suggest using a mild detergent that is free of chlorine and bleach. You can also tumble dry on a low heat setting or hang dry.


The Malouf Chamomile ActiveDough Foam Pillow offers a rather unique sleep experience. While there are a number of other foam-based pillows out there the Zoned Foam in the Malouf pillow combined with the scented aspect of this pillow really sets it apart from the rest. Coming in around $200 per pillow, this is a rather reasonably priced high-quality foam pillow.

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Zoned Chamomile ActiveDough Pillow Review – Final Thoughts

This is such a fun pillow to use, it has such a different feel than your average pillow plus it smells wonderful. The aromatherapy aspect of this pillow really does wonders for gently soothing you to sleep. Beside the scented aspect of the pillow, the overall comfort of the Zoned ActiveDough does an amazing job at providing support right where you need it. This is a great pillow for anyone wanting a unique sleep

malouf foam pillow chamomile review

Malouf Chamomile Pillow - Shop HERE!

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