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September 12, 2019

How A Clean Bedroom Means Better Sleep

Sleeping in a bed surrounded by junk is stressful and in no way a good recipe for quality sleep. One reason so many of us love to sleep in a beautiful fancy hotel room is because they are clutter free and clean. Thankfully, you don’t have to leave your house in order to get a great nights sleep in a clutter free room.

All it takes is a little work and dedication to keeping your room clean. It is easier to keep your bedroom clean then you may think. Keep reading to learn how a clean bedroom means better sleep, and how you can de-clutter and keep your room clean as well.

does clutter make it hard to sleep

How A Clean Room Helps You Sleep Better

It may sound funny, but a cleaner bedroom will actually help you sleep better. The mental note that you take when walking into a clean room sticks with you. Even subconsciously you are able to better relax and feel a sense of relief in a clean room opposed to a dirty or out of order space.

Less Stress

is it easier to sleep in a clean bedroomWhen you are surrounded by mess it is difficult to relax. Mess is not only stressful because it is a constant reminder of the fact that you need to clean, but it also obstructs views.

When you can’t see a clear floor or pathway to get out or away from danger, it actually stresses you out on a subconscious level. Because you know deep down it is unsafe. When your bedroom is clean and tidy, it becomes a relaxing and beautiful environment. A clean bedroom evokes a sense of calm, a perfect space for sleep.

Feeling of Accomplishment

feeling accomplished after cleaning When you go to sleep after tidying up your room, it gives you a sense of accomplishment and readiness. Waking up with feelings of “i should’ve cleaned up last night.” or “as soon as I get home today, I will clean” Instead, when you go to sleep with a clean room you can go to sleep and wake up feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Easy Breathing

When your room is clean and your sheets are freshly washed, a lot of dirt and allergens have been taken away. This literally makes it easier to breath throughout the night and increases air quality. So you will get better sleep overall

3 Steps To A Clean Bedroom

Now that we have gone over just a few reasons why cleaning your bedroom can be so helpful for getting healthy quality sleep, let’s go through the logistics of how to get it done.

  1. does mess effect your sleep?Declutter

    Take out all items that don’t belong in the bedroom. Dirty clothes, moving boxes, kids toys, books you aren’t reading, any kind of clutter that has somehow made it into your bedroom. Only keep what is absolutely necessary for sleeping or nightly rituals.

  2. Clean

    Once you have removed all of the clutter, you have space to clean. Put your sheets and bedding in the washer and follow washing instructions. Dust, wipe down flat surfaces, vacuum, clean your mattress and pillows as needed. And, if you have hard floors, we suggest moping.

  3. Arrange

    If you have things you would like to keep in your bedroom make sure everything you keep is well organized. For example, if you like to read before bed, make sure any books you have are tidy and have their own place.

How To Declutter Your Bedroom

When you have a lot of stuff, simply being told to “tidy up” is much harder than it sounds. So we are going to go through step by step how to declutter your bedroom for good. Not just to get it looking clean, but, how to keep it clutter free for good.

  1. how do i know when i should clean my roomWhat is your clutter made of?

    First take note of what the cause of the clutter in your bedroom is. This will help you determine what you need to do in order to keep things tidy. A common clutter issue in bedrooms comes from clothes that never quite make it to the laundry basket. Make sure you have a hamper that suites your needs. If you always change in your bedroom but your hamper is in your closet, you may want to move your hamper into the bedroom. Or start changing in/by the closet.

  2. Downsize the amount of things you own.

    The less stuff you have, the less clutter you can create. You don’t have to go completely minimalist in order to reap the benefits of this. If you have enough pairs of socks to go three months without doing laundry, you will likely accumulate a lot of dirty socks on the floor before you have to clean up. If you only have enough socks for a week or two, then even in a worst case scenario you will only ever have a week or two of socks on your floor. (Seriously though, get a hamper!)

  3. Assign a Place

    Once you have downsized to what you deem to be the essentials, assign a place for every single item. Make sure everything you want has a specific place where it goes when you are done using it. This way it is far more easy to clean up. If everything has a specified place to go, then it is easier to find later as well.

  4. Tidy Up Often

    donating clutterIt is much easier to pick up a little bit every day, then it is to deep clean your room every spring.

    By tidying every single day it becomes a much more manageable task. If you let it get away from you it can very quickly become a much bigger project.

    So pick up after yourself as you go, you can even make it part of your nightly routine to pick up the little things that have gotten out of place and put them away.

  5. Buy Less

    sleep better with less stuffThis is hard for just about everyone. However, this goes back to the idea of the more you have, the harder it is to keep tidy. So try to buy less items overall. When you do shop, be mindful of your purchases.

    Take note of how essential it is. Think of what you already own and if this item is adding worth to your life. Also, know where you want to put it when you get home and whether or not you have room. If you really want a new pair of jeans but your dresser is at max capacity, you can either pass on the item or get rid of a pair to make space for the new one.

How To Clean Your Bedroom

Now that you have minimized the clutter you can get to removing the dirt. Certain items may need to be cleaned more frequently than others. While your bedding may need to be cleaned more frequently, your windows certainly don’t need to be.


making your bed will help you sleep betterIdeally you should be washing or changing your sheets every 1-2 weeks. As we sleep, we sweat and drop skin cells and hair. Overtime this builds up and can cause allergies and acne. It will also mean we are breathing in that dust and dander, yuck. So follow the directions and wash your sheets on a regular basis.

One laundry detergent that we particularly like to use is Tide Free & Gentle because it is unscented and extra gentle. This makes it perfect to use for children and guest bedrooms.

If you need some pointers on washing your sheets, we have the perfect guide: How To Change & Wash Your Sheets


cleaning dust awayFan blades, night stands, tops of photos, tops of dressers, and pretty much all flat surfaces collect dust. This dust is not only unsightly, but it can also cause allergies and lower air quality. The more often you wipe down surfaces and dust them off, the less dust you will see accumulate. Keeping windows closed will also lower the amount of dust gets into your house.

My life changed when I got a cordless handheld vacuum. This sounds dramatic, but it truly makes daily life and clean ups so much easier. For dust and small tasks it becomes worlds easier to get the job done with a handheld vacuum. I even use it to clean out my car in between car washes. No more crumbs in my seat.

While there are some overly powerful and complicated vacuums on the market, we love the Black+Decker Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum, it has served all of our purposes very well.

Vacuum/Clean Floors

best vacuum for your bedroomWe suggest always doing this after you have dusted fully, as dust tends to rise and then settle back onto the floor. We suggest vacuuming carpeted floors and rugs. While hardwood or tile floors will do well with a good sweeping followed by some light moping.

Now days there are so many gizmos and gadgets out there to make it as easy as possible to sweep, mop, and vacuum. Meaning that instead of trying to sweep your hardwood floors you can just as easily use a vacuum that transitions between hard floors and carpeted surfaces.

If you have a flexible budget and you are looking for a vacuum that is going to last your forever, then we highly suggest any vacuum made by Riccar. They are heavy duty, quality, and long lasting. You are going to want to get yourself one of these. We particularly like their SupraLite cordless line. so convenient to use that you’ll find yourself vacuuming much more often than ever. And a bonus, you can go from carpet to hard floors no problem.

However, if you are on a tighter budget but still want convenient floor cleaning options then we suggest the lightweight cordless vacuum from Jashen for under $100. And if you happen to have a hardwood floor in your bedroom, then we think you should check out the Bona Hardwood Floor Spray Mop. No more heavy buckets of hot sudsy water, now it is as simple as a spray and push motion. Easy as pie.


e cloths for windows bedroom cleaning tipsBe sure to look behind your blinds and curtains. A lot of dust and even small insects tend to collect on window sills. This is another great job for that handheld vacuum we mentioned earlier too.

It is also nice to give your windows a good cleaning every once and a while. If you can, clean the outside of your windows as well as the inside. We like using distilled water and e-cloths.

No need to potentially harmful cleaners with these cloths. Just dust off, spray down with water, and wipe clean. Your windows will shine so bright and clean, your old blue bottle glass cleaner will be jealous.

Air Quality

tips to cleaning your bedroomHaving a good amount of airflow through the house is important for cutting down on humidity and keep everything fresh. If you have an HVAC system in your home, it is suggested to change your HVAC fliters every three months.

It is something that can easily be forgotten but when done regularly can greatly increase the quality of airflow and quality of air throughout your house. If airflow is cut off to your bedroom humidity will rise and the potential for molds and mildews will increase which is terrible for your health.

For those who do not have an HVAC system in their home, keep fans on and doors open when possible, This will help to keep air moving. If the weather is nice out you can even open up a few windows to let the air in.

Want to know more about the best ways to keep your bed clean? Read our article How To Clean A Mattress to learn more!

How To Arrange Your Bedroom

Now that clutter is gone and you have a fresh, clean space it is time to make sure everything is in a good spot. The last item we suggest for a truly clean room is to arrange it for not only a more usable space, but to ensure you can keep it cleaner and free of unwanted stuff.

Optimize Bedroom Arrangement

how do i keep my bedroom looking cleanThey way in which your bedroom is arranged might be working against you. Take a good hard look about how your furniture is arranged and see if things could be moved around to make it more efficient and easier to keep tidy.

For example, if you always change on one side of your room but your hamper is all the way to the other side, consider relocating your hamper to where it will be easier to use. Or if you are an avid reader and you have stacks of books on your bedside table it might be beneficial to have a small bookshelf in your bedroom. Or even place a basket of “books to go back on the shelf” next to your bed for when you’re finished reading them.

Feng Shui

feng shuiMany believe that the way in which you decorate and organize your furniture has a real effect on the quality of sleep that you get.

Feng Shui is a practice that started in Imperial China and has since moved it’s way into western culture. The simplicity and thought behind how a home should be organized is simple and effective.

Check out Our Feng Shui Guide to learn more about the logistics of making your bedroom Feng Shui friendly.

Keep Things Simple

how to make my room feel clutter freeWhile elaborate bedding or wallpaper can be beautiful, use patterns and colors selectively. Personally we love a good set of white sheets, but you don’t have to go with plain white to have a tidy looking room. Decoration can add a lot of character to a room, it can also crowd a space and make it seem less clean or tidy than it really is. By limiting the amount of colors and patterns you put into your bedroom the more clean it will end up feeling.

Also, choosing the most appropriate color to paint your bedroom may make a difference on your sleep quality. Learn about this amazing link in our guide on the Best Bedroom Colors for Sleep.

Make Your Bed

make your bed every single dayKeeping your bed made is a sure fire way to make your bedroom feel clean and well taken care of. Even if you have a little clutter here and there or a dusty bunny or two collecting, a well made bed is the perfect invitation for a great nights sleep.

If you make a habit of making your bed first thing every single morning you will always come back to a bed ready to sleep in. It not only starts your day off with a sense of accomplishment but also sets a welcoming bed when you’re ready to sleep.

Finding Inspiration

Getting out of bed to clean isn’t always the easiest task. If you find yourself snuggled up in bed on a Saturday morning, not wanting to clean then we have some tips on how to get in the mood to clean.

  • marie kondo how to organize my roomWatch Tidying Up on Netflix

    Sweet Marie Kondo inspired a house cleaning extravaganza. People all over the country were decluttering their homes and donating items by the truck load. So much so that some places were turning donations away. This show, along with following Marie Kondos teachings on letting go of items, is a great way to get in the mood to clean.

  • Follow Cleaning Tip Blogs

    follow cleaning bloggersThere are plenty of declutter, cleaning, and organization bloggers and instagramers out there.

    The internet is full of tidy folks who have found their own way to keep their homes clean and organized.
    Following them can be a great way to learn different hacks for keeping your home tidy.

  • Watch YouTube Cleaning Videos

    If you have not opened up this world of the internet, prepare yourself. Watching a strangers tidy up and clean their homes, typically in super speed, is inspiring.

    It gives you a little taste of what it is going to feel like once your bedroom is clean and tidy. Getting this little taste can be the key to spark that cleaning inspiration.

  • 10 Minute Timer

    set a timer for cleaningIf the task of cleaning your whole bedroom is too much to handle, dedicate yourself for 10 minutes to clean. Once that timer goes off, you can stop cleaning.

    When I do this at home I find it difficult to stop and typically end up continuing to clean for at least another 30 minutes.

    However, keep in mind that you don’t have to do ten minutes. If you literally only have 5 minutes to spare, take those five minutes and pick up the little things that belong in a different room, like shoes or cups and plates, then take them to the room the belong in. You don’t even need to clean those cups or organize the shoes. Just get those items into the rooms they belong in. This is all about getting moving and maximizing even the small amounts of time you have.

  • Tackle Small Areas First

    start with cleaning up small spacesThis is another tip for getting started and making progress in sessions. Attempting to deep clean an entire room or home in one go can sometimes be too much to handle all at once.

    Instead give yourself a small task that can be started and completed relatively quickly. Like cleaning off your nightstand. (Depending on the amount of mess you have this may be a small or slightly larger task). Dedicate yourself to fully cleaning off and organizing everything on top and inside of your nightstand. Again, once you’re finished with that task you can go on with your day. Or if completing this task gives you energy to take on other larger tasks, then keep going. The choice is yours. At least now you have a clean nightstand.

Does A Clean Bedroom Mean Better Sleep?

Absolutely! Sleeping surrounded by mess is a stressful distraction. Having a clean and tidy bedroom brings peace and allows you to focus on sleep instead of stress about your dirty room. So we hope these tips and tricks help you get your room clean and tidy in a manageable way in order to keep it clean long term. At the end of the day, being a clean and tidy person is a habit that can be learned with a bit of dedication. However by implementing a few tips we shared, staying organized and clean can be a whole lot easier to maintain. Keep tidy everyone.

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All cleaned up and inspired to make your room even more of a haven for sleep? Check out our blog Create The Perfect Sleep Space for more advice on how to make the ultimate sleeping environment.