October 22, 2020

Why You Should Make Your Bed EVERY Morning

Making your bed in the morning. It is a simple task that is often seen as unimportant. If you make your bed every morning really make a difference to your day? Will anyone suffer because you forgot to make your bed? These are common thoughts and often we forget to make our beds in the morning. Leaving piles of tangled sheets and squished pillows strewn across the mattress.

making your bed every day

However, we believe that by accomplishing the small task of making your bed each morning can truly make a difference in your day. Admiral William H. McRaven of the United States Navy even made a famous speech, If You Want To Change The World, Start By Making Your Bed. So we are going to share with you all of the main reasons why you should make your bed every single morning. As well as a few tips on how to make that process a bit easier to do.

Tips for Quick & Easy Ways To Make Your Bed

If you don’t think you can spare the time maybe a few tips and tricks to make your bed quicker will help. Below are several suggestions to ensure that you never leave your bed unmade in the morning.

Make Your Bed As Soon As You Leave It:

do you make your bed daily?First off the one rule, make your bed as soon as your feet hit the floor. Before you go use the restroom, get a glass of water, or check your phone. Get out of bed and make it. The truth is that even though we often avoid this task, it is incredibly quick and easy to do.

By assigning yourself the task of making your bed as the first task of the day, you will have accomplished something within the first few moments of waking up.

We will get into more of those benefits in a minute. However, by making it the very first thing you do each morning, you will find that you will be more successful in getting it done each day.

Keep Your Bedding Simple:

benefits to keeping your room clean alwaysA beautiful bed does not need 1,000 pillows and layers upon layers of quilts, duvets, sheets, and coverlets. In order to make your life simple and stunning, keep your bedding stunningly simple.

A great blanket, a few pillows and simple throw blanket can be more than enough to create a stunning bed that doesn’t need a lot of care attention and time to make.

It makes it as easy as pulling up a blanket throwing a few pillows on top and you’re on your way. This will make the process of making your bed so easy that you have no excuse but to do it.

Tuck The Corners:

tuck your cornersMost people usually have a pretty opinionated stance on tucking or not-tucking the corners of the bed. However, one thing that we can certainly say is that having your top flat sheet tucked under the mattress helps keep the bedding form shifting too much over the course of the night. Which in turn means putting your bed back together is that much easier.

Depending on if you like the feeling of your sheets tucked or not, there are ways to work around that while still keeping your bedding in place. You can always tuck just one corner. Or tuck right in the center of the foot of the bed. That way you keep your sheets in place but both sides of the bed can kick the sheets around a little. Regardless, your bed will be that much easier come morning when it is time to make it.

Couples – Last One Out Of Bed Makes The Bed:

reasons why you should make your bed every dayIt is impossible to make the bed when your loved one is still snoozing. Many couples have different sleep schedules and more often then not there is going to be someone still in bed when the other gets up.

Which is why if you want the bed to be made every day, then you’re going to have to agree on this rule. The last one out of bed each day makes the bed. This may mean that one person is assigned to this duty 90% of the time. However there may be the occasional day when someone sleeps in and the roles switch places.

If you want to make things “even” or fair with the balance of duties, you can always have a paired rule that the first one out of bed makes the coffee. Or wakes up the kids. Not that you need to keep count of who does what and what seems fair as everything should be a partnership. However, for this task, it should naturally be left to the person last out of bed. This way as soon as the bed is empty, the bed is being made.

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Reasons Why You Should Make Your Bed EVERY Morning

Start Your Day Feeling Accomplished:

clean sheets and bedding feels greatEasy accomplishment to make you feel successful first thing. By achieving this small task you will get a boost of pride due to this small accomplishment. This is a great way to get your day moving in the right direction. When you start your day off with an accomplishment, even one as small and simple as making your bed, you are now ready to take on the next task, and the one after that.

Often hard work and good choices can snowball, once you start off on the right foot you are already setting yourself up for success. So while it may seem like an insignificant detail to your day, making your bed as soon as you wake up can actually be the start to much bigger and better things.

Keeps You From Going Back To Bed:

a tidy bedroom looks greatDo you have a bad habit of getting back into bed and falling back asleep, or mindlessly scrolling on your phone? Cut out all of those bad habits and replace it with one good one. By getting out of bed and making your bed first thing, you will be less likely to ruin your hard work making a clean tidy bed by crawling back into it. You will be forced not to get back into bed and instead, starting your day. You can always wake up in the shower or while you drink your coffee.

Not only will be no longer be tempted to lay around for a few hours doing little to nothing. You will find you now have far more time on your hands when it comes to getting ready and starting your morning. This is because you have started moving first thing instead of zoning out and doing nothing for hours.

Always Come Home To A Made Bed:

you will always be ready for guestsNo matter how bad your day is, you will come home to a made bed. Sometimes it is the smallest things that get you through to the next day.

You could have a no good terrible day, but when you make you bed each morning you have always accomplished something good that day no matter how small. You ill get to benefit from that simple act of responsibility and you will get to fall asleep in a tidy well made bed.

In a way, this is a small gift you are giving your future self. A moment or two of effort in order to gift your future self with a tidy bed to get into and relax at the end of the day.

Looks Tidy & Put Together:

never come home to a messy bed ever againWho doesn’t like their home to look nice and put together? It makes you feel relaxed and clean. Even if you have not washed your sheets in a couple weeks, simply folding and straightening out your blankets makes your bed feel fresh.

It also looks great, even without fancy bedding and lots of quilts or throw blankets. A simple and tidy bed will always look far better then a messy bed with tangled sheets and tousled pillows.

The truth of the matter is that you don’t need fancy bedding to make your bedroom look great. A clean bed will always look inviting to sleep in over a dirty untidy mess.

Helps You Avoid Mindless Scrolling In Bed:

making your bed keeps you from sitting on your phone all morningHave a bad habit of laying in bed and mindlessly scrolling until the time rolls by and you have to get up? You’re not alone, this is a common habit that doesn’t add much benefits to you life. Not only are you wasting away hours of your life, you are spending precious hours that can be used to get ready and prepare for your day.

When you get out of bed first thing and make your bed, you are up and moving. You will be much less likely to then lay back on top of your nicely made bed to sink into hours of scrolling. Instead, since you are already up and moving, you might as well keep moving and start getting productive. You will find when you break the habit and replace it with something productive that you will suddenly have hours of your life back. Hours that you can use to make your life better.

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Your Bedroom Will Always Be Ready For Guests:

it is a gift to your future selfUnexpected guest in your home? No problem! When you make your bed every single morning, you will never get caught off guard with a messy bedroom. Even if you have a few things out on your nightstand or a load of laundry waiting to be folded and put away. Your room will still look presentable which can say a lot about someone’s character.

So you will never be left embarrassed by your bedroom when you have an unexpected guest see your room. Let’s not forget to mention that if your guest is romantic in nature, then having your bed tidy and well made could potentially bring along other welcomed benefits. Simply adding yet another reason why you should always have your bed nice and tidy.

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Making Your Bed EVERY Day – The Take Away

Making your bed, pulling up sheets, evening out blankets, fluffing pillows, and straightening out wrinkles. Such a simple task and yet it is often left forgotten. One of those details in life that just do not seem that important in the grand scheme of things. While that may be true, nothing terrible worth mentioning has ever occurred due to untidy bed sheets. However, our lives are made up by the sum of all of our actions both small and large. If you get the small details like tidying your bed in order, it becomes much easier to get those big choices right.

the benefits of making your bed first thing in the morning

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