October 21, 2020

Space Solutions For Small Bedrooms

Small spaces are no longer doomed to be impractical or uncomfortable. If you have a small bedroom there are ways to make it work well for you. All you have to do is follow a few solutions, tips, and tricks in order to make the most out of your space. Sure a large bedroom is simple to make work for you with large chunky pieces of furniture for storage and comfort.

However, with a few tricks you can make a small space work for you. It simply takes a little more time to think about how to maximize the space you have. Stick around for our space solutions for small bedrooms.

solutions for small bedroom spaces

Below are several great ways to save space in your bedroom. From finding a space saving bed options, to smaller yet functional furniture all the way to clever ideas to best use your limited space. Find great solutions to help maximize your smaller bedroom for a cozy yet not cramped feel.

Space Saving Beds:

Often times your bed will take up the majority of the space of your bedroom. Though this is common and what are rooms are used for, there are several ways to work around by getting creative with your bed.

Loft Style Bed:

loft beds add lots of space to your small bedroomDepending on the height of your room, you may be able to opt for a loft style bed. This is a great option for anyone running low on space not only in their bedroom but overall. When you raise your bed off of the floor, you now have all the space under your bed for storage, desk, vanity, hang space, or whatever you need. It practically doubles the useable square footage of your bedroom.

Even if you do not have the ceiling height for a fully lofted bed frame, there are beds made high enough to around 3 feet of clearance under your bed. While this is not enough room for a desk or anything of that nature. It does give you LOADS of space for extra storage. You can even place small cabinets, shelves, and even perhaps a mini fridge!

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Day Beds:

day beds are great for extra bed spaceDaybeds are typically a style of bed that is made in a twin size to fit flat against the wall. This gives you much more space throughout the rest of the bedroom than a traditional twin that sits with only the head of the bed against the wall.

There are even some daybed styles that can fold out to become a full size mattress instead of just a twin. This allows for even couples to use a day bed comfortably. The benefit of a pull out bed is that you can have the extra floor space for when you need it throughout the day and use the daybed as a couch and then pull it out for a full bed at night. It makes your space multifunctional.

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Modern Murphy Beds:

murphy beds modern for extra bed spaceMurphy beds are making a big comeback in the last few years. If you are not familiar, a murphy bed folds up onto the wall. Giving you loads of space throughout the room. This is a great option for multipurpose spaces.

Whether you have a loft and you don’t want guests to see your bed when they are visit, or if you use an office for an occasional bedroom for guests. Modern murphy bed are much higher quality than they used to be. They are easier to change from position to position, can have nicer mattresses, and tend to look nicer as well.

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Bed Frames With Storage:

underbed storage useThere are many different bed frames now that come with some kind of extra storage options.

Whether it is a bed with pull out drawers for underbed storage, headboards with built in shelves, or a mattress that lays on a hinge to reveal full access to under bed storage.

Furniture makers are beginning to engineer lots of clever ways to create multifunctional pieces of furniture with extra storage options. Keep an eye out for furniture like this in order to maximize your storage space.

We have even reviewed a bed frame of late that has underbed storage options. The Malouf bed frame has drawer options on the side and foot of the bed. So you have more than enough space for what you need.

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Utilize Wall Space:

Another area we often overlook is how to better utilize our wall space. Sometimes we look at free standing furniture as the only option, but when you find shelves, lighting and other ways to get objects off the floor, it can do great things to free up space overall.

Shelves For Storage:

shelves for small bedsWhen you are working with a small amount of space in your bedroom, maximizing your wall space is vital. Often floor space is over utilized and over crowded. While wall space is left a blanket canvas. We suggest taking advantage of that wall space as much as possible. Shelves are a great way to do this. You can even put shelves all the way to the top of your wall for items that you do love need frequent access to. Perhaps for book you are not currently reading or seasonal clothes in baskets.

While lower shelving can be a great option for storage for items you would like to use more frequently. You can even use shelves in place of a nightstand which we will get a little more into in the next section.

Floating Bedside Tables:

use the wall space in your roomDon’t have enough floor space for a full beside table? No problem, simply find a floating nightstand that can be fixed to the wall instead. Or you can use a thin shelf that can hold onto your things that you need at your bedside like a bottle of water and your phone. Get creative with your options for this.

The Ikea Sunnersta have angled containers that can be hung up, these can hold all of the things that you need and keep them close by. So you can access all the things with little to no floor space and hardly any wall space being used.

Sconce Style Bedside Lights:

sconce lights instead of lamps Bedside lamps can take up a lot of space on your nightstand. Which is why we suggesting using a sconce style bedside light instead! This way you can get the light you need, right where you need it without taking up any extra space.

This will allow you to comfortable read in bed without having to sacrifice the minimal amount of space you have for holding up a lamp. A side benefit is that sconces are definitely in style right now and look great as well.

Invest In Small Furniture When Possible:

oversized furniture makes your room look smallerA lot of old style furniture is large and bulky in order to look grand and decorative. This is all well and good in a large bedroom. However, when you have a small room, larger decorative bulky furniture is a waste of space and will end up making your room look small and overcrowded.

Instead, sell the furniture that is too big for your space and use the money you make from the sale to invest in furniture that fits your space. Look for thin clean lines that are only as big as they need to be in order to fulfill their purpose. If you have always had thick bulky furniture, you will be amazed by how much more space you have simply buy getting thin sleek furniture instead.

Use Your Corners:

use the corners in your bedCorners, a space often under utilized in most rooms. With most furniture made to work for flat surfaces, corners of rooms turn into space that goes to waist. If you have very limited space and your bed is right up to the wall. Looking for shelving that is made to fix into corners. If you have the space there are also drawers and small furniture pieces made to tuck nicely into walls instead of flat against the wall.

Another not so frequently utilized space that often goes hand in hand with corners, is the space behind your doors. We suggest using any of the many different kind of storage options that can be attached to the back of your bedroom or closet door. There are hook options for towels or clothes. The contraptions that hang on doors for shoe storage are also great for storing lots of things, they don’t have to be used to shoes only. Again, get creative! Find new ways to store the things you need.

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Space Solutions For Small Bedrooms – Final Thoughts

When it comes to getting the most out of small spaces and bedrooms, it all come down to creativity. Large bedrooms are easy to simply throw a bunch of large furniture pieces in and call it a day. When you are working in a smaller space often you can get just as much use and comfort out of it. It simply takes more thought, planning, and creativity in order to get the most out of your space. We hope this article has given you some helpful tips and advice for you to get the maximum use out of your small space.

bedroom furniture that makes your room feel larger

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