October 14, 2020

Should I Upgrade To A Larger Size Bed?

Feeling like you are a Papa Bear stuck in Baby Bear’s bed lately? There are a number of phases in life that can lead you to wondering if upgrading to a larger bed is a good idea. Whether you recently started sharing your bed with a partner, or your toddler is going through a phase where they simply refuse to sleep alone, or you have simply outgrown the bed you are currently sleeping in. Making the choice to upgrade to a larger size bed may seem like an obvious choice.

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We are going to walk you through all of the potential Pros and Cons of upgrading your bed size. All so you can better decide whether upgrading to a larger bed is the right choice for you!

Pros to Upgrading to a Larger Bed

With any decision in life it can be a lot easier when you way the pros and cons. In this instance there might be some logical attributes you didn’t think about. As well as other reasons to make this upgrade a serious plus. Below we will start with all the pros that make upgrading to a larger bed a definite must.

More Space in Bed:

should you upgrade your bed to a bigger size?Tired of feeling like you are constantly falling off the bed? Or perhaps your feet are hanging off the bottom of your mattress. This issue is especially common for teenagers that are still sleeping in their twin or even full size beds. Within a matter of just a few years you can completely outgrow your bed. The truth of the matter is that if you do not fit in your bed comfortably, then your sleep is going to suffer.

We as people tend to move around when we sleep, often changing positions around 3-36 times throughout the night. Which means even if you fit comfortably while laying just right in your bed. It is good to ensure you have enough room to comfortably shift positions as you sleep as well. If you cannot do so comfortably in the bed you have currently, then upgrading to a bigger bed may be a great option for you.

Less Crowding in Bed:

should you upgrade to a king size?No longer sleeping alone? Sharing your bed can quickly create the need for a larger bed. Whether you are sharing with a partner, child, or pet the space needed to share a bed can increase drastically.

Even the smallest of children or pets can take up a surprising amount of space. We all need not only enough space to lay down, but also enough space to move and reposition comfortably.

Depending on how many individuals you are sharing your bed with, the space you’re going to want is going to multiply.

Even if it is only a temporary sleeping condition, it may be worth the upgrade to get the bigger bed. It is going to greatly increase your overall comfort and sleep quality for everyone involved.

Increased Comfort & Support:

pros and cons to buying a bigger bedEven if you currently have more than enough room, or you sleep by yourself. Upgrading to a larger bed can still greatly increase your comfort.

Having a bigger bed allows for you to sleep further in toward the middle of the bed instead of sleeping up against the edge of the mattress. This provides more support where you need it and can even prevent a sliding out of bed feel. However, changing to a more supportive mattress with reinforced edges can also prevent this from happening as well.

Overall having more space to move, reposition, and snuggle up is always going to increase overall sleeping comfort. Whether or not you are sharing your bed or sleeping alone, more room to move around is always welcome.

Longer Lasting Mattress:

should you get a larger mattress?When you upgrade to a larger mattress, you are also increasing the area in which you are using. Which means you are no longer limited to wearing out one small area of your mattress. This means your bed will end up lasting longer as well because you are spreading out the space in which you are wearing down as you sleep.

When you are sleeping on a smaller bed, you are concentrating the use to a smaller area as well. This can lead to a faster process of wear and tear then you would have in a larger bed. This is especially true if your smaller bed leads you to sleeping on the edge of your mattress.

If you mattress is not built with reinforced edges, then it is more likely to break down faster on the edges then in the middle of the bed. Making getting a larger bed a big pro for anyone wanting their mattress to last longer.

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Cons to Upgrading To a Larger Bed:

Like most times there is another side of the coin to consider before jumping in. Though you may be ready to make the move to upgrade to a larger size bed, there may be a few reasons that it might not work out. I don’t necessarily look at these as cons as much as the reality of the situation. Regardless, they should be considered.

Less Space in Room

can you fit a bigger bed in your room?Whenever you get a bigger bed, it is only natural that you will have less space in your room. Depending on the orientation and size of your bedroom, this may or may not be an issue for you. We always suggest measuring out the size of a bigger bed would be in your room and how it would fit with your other furniture before you make the upgrade. While it may seem like more than enough space, you may be surprised at how a foot or so may drastically change the comfort of your bedroom.

You want to make sure all doors and drawers can open freely, as well as being able to comfortably get in and out of bed. While putting a mattress up against the wall may seem like a good option, it can be a big inconvenience when trying to get in and out of bed. This is especially true for couples, no one wants to have to climb over their spouse in order to use the restroom in the middle of the night.

If you do not have an abundance of space in your room then this could be a major con to upgrading to a larger size bed.

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Mattress Price:

can you really afford a bigger bed?The biggest expense for a bed upgrade is going to be in the size mattress you choose. Going up a few mattress sizes can easily bump up the price of your bed by double or triple the price. Which can lead to needing to downgrade the comfort or quality of a mattress in order to stay in budget. Which can then lead to lowering the overall comfort of your bed.

The increase in overall mattress price as you upgrade to a larger bed size is absolutely a con to upgrading to a larger bed. Even if you have more than enough funds in the bank to comfortably purchase a new mattress and bed frame at a larger size, it is still a bummer to know you are spending so much more simply for a bigger bed. Plus you have to consider the bigger price tag on all of the accessories for your bed as well, which brings us to our next con to buying a bigger bed.

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Extra costs for accessories, sheets, bedding, etc.

the real cost of buying a bigger mattressUnfortunately the heftier price tags don’t simply stop at the mattress and bed frame. All of the bedding and accessories for a larger big also go up in price as you go up in size.

From mattress toppers and protectors, to sheets and larger pillows all of the prices go up as you go up in size. Which means as you are making your bedroom budget, you need to consider the boost in price for these items as well as the larger price tag for your mattress and bed frame as well.

Something to keep an eye out for is for bundle sales. Sometimes mattress brands will have specials where you can get new pillows or bedding for free along with the purchase of a mattress. This can help decrease the extra cost that comes with buying  bigger bed.

Less Snuggling:

less snuggles with more spaceIf you are a big snuggle bug when you sleep, then one downfall of upgrading to a bigger bed will be that you may notice a decrease in nightly snuggles.

When you are sleeping in tight quarters with those you love, snuggling is a natural and unavoidable bonus to sleeping in a smaller bed. When you increase the amount of space you have in your bed, you also increase the amount of potential space between you and your snuggle buddies.

While it is nice to have space when you sleep, it may decrease the amount of accidental natural snuggles that happen throughout the night. But don’t freight, you can always scooch over whenever you feel like cuddling up.

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Questions to ask before getting a bigger bed:

Can I afford it?

should you buy a bigger bedWe suggest taking a look at your finances before committing to an upgrade. Then create a budget that works for you and your family. The great news is that there are really great mattresses out there these days in just about every budget.

Create the budget first and then start looking at mattresses out there that work within your budget. Keep in mind that you will also need to get all of the needed accessories for your bed as well.

With that in mind be sure to leave enough room for new sheets and bedding as well as the cost of your bed frame and mattress. Be sure to keep an eye out for our coupons in our mattress reviews! They can help save you some cash as well.

Is there enough space in my room for a bigger bed?

cons of getting a bigger mattressYou don’t want to get caught in that awkward position where you bought a bed that is too big for the space you have. So before you press the “buy now” button, be sure to measure out the space your new bed will take up in your room. Keep in mind that the bed frame you buy may also add to the space being taken up in your room as well as just the size of the mattress.

We suggest tapping out that space in your room to make sure you will be able to get in and out of bed comfortably. As well as open all doors and fit all of your surrounding furniture as well. This will help you to map out your room and ensure you are not buying a bed that will end up taking over your entire bedroom. It will also be a quick way to determine if you even can upgrade to a larger size bed.

Will a larger size bed solve my problems?

benefits to having a bigger bedAre you extra tall or wide? How many people, kids, or pets do you need space for? It is going to be helpful to determine how much space you really need before you make the upgrade to a larger bed. This will be a good way to make sure the upgrade you are choosing for your bedroom will be large enough to really make a difference in the comfort that you need.

It is good to keep in mind that some bed upgrades will give you more length, while others will provide more width. Which do you and your family need more? This may help you determine which upgraded bed size will work better for you and your needs best.

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Should I Upgrade To A Larger Size Bed?

After reading the pros & cons, and answering all of the questions. You should probably have a pretty good idea whether or not upgrading to a larger mattress size is a good idea for you or not. We hope all of these questions either reaffirmed your decision to upgrade to a bigger bed, or helped you avoid regretting a purchase.

If you have come to the conclusion that getting a bigger bed is the right option for you, then we wish you the best of luck with buying your new bed! Be sure to check our mattress reviews! We would love to help you to not only upgrade the size of your mattress, but ensure you’re upgrading in comfort as well!

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