October 12, 2020

Malouf Designer Beds

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Looking to upgrade your bed frame to something a bit more chic? Then you have come to the right place. These designer beds from Malouf are a stunning way to turn your bedroom into the relaxing stunning bedroom of your dreams.

Whether you like a cozy relaxed feel, or you are all about modern lines there you will be able to find something you love. There is a little something for everyone in this collection and they are all designed to mix and match. Stick around to learn more about what makes these Malouf Designer Bed Frames really pop!

Materials & Construction:

color options from malouf materials and fabricThe new designer bed frames from Malouf create different designs and styles all while using the same core materials. They have a foundation for the mattress which is made with solid wooden slates. The slatted design allows for plenty of air to flow in and out of your mattress for a cool sleep environment. You will find this style of support for the mattress under all of the bed frames in this collection.

While each bed frame has a different design, they all utilize textiles to add a soft cozy vibe to the pieces. Whether they are tufted or sleek, they all come in the same five stunning color options.

There is the Charcoal, Desert, Oat, Spruce, and Stone. These stunning neutrals will look great in any home and provide a good range of light to dark, warm and cool in order to suite different preferences. The fabric is easy to clean and has just a touch of texture in order to add some extra interest.

Each upholstered bed frame is also designed to easily put an adjustable base into as well. So if you like the look of an upholstered set but like the functionality of an adjustable base, you can have both! You can either put your designer frame together around your adjustable bed. Or remove the slats and place the adjustable bed right inside the frame. Giving you luxurious &d stylish that is also very functional.

Malouf Designer Beds:

The Designer Beds offered by Malouf include four solid upholstered pieces that perfectly frame your bed. These pieces include a headboard that also functions as the fourth piece of the base, making it extra sturdy and sleek. As well as three upholstered base pieces that perfectly fit together. Not to forget the ample slats that go in place to hold up to 800 pounds of weight.

Blackwell Designer Bed

watson bed base reviewThe Blackwell upholstered bed is a modern sleek look that maintains a soft and homey feel. Instead of classic tufting, the Blackwell Headboard features vertical panels going straight up and down. Just like vertical stripes, these panels create the illusion of extra height to your bed. Making it appear tall and stately.

The base of the bed is clean and simple, with smooth fabric that perfectly matches the headboard. The modern yet timeless wooden legs are a nice detail and durable feature. The look of the Blackwell makes it suitable in most homes, especially for anyone with a modern or minimalistic vibe.

Malouf’s design for the Blackwell was inspired by 1920s art deco. We love the subtle detail of the corners that frame the mattress for a sophisticated finish. This gives the bed a tucked in feel that keeps this modern design feeling perfect to snuggle up into.

The Blackwell headboard sits at 56″ off the floor. While the top of the base sits at 16″ from the floor and offers a 4″ clearance. However, the slats are positioned 2″ down from the top of the base, allowing your mattress to rest inside the base for a sleeker look and puts the mattress at about 14″ off the ground.

*Note: The Blackwell is also offered in a headboard only option as well.

Scorseby Designer Bed

headboards reviewed by maloufIt doesn’t get more modern than the Scorseby Designer Bed. The straight lines and squared off tufts make this headboard perfect for our modern minimalists out there.

This is streamlined and clean edges only. No frills or flourishes to muddy down the design. This bed is all about simplicity. This is going to be perfect for those looking to keep things simple, but want a little something to frame their bed and have a nice headboard to lean against as well as a sturdy base to rest on.

The Scorseby Upholstered Bed by Malouf comes up 48″ from the ground, for the headboard. While the base sits 16″ from the ground but the slats do sit 2″ down from the top to let your mattress sit inside the frame. The wooden feet elevate the frame about 4″ from the ground. This means that your mattress will sit about 14″ from the ground.

*Note: The Scoresby is also offered in a headboard only option as well.

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Malouf Designer Headboards:

Malouf not only offers the above designs, the Blackwell and Scoresby, in headboards too, but also offers a couple other designer headboards as well. Not only do these headboards work with most frames and adjustable bases. But, can also be paired with Malouf’s perfectly matched designer upholstered bases too. Allowing you to mix and match for your perfect designer upholstered bed.

Carlisle Designer Headboard

stunning designer bed review over the malouf bedsThe Malouf design for the Carlisle Headboard is all about modern elegance. The design on the corners of the headboard give it a statement shape that cannot be ignored.

The tufting of the upholstery give this bed a cozy feel. Whether you prefer the light oat color or a bold charcoal, your bedroom will look relaxed yet effortlessly elegant with the Carlisle headboard.

You can pair the Carlisle with the Eastman or Watson base from the Malouf line for a matching full bed frame look. Or it can be attached to just about any bedframe that is compatible with headboard attachments as well.

Hennessy Designer Headboard

malouf furniture reviewYou cannot go wrong with Malouf’s Hennessy Headboard. This is a classic design that will never go out of style.

It features a sleek upholstered border, which frames the tufted headboard very nicely. We love the sleek yet cozy combination of the clean lines and tufted fabric. It really is a great look that adds style, while remaining timeless.

Similar to the Carlisle design, the Hennessy headboard can also be paired with either of the bed frame bases by Malouf. They are available in all five colors that can mix matched to your desired design.

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Malouf Designer Beds – Base Options:

To wrap up your choices are the Malouf upholstered base options available. Not only are these bases great on their own, but also each perfectly match the headboards for the perfect pairing of style and function.

Eastman Bed Base

max and match headboards The Eastman Bed Base by Malouf is a modern low-profile bed frame. Which works perfectly with lofty mattresses and keeps your bed from getting uncomfortably high.

It is a simple design featuring matching upholstery with the headboard of your choice. Although you can also choose to forgo the headboard completely for an even more simple clean look.

Malouf’s Eastman design features exposed wooden legs that keep the bed raised above the ground nicely. The wooden feet have a simple modern appeal.

Watson Bed Base

extra under bed storage easy accessThe Watson Bed Base design is a great balance between a beautiful aesthetic and practical convenience. Looking to maximize your bedroom storage? Then you’re going to love the Watson base from Malouf.

This base is similar in appearance and design to the Eastman Bed Base, except it has sliding drawers for easy storage.

The drawers are sleek and not bulky, they are easy to open and close. You get two drawers at the foot of the bed as well as one on each side. Making under bed storage easier than ever before.

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Our Sleep Guide Mattress Showroom:

Whether you live in the Austin, TX area or not, we are here to help! Our Sleep Guide Mattress Showroom proudly offers and carries each of these designer beds, headboards and bases. Giving you a variety of beautiful upholstered bedroom furniture to choose from.

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Malouf Designer Beds Recap:

This is a stunning collection of bed bases and headboards from the Malouf Designer Bed Frames. We love the mix and match style which allows your to pick and choose a combination of base frame and headboard that works perfectly for you.

Keep in mind that the Malouf Adjustable Bed Frame and other standard bed frames also pair very nicely with their headboards as well. This is a high quality set of frames that are sure to please. The designs are sturdy and oh so stunning.

hennessey watson frame from malouf