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Accessory Review Avocado Organic Sheets Review

If you know anything about Avocado and their products, then you know they are passionate about creating eco-friendly, organic, and all around feel good products that are good to the people who make them and the environment. If you want a healthy and certified organic bed, Avocado is the place to shop. We love their mattresses and we are thrilled that their new sheets are now available. Keep reading to learn all about why we are so excited that these sheets are now on the market.

review the most sustainable sheets ever

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our sleep guide review for the avocado sheetsCotton is a popular material for sheets. Cotton is a soft and breathable material that is great at keeping you cool while you sleep.

Avocado wanted more than just an organic cotton sheet, they made sure they used only Indian Suvin Cotton. Why is Suvin Cotton superior to other cotton varieties like Egyptian Cotton? It is all in the strand length of the cotton.

Suvin Cotton’s uniquely long strand length allows you to get even higher thread counts while staying silky soft.


GOTS certified organic sheetsThese sheets are hands down some of the most sustainably made out there. The practices made by Avocado are honestly impressive. Not only are these sheets GOTS certified organic and certified Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®. If you purchase there 100% dye free natural color, then you will be purchasing a product made using 100% green energy from windmills.

On top of all of this, Avocado ensures that they are a Carbon Neutral production and shipping. Of course there is a natural carbon cost for their factory staying open and in the shipping process. However, Avocado donates to carbon offset projects through in order to bring balance back to their company.

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our favorite organic sustainable sheetsThese sheet sets come in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King. You also have the choice between a thread count of 600 or 1000. One thing you should note that often times other companies will inflate their thread counts by counting a thread made of two strands  as 2 threads vs one. This is a way that other companies “inflate” their thread count. However, with these sheets you will be getting a true single ply 600 or 1000 thread count.

If you already have a mattress from Avocado, these deep pockets are sure to fit. Their fitted sheet pockets are 16″ deep. Which should fit most thick hybrid mattresses.

The 600 count comes in three different color options, White, Natural, and a Charcoal color. While the 1000 thread count only comes in the White or Natural. While each set comes with their own pillow cases, you can also purchase single pillow cases separately.


best cotton sheets ever reviewThese sheets are top of the line. With the premium cotton, silky sateen weave, and completely sustainable practices, these sheets are going to be difficult to beat as far as quality. The price of these sheets truly reflect the high quality of the product you are getting. You will also notice that their higher thread count (TC) is a higher price across all of the sizes. Price may change between some colors option depending on size.

  • Twin: $249 – $349
  • Twin XL: $299 – $399
  • Full: $299 – $399
  • Queen: $299 – $499
  • King: $399 – $599
  • California King: $399 – $599

The carbon neutral shipping is free across the US including Hawaii and Alaska. (They cannot yet ship to APO, FPO, or to international addresses.) They also have financing options available through Affirm. These sheets even come with a 100 Night Trial Period and a 1 Year Warranty. For sheets and bedding in general, this is a rather extensive trial period. This lets you know that Avocado truly believes in these sheets.

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most luxurious sustainable sheets everWhen you invest in quality sheets for your bed, it is important to care for them properly in order to extend the life of your investment for as long as possible. The care instructions for these sheets are slightly more in depth than we have seen with most other sheets.

Avocado suggests washing your sheets with like colors in warm water. They also suggest using a natural gentle detergent. Avocado also suggests not to use any fabric softeners, bleach or whiteners on your sheets. The reasoning behind not using any fabric softeners is due to the fact that it can limit the absorption and breathable nature of the cotton fibers.

As far as the drying process, Avocado suggests either line drying or tumble drying on low heat setting. If you tumble dry, be sure to remove from the dryer quickly once it is finished with the cycle. If you do not these sheets may wrinkle.

Want to learn more about how to care for your sheets? Read our article A Guide To Changing and Washing Your Sheets to learn more.

Avocado Accessories Found HERE!

Avocado Organic Suvin Cotton Sheets

The Organic Suvin Cotton Sheets by Avocado are truly some of the best on the market. The pearlescent finish made by their sateen weave makes these sheets feel and look truly luxurious. You will be able to sleep better than ever knowing you bought some of the most natural and sustainable sheets available. No more toxic chemicals or dyes, just pure luxurious cotton.

how to care for your avocado suvin cotton sheets

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