September 13, 2023

Top 15 Avocado Green Mattress Accessories

Avocado green mattress accessories review

Avocado makes fabulous mattresses that we have come to know and love. With a focus on making the best natural and organic mattress and bedding products it’s easy to see why this brand is continuously expanding. They have gone above and beyond mattresses and have started to make many different pieces of furniture and accessories for every bedroom.

With so many wonderful products we can’t live without, we have our favorites listed below. Find our Top 15 Avocado Green Mattress Accessories and see if your favorite bedding accessory made the cut. If not, you may find something that you will love to add to your bedroom.

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15. Avocado Green Meditation Pillow

avocado living accessories meditation pillow reaviewLooking for an eco-friendly pillow to assist your meditation practices? The Avocado Meditation Pillow is the perfect shape and size to add relief to your knees, just the right amount of cushioning to your booty, and keeps your feet from falling asleep.

All very helpful when you are trying to focus on your meditating. It becomes rather difficult to focus when your feet are numb and tingling, that’s for sure. Filled with buckwheat, and covered in GOTs Organic Cotton, this is a fully organic and vegan friendly product.

14. Alpaca Wool Throw Blankets

gorgeous alpaca fur throw blanket from avocadoAn alpaca throw blanket?! You heard that correctly. These gorgeous cashmere soft blankets are indeed made with high quality alpaca fur fibers. They are not only stunning home décor, they are also luxuriously soft. Perfect for anyone who has trouble moderating their temperature, as alpaca fibers keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

These gorgeous blankets come in several different colors and patterns to choose from. All of which are in stunning neutral tones that will look classic and beautiful in any home.

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13. Avocado Eco Wood Furniture

best natural bedroom furniture made in americaThere is a stunning beauty in finely crafted simple pieces of furniture. The Eco Wood Furniture line from Avocado is no exception. We love to sculptural modern design of the nightstand and it’s simple small drawer.

The dresser has a similar design in the open space at the bottom of the piece. Both of which are made out of reclaimed Douglas Fir wood.

The natural finish is stunning and will look great anywhere.

12. Avocado Natural Wood Furniture

top natural furniture made in the usaThe design for the Avocado Natural Wood Furniture is leaning a bit more toward the Mid Century Modern vibe. The slightly angled feet gives it a lighter feel to these sturdy pieces of furniture.

There is a 3 and 6 drawer option for the dressers. While the nightstand has taller legs, a small drawer, along with a great little shelf that is perfect storage for a few books or anything you’d like to keep close by.

The Natural Wood furniture line by Avocado is also made out of reclaimed Douglas Fir wood.

11. Avocado Eco Wood Bed Frame

stunning wooden bed frame reclaimed wood avocadoThe star of the Eco Wood furniture line from Avocado, is of course the Eco Wood Bed Frame.

This frame, like the other pieces of furniture from this line is made out of Reclaimed Douglas Fir wood. It does not contain any MDF or Particle Board, this is all the real stuff.

This solid piece of furniture has an open area underneath the bed that can either be left clear or can provide great space for extra storage. All of the furniture made by Avocado is handmade in Los Angeles California.

10. Avocado Natural Wood Bed Frame

top 15 furniture made in america natural reclaimed woodWe adore a gorgeous headboard and the Avocado Natural Wood Bed Frame delivers on that point. The tall natural Douglas Fir wood looks stunning and provides real stability to the bed and pillows.

It’s stunning simple design looks classic with just the right amount of rustic appeal. All of the stains, glues, and finishes used on the Avocado furniture is VOC-free and non-toxic.

Head over to our post Avocado Bed Frames to see our review over both the Eco Wood and Natural Wood Bed Frames.

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9. Avocado Alpaca Duvet Insert

avocado alpaca duvet insertLooking for a duvet insert that will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer? If so, then you are going to love the Alpaca Duvet Insert from Avocado. Before this, we had never heard of a duvet insert made with alpaca fibers, but we are glad Avocado created this. Alpaca wool is some of the best materials around for moderating temperature. It helps to keep you sleeping at the perfect comfortable temperature.

It comes in two different weight options, a lightweight and an all season. While the all season option is going to be fluffier and a bit heavier than the lightweight option. It will still work for most people year round. If you have trouble staying cool throughout the night, you may prefer the lightweight option.

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8. Avocado Luxe Crib Mattress

crib mattress 2 stage natural organic safe reviewThe Luxe Crib Mattress by Avocado has a 2-stage design. Meaning that it has two different comfort sides for two different stages of your little ones life. The first side is perfect for infancy, supportive and firm.

While the second side is slightly softer making it a great fit for toddlers. The small soils and different organic comfort layers create a supportive and safe mattress for your little one.

Click the link to check out our full review over the Avocado Luxe Crib Mattress.

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7. Vegan Mattress Topper

top 10 mattress accessories from avocadoLooking to avoid animal products but need some extra contouring comfort? The Vegan Mattress Topper is the perfect fit for Avocado’s Vegan Mattress.

The Vegan Mattress Topper features a base of soft Dunlop Latex Foam and then it is topped with a layer of Texas grown cotton. This is a great addition to a mattress if you are looking to add organic contouring support without any wool.

We have a full review over the Vegan Mattress Topper, click the link to see view it.

6. Suvin Sheet Set

our favorite accessories made by the avocado brandWhat on earth is Suvin you ask?! Suvin is a special kind of cotton native to India. It has especially long strands of cotton fiber which allows for strong thin threads to be created and woven together in order to create a sheet.

This is what makes the Suvin Organic Cotton Sheets by Avocado so lavishly soft. You’re going to want to check these out, click the link below for more details and latest coupons.

Get our full review over here at the Avocado Suvin Sheet Set Review

5. Molded Latex Pillow

do you love the organic latex molded pillow like we doThe newest addition to the Avocado pillow family, the Molded Latex Pillow is a great pillow for back and stomach sleepers. This is because it has a lower profile and a medium firm feel.

The organic cotton cover, charcoal infused core and ventilation all help to keep this pillow sleeping nice and cool throughout the night. Anyone looking for a thin medium to firm pillow that will still shape nicely to your head, give the Molded Latex Pillow from Avocado a try.

Check out the full review over the Molded Latex Pillow to get all of the details.

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4. Avocado Green Pillow (Standard AND Mini)

avocado organic mini pillowThis is a much softer pillow that suites the needs of most back and stomach sleepers a bit better. The Avocado Green Pillow is filled with a mixed of shredded Dunlop latex and organic kapok fibers, creating a natural and fluffy pillow filling.

You can shape, reshape, and squish into this medium soft pillow all you like. It does a great job and fluffing back up to life and gives a bit more support than your average polyester fill or down filled pillow would supply. Absolutely an upgrade to the average pillow.

This pillow is also available in a smaller size! It is called the Avocado Organic Mini Pillow and it is perfect for traveling. Just pop it into your carry on and you are ready to go.

Learn more about the legendary Green Pillow at our in depth review, Avocado Green Pillow Review.

3. Alpaca Mattress Topper & Duvet Cover

best accessories from avocado alpaca mattress topperWho knew Alpaca wool was so great for bedding?! We do now. The Alpaca Mattress Topper from Avocado has layers of Alpaca wool, as well as sheep’s wool.

This is all wrapped up in an organic cotton cover and quilted in order to keep the stuffing from shifting around.

All of this fluff does more than just create a pillowy contouring feel to your bed. It also keeps it’s sleeper temperature neutral throughout the night.


avocado alpaca duvet insertAvocado recently released an Alpaca Duvet that pairs perfect with the Alpaca topper. Making for an Alpaca Bedding set that we never knew we needed. This duvet insert is fluffy and will keep you at the perfect sleeping temperature throughout the night.

Especially sense it comes in two different comfort options. There is a lightweight blanket for those who tend to heat up at night, and an all weather blanket that is perfect all year round. Either one you go with, you can’t go wrong.

Go to our post Alpaca Mattress Topper Review to learn more.

2. Green Mattress Topper

perfect mattress topper from avocadoThe ultimate combination of contouring Dunlop latex and plush wool to bring you that classic Avocado Green Mattress comfort. Whether you are adding this mattress topper to your Avocado mattress or at a topper to the bed you already own, this is a great addition to just about any bed.

These materials naturally stay a neutral temperature and will keep you sleeping comfortably all night long. As well as add just enough supportive cushion to whatever mattress you happen to have it on. Want to know more? Click the link below to get our full review over the Avocado Green Mattress Topper now.

Head over to our full review on the Green Mattress Topper to learn more and get special coupons.

1. Avocado Organic Waterproof Mattress Protector

top 15 accessories avocadoThis item reached the top of our list for Avocado green mattress accessories because we are so excited to see the combination of comfort, organic materials, and waterproof protection wrapped up in one handy dandy product. As well as a price point that can fit everyone’s budget.

The Avocado Organic Waterproof Mattress Protector does everything it states in the name. It protects your mattress from allergies, accidents, spills and more. All while being covered in an oh so soft organic cotton cover. And a thin profile that accentuates the feel of your mattress and doesn’t alter it. Making it one of our top rated mattress protectors too.

Click the link to view our full review for the Avocado Organic Waterproof Mattress Protector.

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Top 15 Avocado Green Mattress Accessories

There are so many amazing Avocado Accessories and they are all made with ethical and eco friendly practices in mind. It makes it hard not to fill your entire home with Avocado accessories and furniture, and honestly why shouldn’t you?! Go ahead and have a green Avocado house, we won’t judge you. Click the button below to get our the latest coupons and discounts.

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