January 1, 2020

Avocado Furniture Collection

avocado furniture collection

There are countless rustic wooden bed frames out in the universe to choose from. So what makes the Avocado Furniture special? Simply put, The Avocado Brand does things differently. They don’t just create a product as cheaply as possible and then ask the price they believe they can get out of it.

Avocado goes out of their way to create products that are good for the environment, the people making them, and suite the high demands and requirements of the customer. Then they ask whatever price is appropriate for the finished product.

They also search out as many third-party certifications as possible to ensure their customers that their products are the real deal. No green washing here. Just plain good old fashioned handmade American products. Using reclaimed and ethically sourced materials. Keep reading to get all of the details on the Avocado Eco Wood Furniture, Mid-Century Modern Bed, City Bed/Accessories, and their Natural Wood Furniture.

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City Bed Collection

Materials & Build:

avocado city bed reviewThe city bed features beautifully crafted finger and dovetail joints. Make this simplistic design a love for all those who appreciate finely crafted wood works. The bed is made with 100% FSC-certified alder and 100% certified Douglas fir wood.

The alder wood is grown within North America, and is a good eco-friendly limber choice.  The Douglas fir is also a fast-growing species of wood. Making it a more sustainable option as it is readily renewable, unlike slow growing trees like Oak.

City Bed Frame

The City Bed Frame by Avocado is all about clean lines and saving space. This sleek modern design has a low profile and minimal bulk. Making this the perfect selection for smaller bedroom that have minimal extra space.

Hence the name of this bed frame, the city bed! The design is so sleek and simple it can truly be integrated with just about any interior design style.

avocado city accessories shelfCity Bed Frame – Price
  • Twin: $645
  • Twin XL: $695
  • Full: $745
  • Queen: $845
  • King: $945
  • California King: $945

City Bed Accessories – Shelf & Book Nook

avocado book nookThe Book Nook accessory is a fun addition that hooks onto the side or foot of the City Bed Frame. It is a small, modern box shelf that is perfect for adding extra storage is a chic way. Whether you are looking to store books, a plant, or any extra bedside needs, this is a fun way to store those items close by. All without the addition of extra furniture.

The City Shelf also connects to the side of the City Bed. It is a sleek alternative to a bedside table. Truly, a minimalist’s dream bedside table. Just big enough to hold the absolute essentials without any extra clutter.

Avocado Bedding Accessories Sale

Eco Wood Collection

Materials & Build:

eco bed frame reviewed What exactly is “Eco Wood” you ask? Well in this bed frame Eco Wood is reclaimed hard wood which is sourced out of California. By reclaiming already used wood and giving it a new life, this prevents more trees from being cut down in order to make more furniture. This reduces the waste and is a more sustainable way to create beautiful wooden bed frames.

Most of the reclaimed wood used in the Avocado Eco Wood Bed Frame comes from building from 50 to 100 years old. The lumber used in these buildings were older trees that are dense and more durable overall. New younger lumber tends to be more soft and less dense, making it less likely to last as long.

Eco Wood Bed Frame

The Eco Wood Bed Frame by Avocado is a simple and modular design. It does not feature a headboard which you may or may not find appealing. This bed has a much higher profile than the City Bed.

It has plenty of breathing room underneath the bed, makes for easy cleaning or potential storage. Overall, the Eco Bed is a simple frame that highlights the beauty of the reclaimed wood. It will work with most interior design styles.

Eco Wood Bed Frame – Price:
  • Twin: $1,845
  • Twin XL: $1,845
  • Full: $1,899
  • Queen: $1,953
  • King: $2,049
  • California King: $2,049

Eco Wood Dresser

worth it eco friendly furnitureThis dresser comes in two different options, a 3 drawer or 6 drawer option. Making it work for kid’s room, singles, to single adults, couples, and even families. The dresser is also a straight forward design without any extra flourishes. Allowing the unique pieces of refurbished wood to really shine.

Eco Wood End Table

When you first look at the Eco Wood end table, it appears as if it has no storage drawer. A minimalist’s dream modern design, clean with no clutter. However, it does come with a convenient pull-out drawer, where you can easily tuck away anything you prefer to keep at your bedside without having to look at it. This end table goes very well with the rest of Avocado’s Eco Wood Collection.

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Natural Wood Furniture Collection

The Natural Wood Furniture Collection from Avocado is more of a traditional set. All of the pieces feature legs with a slight angle, giving them just a hint of mid-century modern feel. If you prefer a headboard with your bed frame, this is the Avocado bed to go with. The clean lines paired with the rustic stain on the natural wood balances personality and timeless appeal very well with this furniture set. We think it will appeal to many.

Materials & Build:

best bed natural wood bed frameThe wood used in the Reclaimed Wood Natural Bed is a different type of wood than Avocado uses in their Eco Wood Frame. They use solid Douglas Fir that is rescued and repurposed in California.

Since the wood used in these bed frames, they will have unique nail holes, marks, scratches and so forth. This rustic look means each individual bed frame is completely unique. This look also allows the bed frame to look great with age wear and tear.

Natural Wood Bed Frame

For those who really prefer to have a built-in headboard with their bed frame, this is the bed for you. The bed overall is sleek and features a low profile, which is perfect for lofty style mattresses, as your bed will be the ideal height for getting in and out of it.

Natural Wood Bed Frame – Price:
  • Twin: $2,325
  • Twin XL: $2,325
  • Full: $2,425
  • Queen: $2,565
  • King: $2,805
  • California King: $2,805

Natural Wood Dresser

avocado green bed frame nightstand and dresserSimilar to the Eco Bed Dresser, the Natural Wood Dresser also comes in either a 3 drawer or 6 drawer option. While the price varies slightly, it is really going to be up to personal preference on which you would prefer. The design goes perfectly with the bed frame as it is simple and has similar angled feet.

Natural Wood End Table

The Natural Wood End Table is slightly more stylized in its design when compared to the others in the collection. It has long thin legs, with a shelf section and a pull-out drawer. Which is perfect for storing away items your want on hand, without cluttering up the top of your nightstand. This table works perfectly along with the bed frame.

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Mid-Century Modern Bed Frame

mid century modern bed frameThis stand alone piece from Avocado is the most design focused bed frame out of the Avocado Furniture designs. The Mid-Century Modern bed frame features highly angled legs and a streamlined top edge. There are no lips to the frame, it simply appears that the mattress floats on top of the frame effortlessly. Perfect for anyone who adores the Mid-Century Modern design style.

Materials & Build:

This bed is also different in that Avocado makes this bed in a higher quality reclaimed walnut wood. Walnut is a beautiful American hardwood. The color is a deep tone, with unique wood grain patterns. Making each bedframe made with walnut, a stunning unique piece.

Of course, Avocado has to ensure they are creating a sustainable product, which is why they only use reclaimed walnut and douglas fir wood for the slats.

Mid-Century Modern Bed Frame – Price:
  • mid century modern bed frameTwin: $2,199
  • Twin XL: $2,299
  • Full: $2,499
  • Queen: $2,899
  • King: $3,499
  • California King: $3,499

Avocado Bedding Accessories Sale

What You Should Know Before Buying:

the best eco friendly furniture ethically resourced woodCertifications & Special Materials

  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
  • U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)
  • Zero-VOC Ecos WoodShield Stain – Organic, Non-Toxic, and Odor-Free
  • Titebond Wood Glue – No Harmful Fumes – Meets ASTM D4236 Safety Requirements
  • Work with Carbonfund.org to offset any Carbon emissions from shipping

Delivery & Set Up

After being handmade in Los Angeles, you can expect Avocado to coordinate a delivery date within 10 days.

While the bed is made for easy tool free assembly and disassembly, you won’t need to worry about putting it together at all.

With the price of your purchase, Avocado will provide white-glove in home delivery and set up. So you won’t need to lift a finger in order to get your new bed frame put together which should only take minutes. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

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Value for Your Money:

Best Price – City Bed

american made refurbished wooden bed framesThis minimalist bed frame comes in at the most affordable price out of all of the Avocado Furniture designs. You can get one of the sustainable, eco friendly beds in any size for under 1k. Making it easily our pick for best price out of the bunch.

The low-price attachable shelf and book nook are fabulous price/space saving alternatives to nightstands as well!

Highest Quality – Mid-Century Modern

best value bed frame from avocadoIt is the upgrade to reclaimed Walnut wood that brings the Mid-Century Modern bed up to the high-end choice for this collection. This is an American hardwood that is sought after for its beautiful natural color and wood grain.

The mid-century modern design also gives this bed a more stylized look and appeal. Coming in at the most expensive in the collection, this is going to be reserved for someone who truly adores the design, and is willing to pay extra for this aesthetic.

Best Value for Money – Natural Wood

best natural bed frame reviewIn our opinion the Natural Wood Bed Frame and furniture collection is the best value for your money. The headboard is often preferred by most sleepers, and the style is classic and timeless. Making it a great choice to look fabulous through the ages.

The Eco Wood follows close behind as it is also a great price point and gives you a lot for your money. Although, it is narrowly beaten by the headboard design used for the Natural Wood Collection.

Avocado Bedding Accessories Sale

What We Think of Avocado Furniture Overall:

If you are looking for an American, handcrafted piece of furniture that is sustainably created, then you can’t go wrong with any of these pieces. They are beautifully made with the health and safety of the user and planet in mind. Ensuring they used non-toxic stains and so on in order to keep the sleeper healthy. While also using as many refurbished materials as possible. All so you can rest easy knowing your money went toward a product that is being consciously created, something like Avocado does very well.

avocado bed frame review

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