Accessory Review Avocado Adjustable Base

adjustable bed frame from avocado

If you’re looking for a natural, organic, or vegan mattress then you have likely heard of or currently sleep on an Avocado Mattress. They are one of the top certified mattress brands that make using and sourcing quality earth friendly materials a real priority.

We already know and love Avocado for their mattresses. But today we are looking at something rather new and different for Avocado, their adjustable bed frame.

Adjustable Basis have blown up in popularity over the couple of years. Keep in mind that not all adjustable bed frames are made equally. Keep reading to find out what makes the Avocado Adjustable Base so unique.

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Avocado Adjustable Bed Features:

  • review over the avocado adjustable baseHead and Foot Adjustability
  • Underbed Lighting
  • Adjustable Lumbar Support
  • 65° Vertical Tilt
  • 2 Massage Zones
  • Headboard Compatible
  • Customizable Memory Setting
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Deck on Deck Design
  • 2 USB Ports
  • Seat Extension Technology

Construction – Avocado Adjustable Base:

adjustable base bed frameMany different mattress companies are now offering their own versions of adjustable base. Some of them have rather similar designs overall, while others are very unique. The Avocado Adjustable Base is definitely the most unique adjustable bed frame we have come across in quite some time.

Deck on Deck:

One of the most notable design features is their deck on deck construction. By this we are referring to the bottom poles and machinery that is all covered by a cotton and wool frame. This is then topped with another cotton & wool covered deck that does the moving of the mattress. This portion has four adjustable zones, including side to side lumbar support.


65 degree inclineThe deck on deck design gives the Avocado Adjustable Base a homey and finished look, unlike many other adjustable bases that are designed to be covered by decorative bed frames. This design is so attractive that it doesn’t need a decorative frame to cover it up.

Avocado also made sure to make their base work with their stunning recycled wood headboards. Which means you can order a stunning headboard to go along with your adjustable base for a finished sleek bedroom. Even the USB ports on the Avocado Adjustable Base are plated with decorative brass plates. Making for a rather lovely looking bed frame.


Instead of metal bars for feet, the Avocado Adjustable Bed Frame is designed with FSC-certified wooden legs. They are not only sleek and attractive to look at. They also have a wider base than a metal foot, allowing for a sturdier feeling bed overall.

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Setup Process:

adjustable baseWhile it might seem a bit silly to talk about the set up process in a review, for some complicated bed frames it can actually be a problem. Which is why we always like to mention what the setup process is like for products so you know what to expect.

However, you won’t need to worry about setup at all with the Avocado Adjustable Bed Frame because in home set up comes free with the price of your purchase. Even with a simple set up and take down process, it is so much easier to simply relax nearby while the professionals take care of it for you.

Ease of Use – Avocado Adjustable Base:

wireless remote control featureThe Avocado Adjustable Base is easy to set up, but is it easy to use? Of course it is! Avocado has designed a wireless remote control that is so easy to use.

Simply pair your remote control to the bed by pressing the button on the remote and the bed simultaneously. You can also pair the remote to a split king and control both halves at the same time if you like.

Once you are all set up, using your Avocado Adjustable Base is literally as easy as pressing a button. You can move your top up to a 65 degree angle, shift your legs up to bend as well. You can also use the remote to turn on timers for different massage features. This is such a simple adjustable base to used, anyone can do it.

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Extra Features – Avocado Adjustable Frame:

USB Ports:

bronze plated usb portTwo brass plated USB Ports come on every Avocado Adjustable Base. When you have an electric powered bed frame, why not give it comes USB charging ports?

Now you can easily and comfortably charge your smartphone, tablet, or laptop from the comfort of your bed without needing bulky extension cords.

The brass plating on the outside is purely decorative in nature and it is absolutely stunning in our opinion. It really makes the bed look elegant.

Seat Extension Technology:

is the term coined for the new way in which the Avocado Adjustable base tilts up while also moving back toward the headboard.

This allows for you to stay closer to the headboard when sitting up in bed, while you still have access to your nightstand. This also gives your back more of a natural seated position instead of feeling scrunched over.

Wall Hugging Feature:

avocado adjustable base reviewIn other versions on adjustable bases, you make find that as you lift the head portion of the bed it simply hinges forward, which pulls you far away from the wall and your night stand.

Which is simply obnoxious, especially if you’re trying to get a drink of water, turn on your lamp, or reach your glasses or anything else you may want or need by your bedside. This is not the case with the Avocado Adjustable Bed Frame.

Avocado designed their bed frame to pull back as it also lifts you up. This allows the bed to stay hugged up against the wall. So you can reach everything you need to get to comfortable.

Underbed Lighting

avocado adjustable bed frame Looking to get up in the night, but don’t want to turn on the lights and wake everyone up? Great news, the Avocado has underbed lighting. This is controlled by the remote control, which also has a handy flashlight.

The underbed glow lighting is like a night light lighting up your path to walk around comfortably without turning on overhead lights. This is a little luxury feature that you never knew you would need or want until you have it and then you love it.

Adjustable Lumbar Support

The added lumbar support feature for this bed frame is a very nice touch. Not only can you get the added support for your back, you also get that support from edge to edge. Other adjustable base designs only have lumbar support in the center of the mattress. Avocado made sure that you will get proper lumbar support no matter where on the bed you’re laying, even it you are right up to the edge.

2 Massage Zones

read in bed easierMassage is not only incredibly enjoyable and relaxing. It can also increase healthy blood flow, allowing your heart to work less to do it’s job.

Which means lower blood pressure and heart rate. All of which make it much easier to get to sleep. The Avocado Adjustable Bed Frame has a lower body and upper body massage zone for you to choose from.

You also get to choose from three different timers so you can fall asleep to massage without having to wake up to turn off the feature.

Customizable Memory Setting

Finally found that perfect position for reading a book or watching TV? Or get your legs elevated just right for sleeping? Save it to the memory setting on the Avocado Adjustable Base remote control. This way you can go back to this perfect position anytime you like, instead of constantly having to adjust and readjust trying to get back to your perfect comfy zone.


split king adjustable baseIt is no surprise to anyone that has shopped for adjustable bed frames before that they can cost quite the pretty penny. However, the Avocado Adjustable Base is also on the luxury end of that scale.

While this is item is an investment to your home, it is absolutely worth it. Avocado has designed a truly luxury adjustable bed frame that is not only utilitarian with all of the latest features and gadgets. It is also a beautifully finished piece of furniture that does not need to be covered up with something decorative. It is already a gorgeous piece of furniture that is going to look beautiful in your home.

Twin XL: $1,899
Twin XL + Headboard: $3,198
Queen: $1,999
Queen + Headboard: $3,399
Split King: $3,798
Split King + Headboard: $5,397

Avocado Adjustable Base BUY HERE!

With the purchase price of the Avocado Adjustable Base you will also get free shipping, as well as set up. This is often an expensive add on, so getting that for free with purchase price is a big bonus. You will also get a 20-Year Limited Warranty as well.

Compatible Avocado Mattresses:

avocado mattress reviewIf you already own a mattress, it is important that you make sure it is compatible to be used with an adjustable bed frame before you purchase.

Not all mattresses are stiff and will not bend conform how they need to in order to comfortably use your new adjustable base. If you use a mattress that is not deemed compatible with an adjustable base, it may void a warranty. So if you’re not sure be sure to contact the manufacturer for more information.

The great news is that you already have or are currently looking into purchasing the Avocado Green Mattress or the Avocado Vegan Mattress, they are both compatible to be used with an adjustable base bed frame. We would advice that if you want a mattress topper to get the topped that is sewn onto the mattress instead of one that is loose on top, as the loose mattress toppers may shift.

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Avocado Adjustable Base – Overall:

Overall, this is a truly well designed adjustable bed frame. It not only serves the utilitarian purposes of an adjustable base, it is also beautifully made. Avocado created this bed frame so that it can live as a beautiful piece of furniture in your home.

Making it much more than just an adjustable base for your mattress. They even have an option to attach one of their handmade recycled wood headboards to complete the look. If you are also hoping to get all of the latest and greatest add on features for an adjustable base, the Avocado Adjustable Bed Frame has them all. This really is the whole package and we think you’re going to love using it.

adjustable base from the avocado mattress company

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