January 6, 2020

Tuft and Needle Mattresses: Original vs Mint vs Hybrid

tuft and needle mattress brand comparison reviewTuft and Needle has long been a trusted and favored online mattress company. Their niche has been on providing great mattresses on a budget. The quality, customer service, and sleep you receive from their products is top of the line. But when it comes to comparing the Tuft and Needle mattresses which one is best?

The original Tuft & Needle bed is a very affordable 10 inch all foam bed. The Tuft and Needle Mint is their upgraded all foam bed that features a more adaptable feel. It is a 12 inch thick mattress that is still budget friendly. While their latest addition, the Tuft and Needle Hybrid, is the thickest and most plush option. These three mattresses certainly have similarities, but also many differences too. By the end of this mattress comparison of the Tuft and Needle mattresses hopefully you may have a clear idea of which one will be best for you.

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Tuft & Needle Mattresses Side by Side:

Below is a great chart that gives you a great side by side view of the three Tuft and Needle Mattresses. This shows a glimpse of what sets the Tuft and Needle Original, Tuft and Needle Mint and Tuft and Needle Hybrid mattresses apart. Follow the coupon link to also get access to the latest pricing as well as best Tuft and Needle coupons and discounts.

Keep reading to get all of the details on why each mattress got the rating it received in each category and why we believe at the end of the day, the T&N Mint is going to be the best buy from Tuft & Needle.

tuft and needle mattresses compared hybrid mint original

Original Tuft & Needle At A Glance:

  • 10″ Mattress | 2 Layers
  • All-Foam Construction
  • Medium-Firm Feel
  • Tuft & Needle Adaptive Foam
  • Graphite and Gel blend
  • Great at Deadening Motion Transfer
  • Original Tuft & Needle Mattress Review

tuft and needle mattresses originalThis well-known brand has found it’s niche in the online mattress world as the budget-friendly brand. Making Tuft and Needle one that is hard to beat when you’re trying to get the best affordable mattress.

Since day one, Tuft & Needle has been expertly skilled at combining quality with an affordable price. If you’re like one of the many customers that needs a padded mattress, but doesn’t have a padded budget, Tuft and Needle wont disappoint.

Their classic medium-firm feel mattress is meant to be universal for every sleeper and solve most if not all, sleeping problems. There is no doubt that the brand has truly thrived and even expanded. When comparing these two similar mattresses, just remember: a classic is a classic.

Learn more about this 10″ all foam bed in our full Tuft and Needle Review.

Mint Tuft & Needle At A Glance:

  • 12″ Mattress | 3 Layers
  • All-Foam Construction
  • Medium-Firm Feel
  • Tuft & Needle Adaptive Foam
  • 30% More Graphite and Gel blend
  • Limits Motion Transfer
  • Reinforced Edge Support
  • Extra Contouring Comfort
  • Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress Review

tuft and needle mattresses mintThere’s classic, and then there’s: out with the old, and in with the new. Tuft and Needle has successfully remained in the mattress game, thanks to its ability to adapt. The Tuft and Needle Mint mattress addresses some of the problems of its earlier, original mattress, to better your sleep even more. The Tuft & Needle Mint is more durable and resilient to moisture.

It uses three layers instead of the previous two of the classic Tuft and Needle, appealing to more types of sleepers. While you may have to adjust to this new mattress, especially if you are a Tuft and Needle fan, you will find even more benefits than the mattress before it.

Interested in learning more about the 12″ model? Read our full Tuft and Needle Mint Review.

Hybrid Tuft & Needle At A Glance: 

  • 12″ Mattress | 6 Layers
  • Hybrid Construction
  • Soft – Medium Feel
  • Tuft & Needle Adaptive Foam + Springs
  • Graphite, Gel, and Springs for Cooling Comfort
  • Responsive Comfort
  • Reinforced Coils for Edge Support
  • Tuft & Needle Hybrid Mattress Review

tuft and needle hybrid mattress overallSpeaking of Tuft & Needle’s ability to adapt with the ever changing mattress industry, they have now come out with an all new hybrid mattress. The Tuft & Needle Hybrid Mattress is new to the line of T&N beds. They did not simply add a coil system to their Mint mattress and call it a day.

They actually designed a new Hybrid Mattress from the ground up. The T&N Hybrid mattress starts off with a base dual coil system. Meaning they have a large base layer of foam and a layer of micro coils closer to the top to give the bed even more durability and support over time. The micro coils provide plenty of supportive contouring comfort to the mattress.

The top layers of foam are infused with graphite to make it a much cooler sleeping mattress. They have also added ceramic gel beads that will keep you sleeping extra cool.

Interested in learning more about the 12″ hybrid bed? Read our full Tuft and Needle Hybrid Review.

Tuft and Needle Mattresses – Delivery & Unboxing:

casper essential vs tuft and needleDelivery and unboxing of these two mattresses from the same exact manufacturer, will be identical. After you order either mattress online, it will be shipped to your home for free, within 1 to 3 weeks. Once it arrives, it will be in a relatively small box for a mattress, so you should be able to maneuver it on your own.

Simply take the mattress to the room it needs to be in, remove the box, carefully cut away the plastic, and watch the magic happen before your eyes. Both Tuft and Needle mattresses will expand almost immediately.

And although it may look comfy and ready, it is recommended to wait at least 12 hours before use. This also allows for any leftover plastic and ‘new mattress’ smells to dissipate. If you are particularly sensitive to smells, be sure to open a window to help the off-gassing process.

The best feel of your mattress may take a few days to get to. This bed can be slept on a few hours after unboxing. However, the foams typically take about 24 to 48 hours to fully expand and have their truest feel.

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What Materials Are In The Tuft & Needle Mattresses?

Tuft & Needle Original Mattress Materials:

tuft and needle mattresses materialsTuft and Needle spent years building a name for themselves and even more time building a mattress that fit every sleeper’s needs. Their original Tuft and Needle mattress is a reasonable 10” thick and uses two layers to create a universal, medium-firm feel. The first layer is 3” thick and made of a Tuft and Needle proprietary foam.

If you’re looking for the ideal combination of comfort and support, this layer is it. The foam is perfectly balanced to relieve pressure, but also be responsive enough so that you are able to move around freely. This foam is not quite memory foam; it keeps all of the positives of memory foam, but ditches the negatives- like feeling stuck and overheating. The answer; infusing this layer with charcoal to combat against heating and keep you cool.

The second layer is 7” of dense base foam. This layer provides sturdy support and a firm foundation. Lastly, the entire mattress is wrapped in a cover that is airy and breathable. The soft and lightweight knit polyester and polyamide over allows air to flow through and never traps heat. Overall this solid design is sure to work for any sleeper.

Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress Materials:

tuft & needle mint mattress foamWith three layers, the Tuft and Needle Mint really takes a stand at improving the quality of the mattress. The first layer is the same T&N proprietary foam, only its an enhanced version. The 3” layer uses poly foam that is pressure relieving and also comfortable.

It is also contouring, yet supportive, which means the more weigh that is applied to the foam, the more it pushes back. With extra graphite than the original Tuft and Needle, this layer pulls even more heat away from he body, keeping you nice and cool.

Next is the T&N adaptive foam transition layer; perhaps the one thing that was critically missing from the original Tuft and Needle. This 2” layer is everything to set the Tuft and Needle Mint apart from the Tuft and Needle. The layer uses 30% more gel beads than the original, which enhances its support and cushion. All this added gel not only keeps you cooler, but amplifiers the comfort of the mattress.

Lastly, is a similar 7’ T&N foam base layer. This layer is made of high density poly foam and surrounded by an additional foam encasement to enhance edge support and overall performance. This makes the base layer even thicker and therefore more reliable, while also increasing edge support. The entire mattress is wrapped in a soft, knit cover that uses polyamide. This quick drying surface also keep you cooler at night and is one of the most durable fabrics on the market.

Tuft & Needle Hybrid Mattress Materials:

No matter which Tuft & Needle mattress you look into, you will always find quality materials full of cooling and comforting features. The Hybrid mattress by Tuft & Needle is no exception to this rule. They start with tempered steel coils that they pocketed individually to help limit motion transfer throughout the mattress. Then they put a transition layer of ceramic foam this foam is made up of many beads that have loads of cooling properties. On top of that layer is the micro-coil system that is also pocketed.

The next is the body hugging graphite infused foam layer. This layer is what gives the mattress it’s ultra plush medium-soft contouring feel. They cover is quilted down the length of the T&N Hybrid mattress. This helps the cover from shifting around and sagging over time.

From top to bottom Tuft & Needle has made sure this is going to be a durable comfortable mattress made to last. Even the soft foam has been reinforced with carbon fiber to keep it strong and resilient over time and use.

tuft and needle hybrid mattress materials review comparison

Which Tuft & Needle Mattress is The Most Comfortable?

Tuft & Needle Original Comfort: 

tuft and needle mattresses firmnessTuft and Needle was designed with universal comfort in mind, making it easy for anyone to purchase it online and love it. Both layers work in combination to create a true edits-firm feel, but for some this may be too firm. Specifically for side sleepers, the mattress may be slightly too firm, since it lacks a transition layer for deep comfort. However, if you are a back, stomach, or combination sleeper, the Tuft and Needle mattress will do perfectly.

The incredibly thick base provides extra support while the top layer provides just enough sink for comfort. For back sleepers, this layer allows you to sink in just enough without causing alignment problems. If you are a stomach sleeper, the Tuft and Needle definitely keeps your back from bowing.

And if you are a heavy person, you will like the firm feel of the Tuft and Needle at first, but the lack of transition layer might make you feel like you are sleeping directly on the base foam. For an affordable, quality mattress the Tuft and Needle is a useful and comfortable mattress with only a few flaws.

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Tuft & Needle Mint Comfort:

tuft and needle mattresses comfortEverything that the Tuft and Needle Mint has in its materials, it also has in comfort. The Tuft and Needle Mint is still a universal mattress with a medium-firm or luxury firm feel. The mattress measures a 6 to 6.5 on a firmness scale of 1 to 10; 10 being the firmest. This firmness level is meant to appeal to all types of sleepers, giving that extra softness that the original Tuft and Needle was missing.

Allowing side sleepers to sink in just a bit. Back sleepers will enjoy that the mattress does not sink in too far, and still gives the right amount of push back. The Tuft and Needle Mint is guaranteed to still maintain that ideal spinal alignment. For stomach sleepers, the Tuft and Needle Mint does not allow their back to bow, and the adaptive foams provide even more variety and comfort; no more sleeping on just the base foam.

Heavier sleepers will enjoy the Tuft and Needle Mint over the Tuft and Needle, since the thicker foams will create a more solid mattress, however Tuft and Needle mattresses are poly foam, whereas larger person should consider an all foam mattress.

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Tuft & Needle Hybrid Mattress Comfort:

tuft and needle hybrid comfortThe Hybrid Mattress by Tuft & Needle has a Medium/Soft firmness level. The top layers of comfort foam are wonderful for contouring and hugging the shape of your body. It provides loads of pressure relief, making this mattress a great option for side sleepers. If you are a back sleeper who prefers a softer feel to your bed, you will also enjoy the comfort of the T&N Hybrid mattress.

For all of our stomach sleepers or those who prefer an extra supportive or firmer feeling bed you may want to look elsewhere. While the coil systems provide a good amount of support it is definitely a medium/soft feeling mattress that is much better for side sleepers.

The firmness of the Tuft & Needle Hybrid Mattress comes in right around 4.5 to 5.5 on the firmness scale. Which makes it softer than the Mint mattress and much softer than their Original Mattress.

Watch our video review at the Tuft & Needle Hybrid Review page to learn more and see this mattress in action.

Tuft and Needle Mattresses – Motion Transfer:

tuft and needle mint mattress with old peopleWhen it comes to Motion Transfer, an all foam mattress is usually ideal. The coil systems in mattresses like the T&N Hybrid tend to be wonderful for durability and support, however they do typically add a level of motion transfer to a mattress that you would not experience with an all foam bed. The Tuft & Needle Mint and Original beds both shine when it comes to limiting vibrations and movement throughout the mattress. You might feel a little bounce here or there, however the vibrations should not be a problem at all.

The thick layers of the Tuft and Needle Mint are slightly responsive, but thick enough to deaden any movement before it disturbs your sleep. Since the top layers sit atop a dense base layer, the base layer should easily absorb any excess movement, keeping the motion transfer to a minimum. If you are more sensitive to movements, a light sleeper, or have a partner that tosses and turns, the Tuft and Needle Mint is a reliable choice.

Because of the innerspring system in the Tuft & Needle Hybrid mattress, it is going to have the most motion transfer out of the three options. This is a natural consequence to a hybrid mattress design. While they tend to be more durable, have better edge support, and sleep cooler. They also tend to have more motion transfer throughout the bed. Although we did find that the individually pocketed coil system and the top comfort layers of foam did make it much less than other beds.

Tuft and Needle Mattresses – Sleeping Cool:

keeping cool with Tuft and Needle MintWhen it comes to sleeping cool, there are a number of different factors that play into how cool a mattress is going to sleep. First there is the construction, then materials, then the softness of a mattress. For each factor you want to look for a mattress that provides the most airflow.

With Construction in mind, a hybrid mattress like the T&N Hybrid, you get much more airflow throughout the bed, which allows space for heat to escape the bed. Then there are materials like the cooling graphite and ceramic gel beds in the T&N Mint, or the breathable open-cell foam with carbon fiber + graphite quilted top layer of the T&N Hybrid mattress.

Finally we get to the softness of a mattress. More specifically we are speaking to the amount a mattress allows you to sink into it’s top surface.

a couple laying on a Tuft & NeedleWhen you sleep on a firm mattress, the majority of your body sleeps above the surface of the mattress, allowing more air to flow around your body, allowing you to cool off more. This is where the T&N Original wins for a cooling aspect. Overall we have a tie between the T&N Mint and Hybrid mattress.

While Hybrid mattresses typically take the win for coolest sleeping mattress overall, it allows a lot of soft contouring comfort that allows it’s sleeper to sink into the top layer of the bed. This feature can cause some extra heat retention. Although they are both pretty good at sleeping cool. Which is why if you are wanting a Tuft & Needle mattress that sleeps cool, we suggest choosing between the Mint or their Hybrid mattress.

Which Tuft & Needle Mattress Has the Most Edge Support?

tuft and needle mint mattress with platform base Tuft & Needle Original – Edge Support:

With most foam mattresses, edge support will not be one of its strong suites. The Original Tuft & Needle has a medium firm feel, the perimeter lacks the added support to be able to utilize the entire mattress. If you sleep or sit on the edge, you will most likely experience a falling out of bed feeling.

Tuft & Needle Mint – Edge Support:

The Tuft & Needle steps it up a notch with edge support. The foam encasement that surrounds the Tuft and Needle Mint mattress is one of a kind. Combing that with its solid base foam, you get a better edge support than it’s Original brother. With the Tuft and Needle Mint, you get more edge support allowing you to utilize more of the mattress for sleeping, as well as slightly better support when sitting on the side of the bed.

tuft and needle hybrid edge supportTuft & Needle Hybrid – Edge Support:

Finally we have the Tuft & Needle Hybrid option for Edge Support. The Hybrid features reinforced coils to the edge of the mattress which allows you more than enough support to sleep right up to the edge of your mattress comfortably.  We found that the T&N Hybrid mattress really only had slightly better edge support than the T&N Mint mattress.

Since it is such a soft comfort feel, you will notice that sitting on the side of the mattress won’t be great for extended periods of time. However, it does give you enough support to comfortably get in and out of bed without falling underneath you, and more than enough support to comfortably sleep right up to the side throughout the night.

Which Tuft & Needle Mattress is Most Worth The Price?

tuft and needleIt’s true that Tuft and Needle remains true to its affordable promise. Both the Tuft and Needle Original, Mint and Hybrid mattresses come in at very affordable prices.

Tuft & Needle Original Mattress Value:

The Original T&N Mattress comes in at a super low cost. It is a great mattress made with quality materials and good comfort.

The Original has the lowest price tag by far, although the upgrades in the Mint and Hybrid do enhance the comfort offered by T&N.

Tuft & Needle Mint Value:

tuft and needle hybrid mattress overallAll of the mattresses made by Tuft and Needle come in at great prices. However, Mint is still our top pick for best value. You get the most mattress for your money with the T&N Mint bed.

Tuft & Needle Hybrid Value:

The Hybrid still comes in at a really wonderful price for a quality hybrid mattress. Although we would argue that it does not blow us away when compared directly to the all foam Mint mattress.

Which is why, even though it is a very well priced hybrid mattress, we still give the T&N Mint the win for overall best value.

T&N Original T&N Mint T&N Hybrid
Twin Size Mattress: $350 $595 $895
Twin XL Size Mattress: $395 $645 $995
Full Size Mattress: $495 $845 $1295
Queen Size Mattress: $595 $995 $1495
King Size Mattress: $750 $1145 $1745
Cal King Size Mattress: $750 $1145 $1745


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Tuft & Needle Mattresses – Trial Period & Warranty:

casper essential vs tuft and needleAll of the Tuft and Needle mattresses come with the same trial period and warranty; 100-night trial and 10-year warranty. This trial period is a little over three months to adjust to the new comfort of your mattress. For some reason you aren’t in love with either Tuft and Needle mattresses no worries. Returns are free and quickly and easily taken care of by the Tuft and Needle customer service team. Making this mattress a risk free purchase.

When it comes to the warranty you have a fairly mattress industry standard 10 year warranty. This ensures that any manufacturer defects or flaws are covered by the company. It also ensures that any abnormal sagging or break down of the mattress with regular use is also covered. There are a few stipulations that are typically prorated with the course of time. But nothing that isn’t out of the norm for this warranty.

Tuft & Needle Mattresses – Summary:

corner of the tuft and needle mint mattressHonestly, It is hard not the love the mattresses made by Tuft & Needle. Their high quality materials and construction matched with their low prices really makes for a great match. While choosing between an all foam mattress and a hybrid style mattress, a lot of it comes down to preference. A lot of folks love the comfort an limited motion transfer of an all-foam bed while others love the support and classic feel of a hybrid mattress.

We debated and boiled down the different benefits between all of the different mattress options by Tuft & Needle and for the overall winner we just had to choose the Tuft & Needle Mint mattress. We love the super low prices and comfort of the Original T&N and the soft yet supportive comfort of the T&N Hybrid. However Tuft & Needle Mint somehow does a great job in every category while maintaining a really great price.

No matter which mattress you choose out of the options from Tuft & Needle, we are confident that you’re going to love the mattress you get. Be sure to check out our video reviews that can be seen on each individual mattress review pages. Click the links below to view now. Or click the button to start shopping and get the latest Tuft & Needle mattress coupon today!

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tuft and needle mattresses compared hybrid mint original

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