January 1, 2020

Saatva Designer Bed Frames

the marbella bed frame by saatva review

The luxurious Saatva brand has released a collection of gorgeous designer bed frames. However, these frames are more than just a pretty face, as they are made with quality materials and designed to last. If you are looking to purchase a truly quality piece of furniture to complete your bedroom, then Saatva has a frame for you. Ranging from minimal and sleek to grand and stately, there is a design that is sure to suite your style from this line of Saatva Designer Bed Frames. Continue reading to learn what makes these bed frames so fabulous.

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Saatva Designer Bed Frames – Materials:


fabric for the saatva bed framesAll of the Designer Bed Frames with the exception of the Santorini come in three different color options. The Santorini only comes in two color options, a graphite velvet or a taupe velvet. While all of the other designs also have a natural linen options as well.

The Vintage Velvet comes in either the Graphite or Taupe color. It is made out of a durable poly-cotton blend that is resistant to staining. It has a smooth finish that is matte and luxurious.

The Linen comes in the Natural color that is slightly lighter than the Taupe. The linen is their more eco-friendly fabric option. Their linen is made out of natural flax fibers without the use of any chemicals or dyes that could be harmful to you or the environment. Linen is a rather durable materials and it features a textured finish. We love this look as it is both clean and rustic, suiting any casual chic design.

If you are not sure which fabric you would like best, you can always order a fabric sample directly from Saatva off of their website. This way you can see and feel the fabrics in person before you buy.

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Bed Frame

gorgeous details for the saatva bedsThe wood used for all of the bed frames is made out of kiln dried hardwood. Making the Saatva Designer Bed Frames sturdy and keeping them from twisting or changing shape in different climates or levels of humidity. Saatva also ensures that the wood they use is always sustainably sourced.

These frames do not come with bases, so be sure to use an appropriate base inside of the bed frame to give your bed the proper structure and height it needs. The frames are compatible with the Saatva Adjustable Base.

Saatva Designer Bed Frames – Construction:

joinery for the beds by saatvaOne aspect of this bed frame that we truly admire is the joinery they used for all of their bed frames. Saatva uses a type of joinery called Mortise and Tenon. This is a style of joinery is over 7,000 years old and has been used all over the world throughout that time. It is a sturdy way to put together a piece of furniture. We love that they chose such a sturdy and long lasting way to put together their bed frames. Even the Santorini Design which feature metal feet has this type of joinery.

All of the designs are finished on all sides and are free standing, allowing you to set your bed anywhere throughout your room as you please. This is great news for anyone who wants their bed to be free standing or if you have an open concept design or loft style home.

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Saatva Designer Bed Frames – Designs:

While there are only three neutral colors to choose from, the Saatva Bed Frames come in 6 different designs to choose from. While some are more understated, others are luxurious and even grandiose. We will go through some of the details of each and even a few extra options.


The Santorini is simple and sophisticated, featuring a modest headboard, metal feet, and a sleek look. This design only comes in the vintage velvet material which suites it’s look perfectly. This is the most cost effective option and is available in a Queen, King, or California King. If you want to keep your look modest and understated, then the Santorini is the right choice for you.

santorini bed frame saatva review


A classic look from Minori, there is a certain elegance to this simple design. The gentle curve to the top of the headboard gives the Minori a soft homey feel that is rather welcoming. The style of the Minori bed frame will work very well with a traditional style home. Think Martha Stewart, a classic chic look with traditional taste. Although it is still clean and simple allowing it to feel a bit more modern.

minori bed frame review from saatva

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This is the first of the more glamorous bed frames from Saatva. The Amalfi features a tall headboard, accentuated with sleek side rails. It is a modern silhouette that is softened by button-tufting details. The combination makes for a good balance between modern, luxurious, and comfortable. The foot and side of the bed are left open allowing easy access to any side of the bed you like.

amalfi bed frame review


The Marbella is rather similar to the Amalfi in several ways, it also features a tall tufted headboard with no foot board. Although it does not have the rounded side panels going up the side of the headboard. If you want to maximize the drama of your Marbella bed frame, then we suggest getting the optional side panels added on (for an extra $400). These side panels extend the headboard beyond the sides of the bed framing the area where your nightstands will be. This creates an extremely glamorous look for any bedroom.

why we love the marbella linen bed frame saatva

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Yet another classic design from Saatva, the Marseille has a tall sleek headboard with crisp squared off edges and nailhead trim details. The nailheads do vary in color in order to compliment or contrast with the fabric colors. The linen features a darker color giving it a rather farmhouse chic appeal. The Marseille is a simple yet stately design that is sure to please.

try the saatva bed frame marseille


The Oslo bed frame has a glorious sled shape with button tufting throughout the headboard. This shape and design looks especially fitting with the two velvet options from Saatva. The sled shape means the foot of the bed is rather large and in charge, we love how it truly defines the space of the bed. The sides of the headboard and foot board also have a bit of bling from nailhead details. If you are a sucker for all of the decorative features, the the Oslo is your go to bed frame. Although we love that the did not extend the tufting to the foot of the bed because it has such a nice clean finish to the look of the bed frame.

review over the saatva designer bed frames

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Care for Saatva Upholstered Beds:

designer bed frames by saatvaWe were surprised to learn that the care instructions from Saatva suggest not using any water when cleaning any stains off of their fabric frames. They suggest only either removing any dirt or stains by brushing it off or by using water-free dry-cleaning solvents. Saatva also recommends removing any dirt or stains as soon as possible.

If your bed has simply collected dust or dirt, it is easily removable with a vacuum. We suggest using a handheld vacuum as we found it easier to use when reaching the top of the bed or into the inner corners of the quilting.

Saatva Upholstered Beds – Value:

Each bed frame comes with a 120 night home trial period, which is not common for bed frames. This give you a lot of peace of mind knowing that you will be able to have time to determine whether or not the frame is the right choice for your home.

Queen  King California King
Santorini $1295 $1495 $1495
Minori $1595 $1795 $1795
Amalfi $1795 $1995 $1995
Marbella $2195
(+$400 Side Panels)
(+$400 Side Panels)
(+$400 Side Panels)
Marseille $1795 $1995 $1995
Oslo $1995 $2195 $2195


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designer marbella bed frame in graphite

While Saatva products tend to be on the pricier side, they also have wonderful customer service. Including free white-glove delivery service. Which means you can sit back and relax and your bed frame will be delivered and even set up in the room of your preference.

If you consider the added costs other companies would charge for this same service, it really takes down the cost of the bed frame quite a bit.

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Saatva Designer Bed Frames – Overall:

While these frames range from demure to dramatic, they all have one common theme, they are classic designs. The color and designs for these beds are going to last a lifetime. The neutral colors paired with the traditional shapes really make for great looking bed frames. While the prices on these bed frames are not for your clearance rack shopper, these are not clearance rack beds either. These frames are built to last and look fantastic. We did some price hunting and these prices are right in line with other furniture stores selling similar looks. (West Elm, Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel and so on) So if you would like an artisan crafted bed frame, you are sure to find one that will fit your style out of these frames by Saatva.

the gorgeous bed frames by saatva reviewed

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