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Saatva Adjustable Mattress Frame Review

Saatva is a luxury mattress brand that is always keeping up with the latest trends in sleep technology. So it came as no surprise to us that they came out with their very own adjustable bed frame, The Saatva Lineal Adjustable Base. We are going to go through all of the different features of this adjustable frame from it’s construction and extra features, to delivery and set up. Keep reading to get all of the details.

The Saatva Lineal Adjustable Base – Features:

  • The Lineal Mattress Base by Saatva ReviewAdjust Upper/Lower Body Positioning
  • Remote Control Adjustments
  • Upper/Lower Body Wave Massage
  • Under Bed Lighting
  • Quiet Motor
  • Large Range of Sizes Available
  • FREE White Glove Delivery & In Home Set Up

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construction and build of the saatva mattressThis sturdy adjustable base by Saatva can hold up to 850lbs total weight. It also features 4 push pin adjustable legs. This allows you to customize the height of your bed to your comfort. It ranges from 6″ off the ground all the way up to 10″ off of the ground.

The Lineal Base is designed, engineered, and assembled in the US. Saatva partnered with Leggett & Platt in order to create their bed frame. With so many factories across the country, they can deliver all across the United States with ease. This makes it easier to deliver each frame without needing to travel long distances or being shipped from another country.

At the foot of each base are plastic corners made to keep the mattress right where you need it without bulging or slipping out of place.

Ease of Use:

comfort and ease of use for the lineal bad baseThey designed the Saatva Lineal Adjustable Bed Frame with a wireless remote allowing you to easily and comfortable adjust your sleeping position, turn the under light on or off, and even adjust massage features from the push of a button.

The design is simple and easy to use. No worries on set up either, with the price of your purchase, Saatva will provide white glove delivery and in home set up. Making it even easier than ever to get set up and sleeping better.

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Extra Features:

extra features luxury bed frame by saatvaWhen you buy the Saatva Linear Adjustable Bed Frame, you are getting much more than just a bed which can change positions with the press of a button. (Which is cool enough as it is) You are also getting a bed frame with under glow lighting, which casts a gentle night light onto the floor by the bed. Creating the perfect night light that will guide your way to your bed without waking up your partner.

The Saatva Adjustable Base also features a wave massage setting that works both on your upper and lower body. So you can get a full body massage in bed. No need to worry about loud obnoxious motors either. The motor in the Saatva Linear Adjustable Base is housed in a sealed case keeping it extra quiet so you can move as you please without any noisy disruptions.

Saatva Lineal Adjustable Base – Value:

The Saatva is known as a luxury brand that creates quality and comfortable products, because of this their prices tend to be on the more expensive side. However, Saatva also provides luxury services.

With the purchase of your mattress and or Lineal Adjustable Bed Frame, you will get free white glove delivery and set up. So while you may be paying more for your product, you are also getting premium service that you would have had to pay for (or not get at all) with other brands.

white glove delivery comes free with the saatva bed frameTwin: $1199
Twin XL: $1249
Full: $1299
Queen: $1399
*Split Queen: $2398
King: $2498
Split King: $2498
California King: $2498
*Split California King: $2498

*Split Queen and Split California King are Saatva Specific bed frames. Saatva design this frame to work with their Queen Upper Split Mattress and their Split California King Mattress. These beds come in limited mattress design options. Visit Saatva.com or Contact Us for more details.

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Compatible Saatva Mattresses:

solaire adjustable airbed by saatvaNot all Saatva mattresses are compatible with an Adjustable Base. It is important to make sure your bed will work properly with the base before you put them together. Or else it may not function properly.

From the Saatva brand, the 11½” Saatva innerspring, Loom & Leaf memory foam, and 100% natural Talalay latex Zenhaven are all compatible to be used with an adjustable base. Also, the newest member of the Saatva family, the Solaire AirBed is PERFECT paired with the lineal base. (The 14″ Saatva Innerspring is not compatible with an Adjustable Base.)

If you are unsure whether the mattress you have or are looking to purchase is compatible with an adjustable base, simply reach out to Saatva.com to get more information too.

Want to learn more about the Saatva mattresses that work with their adjustable base? Click the link to view our full review Saatva Mattresses: 5 Amazing Beds Reviewed to learn more.

Shop The Lineal Adjustable Base HERE!

Saatva – Lineal Adjustable Base: Overall

This is a great option for anyone wanting an adjustable frame for a specific sizes that you may not be able to get in other frames. Like a Split Queen or Split California King. You will rarely find a mattress that comes in these sizes outside of Saatva. There are some great features to this base. While the price tag might not be accessible to everyone, it does come with in home delivery and set up which can cost a pretty penny or a lot of effort with other brands.

Looking for a more cost effective Adjustable Bed Frame? Check out our page Frames & Adjustable Bases to find more reviews like this one.

Saatva Adjustable Mattress Frame Review

Feel free to Contact Us with any lingering questions or comments. We would love to hear from you and help you out.

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