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Accessory Review Avocado Green Mattress Topper

organic mattress topper with wool and dunlop

Avocado is known for their top shelf quality organic mattresses and sleeping accessories. Their certified from top to bottom for being organic, natural, and eco-conscious. All while keeping a focus of comfort.

This is where the Avocado Green Mattress Topper really shines. Designed to bring maximum comfort while using the best materials on the market. Interested? To learn more keep reading bellow for our review on the mattress topper by Avocado.

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green mattress review by avocadoUnlike many mattress toppers out there, the Avocado’s Green Mattress Topper has different layers to mirror the comfort layers of their mattress. The base layer consists of an aerated Dunlop latex foam. Many companies that want to use a natural latex based foam go with Talalay latex.

Avocado believes that Dunlop latex is a step above Talalay latex when it comes to being eco-concious. While Talalay is well known for being a natural cool comfortable material, it goes through more processing than the durable Dunlop. This is why Avocado chose to use it instead. It also has the cooling benefits and is incredibly durable, meaning it does not need any potentially toxic adhesives to keep it together.

Over the latex layer is an encased wool top. Wool is fantastic for its temperature regulating, and moisture wicking properties. This is what makes it the perfect choice for the first layer of a mattress topper.

Their wool is GOTS Certified Organic and OEKO-TEX standard 100 certified. It is also worth mentioning that wool acts as an all-natural fire barrier. Wool blankets are often used as fire retardants, making a wool batting one of the top safety features of this mattress topper.

Finally the mattress is wrapped in a GOTS Certified Organic cotton cover. This final wrapping gives this mattress topper a luxuriously soft feel. It also keeps you cool and dry into the night.

Comfort & Support:

avocado mattress topper review

There are two different comfort options of this mattress topper. You can pick between the Plush and the Firm. Each option uses the same material makeup with one specific difference. The Firm options uses a Dunlop D-75 medium-firm level of latex.

While the Plush option uses a Dunlop D-65 soft level of latex. Both are pure Dunlop latex and is not mixed with other materials to create it’s density.

The luxurious cover adds an extra level of comfort to the Avocado Green Mattress Topper. The cover is made with an organic cotton which is extra breathable and makes for a soft cool sleeping environment.

The first cushioning layer of this mattress topper is made with wool batting. The wool’s natural crimp adds bounce and air circulation throughout the top of the mattress, keeping it extra comfortable and cool.

Underneath the wool is the layer of Dunlop Latex. This layer gives plenty of comfort and support. This just so happens to be where you choose your comfort option. Regardless of whether you choose the Firm or Plush option, you will get the perfect amount of comfort without it turning into a “cushy cave” like some all memory foam toppers do. With Dunlop being more responsive than memory foam, you will be able to get yourself in and out of bed with ease.


dunlop latex topper reviewWhen it comes to mattress toppers they are absolutely not all created equally. Many cheaper mattress toppers on the market are essentially glorified slabs of memory foam. The Avocado Green Mattress Topper is different. This is more of an upgrade to an already premium mattress. Made with top of the line materials and with different layers created to give you optimal comfort. The price is reflective of this way of thinking.

  • Twin – $349
  • Twin XL – $349
  • Full – $349
  • Queen – $449
  • King – $549
  • Cal King – $549

Your purchase price include free shipping, a 1 year return policy and a 10 year warranty. Which is quite an extensive trial period and warranty. Within the first year, if you simply decide this mattress topper just is not right for you, you can return it. It also means that within those first 10 years, if your mattress topper doesn’t meet the standards of the warranty, Avocado will cover you.

Avocado Accessories Found HERE!

Avocado Green Mattress Topper Summary:

When you buy this mattress topper you are truly getting an extension to the comfort technology and design of the mattress itself. It utilizes many of the same materials to create a premium comfort feel.

You can sleep easy when you buy with Avocado, because you know you are buying from a company that goes above and beyond to create organic and eco friendly natural mattresses and sleeping accessories.

avocado mattress topper review

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