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Accessory Review Avocado Green Pillow

Avocado Green Mattress company goes out of their way to be leaders in the natural and organic mattress industry. They create awesome organic products made with wholesome natural materials that are good for your health and for the environment.

Don’t worry, they make sure to get every possible certification they can to prove that they really do put their money where their mouth is. Not just organic and vegan, most importantly this pillow is comfortable! Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of the Avocado Green Pillow.

the green pillow by avocado comfort review

Avocado Green Pillow – Materials: 

Extra Latex and Wood Fiber Pillow FillingThis pillow is only green in the economical sense, it is wrapped in soft cream colored organic cotton. This supple cotton cover is soft to the touch and features a convenient side zipper for easy access to the filling of their pillow. This gives you the option to customize your comfort. Simply take filling out or put more in, to create a firmness level that suites your personal preference.

They filled this organic cotton pillow with many of the same natural materials that fills their fabulous mattresses. Dunlap latex rubber, shaped and cut into ribbons and organic kapok fiber from the ceiba tree.

The latex rubber is salvaged from the leftover latex materials used to create their mattresses. This makes this filling not only a comfortable companion to their mattresses, but also a little extra economical. The latex is cut into strips that they call ribbons. This gives the pillow its buoyant support.

Organic Pillow Re-Fill

If you have looking into natural latex mattresses, it is likely that you have come across the material Talalay Latex. The reason Avocado uses Dunlop Latex instead, is because it is the more economical choice. Talalay Latex goes through more processing. Dunlop is also more durable than Talalay and is cooler than standard memory foam. All of which seem like a clear benefit to us.

While the ceiba tree fibers give a plushness to their pillow that makes it feel luxurious. The combination gives support while also allowing air flow. This is what helps to keep the pillow cool.

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Avocado Green Pillow – Comfort & Support:

When it comes to comfort, everyone is going to be a little different on what they personally prefer. This is why the folks at Avocado made sure that their Green Pillow has an easy and effective way to change how full or firm your pillow is.

Natural Latex and Organic Cotton Pillow Review

If you sleep on your new Green Pillow the first night and find it is way too firm for your preference, you can simply unzip the side and remove some of the filling. Personalized comfort is definitely a way to make everyone happy.

While you can shape this pillow to curve around your head and neck like a down or poly filled pillow would, however it will not collapse as easily because of the rubber filling. This is what makes the ribbon shape of this rubber and plant fiber filling it’s balance between support & softness that is so comfortable.

They also sell extra bags of pillow filling separably. So if you want a fuller feeling pillow, or if for some reason you lost or need to replace some of your filling, you can. These bags come in a half pound or a full pound.

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Our Experience:

When we first received these pillows I wasn’t really sure if it would be a good fit for me. The latex, though shredded, still gave the overall weight of the pillow an initial dense and heavy feel. However having the ability to adjust the fill helped alleviate this a bit. As well as allowed to make the Avocado pillow the ideal level of support.

avocacdo mattress coupon

The density of the pillow actually was an advantage. The filling is less likely to shift or break down over the course of the night. Allowing for better support and comfort. The shredded Dunlop latex was buoyant but still allowed for it to conform around my head and shoulders just right.

My initial reaction of these pillows quickly turned around after a few nights of sleep. Making this a great option for anyone looking for the benefits of latex but with the ease of adjustability.

A few things to note though. This pillow does have a pretty strong natural smell initially. It took our pillows about a week to air out, so keep that in mind. Also the size of the pillows aren’t quite the same size as a normal standard pillow. After looking at the dimensions, the standard pillow from Avocado is 19″ x 24″, while a typical standard pillow comes in at 20″ x 26″.

We are not sure the reasoning behind the slightly smaller pillow size, but it does not seem to effect how it feels when sleeping on it. You may however notice a little extra material at the end of your pillow case.

Avocado Green Pillow – Value: 

Green Latex Pillow ReviewThis awesome pillow comes in three different sizes, a standard, queen, and king. For the high quality natural and organic materials plus the customizable comfort, makes their prices competitive for luxury natural pillows.

  • Standard: $79
  • Queen: $89
  • King: $99

If you want a bag of extra filling, they are sold separately. However, they come at a very reasonable price. 1/2 lb bag of filling costs $15. While a full 1 lb bag of filling only costs $20. Whether you are buying a pillow or just their filling, their carbon neutral shipping is free.

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Avocado Green Pillow – Summary:

This pillow is a great addition to any bed, it is especially complimentary to the mattresses made by Avocado. With its all natural filling and organic cotton cover, you know you’re getting a high quality pillow. This is not going to feel like your standard feather filled pillow, instead it feels way better. Get some extra support and ample comfort by getting your Avocado Green Pillow today!

Organic Cotton Pillow by Avocado

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