July 11, 2020

Quick Tips for Keeping Your Bedroom Clean

A dirty bedroom is stressful and can make it difficult to sleep. When you try to fall asleep in a dirty bedroom it is like trying to fall asleep in a To-Do list. All of the laundry on the floor, reminding you to wash your clothes. The dishes needing to return to the kitchen, reminding you to do the dishes and so on. It is not the relaxing zen environment that you want to fall asleep in. So we are going to share with you our top tips on keeping your bedroom clean and organized.

tips and tricks for keeping your room clean

A Place for Everything, and Everything In it’s Place:

how to keep your room tidy One way to ensure that your bedroom, or any room for that matter, stays organized is by creating a designated spot for everything in your room. If you do not have a designated place for everything, your room will quickly become messy after cleaning. You will notice things will collect on the floor and nightstand or any flat surface. This is because the items don’t have an easy designated place.

From a laundry hamper, to a spot for your tv controller, and all of the little details in between. If you have a spot where you know everything goes, it is more likely to go right back to it’s given spot instead of ending up somewhere random where it needs to get picked up later. And making this an easy task in keeping your bedroom clean and neat.

Declutter & Minimize Your Bedroom:

how to keep a clean bedroom You don’t have to be a minimalist in order to declutter and minimize the amount of things stored in your bedroom. One way to know whether you need to minimize the items in your room is whether or not you can achieve having a designated spot for everything. If you do not have enough space to have everything in your bedroom have it’s own designated spot, then you have too much stuff.

The less clutter you have in your bedroom, the easier it will be to keep it tidy and clean.

Maximize Hidden Storage:

quick tips for keeping your bedroom organized Sometimes life gets messy and unorganized. Being able to throw something in a drawer is a great way to quickly tidy up with minimal effort. It is also nice to have for all of those bits and bobs that you don’t want to look at, like your mouth guard or night cream.

While those chic drawer free nightstands might be a tempting interior design choice. They will likely collect all of the things you need and want by your bedside. Which will ruin that cute interior design choice rather quickly. So go with the furniture that has storage.

Tidy Up Every Night Before Bed:

how to keep a tidy bedroom Falling asleep in a freshly tidied room is oh so relaxing. While this may sound overwhelming to tidy up every night before bed, keep in mind that the more often you tidy up the easier it is to do. Instead of having a week (or months) worth of tidying up to do, you only have the items that collected throughout that day.

We chose nighttime for tidying up for several reasons. Since the day is done, you are less likely to walk back into the room 5 minutes later to find it has been trashed by a child, partner, or pet. Tidying up right before bed can be a good unwinding bedtime routine.

Create A “Dump Basket”:

how do i keep my bedroom from getting dirty? There are often time we enter our home or bedroom with arms loaded with stuff that needs to eventually be placed in their designated spot. While in a dream world we would have the time and energy to put everything away right there and then, this isn’t always the case.

A “Dump Basket” is a container where you can unload all of those items temporarily until you have a free moment to put them all away. This not only keeps your extra stuff from migrating all over your room. It also serves as a reminder to tidy up is that basket starts to look full.

Small Trash & Recycling Bin:

tips for keeping a clean space If you have trash or scrap papers that tend to collect in your room, put in a tiny trash can and recycle bin. This will be more useful for anyone who has a desk or work space in their bedroom.

Although if your bedroom tends to collect bits of trash periodically, this is a helpful way to keep those little bits of trash from collecting on top of nightstands, desks, or any flat surface.

Take Items with You Whenever You Leave the Room:

how to stay tidy Heading to the kitchen to grab a snack? Bring that dirty cup with you. This also goes for any time you are naturally choosing to leave one space in your home and go to the other. If you’re headed up to your bedroom from the living room, go ahead and scan the room for anything that might need to be taken back to where you are going. Perhaps a forgotten sweater on the couch or a pair of slippers.

This is low level cleaning that requires minimal effort. You are already choosing to make the effort of walking across the house, might as well take advantage and do some tidying up while you’re at it.

Wash Your Laundry Weekly:

do your laundry weekly If clothes collect on your floor, then first things first get a dirty laundry hamper. Then put your hamper where you change your clothes and immediately put your dirty clothes in the hamper after you change. This eliminates dirty clothes pick up.

Next is to wash your clothes weekly. Even if you have a smaller wash load than usual, this is fine. By washing your clothes weekly you will always be able to wear your favorite clothing items and you won’t have an overloaded hamper.

After your laundry comes out of the dryer, put it away right then and there. This is an easy task you can do while watching tv and will keep your laundry from piling up.

Change or Wash Your Bedding Regularly:

washing your bedding regularly We also suggest washing or changing your sheets either weekly or every other week. This keeps your bed fresh and clean. Even if you get into bed fresh out of the shower and with clean pajamas on every single night, you are still going to sweat, release oils from your skin, and slough off skin and hair nightly.

Which means your bedding will get dirty and begin to collect bacteria. By changing or washing your sheets every one to two weeks, this will keep your room feeling fresh and clean while also prolonging the lifespan of your mattress.

Top tip: Have two sets of sheets. This allows you to have a fresh set of sheets, even when you don’t have time to do laundry. You can simply change out your sheets and put your dirty set in the laundry.

5 Minute Clean Up:

quick 5 minute clean ups If your room a wreck, but you simply can’t find the energy to clean? Set a 5-minute timer and start cleaning. When the timer goes off give yourself full permission to stop cleaning. Some days you will find that your room cleaned up faster then you imagined.

While some days that 5 minutes will be all you can muster for today, in that case pat yourself on the back for the progress you did make and take a break. Other days you will find that getting moving was half the battle and now that you are up and cleaning you have enough energy to continue cleaning and finish the job.

Remember that all progress is good and every little bit counts, even if it is 5 minutes of cleaning.

Monthly “Deep Clean”:

deep clean once a month Though daily and weekly tidying is necessary for keeping your bedroom clean we also suggest setting aside a time every month to do a deep clean. By deep clean we are talking about, dusting those hard to reach places, vacuuming, reorganizing drawers, putting things you don’t use into the donate pile.

All of the things that don’t affect your day to day but can add up if you are not staying on top of. A great way to do this is to set a reminder around the same time every month.

Searching For Motivation?

need inspiration for cleaning up my bedroom Sometimes the motivation to clean up simply isn’t there. So here are a few tips for helping encourage yourself to clean.

  • Watch cleaning videos on YouTube. This is a quirky one but it works for us. There are loads of channels on YouTube designated to cleaning up. Watching others talk about and clean their home can be a great inspiration to do it yourself. It gets your brain on the track of cleaning and the satisfaction of watching someone clean a room can really inspire you to do the same.
  • Use cleaning products that you enjoy. Find a surface spray that you enjoy the scent of, or a duster that is easier to use. Cleaning is a task, but having tools and products you enjoy using makes it much more enjoyable.
  • Put on some music and have fun. Tidying up your bedroom or home doesn’t have to be a bore. I personally love pumping up the music and singing while I clean. It is sort of the “spoon full of sugar” approach.
  • Reward yourself! Craving a scoop of ice cream and watching your favorite show? Give yourself that to yourself as a reward for after you are finished cleaning. That ice cream will be twice as delicious if you’re eating it surrounded by a clean and peaceful room.

Last Tips for Keeping Your Bedroom Clean & Tidy

If you stay on top of your cleaning and tidying regularly, it is much easier to keep a clean home. It is when your bedroom gets neglected that it becomes a much larger task to clean.

Which is why tidying up regularly and reminding yourself to deep clean periodically (about every month or so) is a great way to keep your room from getting too dirty. We hope all of these tips help you to have a zen clean bedroom that you get to enjoy, and remember to sleep well.

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