January 28, 2022

Quick Tips for Keeping Your Bedroom Clean

tips and tricks for keeping your room clean

There are many reasons to keep your bedroom clean and tidy. However, one you may not have thought about before is that it can actually help you to get truly great sleep. Keeping your bedroom clean is not always easy. Which is why we are going to share with out all of our top tips on how to keep your bedroom clean and tidy just be doing small maintenance in order to keep up with it. Keep reading to get our tips on how to do just that.

Don’t Put It Down; Put It Away:

how to keep a clean bedroom This phrase is something I now constantly repeat to myself as I go through life. It has been a game changer when it comes to keeping my life organized and my home clean. Often times the amount of effort it takes to put something away in its place is minimal compared to just setting it down.

Therefore, instead of simple putting something down, make that extra effort to put it away when you are done using it. Right then and there, put it away. The mantra of “Don’t put it down, put it away” has seriously helped me to be a more tidy person and create less messes for myself to clean up later.

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Have A Place For Everything:

how to keep your room tidy Any easy way to keep your home and bedroom clean is by making sure you have a designated spot for everything you own. An example of how this is helpful… If you do not have enough hangers in your closet for all of your clothes, then your clothes will always end up living in baskets or piled up on the floor. By having a designated spot for everything that lives in your bedroom, it makes it far easier to stay tidy and clean.

Not only does it help prevent clutter because you always have a place to put something. It also makes cleaning up far easier because you know exactly where to put all of your items that have been scattered around or misplaced.

When you are reorganizing or selecting a spot for your items, this can be a great time to declutter. If you do not have enough space for every item to have a designated spot, then it is a sign that you probably have too much stuff.

Declutter & Minimize Your Bedroom:

declutter your bedroom minimalism to stay cleanAs you organize and select a designated spot for all of your items, this is a great time to declutter. Like we mentioned previously… If you cannot find a spot for everything you own, then you probably own too much stuff.

Decluttering and minimizing the number of items you have in your bedroom and home, makes it much harder to create a big mess. All of a sudden it becomes far easier to stay clean and avoid mess and clutter.

When decluttering, is a step above cleaning up. It goes beyond simply removing trash, leftover food containers, delivery boxes, etc. Instead, it is taking a look at the items you have and potentially no longer need or use that are taking up space in your home.

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Maximize Hidden Storage:

bedroom hidden storage clean and tidyOpen shelving can be great, but there are so many more benefits to storage that tucks away and hides all of your items. Your bedroom will feel so much cleaner if you are not having to look at all of the items you own. Even if they are on a shelf and put away.

The visual stimulation of looking at all of the things you own can be overwhelming. By maximizing hidden storage and putting things in drawers, under the bed, in decorative baskets, and so on. It then feels much cleaner and allows you to feel the serenity and peace of a clean room without having to get rise of all the items you want to have on hand.

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Tidy Up Every Night Before Bed:

clean your room before going to bedThe trouble with clutter is that it can easily sneak up on you. One day you are all clean and tidy and before you know it your bedroom is filled with stuff again. In order to keep up with all of the clutter, we recommend tidying up daily. You can add this to be a part of your nightly routine.

Before you go to brush your teeth and wash your face, give your bedroom a once over and put any stray items back into their place. This can really make it easier to clean as you go instead of allowing things to pile up and then having to set aside a lot of time and effort to get it back to being clean.

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Create A “Dump Basket”:

how to keep your bedroom tidy and cleanWhat is a dump basket you ask? Well, this is a basket that you keep in your room where you can place any items that start collecting in your bedroom that belong in other spaces in the home. This is a tactic to keep things from collecting in your bedroom that don’t belong there.

For instance, if you tend to have plates and cups collect in your bedroom that belong in the kitchen, you can add these items into the dump basket. Then when it is time for you to leave your room and venture back into the kitchen, all of these items are in the same basket and you can quickly and easily take them back to the kitchen in one easy swoop.

It is a way to organize and make bringing those items back to where they belong quickly and easily. The easier you can make tidying up, the better.

Put a Small Trash & Recycling Bin In Your Bedroom:

tips for keeping a clean space If you do not already have a trashcan and recycling bin in your bedroom, we highly recommend it. When there is not a designated spot for you to put your trash, scrap papers, etc. Then of course it is going to pile up in random surfaces in your room until you have the time and energy to take them to a trashcan elsewhere. Having a designated place to put your trash helps to keep it from collecting anywhere you happen to put it down at the time.

This all circles back to our initial tip, which was to have a designated place for everything. This funnily enough includes all your trash. Having a designated place to put your trash keeps it from collecting throughout your bedroom and helps to keep your room clean.

Take Items with You Whenever You Leave the Room:

tidy up as you goThis is a habit building tip. If your bedroom tends to collect a lot of items that don’t belong in that room. Try to get in the habit of taking items with you whenever you leave your bedroom. If you are leaving your room to go get a snack in the kitchen, take any items that belong in the kitchen with you.

This way you are tidying as you go. It makes it much easier to keep your room clean by using the energy you are already using to go get a snack to also simultaneously bring items back to the kitchen, or wherever else you were planning on going. When you make a habit of doing this, it can really make a big difference in the amount of cleaning you need to do on a regular basis.

Wash Your Laundry Often:

do your laundry weekly Laundry can quickly become a very big task. In order to stay on top of it, we recommend doing your laundry weekly. If you are doing laundry for more than just yourself, then you may have to do your laundry even more frequently. However, the idea is to have smaller loads that you do more often rather then big loads of laundry that take up far more time and energy to start and finish than smaller loads.

Your clothes are not the only laundry you need to be doing regularly. Your bedding should also be getting washed at least every other week. Having multiple sets of sheets on hand can make this a much easier process. Simply change your sheets into the new clean bedding and then put your sheets in the wash. This way your bed is always clean and made and you won’t get caught waiting for your sheets to get dry in the dryer before bed.

15 Minute Clean Up:

set a timer to clean for 15 minutesWe all have experienced, your bedroom or home gets beyond messy. It is a total wreck and the thought of cleaning is overwhelming. The task is too big to handle and you simply can’t imagine taking on such a large job.

Our tip for these moments is to set a timer. We suggest a 15 minute timer. At the end of fifteen minutes, you are free to stop entirely. However, we often find that once we get the ball rolling it is much easier to continue cleaning.

Can’t handle 15 minutes? No problem, use this tool and you can set the timer as low at 5 minutes. Commit to a time that feels right to you, and stick with it.

Create Motivation:

how to create motivation to clean your bedroomFinding the motivation to clean can be the hardest part of cleaning sometimes. When you find yourself lacking motivation, we have a few tips that may help. The first is to try out our 15 minute timer trick that we mentioned previously. Sometimes giving yourself a small yet achievable goal really gets the motivation flowing.

Next is to know what works for you and stick with it. If you really need to invite company over in order to feel motivated to do so, call a friend and invite them to come over. Perhaps watching cleaning videos really gets you in the mood to tidy up. Find what motivates you and stick with it.

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Keeping Your Bedroom Clean & Tidy – Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, keeping your bedroom clean and tidy will help you to get great sleep. Which is why we hope all of these cleaning tips and tricks help you to keep your bedroom clean easily. Staying on top of the small things will help prevent ever needing to do big clean ups. However, even if things get out of hand starting with cleaning up a small amount can help you tackle those big clean up jobs when they are needed. We hope these tips help you to keep your room clean so you can get your best sleep ever!

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