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October 11, 2019

Sleeping In A Tiny Home: A How To Guide

Are you and your family going on a minimalist vacation? Or are you downsizing into a tiny home? Sleeping in a new space always has its difficulties. However, sleeping in a tiny home for the first time has many unique adjustments to consider. In order to make the transition to sleeping in a Tiny House as smooth as possible, we have come up with our top tips and points of consideration to make when sleeping in a tiny house for the first time. So if you want to live tiny and sleep big, keep reading.

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Sleeping In High Places

what's it like sleeping in a tiny homeMany designs for Tiny Homes save space by putting the beds in a loft space, above the rest of the home. If it is open, it’s important to make sure you’re safe from rolling off.

If you have young children that want to sleep with you from time to time, this can be a serious safety hazard.

Putting your feet by the drop off instead of your side is highly suggested. However, if you can implement some kind of bumper system or safety net to keep you safe, we highly suggest you do so.

We also suggest not letting your little ones sleep in such high lofts. A good rule of thumb is, if you wouldn’t put them in the top bunk or a bunk bed, then don’t let them up in the loft.

Watch Your Head

the pains of sleeping in a tiny houseIf you are adjusting to very minimal head space, which is rather common in Tiny Home bedrooms. Then you are going to want to find a way to protect your head. It will only take one good bang on the head to remember you’re not in your old bed anymore.

However, if you want to avoid the headache we have a few silly, yet effective solutions. If this is your new home, place a temporary cushioning on the ceiling above your head. Or wear a thick cushy headband over your head while you sleep. We know, it’s silly but it is much better than a bump on the head.

If you are moving into the Tiny Home, you will eventually get familiar with the layout of your new home. However, it may take some time before your muscle memory keeps you from popping straight out of bed in the morning. Once you become accustomed to the new layout you can remove these precautionary measures and starting living life normally.

Hot & Cold

will i be cold sleeping in a tiny homeTemperature regulation will vary drastically between different Tiny Home designs. Some will be very well insulated, while others may be lacking in this department. Either way it is typically more of a challenge to insulate a Tiny Home to the same level you would a traditional styled house. So you will likely be effected by changes in the weather a bit more than normal. So prepare accordingly. For cold weather of course extra blankets and warm pajamas and small fans/lightweight pajamas for the summer.

Less Privacy 

major lack of privacy in a tiny houseIf you’re going on a family vacation and sleeping in a tiny home, be ready for sharing your space. Not just during the day, but while you sleep as well. In order to make Tiny Homes feel bigger than they are, they often feature rather open designs without any closed off/private spaces. While it might be difficult getting any special alone time with your significant other, try to embrace the experience. Sharing such confined spaces can be a great way to bond people together.

Even single couples may struggle with getting their own privacy. Another limitation on privacy may be with your windows. We have found that some designs are severely lacking in curtains/any way to close out the windows. While this is an attempt to bring the outdoors inside, sometimes you need a bit of privacy. We suggest looking into the design of your Tiny Home to see if this is something you need to look into.

Get to Climbing

the struggles of living tinyMake sure you are comfortable with climbing up small stair cases. It might seem like no big deal until you need to use the restroom in the middle of the night. If you can’t climb up and down those stairs in the dark, you’re going to want to avoid any after dinner drinks.

This might seem silly, but again this is a matter of safety. Tiny homes are often designed with the young and limber in mind. If you are neither of those things, then you might want to search for a tiny home where the bed is not lofted.

Think Twice

If you are setting up camp for the night, take a second to make sure you have everything you need. Again, this is a tip with loft style beds in mind.

After you have climbed up and crawled into bed, it can be a major pain once you realize that you forgot something. Before you go get into bed take an extra couple seconds to be sure you have everything you need and that you have done everything you need to do.

Water Bottle

tips for sleeping in a tiny homeIf you’re like me, I need a cup of water on my bedside table every night.

The heavy breathing while you sleep typically drys you out. Having water close by to sip on brings a lot of relief. We also tend to get dehydrated while you sleep which is why a drink of water in the morning can be so refreshing and help combat grogginess. We suggest bringing a resealable water bottle for when you get thirsty.

It is important to make sure it seals tight so even with is laying on it’s side next to you, you won’t wake up in a puddle of spilled water. We particularly like the CamelBak water bottles because you can drink from them while lying down without spilling.

Goodbye Electronics

how to sleep in a tiny homeEven though so many tiny homes are electronic friendly, some are not. You may need to adjust to falling asleep without your phone charging right next to you.

It isn’t such a bad thing to get used to. Electronics can be distracting and keep you awake longer than you need to be. So if you’re tiny home doesn’t have built in charging stations or a TV you can view from bed, take the opportunity to break the bad habits. It will take some getting used to, but we promise it is totally worth it.

If you need a distraction before falling asleep, we suggest music, reading, or meditation as a relaxing pass time until you fall asleep.

Want to know why electronics are no good before bed? Then you’ll love our post Technology and Sleep: The Blatant Hypocrisy 

Bring An Eye Mask

tips for sleeping in a tiny house vacationMany Tiny Home adventures are all about getting outdoors. You don’t need a large home when you are spending most of your time outdoors anyway. You may find that not all tiny home owners or builders feel the need or desire to put curtains in the home. Even in remote areas light from the night sky can seep into your windows making it difficult to sleep. We suggest bringing an eye mask just encase. We love this silky soft eye mask from Asutra. It is crazy soft and smells gently of lavender.

Sensations of Comfort

bring comforts from homeIf you have certain rituals or items you use before bed, try to implement these in your new tiny home living space. For example, if you have a special pillow, essential oil diffuser, noise maker, meditation ritual etc. that you love to use, then bring it with you. Keeping your nightly routine as similar as possible when sleeping in a new place is the best way to get the best sleep possible. After all, we are all creatures of habit and rituals/routines help us to feel safe and secure.

Sleeping In A Tiny Home: Final Thoughts

Trying new things is fun and can even make you appreciate what you have even more. Or maybe you will be ditching your house for the tiny home life after you’ve lived in one for a while. Either way, change takes some time to get used to. So if you’re learning to sleep in a Tiny House, we hope this helps you get a full nights rest.

sleeping in a tiny home

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