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October 23, 2019

Create Your Best Guest Bedroom

ultimate guest bedroom how toHaving your guests stay over in your home is great, but when many different people are sleeping in your home, it can be difficult to try and please everyone.

Aunt Linda prefers a tall bed, while you’re Mom is very short. Or your Dad swears by the comfort of down pillows while Uncle Tom is allergic. You simply can’t make everyone happy.

However, you can put together a beautiful guest bedroom that is sure to keep just about everyone comfortable and cozy during their stay.

Warning: After implementing all of the following tips, your guests will never want to leave your home. Proceed with caution.

Simple Decor

the ultimate guest bedroomYou want your guest room to appeal to the masses. Therefore keeping your decorations simple and classic is a great direction to go in. We suggest sticking with gentle colors.

If you have very bold design tastes, it will be a reminder to your guests that they are not at home and may make it difficult to fall asleep. It is difficult to offend anyone’s palette if everything is rather simple and classic in nature.

Storage Space

give your guests extra spaceIt is important that your guests have a place to put all of their things. So be sure to have furniture and space for all your typical storage needs. Nightstands, dressers, accessible outlets are all nice to have.

Make sure the closet has space to hang items and extra hangers available as well. If you use your guest bedroom closet for storage (we get it, sometimes you run out of space) just be sure there is enough room to hang up a few items.

Make sure there is a space open for suitcases as well. No one enjoys tripping over their own luggage during their stay. Whether it is under the bed, on a stool at the end of the bed, or enough space in the closet, it doesn’t particularly matter where as long as there is space to fit at least one if not two pieces of luggage somewhere.


give wifi infoReally want to impress your guests from out of town? Find creative ways to display or give them all the information they are going to need. From the wifi password and thermostat instructions to some of your favorite local attractions and restaurants.

If your guests are staying over while you are away, you can also provide extra information on the surrounding area. Places to visit, restaurants to go to, even the closest gas stations and grocery stores.

By giving them as much information as possible, you’re taking away some of the stress of being in a new location. It is much more relaxing having information on hand without having to ask your host everything you need.

Extra Toiletries

provide toiletries for guestsWe all need them, and yet we all forget them. Create a little basket or bin with new individual sized toiletries for all of the go to stuff that is commonly used and forgotten by travelers.

Like toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, hairspray, etc. Just remember to keep things unscented for anyone with allergies. Want to add a personal touch? Choose little soaps and things that are made locally in your area. This makes the toiletries more like a gift to your guests. They get a taste of the area and try something that perhaps they have never used before.

Temporary Knick-Knacks

put out trinkets for specific guestsEvery once and a while you may get a gift from family that you appreciate, but simply isn’t “your style”. However, there is a way to show your family members that you care about them without having porcelain dolls in your house year round.

We suggest having a small box with a few items that you know are highly sentimental gifts from your family. Then whenever they come to visit you can take out those items and place them in the guest bedroom.

Everyone wins, you family knows you appreciate their gifts and you don’t have a bunch of knick-knacks hanging around all year long. However, you might want to discuss with your Great Aunt Mindy that you now have more than enough statues of Santa Clause.

Mattresses for Guest Bedroom

When it comes to choosing a comfortable mattress, you want to ensure that it is comfortable enough for most sleeping positions. Look for a mattress that is medium firmness. You want to have enough support for back and stomach sleepers while giving side sleepers enough relief for pressure points.

A good rule of thumb on quality is to choose a mattress that you would be willing to sleep on yourself. You will also be grateful you picked out a comfortable bed when you and your spouse get into a fight and the guest bedroom is a better option than the couch.

  • Best Mattresses for Guest Bedroom

the best mattresses for guest bedroomsWhen we asked ourselves what are the top features to look for in a guest bedroom mattress, we came up with the 2 top feature.

  1. Must have a universal comfort
  2. Must be reasonably priced.

The following mattresses absolutely meet those requirements, and than some.

Best Bedding for Guest Bedroom

The best sheets for a Guest Bedroom, are clean ones. While this may seem obvious, keeping clean sheets for your guests is truly key. While some sheets may be perfectly clean, the color may suggest otherwise. The trick to good guest bedroom sheets are that they are easy to clean, difficult to stain, and lovely to sleep in.

  • Sheets For Guests

sheets for guestsWhile everyone loves perfectly white cotton sheets, no one likes how easily they stain. We suggest choose off white, cream, or even a pastel colored sheet. These will be more difficult to stain or discolor over use/time.

However, it still has the appeal of feelings clean. Unlike darker colors like plum, charcoal, or navy. Those colors tend to be less welcoming.

Make sure these sheets are easy to get on and off because you’re going to want to wash them between every visit. This is also a welcoming color palette that feels clean yet homey. The perfect combination to help your guests feel welcome.

How often should you be changing your sheets? It is probably more often than you would think. Check out Our Guide To Changing and Washing Your Sheets to learn more.

  • Pillows For Guests

how to make a bed for a guestWe suggest layering your pillows for your guests. Give them at least thicknesses to choose from for sleeping on. This way your guests can choose which pillow, or combination of pillows fits their comfort preferences best.

This gives your guests a more customizable sleeping experience. If you don’t like the look of layered pillows, then keep a few extra pillows in the guest closet. This way you can have a simple aesthetic while still providing the option of different/extra pillows encase your guests need them. We also suggest staying away from down filled pillows, they tend to irritate those with allergies.

  • Decorative Bedding

decorative beddingStick to 1-3 throw pillows only. Too many pillows crowds the bed and then takes up space on the floor beside the bed. You want the bedroom to look nice, but comfort and ease of use comes first. Layering your blankets is another way to customize bedroom comfort for your guests.

Having sheets, a quilt, with a folded down comforter gives three different layers they can choose to use just one or all three if they like. We also like to provide extra pillows and blankets in the closet as well. This way if they need another pillow or get chilly during the night, they can help themselves.


put out entertainment, tv, books, magazinesWhen you have guests over, it can be nice to have your own private spaces to get away from one another. Your guests will appreciate having a bit of entertainment in their rooms before they retire for the night, or to enjoy as they get ready in the mornings.

Having a TV is a nice touch, you can even provide a selection of DVDs you know that particular guest may enjoy. You could even place a few magazines or their go to news paper on the bedside table for them to read or look over in their spare time. We like to put in a local magazine with different events, restaurants, and attractions in the surrounding area.

Extra Cozy

extra nice put out hotel robesIf you really want to impress your guests, invest in some plush bath robes you can hang in the closet. You can add a number of sweet gifts and personal touches to your guests room.

Think beyond your standard mint on the pillow. You know these people personally, we love even a simple handwritten letter on their nightstand expressing your excitement for their visit.

Avoid Allergens

stay away from allergy causing itemsIn order to keep your guests as comfortable as possible there are a few things we suggest keeping out of your guest bedrooms. First off try to avoid anything that may give your guests allergic reactions. Different people are sensitive to different things so try to avoid scented flowers, scented laundry detergent, scented candles, or down pillows and comforters. All of which are commonly known to irritate allergies.

Create Your Best Guest Bedroom

Hosting your friends and family in your home can be a fun treat. Remember the choose neutral and classic decor that won’t need to be changed or updated too often. Comfort is key, so invest in a mattress with a universal feel that will make just about everyone happy. Having layers of pillows and blankets may be more than what you’re used to but it allows your guests to customize their comfort for the night. At the end of the day, your friends and family are there to spend time with you. So make the bedroom comfortable and then get out of your rooms and spend some time together.

hot to create the ultimate guest bedroom

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