February 8, 2023

Timeless Bedroom Designs

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Interior design trends are always coming and going, yet we do not have the time, energy, or finances to dedicate to redesigning our homes as quickly as design trends move. Which is why we suggest designing your bedroom and home in a way that is as timeless as possible. While no bedroom design is truly timeless, as materials and technology are always advancing and changing how homes appear. We have collected our top tips on how to create a timeless bedroom design that will age as gracefully as possible. As well as a few tips and trick for integrating fun trends in an easily changeable and cost-effective manner.

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Pick a Neutral Color Palette:

how to design a timeless color schemeThink of the color for your walls, floors, and bedding as a blank canvas. When you have a space that is made up of a relatively neutral base colors, hardwood floors, white linens, etc. You are then able to play around with other decorative items like wall art and throw pillows in order to add a dash of flavor and style.

Wall Paint:

Neutral color palettes also go in and out of style. Which goes to show, no interior design is truly timeless. However, neutral tones like shades or white, cream, grey, and beige all tend to create cool to warm neutral palettes that can serve as a great backdrop for many different interior design styles.

Wall Paper:

For a long time, wall paper has been nearly completely out of style. However, this is when you are thinking of old school floral wallpaper. There are a lot of neutral color wall papers that add more of a texture and interest to a wall than bold prints. This style of wallpaper is a much more timeless classic choice that will age gracefully.

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white linens and bedding are timelessWhen you envision a fresh clean luxurious bed, it is normally white. White linens are a classic choice for bedding. It is why luxury hotels always stick to white linens, it is a way of showing guests that they are sleeping in a fresh and clean bed. Design wise, white is a fabulous neutral color that can look beautiful in just about any bedroom interior design style.

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Don’t Fall for Trendy Designs

don't fall for trends too big or smallJust like fashion design, interior design goes through different trends. It is why the 70s is known for shag carpeting and seashell sinks of the 90s. When you are looking to redesign your home, or perhaps create the dream bedroom you have always desired. It can be difficult not to fall for the trends of the time.

When you are looking for inspiration and you see that a certain plant, rug, patterns, color palette, etc, seems to be used in every other photograph, then it is highly likely that this is a trend that will quickly come and go out of style.

The struggle with trends is that they come and go so quickly. While they can be fun at first, you may find after a while that it ages rather quickly. Leading you to having to redecorate sooner rather than later.

Minimalism is also a trend, however you can always pull aspects of a trend that you like without going full blast.

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Make Your Bedroom Functional:

drawers and furniture that ages gracefullyOne of the best ways to ensure that your bedroom is going to be a timeless design that you will use and love for years and years to come is to make sure that your bedroom is a functional space for what you need to use it for.

If you love the way a few small bedside tables look without any drawers, but you also like to keep a lot of things on hand next to your bed, this is a great example of a space not being functional for your daily use.

Instead find a bedside table that both looks attractive, and will fit all of the necessary things you prefer to keep at your bedside.

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Try Furniture Before You Buy:

shopping for mattresses and furniture in personThis comes back to the idea of ensuring your bedroom is functional for you. It can be difficult to ascertain whether a piece of furniture will work well for you without seeing it and touching it in person. That big fluffy couch may be very stiff, or the texture of the materials may collect lint. The bedside table drawers may not open very easily.

A great way you can continue to shop online is to purchase from brands with great trial periods or return policies. This way, if you are not head over heals in love with it, you can return the product to get something you will love.

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How to Timelessly Embrace Trends:

keep trends to small decorative piecesFind a trend that you adore? We get it, it is fun to change things up and embrace new and exciting trends. Before you demo your home, or buy all new furniture, try out a trend in an inexpensive and easily reversed way.

If the color of the season is a soft nude peach and tan, try this trend out using a rug, throw pillow, throw blanket, or some art prints off of Etsy. These are inexpensive ways to try out new trends that can be quickly and easily reversed or changed once the trend goes out of style. This is why essential linens and wall colors being more neutral can make it easier to try out new trends because they go well with just about everything.

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Create a Bedroom That is YOUR Style:

modern and clean design that passes the test of timeAt the end of the day, if you have always been someone who adores bright colors. Then create a bedroom filled with bright art, area rugs, an accent wall, and brightly colors lamps etc. While we may not consider this style to be “timeless” it can be essential to your personality and style that you will always love. If you have always dreaded the appearance of neutral tones and white linens, then that style is not timeless for you.

Once you know yourself and what your essential style is, then you can design with confidence. Knowing that you are designing a home and bedroom that you will love for a long time.

Choosing Timeless Art for Your Bedroom:

if you love color in your home be sure to use colorWhile a lot of wall art and décor is not mass produced. Art should be something that is incredibly personal. The best way to choose art that you will love for a very long time is to pick something that you adore and that isn’t based on a style that is “in” right now. A great place to find art that both speaks to and is well priced is through Etsy.com. Many of us already know and love this website because you get in touch with the artist directly.

A lot of the artists on Etsy have print and digital options for you can print it out yourself at a much cheaper price. Allowing you to have beautiful art, support small businesses and artists, all while curating your home design aesthetic.

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Make Your Room Easy to Clean:

choosing art for the bedroomWhen you are creating your bedroom design, consider how simple it will be to keep this room clean. No matter how beautiful your bedroom is, if it is dirty and difficult to keep clean. Then you will eventually want to change the design. Highly detailed wall sculptures may look stunning, but can be difficult to clean off the dust regularly.

Also consider storage when you are designing your bedroom. This comes back to our point on ensuring your bedroom is functional as well as beautiful. If you have books or clothes you like to keep in the bedroom, make sure you have a great place to put them that is easy to keep clean. A clean bedroom is always a classic and timeless look.

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Allow Some Room for Change Your Timeless Bedroom Design:

great trends to use for the homeNo matter how much we want to design a bedroom once and leave it to stay the same for the rest of our days, our taste often changes over time. Which is why we suggest leaving some room for change in the future.

Small decorative pieces are a great way to shift with the seasons, or implement fun trends that you would like to reference. If you prefer change frequently, get quality picture frame that you can switch out the imagery in every so often.

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Timeless Bedroom Designs: Final Thoughts

Interior designing isn’t always easy to do. However, creating a timeless bedroom can be. Sticking with neutral colors for your wells, floors, and bedding is a great way to give yourself a blank canvas. Then you can add pops of color, pattern, and trends to your bedroom in your cheaper accent pieces like your throw blankets, pillows, or wall art. We hope these tips and tricks help you create your very own timeless bedroom design that will age gracefully.

embracing trends in a timeless way

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