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September 20, 2019

Timeless Bedroom Designs

When it comes to designing a bedroom there are so many possible directions you could go in. With trends constantly changing it can be difficult to create a truly timeless bedroom. We have a few tried and true tips that will help you design a space that can transform with you through the ages. Keep reading to find out how you can design your own classic bedroom ideal for every stage of life.

clean bedding and simple design

Neutral Colors:

Keeping a color palette that is overall more neutral will help keep your bedroom timeless. As well as offer the perfect backdrop for adding seasonal and popular trends that come and go. By keeping your main items more “vanilla” you allow yourself to add “sprinkles” that you can easily change without making any commitments to.

timeless bedroom designWall Paint –

Stick to light, neutral colors for your walls. Trendy paint colors can add a lot of character to a room, but trends change quickly and paint can be a hassle to change. Especially if the trendy color you went for was dark. Lighter colors keep indoor areas feeling spacious and airy.

By sticking to neutral colors on your walls, this also allows you to embrace trendy colors and trends in other ways easily. When you have a blank canvas you can add a few pops of color with throw pillows or blankets, change out the art and a few decorative pieces and all of a sudden you have a transformed the space.

Want to learn more about the best paint colors for bedrooms and how they can even help you sleep better? Then you’ll want to visit our post all about the Best Bedroom Colors For Sleep.

Wall Paper –

how to incorporate wallpaper Recently making a comeback, is patterned wallpaper. It can be fun to add a bit of color or texture to your walls.

However, large patterns or distinctive colors can really date your home quickly. Instead of going with a bold print you can opt for a neutral color with a bit of texture or delicate pattern that adds a bit more interest than a plain wall would.

If you have fallen head over heals for a bold wall paper, there is a way you can add it to your home without plastering it over a wall.

Instead, purchase a small amount of it and you can turn it into a framed art piece. This is not only much less expensive, but also easier to change whenever you feel like it. And a bonus is that if you move you can even take it with you.

Bedding –

clean slate bedding for timeless designDo you remember those huge fluffy bedroom sets of the 1980’s? Full sets of large floral print with matching ruffly pillow cases and matching dust ruffles? We sure do, and if you walked into a bedroom with a set like this you would know exactly which decade that bedding was purchased during.

The more stylized your bedding becomes, the more likely it is to go out of style. Creating a bed set with simple lines and a neutral color palette gives you a perfect starting place. Add a pop of color of pattern in a few different places to add a bit of character that can easily be changed out.

Even adding different textures can help transform the space for better seasonal transitions. Adding a chunking knit blanket, like the Bearaby Napper, is perfect for winter. But, during the summer a more appropriate light linen blanket may be better.

Simplicity is calming and creates a space made for sleeping. Don’t worry you can still add plenty of personality to your bedroom, starting with a simple backdrop merely highlights those choices more clearly. Read below to learn how to embrace trends more effectively.

Do’s & Don’ts of Bedroom Trends:

We’ve all seen super cute and trendy designs we would love to turn our bedrooms into. But, making huge changes can be costly, take a lot of time and may be less trendy faster than we realize. Which is why when it comes to trends there are a few ways to work with them while still keeping a timeless bedroom.

Don’t Go Big With Trends –

add pops of color for simple design changesYou will hear us reference this mindset in nearly every category of home decor across the board. Trends come and go for everything from mustard velour couches to calligraphy wall art of cute quotes.

Trends can be exciting to try out. Changing up your style a little every once and a while can be a fun way to shake things up.

Our tip is to avoid making big commitments to trends. Try not to make any expensive or difficult to change choices.

For example, let’s say purple is the “it” color of the season. Instead of tiling an entire bathroom in a bright purple tile, perhaps get a show curtain or bath mat and towels in your favorite violet hue instead.

This is much easier to change once the trend fades. Changing out your towels is going to be much easier and less expensive than re-tiling or painting your wall back to a neutral color.

How To Embrace Bedroom Trends –

For bedrooms, your throw pillows, throw blanket, wall art, and small decorative pieces are going to be the items you should take the biggest risks with. These items are small but can pack a lot of personality punch.

subtle bedroom trends

These items are also the most cost effective to change out on a regular basis. It also makes your bedroom more palatable even when you’re taking big risks with those small pieces.

Your bedroom will always looked pulled together and stylish if you have a cohesive neutral palette to start. For example, adding a red flannel blanket, a faux wall mounted head and faux fur pillows is just enough of a rustic touch to transform your space during winter.

The bulk of your bedroom is still the same and easy to switch out when spring comes and you’d love to replace those winter feels with a vibrant floral throw, bright yellow pillows and a soft pastel art piece.

Bedroom Art – Trendy or Classic?

buy pieces of art that really speak to youArt is a very personal thing. Finding pieces that really speak to you and your soul is more important than finding pieces that are trendy. If you find a piece of art that truly moves you, then that will last much longer than picking wall art that goes with a theme or style.

On the other hand if you enjoy changing out artwork regularly, then investing in expensive, original pieces may not be a smart investment. If you really enjoy redecorating often then prints, replicas, and widely produced wall art is probably a better financial choice for you. Wall art can be a fun way to update or change your style as you see fit.

Other Aspects of Timeless Bedroom Design

Though the decor will play a huge roll in creating a timeless bedroom, there are a few other areas that will keep your bedroom classic through proper layout, minimal clutter and cleanliness. Below are a few other tips for creating an ideal space that will leave you with a dreamy haven that feels put together.

Feng Shui –

feng shui is a great way to know how to place furnitureIf a bedroom layout is cramped, has terrible flow, or simply makes you uncomfortable. Then it doesn’t matter what decor you add, it will not be a comfortable bedroom. This is why we believe following some of the rules in Feng Shui will help keep your bedroom feeling comfortably classic.

There is a reason why Feng Shui is still around and popular after hundreds of years, good flow never goes out of style. Having a bedroom layout and design that makes you feel comfortable and at peace helps you to sleep better.

New to the ways of Feng Shui? Check out our page on Guide to Bedroom Feng Shui.

Too Much Or Too Little –

timeless bedriin design how to avoid trendsNow we realize that a lot of what we have mentioned has focused and ensuring you do not over design or go too far into trends. This is a rather minimalist take on design. Keeping things rather simple is one of the best ways to keep things timeless. As well as minimize clutter.

However, taking any style too far is a bad idea. While we love clean designs and white sheets, if you don’t have any character or personalization to your room, then you’re bound to end up in a stagnant room lacking in cozy comfort.

Stay Tidy –

Nothing ruins a beautiful bedroom faster than a bunch of clutter or mess. Having a clean room is one of the best ways to keep your environment feeling peaceful and serene. It does not seem like something that comes up when considering design. However, no matter how beautiful the design of your bedroom, you won’t be able to enjoy it if it’s constantly dirty. If you want to learn our go to cleaning products and routines check out our post all on keeping your bedroom clean.

Always Transforming: 

add a bit of color and pattern in small amountsIf you are moving into a new home or planning a big renovation or design do over, keep in mind that we believe designing a space should always be a work in progress. If you’re starting from scratch we suggest getting classic basic pieces that can easily be transformed with different decorative pieces.

One of the fun parts of decorating is that our own personal style and tastes change over time. Therefore creating a flexible space that you can alter and play with as time goes by is important. This is why you should not feel the pressure to have your bedroom be perfect right away.

Going out on a shopping binge and getting all the new bedding sets along with the wall art, trinkets, and other goodies made to decorate your bedroom to the nines is really not the way to go about redecorating a room.

Instead be a selective collector. If you find yourself on vacation somewhere and you find a basket or a picture that you adore, get that piece and add it to you room. Also be open to letting go of decorative pieces as your loose interest in them. If you find things out in the world that call out to you vs what is marketed to you for this season, you are more likely going to love them longer.

We love making little changes to our bedroom whenever different seasons roll around. Check out all the latest bedroom trends HERE!

Timeless Bedroom Designs: Final Thoughts

Trends are constantly changing. While going too far into a trend is a sure way to date your bedroom, your own tastes are bound to change with time. This is why we believe it is important to create a space that transforms easily with a few simple changes. This way you bedroom can shift with the seasons and never get too stagnate. We hope these tips help you to create the timeless bedroom of your dreams.

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