March 8, 2021

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom on a Budget

Many forward-thinking interior designers are spouting out how the farmhouse style is over. While there a number of trends from the initial farmhouse aesthetic have come to an end, a simple rustic home will never fully go out of style. We are going to share with you the aspects of farmhouse style that have come to an end in popularity, as well as tips on how to update your chic rustic style to look new and fresh. All so you can create the Modern Farmhouse Bedroom of your dreams, all while staying in budget.

modern farmhouse bedroom design on a budget

Avoid Signs with Kitsch Phrases:

skip the corny signsThe Live Laugh Love signs have been seen hundreds of thousands of times and while no one can disagree that living a life full of love and laughter is a great time, these signs are overused. Other signs that are room specific like “Kitchen” or having kitchen theme related puns and so on are getting a bit corny to say the least.

If you adore these signs and they bring a smile to your face whenever you see this, then of course disregard. However, if you are more interested in staying in the know for interior design, then it is time to let go of your “Wash, Dry, Fold” sign in your laundry room too.

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Clean & Functional > Cluttered & Decorative:

what not to doOne of the reasons why the traditional Farmhouse style is being viewed as “one the way out” is that it does not line up with a new way of thinking with our homes. Minimalist trends have led those to really view their homes differently. More is no longer more, less things that serve a purpose is more important than an abundance of decorative “useless” things to have in your house.

The great news is that it doesn’t cost you a dime to downsize on the amount of items you have in your home. If you or your family really love to use something, keep in accessible. Your bedroom should be an especially simple room, as it is mainly used for only one main purpose, sleep. (This concept can be a bit more complicated for shared spaces like the living room and bedroom.)

A few key elements can portray a chic modern farmhouse feel to your home, without having to fill up your space with decorative pieces.

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Greenery & House Plants

add lots of house plantsA great way to add an earthy farmhouse feel to your home while keeping it fresh and modern, is with plants, dried greenery, faux greenery, or fresh greenery. Fresh greenery or plants are going to be your best addition to your farmhouse bedroom as they add a lightness to your room. House plants often make a home feel fresh and healthy.

Fresh cut greenery is cheaper than flowers, although they can be just as beautiful. They add a natural color and texture into your home that brings a bit of the outdoors inside. Which is a great way to give your home a farmhouse feels while continuing to feel modern. If you do not like to purchase fresh cut greenery regularly or keep plants alive. Then dried greenery and/or faux greenery may be a great option for you. Tip: Buy fresh eucalyptus from your local florist and hang upside down to dry. It looks beautiful and is much less expensive than purchasing pre-dried greenery.

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Ceramics & Pottery

ceramic pots greenery house plantsInstead of having decorative milk jugs and such, choose simple ceramic and terracotta pottery. This can be a great way to hold the houseplants or greenery we mentioned earlier. Pick out pieces that you love the color and texture of instead of any cliché sayings on them.

There are loads of handmade pottery pieces you can find at thrift stores and farmers markets etc. If there are any local ceramists in your home town, this is a great way you can support local business while adding something a bit more personal into your home. (Afterall, that is what farmhouse style is attempting to replicate most of the time.)

Lighting Fixtures

how to get a modern farmhouse feelWhen you are minimizing on decorative pieces in your home in order to make it feel clean and modern, you want to capitalize on creating a sense of space and style with functional pieces. Every functional piece of furniture you own should also be decorative. Lighting is a great example of something that serves a purpose and creates a sense of environment.

If you have a standard builder grade fan or light fixture, it serves its purpose perfectly fine. However, if you upgrade to a light fixture or fan in your bedroom that has a sense of style, it can make the room look much more custom. This is a great example of how your functional pieces of furniture can become décor instead of having a bunch of small decorative clutter.

Rugs Add Warmth & Interest

creating a farmhouse look that is modernSomething often heard when moving from farmhouse to something more clean or modern is that it feels cold. The lack of items can leave a lot of empty space. Which to many feels impersonal and not very homey.

A great way to add in a bit of warmth without cluttering up your space is with a rug. Area rugs can add a lot of warmth, texture, and color into a space without overwhelming it. You can all the free space and floor room while also getting a bunch of personality. Just like the light fixtures we mentioned earlier, rugs are a great opportunity to reflect your personal style into a space with an item that serves a purpose.

Also, no one wants to climb out of their bed and put their feet on a cold tile or hardwood floor. Rugs bring literal warmth and comfort into a space unlike anything else.

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom – Linens:

linen and quiltsOf course, the bed takes center attention when it comes to the bedroom. It is the key element, which means your bedding can change the look and feel of your room rather drastically. In order to create that balance between modern and farmhouse look for your bedding, we suggest high contrast colors with clean lines and great textures.

Linen is a great material as it is rather popular at the moment, incredibly comfortable, and creates stunning natural texture that adds a beautiful detail to a modern farmhouse bed. For a farmhouse bed you are going to want to stick with natural tones.

For example, instead of picking out pure white sheets, choose an off white to cream color instead. This creates a softer, more natural feel to the room. Pure white, black, or intensely pigmented colors look synthetic in a room inspired by farm living.

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Simple Pillows & Throws With Texture:

throw blankets and pillow for your bedroomThe naysayers will say that Farmhouse style bedrooms are all about cluttered bedrooms with too many signs, and mountains of throw pillows. We know better than that. A few decorative pillows and layers of natural comfortable textures make for a stunning bed that looks timeless.

Quilts make great layers for your modern farmhouse bedroom. This is because quilting is such a loved tradition that carries a lot of history with it. It has a homemade feeling that makes a house feel more like a home. If it is a homemade quilt made by a loved one, that makes it even more ideal to use in your home.

A tips for making your throw blankets or quilts look a bit more modern is to stick to simple clean looking designs without too many colors or patterns.

Less Barn Doors:

Update your farmhouse style bedroom to suite the modern design aesthetic by avoiding barn doors. A barn style door become quite the trendy thing to do several years ago. Because it was such a loved trend everyone started putting barn doors up in their home. This made it ultra-trendy and therefore, it went out of style about as quickly as it went into style.

Many interior design trend followers are deeming barn doors as officially “out”. Making them a no go if you are trying to create a modern and chic farmhouse bedroom design.

More Rustic Materials:

When you are creating a modern farmhouse bedroom, the materials your furniture and floors are made out of can make a big difference in embracing the farmhouse feel without going to kitsch.

Instead of decorating with farmhouse signs and barn doors, try incorporating rustic materials and pieces of useful décor. This will give your home a lived in, farmhouse style that feels more authentic instead of cliché.

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Tips For Saving Money – Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

Shop Resale, Thrift, & Vintage:

antique shops versus thrift storesOne of the best parts of the Farmhouse Interior Design Aesthetic is that it legs well to resale, thrift, and vintage shopping. Which can be a great way to save money. While vintage shops will require less hunting around for things you will like, they do tend to bump up the cost.

Try to search through resale and thrift shops first. This is where you will be able to find your best deals. There are a lot of fun ceramics, furniture pieces, artwork, and more. With online resale places like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist, you will be able to search specifically for what you are looking for as well.

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Avoid Expensive Brand Names:

A great way to save money is to not fall for brand name pieces of furniture or decorative items. If you see a really cute linen set, or ceramic bowls at a store then take a look around elsewhere. Go to these places for inspiration and then find something similar elsewhere for much less money. Farmhouse style is rooted in reusing vintage pieces. So instead of buying high price replicas, go and find the real deal for much less money.

This is something we advise to anyone looking to redecorate or design a bedroom space or anywhere else in the home. No matter what interior design aesthetic you like, try to avoid name brands. This will be a great way to save yourself a lot of money.

Designer Bedroom vs Budget Friendly Bedroom

The following are two different modern farmhouse bedroom pieces that will fit perfectly with this aesthetic. We chose to create a very similar look for each, so that you can see how you can save a lot of money just by avoiding designer brand names.

Modern Farmhouse Designer Bedroom:

This stunning designer modern farmhouse bedroom is gorgeous, but many of the pieces are rather expensive. While they are gorgeous, and we love the look. We wanted to share these prices with you, so that you can see how much money you can save by going “off brand”.

designer farmhouse bedroom design

Bed – Laurina Iron Platform Bed $1,599 Shop at Pottery Barn

Bedside Tables – Maison Open Nightstand $795 Restoration Hardware

Light Fixture – Easton Forged-Iron 5-Arm Chandelier – $799 Shop at Pottery Barn

Lamp – Cambria Seagrass Table Lamp – $369 Shop at Pottery Barn

Bedding – Parachute Brushed Cotton Duvet Cover Set Queen – $259 Shop at Parachute

Throw Blanket – Alpaca Wool Blanket from Avocado – $149 Shop at Avocado Green

All prices are liable to change.

Designer Bedroom Total Cost: $3,970

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Modern Farmhouse Budget Bedroom:

If you are on a budget, then you are really going to appreciate our budget friendly version of the modern farmhouse bedroom aesthetic. While we love these pieces, keep in mind that you can mix and match what you already have, and resale or vintage pieces to add more character and save more money.

budget friendly farmhouse bedroom

Bed – Mercer Casted Knot Metal Bed by iNSPIRE Q Classic Queen – $324 Click to Shop Overstock.com

Bedside Tables – East at Main Jones Bedside Table – $320 Click to Shop Overstock.com

Light Fixture – Modern Farmhouse 6-light Black Wagon Wheel Chandelier $170 Click to Shop Overstock.com

Lamp – Bryn Modern Coastal Table Lamp in Rattan – $79 Click to Shop Overstock.com

Bedding – Lush Décor Farmhouse Stripe 3 Piece Comforter Set Queen – $95 Click to Shop Overstock.com

Throw Blanket – Parkland Collection Stella Transitional Woven Handloom Throw – $33 Click to Shop Overstock.com

All prices are liable to change.

Budget Bedroom Total: $1,021

Total Potential Savings: $2,949

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom on a Budget – Final Thoughts:

the modern farmhouse on a budget

Creating a modern farmhouse bedroom that is inline with interior design styles. It is all about creating an environment that feels more authentic. By using more textures, colors and patterns that evoke the feeling of a home on a farm. Instead of choosing signs that tell you it is a farmhouse or barn doors in your modern home.

One of the best ways to keep your home feeling authentic is by collecting decorative pieces like quilts, pottery, and so on. Is by doing so in time and picking up select pieces as you come across like at resale markets, art shows, from family members, and so on. This will help you to avoid the cliché pieces found at home decoration stores that everyone seems to have. Making your home a reflection of your life experience.

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