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October 1, 2019

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom on a Budget

It seems like Modern Farmhouse style is everywhere you turn. There are shiplap walls and gingham pillows popping up on Pinterest pages and your friends homes all across the country. With such popularity there are shops selling expensive version of these styles in boutiques and pricey interior design stores. The good news is that you don’t need to get a spot on an HGTV show in order to recreate this trendy style in your home. We are going to share with you a few of our favorite tips and items that we love, that you can use to create a Modern Farmhouse bedroom on a budget. Keep reading to find out how.

the modern farmhouse on a budget

Our Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Design

  1. Laluz Chandelier from Amazon – Light Fixture
  2. Blanket Ladder from Amazon – Ladder
  3. Safavieh Mendie Natural Oak Dresser from – Dresser
  4. Cast Iron Bed Frame With Headboard from GDF Studio – Bed Frame
  5. Lush Decor Farmhouse Stripe Throw from – Blanket
  6. This Is Us Sign from Amazon – Wall Art
  7. Novogratz x Globe Brass Lamp from Amazon – Lamp
  8. Kate & Laurel Nightstand from Amazon – Nightstand

Recreating the Modern Farmhouse Aesthetic:

Light & Dark

black iron light fixture for joanna gaines style bedroomOne thing you will find in nearly all Modern Farmhouse designs is the high contrast use of light and dark. More specifically, the use of white and black.

You may find the occasional bedroom with an accent wall painted charcoal. However, more typically white walls and linens paired with black or charcoal accessories. Typically these darker accessories are made out of metal, like cast iron style bed frames, or chandeliers. Which is why we picked out this black metal chandelier. We have seen similar chandelier’s in plenty of inspiration photos online.

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reclaimed wooden dressers farmhouseA modern Farmhouse simply isn’t complete without some wood textures integrated in the room. Whether it is through exposed beams or dressers made out of reclaimed wood, you simply must have a bit of wood warming up your home. The natural texture mimics the natural textures found in a farm, which is why it is so popular in this design style.

Unfortunately not everyone has exposed beams in their home or the ability/expensive machinery it takes to make their own reclaimed wood furniture. Thankfully you can still get that rustic style without hiring someone to make you a custom piece of furniture. That is why we love the look of this dresser. The rustic wood and heavy metal knobs makes it feel like an original piece.

Industrial Metal

brass lamp for a farmhouse bedroomFinding beauty in functional pieces is a big part of how Farmhouse Style became so popular. This is why there are so many industrial materials used in Modern Farmhouse design.

Metal like cast iron, brass, nickel other metals are fun to integrate in different ways. You will notice that in our design the bed, blanket ladder, and chandelier are all made to look like they are made out of cast iron. While the table lamp has a brushed bronze look.

Country Linens

linens and cotton striped farmhouseNo room for fancy silks or cashmere in a farmhouse style home. Instead opt for more casual and utilitarian materials like linen, cotton, or wool. These materials are much more durable and typically have a more “rural” feel to them. We picked a throw blanket with a large ticking striping.

You have probably seen these stripes all over the place. Traditionally they are found on cotton or linen textiles woven rather tightly. This tight weaving was originally done in order to keep down filling from coming out of a pillow. Like other styles popular with Farmhouse, it stems from a utilitarian purpose.

Calligraphy Wall Art 

calligraphy wall art farmhouseHomes are covered in wall art made out of quotes ranging from short and sweet to inspirational. With calligraphy becoming so popular it is no wonder it became popular to cover your walls in these different quotes.

There are many artists at home learning how to do calligraphy and starting their own businesses from home creating custom signs. So now you can support local small businesses and get custom wall art with names and dates or whatever else you made like.


shiplap style nightstandPutting shiplap all over your walls would be expensive, time consuming, and difficult to take down if you ever want to change your mind.

That is why we love this night stand by Kate & Laurel, It adds the same color and texture of shiplap to your room without having to commit to the style.

This saves you a lot of money and you still get that Farmhouse style that you love.


ceramic pots for farmhouse styleAnother popular material used in Modern Farmhouse homes is ceramics. While this is more commonly found in the kitchen, there are ways you can bring this into the bedroom as well.

Small flower vases for your bedside table, a catch all plate, or even a base to a lamp. You can be creative and use what you find. One off ceramic pieces are perfect to find while thrifting, art fairs, or even at farmers markets.

Stay Under Budget:

Antiquing VS Thrift Shopping

antique shops versus thrift storesIf you have spent any time watching Fixer Upper or Good Bones, then you know how popular antique shopping has become. Although antique shops typically know what their stuff is worth. Meaning to get your precious treasures, you will have to pay a pretty penny.

Instead we suggest going thrift, or garage sale shopping. You are much less likely to find the treasures of your dreams as easily, but when you do they are going to be at a significantly discounted price. Keep in mind that if you do go vintage shopping, some location haggle and others don’t, try to figure this out before you hit the register.

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Find Inspiration

iron bed frames great for that farmhouse look If you find inspiration off of a show or at an expensive shop, take the inspiration and run with it. You are bound to find it cheaper elsewhere or you might even find a way to make it yourself.

Be brave and get creative with what you choose to decorate your home with. When it comes to decorating a Modern Farmhouse bedroom, you have a lot of freedom to take inspiration and find beauty in worn out utilitarian pieces.

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom on a Budget

One of the best parts of decorating your home in a style like Modern Farmhouse is that it is based off of finding beauty in the world around you. Using what you have on hand to create a beautiful home. Whether you live in a renovated barn in the middle of nowhere or in an apartment downtown, you can create an eclectic, rustic, and homey Farmhouse vibe in your home.

Since the original farmhouse style came from renovated barns and country homes, they used what they had on hand and found beauty in original pieces they already owned. In other words, it is made to be cheap. Yay!

So if you find something you love but the price tag blows you away, get inspired by the item and search for something similar elsewhere. This is how you can create a Modern Farmhouse style home on a budget. The main idea we hope you walk away with today is to not get seduced by the rustic looking items at a store and instead go treasure hunting. This way you find unique pieces for less.

the modern farmhouse on a budget

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