February 24, 2021

Bedroom Plants & Flowers

best bedroom plants and flowers

House plants have gained such large popularity in the last several years. From small table top succulents to ceiling high fiddle leaf fig trees, and everything in between. The love of plants has grown as quickly as pothos ivy. Cut flowers are also a classic addition to any room. They instantly elevate the feel and look of any room they are put in.

However, plants and flowers can potentially bring on allergies and critters along with them. Keep reading to get our view on the pros and cons to having plants and flowers in the bedroom. Along with the best bedroom plants & flowers, and how to pick them out for yourself.

Benefits of Plants & Flowers in Your Bedroom:

Not only are plants pretty and add a nice splash of color, but also offer several other benefits. Below are a few of the positives you’ll get from adding some flora to your bedroom.

Improved Air Quality

plants and flowers for your bedroomPlants are a great way to naturally improve the air quality in your home. This can be a wonderful health benefit to keeping plants in your home. This is especially true for the bedroom, since you are breathing so heavily as you sleep.

Keep in mind that not all plants are great for purifying the air within a room. However, our list later on within this post of recommended house plants will be a great place to start if you are wanting a plant that will help clean the air in your bedroom.

Fresh Floral Scents

how to pick plants for your bedroomA fresh cut flower arrangement always brings a fresh floral scent to the room. Even unscented flowers seem to add a freshness and natural clean scent into the room. This is a wonderful way to freshen up a space and make it smell fresh without using any added scents with candles or sprays.

Plant Are Popular Décor

Plants are especially popular in interior design these days. House plants are in all the magazines and interior design blogs. Beautiful healthy plants are often a sign that a home is a healthy thriving environment.

It takes time, attention and care to keep healthy plants thriving, although there are many house plants that are very easy to care for. Skip to the end of this post to get some of our easy tips and tricks for keeping your plants alive.

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Flowers Feel Luxurious

how to pick flowers for the bedroomFreshly cut flowers always elevate the appearance and feeling of a room. Even a very simple bunch of flowers, put in a vase at home can make a room feel elegant and luxurious.

While different styles of floral arranging and specific flowers themselves can go in and out of popularity. Fresh flowers are always a great choice to add that little something extra to a bedroom.

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Downside to Plants & Flowers in Your Bedroom:

Like any coin there is always two sides. This happens to be the case with rather or not adding plants to your bedroom is for you. Below are a few things to consider if you are on the fence or adding some greenery to your bedroom.

Could Irritate Allergies

which flowers will give you allergies?If you are particularly sensitive to scent, then certain flowers may be an irritant to have in the bedroom. Even some unscented florals could potentially irritate your allergies.

If you are unsure whether or not certain types of flowers irritate your allergies, but you would like to try having them anyway. We suggest keeping them in a well ventilated common room like the kitchen or living room first. This way, if they do irritate you, your sleep will not be affected.

Some flowers like lilies can be particularly strongly scented and can release a lot of pollen, while flowers like roses, tulips, and hydrangea release very little pollen and typically do not bother allergy sufferers.

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Gnats & Other Pests

do plants carry pests?While the risk is rather low, every once in a blue moon plants can attract or bring small bugs into the home with them. Typically, gnats are simply caused by too much water on the surface of the soil. This is typically fixed by lowering the amount you are watering and covering the top of the soil with small rocks or sand.

While it is possible to attract other pests with your plants, with proper plant care this potential downfall should be easily eliminated.

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Added Mess & Care

yes or no plants in the bedroomThe look, feel and smell of real plants and flowers offers so much more than fake ones. However, with plants and flowers comes caring for them. As well as the possibility of a mess, which many of us don’t want in our bedrooms.

Like any plant you must water it consistently. This means that you not only have the potential of water leaking onto your floors or rugs, but also the time it takes to maintain them too.

Not only is there the watering aspect, but all plants are in dirt, meaning that if knocked over or something breaks, you have a big muddy mess on your hands.

Even something as simple as a vase of flowers has the potential of being knocked over and spilling. So, just remember that with any real plant of flowers there are other aspects that could make it a messy addition to the bedroom.

Best House Plants for Your Bedroom:

Some plants are better to use in a bedroom setting then others. Be sure to check up on how much sunlight enters your room throughout the day. Is the sunlight in your room direct light, or indirect light? Is it warm, cold, humid, dry, or drafty in your bedroom? All of this can affect what house plant will work best in your bedroom.

how to purchase plants for the bedroom

Another added bonus to this plant is that most of the plants mentioned bellow are going to be great for keeping your air fresh and purified, especially in the evening.

  • Areca Palm
  • Neem Tree
  • Snake Plant
  • Aloe Vera
  • Christmas Cactus
  • Peepal Tree
  • Orchids
  • Spider Plant
  • Peace Lily
  • Pothos
  • Succulents

Best Flowers for Your Bedroom:

Not all flowers are great for floral arranging. Here are some of the easiest and most common flowers you can find easily from any local florist or grocery store. Whether you choose a pre-arranged selection of flowers, or you pick your own and arrange them yourself, these are some of the floral varieties that are fun and easy to work with. We have also included a handful of greenery varieties that can be used in an arrangement all on their own.

  • what flowers smell the best?Dried Lavender (No water needed!)
  • Hydrangea
  • Roses
  • Tulips
  • Orchids
  • Traditional Lilies
  • Oriental & Star Gazer Lilies (Highly scented, allergy sufferers avoid)
  • Stock
  • Delphinium
  • Snap Dragons
  • Carnations


  • Eucalyptus
  • Myrtle
  • Italian Ruscus
  • Israeli Ruscus
  • Lemon Leaf

Should You Use Scented or Unscented Flowers?

picking flowers for your bedroomThis all depends on your personal preferences. If you are putting flowers in a guest bedroom, we always suggest using unscented flowers. This way if your guest is allergic, they will still be able to sleep well throughout the night.

However, if you adore scented flower then you should absolutely put them in your room. Floral scents can be very relaxing and enjoyable. Which can add a lot of comfort to your bedroom.

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How To Pick A Plant & Keep It Alive

If you are new to plants and need a bit of help there are a few steps to take before buying anything. Below are a few pointers that will ensure the best success in not only getting a great plant, but keeping it alive.

Research Plants:

pros and cons of house plantsLook up different verities of indoor plants and they specific needs. This kind of research can help you prevent having a lot misfortunes with picky plants. Keep an eye on how much sunlight they prefer etc. these tidbits will help you determine which plants will work best in your design spot for having a plant.

Pick Hardy Plant Verities:

In your research search for hardy plant verities that are difficult to kill. This is especially important for anyone who has never cared for an house plant before.

Choose Plant Location:

Often times this step comes first whenever you are decorating your space. You have a spot on a shelf or next to a window where you think… Yes, a plant would look really nice there. Now that you have done your plant research, you will better be able to determine what plants will do best in that plant location.

Buy a Healthy Plant:

Your chances of keeping your plant alive and healthy can be greatly hindered if you start off on the wrong foot. Really look at a plant before you buy it. Does it have any bugs on it, are there any wilted yellow leaves, or black spots on the leaves? Does the soil look too dry or too damp? If you pull on the plant will it pop right up? Or are the roots taking nicely to the soil. All of this will help you pick a healthy happy plant to start off with.

Shop At Garden Centers:

how to buy a healthy house plantInstead of picking up a plant at your local grocery store, buy a plant front your local garden center. Often you will get a much healthier and happier plant from these locations. They often have a much more plants for you to choose from as well.

Pick a Pot for Purpose (Not for looks):

Picking a beautiful pot is always a tempting choice, and you can still pick a beautiful pot for your plant. However, first be sure that the kind of drainage that your plant needs. Or else you could end up with a very pretty pot and a dead plant. You can always put your useful pot inside of a decorative outer basket or pot of your choosing.

Monitor Watering:

proper watering for your plantsDo your research and listen to your plant. If you are following the information you were given but for some reason your plant seems to be drowning, give more time between watering your plant. You may need to reconsider how you are waters or how much drainage your plant is getting as well.

How much water your plant needs can change from season to season. Even indoors your plant can be effected by the amount of sunlight coming in through the windows along with the temperature inside of the home or next to the window. All of these things can change how much water the plant needs.

Faux Plants & Flowers

faux plants yes or noNot everyone has a green thumb, or the time and energy to keep plants alive. If you travel often, or have pets that eat any plant that isn’t plastic, then a faux plant may be perfect for you and your home.

While silk flowers and fake plants have gotten a very bad reputation for looking cheap and dusty, the technology in creating faux plants that look incredibly real has come a long way since your grandma’s silk flower obsession.

The key is to invest in a high-quality fake plant that is generally only seen front a distance. Try to avoid putting faux plants next to highly used sitting areas as these will be seen up close often.

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Best Bedroom Plants & Flowers: Final Thoughts

When it comes down to it, the very best bedroom plants and flowers are the ones that you love most. As long as they look beautiful in your home, don’t bother your allergies, and stay nice and healthy. Then that is a perfect plant or floral arrangement for you and your home. While plants and flowers are great to have in the bedroom, they are also a beautiful addition to have throughout your home. Branch out and try to put plants and flowers throughout your home for maximum benefits. Enjoy!

how to choose the best plants and flowers for your bedroom

Feel free to reach out and contact us with any question your may have. We would love to hear from you.