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October 10, 2019

Zen Bedroom on a Budget

the most zen bedroom around

Your bedroom should bring a sense of calm and peace. A space that elicits tranquility and rest that is rejuvenating, which is why having a zen style bedroom is so appealing. However, when you have a tight budget you might feel like you can’t splurge on decorating your bedroom. However, we are going to make it easy to transform your room into an affordable sleeping oasis. Below we have several great suggestions to create a zen bedroom on a budget.

What Is Zen?

how to create a zen bedroom spaceTo be Zen is to be in a state of mind (often through meditation) where you act based off of intuition rather than logic. The word has close ties to the Japanese form of Buddhism. Many of the concepts of meditation revolve around being peaceful and present in the moment at hand.

What a great state of mind to be in when you are trying to get to sleep. Which is why we wanted to create the most Zen evoking bedroom as possible.

Feng Shui Tips

While Zen is a Japanese concept, many of the “rules” of Feng Shui are centered around the ideas of flow and balance. All of which are very conducive to a Zen environment. Which is why you will see us bring up different concepts from it often throughout this article. Such as, balance, flow, minimal electrics, and no mirrors.

Want to learn more about Feng Shui? Read our article Guide to Bedroom Feng Shui to learn all about it. 

Make It Yours!

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves into how to make a zen space we want to really enforce the fact that there is no one right way. Many have their own unique interpretations of certain styles, which is GREAT! As an interior designer prior to running a sleep website I have some great advice, but I would say that the best advice is make it your own. If you don’t add your own personality to your space, it won’t feel comfortable. So though we can offer several suggestions, take them as such.

Even within styles there are so many possibilities. As you will quickly see typing “zen bedroom” into Pinterest or Google you’ll get a wide variety of choices that may have some similarities, but also are very different too. See a few of my favorite, but drastically different, zen bedrooms below. Regardless, make sure that you find what you like about this style and then make it your own.

best zen bedrooms

Zen Style

As you can see from the above images, Zen can be interpreted several different ways. But, even though each bedroom has it’s own unique appeal, they all offer some overlapping aspects. With any style or design there are a few rules of thumb that classify it as such. When it comes to creating a zen bedroom on a budget there are a few elements to include that will help you reach your goal of achieving this style.

  • Calming Energy

the best zen bedroomThis may be the most important aspect of Zen style. Creating a tranquil space that allows you to feel relaxation, calmness and sense of well being is the crucial. Filling your room with what helps you feel calm is best. If you like a butter soft yellow, than work it into your design. If you want to create a meditation zone, than do it. Don’t have a green thumb? Than skip adding any plants. Whatever makes your energy feel centered, that is what is zen for you.

  • Get Low

Zen is literally the practice of meditation. So, grounding yourself is key to this style. What better way to help you feel grounded than literally being closer to the ground? Using low profile platform beds and lower nightstands, if any at all, keep you closer to the earth. Adding meditation pillows or various throw pillows can create a great look and area to relax outside of the bed.

  • Less Is More

using the elements to create a zen roomThe fact that minimalism ties in with a Zen concept is great when you want an inexpensive upgrade. Most zen spaces are very keen on keeping the space clean and not overly cluttered. Instead of most bedrooms with layers of blankets and pillows, a zen bedroom will be much more uniform and focus on clean lines and design. Which means less stuff you need to invest into buying.

  • Natural Elements

When it comes to choosing furniture and accessories keep the elements in mind. Earth, water, wind, and fire. All of which in small doses can be safe to bring into your bedroom. Wooden furniture really ground your room and gives a strong presence of earth. While a small fountain can be incredibly calming as it replicates the sound of naturally running water.

Candles or incense add a relaxing and controlled fire element to your room. While a fan bring the soft movement of wind through the room. By bringing in these four natural elements into your bedroom, it also bring a lot of peace and comfort.

  • Round Shapes

round furniture better for zen bedroomsSharp angles are aggressive and while they can be beautiful they can also disrupt flow. Which is why Feng Shui suggests round shapes and soft edges for a bedroom. Try to avoid too many rectangles and squares that can be so common in modern furniture and decor.

  • Balance

In order to keep a sense of balance in your mind and soul, we are taking yet another note from Feng Shui. Which is to maintain balance with the furniture and decor within the bedroom.

Two night stands, two lamps. If you can, try to create a room in which if it were sitting on a scale the weight of the room from side to side would remain perfectly balanced even if it isn’t exactly the same.

  • Headboards

the best possible headboard for bedroomIn order to feel super Zen, do you need a headboard? No necessarily, but it could help. Having a solid headboard (not made of bars or perforated) can help give one a sense of security in bed.

A sturdy headboard reinforces feelings of peace and that it is safe to fall into a deep and restful sleep.

Things to Avoid To Keep Your Room Zen

  • what not to do with your bedroomUnnatural/aggressive colors – Instead go for a natural and soft color palette
  • Sharp angles and edges – Look for furniture with rounded edges and circular decorative pieces
  • Clutter – Keeping your room clean and tidy helps create peace
  • Harsh lighting – Soft warm lamp lights are best
  • Lots of electronics – Minimize any and all electronic use in the bedroom
  • Work – Sleep and relaxation only. A bedroom should remain a zero work space

Best Zen Bedroom Plants

  • plants for a zen spaceBamboo – Grows so well indoors and freshens the air
  • Orchids – Stunning flowers and need minimal water
  • Peace Lily – Could practically grow in a closet, great for rooms with little light
  • Lavender – Peaceful and relaxing scent

We LOVE house plants, but not all indoor plants are good to keep in the bedroom. Read Best Indoor Plants & Flowers For Bedrooms to find out which plants you should and should not be keeping in the bedroom.

Zen Bedroom on a Budget:

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Final Zen Thoughts:

Creating a Zen environment into your bedroom is a great idea. Whether you meditate, practice yoga, or are simply wanting to add a bit of peace to your life, a Zen Bedroom works well for just about everyone. The naturally calming and peaceful feelings are the perfect vibes for drifting off to sleep. We hope our tips help you to get the most Zen sleep of your life.