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October 10, 2019

Did I Buy The Right Mattress?

did i buy the right mattress

While a mattress may feel incredibly comfortable when you first sit on it, sleeping on that same mattress all night long may reveal some uncomfortable features you were not expecting. Making you wonder if you bought the right mattress. However, it is completely normal for your body to take a while to adjust to the comfort features of your new bed.

The real question is, how can you tell if you bought the wrong mattress or if you are just still adjusting? We will answer this question and many more. Keep reading to find out how to determine whether your new mattress is right for you or if it is time to move on.

Give it 30 Days

It takes time to adjust to a new mattress. However, if your new mattress is making you uncomfortable, at what point do you decide it just isn’t the right mattress? We suggest giving yourself at least 30 days for your body to adjust to the new feeling of the mattress.

how to tell if you got the right stuff

If you are changing up your mattress style drastically. (All Foam to Hybrid or Hybrid to All Foam etc.) Then you may need to give yourself even more time to adjust as it may take longer to adjust to the extreme change than it would if your were just upgrading to a new version of what you already had.

If you have exceeded 30 days and you either are getting worse or if you also have new pains that seem directly correlated with your mattress, then this may be a sign that it is not the right bed for you. Which means it may be time to at the very least reach out to the company you bought your mattress from and see if they have any suggestions for you.

Have Realist Expectations

have realistic expectations for your mattress Mattresses are not miracle cures. If you suffer from chronic pain or if you have a lifestyle or job that is rough on your body, then a mattress will not magically take away all your aches and pains. While you may find one mattress more comfortable than another, the likelihood that there is a mystical “just right” mattress for you that will erase all the damage done on your body overnight, is truly impossible.

Keep this in mind when shopping for, or trying out a new mattress. Often the cause of chronic pain is far more complicated than sleeping on the wrong mattress. Which means changing your mattress will likely not take away all of your pain. (Although it may lower it with time.) So make sure you really give your mattress a fair chance before writing it off because all of your pain didn’t melt away overnight.

Struggling with chronic pain? Changing your sleep position might help. Read our article Best Sleeping Positions For Pain Relief to learn more.

Know What You’re Looking For

make lists for what you want to haveBefore you buy a mattress it is important to know your own personal preferences. In general, most people are comfortable with a mattress ranging from the Medium-Soft to the Medium-Firm realm.

Very rarely does anyone prefer a Very Soft or a Very Firm mattress. So if you’re not sure which style of mattress is going to be “just right” for you, stick to the mid range instead of going with either extreme. Make a list of what is most important to you to have out of a new mattress. Here are some of the common requests we see.

Popular Mattress Features:

Top tip, pick your top three mattress features for your “must have list”. If you share your mattress with your significant other, then compare your lists and see how they align. Hopefully they have some similarities. However, if there are contradicting requests there are still mattresses out there that you will both be happy with. You just need to find it, even if it is a split comfort mattress.

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Do Your Research

do your research before buying a mattressThere is a reason we write reviews on mattresses, we know buying a mattress online can be confusing. Which is why we go into the details of each mattress so you can better determine which mattress is going to suite your needs best. It is also true that some mattresses are going to work better in different departments than others.

So before you buy a mattress, decide what you really want out of your mattress and then search for beds that meet you “must have” requirements list.

Not sure what you want out of a mattress? Then you will want to check out Our Mattress Buying Guide: 3 Easy Steps 

Chances Are You Will Like It

did you buy a comfortable mattressIn general less than 5% of mattresses get returned, which means the likelihood that your mattress isn’t right for you is low. The truth is that most people can find comfort on most mattresses. While you may find some mattresses more comfortable than others, the chances are that if you purchase a Medium/Soft-Medium/Firm comfort level mattress, that you will be able to sleep comfortably on that mattress.

In even better news, the more you know yourself and the more research you do on prospective mattresses, the less likely you will buy a bed that isn’t right for you. In fact the more you learn about a mattress, the chances go higher and higher that you will end up buying the perfect bed for you and your family.

Talk To Your Mattress Company Early

call customer service for helpMany mattress companies have trial periods that far exceed 30 days. If you are reaching 30 days and you’re still uncomfortable then don’t wait another month or two before reaching out to your mattress company. Sometimes these things take time and if you tell them you are unsatisfied and considering returning, they may be able to help solve your discomfort.

For example, if your bed is too firm for you then they may have a mattress topper that could help relieve pressure points and may turn your new mattress into the perfect fit.

So don’t wait until the last minute to talk to your mattress company if you are unsatisfied. They may have options to make your bed more comfortable for you.

Check Your Pillows

did you buy the right pillowsIf you have older pillows or recently changed your pillows with your new mattress, it is important to consider that perhaps your discomfort is being caused by your pillows and not by your mattress.

Sleeping on the wrong style of pillow for your sleeping habits could drastically effect your overall comfort. Your old pillows may not be as comfortable with your new mattress. Or it may be that your new pillows are not the same firmness or comfort you’re used to sleeping with.

A lot of pain caused by pillows is often misinterpreted as pain caused by your mattress. So before you toss out your new mattress, it is worth investigating whether your pain may actually be caused by your new pillows.

When To Say When

is your mattress causing you painIf you have given your mattress several months of sleeping and you reached out to the mattress maker and taken any/all advice they have given you and you are still uncomfortable.

Then it may be time to throw in the towel on this mattress. Try to gauge whether your aches, pains, and discomforts were there before your new mattress or if they are being caused or enhanced by the new mattress.

If you have had these pains and discomforts for a while, then the likelihood is low that a different mattress will bring you relief.

However, if these pains and discomforts are new or enhanced by the new mattress and have not gone away. Then a different mattress may bring you relief and it’s about time you try something different.

Steps Toward Moving On

how to move on from the wrong mattressA big mistake that mattress buyers make is that they go right out and buy another mattress without doing their due diligence. Try to find out what about this previous mattress wasn’t working for you.

Then you can move forward in searching for a different mattress that will not have those same features. It could be that you assumed a firm mattress was right for you, but you went too firm. Or a dozen other issues that could be causing your discomforts.

So again, research thoroughly why that mattress wasn’t right for you and what mattress will be better.

Did I Get The Right Mattress?

Most discomforts and small pains of adjusting to a new mattress should subside within 30 days of trying your new mattress. If they continue after this time frame or they get worse (without having had these pains before the new bed) Then chances are that this is not the right mattress for you and it is time to move on.

Using up trial periods and bouncing from mattress to mattress is a hassle. So make sure you do your research before buying a new mattress, and keep your expectations realistic. Mattresses are comfortable but they are not miracle cures. The good news is that if you do your research and really look into the quality and features of your mattress before you buy it. Then the chances you will buy the best mattress for you goes way up.

best mattress ever

Do you have specific mattress questions? Or are you struggling to figure out what you need out of a mattress? Feel free to reach out to us through out Contact Us page. We would be happy to help you with any specific questions or concerns you may have.