February 10, 2021

Creating An Expensive Feeling Bedroom

Have you ever seen a photo of a stunning bedroom design, or walked into a luxury hotel and longed for your bedroom to feel just as nice? Oh but then the price of the sheets, the bedding, the art on the walls, the designer bed frame are all over priced and out of your budget?

If this is what you want, but have a budget, you’ve have come to the right place. We are going to walk you through how you can create an expensive feeling bedroom, all without breaking the budget. Follow along to find out how!

how to make an expensive feeling bedroom

Who wouldn’t love an expensive feeling bedroom? Especially when it looks expensive, but in reality is quite affordable? There are many ways to achieve an opulent look while still maintaining a budget. Below are several ways to achieve a regal looking master bedroom without taking out a second mortgage.

Large Pillows:

how to make your bedroom feel expensiveInstead of having lots of small pillows layered on the bed, stick with two or three larger, or oversized square pillows. This gives your bed a clean, yet finished look. It is not only more expensive looking that many small pillows, it also looks less cluttered.

Another great benefit to having less pillows on your bed is that it makes it much easier to make your bed in the morning. Larger pillows can also be useful for lounging in bed on the weekends.

For your personal pillows, be sure your pillow is not only comfortable for you to use, but fits the bed you have. Thin standard size pillows can look cheap when paired with a queen or king size mattress. Instead find a pillow in your price range that you can bump up to a larger size. This will make the bed and pillows look properly sized.

Click HERE for a full range of sizes for super affordable square pillow inserts. And HERE for the best priced large shams in a variety of colors. 

An Extra Fluffy Duvet:

create a luxurious bedroomHave you ever seen an extra fluffy duvet cover, and wonder how on earth they made their cover so thick and cushiony? We have some great tips for you. If you life in a colder climate, during the winter try double stuffing your duvet cover with two inserts. This not only will give your bed that fluffy look and feel, it will also provide double the insulation in order to stay extra warm.

The next tip we have is perfect for year round fluffy duvet. If you sleep in a queen size bed, fill the cover with a king size duvet insert. This will ensure your cover is filled from corner to corner and provide extra fluff. All while making the bed look as if you purchased an extra expensive duvet set.

Need a duvet that will keep you cool? Top Cooling Comforters For Hot Sleepers

Layers Of Blankets:

how to make your bed look expensiveLayers of different textures adds a lot of interest and comfort to a bed. Adding a coverlet, quilt, or throw blanket can be a great way to add a little bit of personality to your neutral bedding. It can also be easily switched out between seasons or as trends come and go. Making these layering blankets a great way to play with trends or change your look from summer to winter.

However, there is such a things as adding too much. Be sure not to overdo it, as little as one to two extra blankets is more than enough to do the trick. Too many additions to your bedding will simply look overdone and crowded. As you keep going remember that less is more when it comes to creating an elegant looking bed.

Whether a Lightweight Quilt, Classic Wool Throw or a Funky Chunky Knit is your vibe, there are plenty of great affordable options.

Neutral Color Palette:

use nuetral tones in seasonal shadesUnless you have the funds to upgrade your home décor every few years, we suggest keeping your colors rather neutral. A clean white bed will always look classic and high end. There is something about using layers of neutral colors together that brings a high end feel to a room. The benefit with white sheets is that while they show stains and spills, these can are easier to get out with bleach on white linens than with colors.

If you are looking to add a bit of color to your room, rugs, throw pillows, and artwork are a great way to do this. Especially if you enjoy celebrating fun trends. This way when the trend has come to an end and you are wanting a change. It is quick and inexpensive to replace.

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Less Clutter:

keep clutter out of your bedroomAn easy and priceless way to make your space feel elevated, is to cut down on the clutter. Especially now with Marie Kondo and The Minimalists, it has never been more popular to have less. If you love to surround yourself with memories and items that bring you joy, then absolutely do so.

However, if your bedroom tends to collect used water glasses, trash, laundry, stacks of unread magazines or books. Then it is time to get all of that extra clutter out of your bedroom. Clutter adds stress and distraction to a room that should be all about relaxation. Whenever you see an aspirational bedroom design, have you ever seen an access of clutter laying around and collecting dust? No, and if you want to create that luxury space to sleep then your room shouldn’t have clutter either.

Minimal Furniture:

don't be too trendyHaving your bedroom filled corner to corner with furniture can feel crowded and forced. Even large spaces can feel cheap when they are overstuffed with too much furniture. This includes large bulky furniture that does not fit in the room that you have. If you have recently downsized to a smaller bedroom and you furniture looks far too large, then sell it and instead get furniture that fits the space you own.

Another example of this is simply minimizing the furniture you need in your room. If you can take out that bulky dresser and fit all of your clothing in your closet instead, do that. If you can do your makeup in your bathroom instead of needing a vanity in the bedroom, do that. This is all a part of minimizing the furniture down to what you really need and use in order to maximize your space.

Click to link to discover How to Maximize Your Minimalist Bedroom

Timeless Bed Frame:

expensive feeling bedroom on a budgetThis is a tricky one, because bed frames are rather susceptible to becoming trendy and quickly becoming dated. Especially higher end bed frames that are more expensive. Which is why we suggest avoiding any bedframe that is overly stylized. While a mid-century modern design may be the high end expensive look in design magazines right now, it will likely begin to shift to a different look later.

Instead, try to get something high quality, with a simple timeless design. If you prefer to have a headboard, then get a headboard. Just make sure the style is simple and timeless. This way, even as new trends come and go, your room will remain looking beautiful. Choosing quality over style is always preferred, a trendy bed that will fall apart in a year is not worth the money.

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Avoid A Literal Theme:

double stuff your duvet coverWhen you are looking to create a design for your bedroom, try to avoid anything too literal as a theme. As an example of what we mean by this, is if you live on a beach and you want to reflect that in your bedroom. Avoid using pictures of sea shells and sail boats at your beach house.

If you want your bedroom to reflect ocean themes, create this feeling with your color scheme and textures throughout the home instead. You can even use more natural materials in your decorative pieces to give the feeling of a beach home.

Another example is using words or phrases in wall décor. You do not need a sign that says “live, laugh, love” in order for your home to feel full of all of those things. Instead of being so literal by using phrases, put up family photos that reflect the love and laughter in your life. It is all about creating a feeling with your décor instead of being literal with a theme.

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Classic Photos & Wall Art:

use black and white classic photos that will never ageWhile you could spend a fortune on frames and artwork for your walls, you really don’t need to. In order to make your bedroom feel like a unique and classy environment, stick with classic images that are unique. Black and white photos of your family, or family vacations is a great way to start.

Stick with simple classic frames for photos, you can get rather price affective frames at Ikea, that look fantastic and cost significantly less than other frames out there. Using frames with matting also gives a more custom and elevated feel to your wall art.

Even a child’s drawing looks gorgeous when put in a classic black or white frame with proper matting. Which goes to show, you never need to spend a lot of money on art in order to create a stunning and expensive looking home.

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Keep Your Room Clean & Tidy:

create a clean atomosphereNo matter how you design your bedroom décor and bedding, nothing can replace the look and feel of a clean bedroom. The most expensive high end, luxury bedroom in the world will look and feel terrible if it is dirty and filled with clutter. One reason why 5 star hotel rooms look so luxurious is because they are always spotless.

The great news is that it doesn’t cost a cent of your money to keep your room clean. All it takes is some time and energy to stay on top of tidying up and regular cleaning maintenance. Washing your bedding regularly will also keep your room feeling luxurious to sleep in.

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Stimulate All Your Senses:

stimulate the sensesAdd extra details that stimulate all of your senses. Play music, light some candles, turn on a lamp, all of these things add so much to the feeling of a bedroom. Create a playlist filled with music that creates the feeling you want to evoke when relaxing in your bedroom. Then find a linen spray or candle that you love. By entertaining all of your senses, you create a much deeper sense of space. Making your bedroom a memorable and relaxing environment.

All high end retail spaces and luxury hotels take all of these things into consideration. By combining them all together you really get a more complete experience in your bedroom, making it feel expensive.

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Final Thoughts On How To Make An Expensive Feeling Bedroom:

When it comes to creating an expensive feeling bedroom, it really does not have to cost a lot of money. It is all about creating a sense of space that feels luxurious and clean.

Some main focuses we have for you are to use a simple color palette, keep your room clean and clutter free, feed the senses with lighting, music, and scent. Combine all of those with our other small tips and tricks, and you will be able to trick people into thinking you spent a fortune with a designer creating a bedroom worth envying.

creating an expensive looking bed

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