May 8, 2023

Top Cooling Comforters For Hot Sleepers

cooling comforter Sleeping with a soft cozy blanket is a great way to snuggle up when going to bed. But it can get HOT! Whether you the summer is starting to heat up your bedroom, or you’re a generally warm sleeper, then our cooling comforters post is for you.

We have collected our top picks for comforters and duvet inserts that have the fluffy feel you love, without causing you to overheat. The best of both worlds. For those who want extra heat in the winter, this may be a summer only comforter for you. However, all of our hot sleepers out there will want to hold onto these blankets all year round. Keep reading to get all the details.

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What To Look For In Cooling Comforters:

Most of us like sleeping with something more than just a sheet, whether it’s a blanket, duvet or comforter. (Not sure what the difference between a Duvet and Comforter is? Learn HERE!) However, even though we may like the extra plushness and thickness, that doesn’t mean you want the extra heat.

cooling comforter for hot sleepers

When it comes to finding the right balance of thickness and cooling in a blanket it is best to look for natural materials that limit humidity, allow for plenty of airflow, all while remaining soft and fluffy. Some of our favorites use such materials as eucalyptus, wool and cotton. With the exception of a few other cooling comforters that incorporate innovative materials too.

Overall, finding a blanket that is lightweight or thinner and breathable is key to not getting too hot.

Our Top Picks For Cool Sleeping Comforters:

perfect comforters and duvets for hot sleepers

Avocado Alpaca Duvet Insert

avocado alpaca duvet insertMaterials make a huge difference in how cool or warm a duvet insert will be. Alpaca fur is one of the best materials out there when it comes to temperature moderation. Similar to sheep’s wool, alpaca wool helps to keep you cool when it is warm out and warm when it is cool out. It is also an ethically sourced fur.

Which is why Avocado choose to use Alpaca wool in their newest duvet insert. It comes in two different weight options. A lightweight and all season, if you live in very hot climates the lightweight is going to be the best option for staying as cool as possible. While the all season is great for anyone who needs to both stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

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Buffy Cloud & Breeze

The Buffy brand makes two different comforters for their bedding line, the Cloud and the Breeze. These comforters differ a bit in loft and materials.  The original Buffy Cloud comforter has a thicker loft size than the Breeze blanket. It has a cover made out of eucalyptus fibers, while the fill is made out recycled plastic that is turned into polyester like fill.

While the Breeze is made out of the same outer eucalyptus materials while the fill is also made out of eucalyptus, making it just that bit cooler than the Cloud. The Breeze also have a thinner profile and allows for even more air to flow. Both of these comforters are generally cool sleeping blankets, however the Breeze kicks it up a notch for anyone who wants to stay extra cool while they sleep.

cool sleeping duvet inserts

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Nest Bedding Wool Comforter

Did you know that wool actually helps to regulate heat? Which means not only will it keep you warm in the winter, but cool in the summer as well! Which is just one of the many reasons we love wool products. (It is also antimicrobial, wicks away moisture, and a natural fire retardant.)

This comforter by Nest Bedding has wool batting in it, making it the perfect comforter to use all year round. This is especially nice if you suffer for hot flashes or cold sweats, the heat helps to wick away all that extra moisture from sweat, while balancing your temperature throughout the night. So even if you go to bed cold and wake up hot, the wool will help keep you comfortable all night long. The best part about the Nest Bedding Wool Comforter? It is washable! Click the button below to start shopping or learn more.

comforters and duvet covers that will keep you cool

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Tuft & Needle Down (Lightweight Option):

The T&N Down Duvet is our only down filled blanket on our list for cool sleeping covers. This is because down in known for it’s wonderful ability to insulate heat. However, Tuft & Needle has made a lightweight option for the down lovers out there.

So if you want a lighter weight cover that is going to bit a bit cooler, but you just adore down comforters. Then this is a great option for you. The lighter weight fill allows for more airflow which helps to keep you sleeping cool through the night.

cool sleeping covers for hot sleepers

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Tuft & Needle Down Alternative (Lightweight Option):

Not just down, Tuft & Needle also makes a Down Alternative Duvet insert. This also comes in either a “All Seasons” or “Lightweight” loft. While the all seasons is going to work for the average Joe from winter to summer.

All of our hot sleepers out there are going to want to go with the lightweight option. This is a lower loft with less internal fill. While this makes for a less fluffy comforter, it is going to make it much cooler to sleep with as well. We love how much cooler the lighter loft option gets.

summer vs all season duvet covers

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Parachute Down Alt Duvet Insert (Lightweight)

This down alternative is light and fluffy like a down blanket, but instead it is filled with a hypoallergenic microfiber. The Microfiber allows for plenty of airflow, ensuring you won’t overheat. They have two different loft sizes for your to choose from.

The standard “all season” blanket which is nice and fluffy. While their lightweight option is going to be our pick for sleeping nice and cool. Covered in a silky soft cotton sateen, this is a soft and breezy option.

cool duvets for hot sleepers

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Lightweight Purple Duvet Insert

Purple makes two different duvet inserts, this is their lightweight option. Still fluffy and comfortable to sleep with, just made to work well for those warmer times of the year. This comforter is light and airy, allowing for plenty of air to flow through and keep you cool.

The cover is made out of a premium cotton, which helps to wick away any excess moisture. This is a great option for anyone looking for a simple go to duvet cover that is on the cooler side.

comforters for summer time when it's hot

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Casper Humidity Fighting Comforter

The Casper brand knows whats up! They created a comforter with fighting humidity build up in mind. They know that getting humidity out is a BIG way to add loads of comfort for all of the hot sleepers out there.

As your body warms up, you release humidity in sweat which makes it feel even hotter under your blanket and it becomes a big sweaty mess. Not with the Casper Humidity Fighting Comforter. They found a way to efficiently wick away moisture in order to keep you feeling cool and dry under their blanket all night long.

anti humidity comforters for sweaty sleepers

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What Duvet Cover is Best For Staying Cool?

When looking to purchase a cover for your duvet insert or comforter, you’re going to want to keep it as cool and airy as possible. The more airflow the better. Which means you’re going to want the same types of materials you were looking for with your comforter.

Cotton, Tencel, and Lyocell (made from eucalyptus tree pulp) are all great options. The weave will make a difference as well. For cotton we prefer a percale or sateen finish for sleeping cool. Any jersey knit, brushed cotton, or fleece is going to have an insulating effect that will keep you too warm for the summer.

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Cooling Comforters For Hot Sleepers Recap

Sleeping cool is all about airflow. The more you have the less built up heat and humidity there will be. Allowing you to get a great nights sleep without hot and sweaty interruptions throughout the night. Finding materials that allow for heat and humidity regulation is key to staying cool throughout the night.

Materials like wool, cotton, and Tencel fibers are all naturally derived and are breathable and help to wick away excess moisture. These comforters all have some if not all of these cooling features. We hope you found the perfect cool sleeping comforter for your bedroom. Sleep well!

duvets and comforters that will keep you cool

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