April 24, 2020

Purple: Top 10 Bedroom Accessories

purple top 10 accessories for the bedroom

While Purple is known because of their mattresses, why stop there? The brand has transcended comfort by also bringing you an array of Purple accessories. Including a pillow, sheets, mattress protector, weighted blankets and so much more. Now even your favorite furry friend can have their very own Purple Pet Bed. We put together a list of our Top 10 Bedroom Accessories by Purple. If you’re ready to transform the way you sleep from every aspect than learn all you need to about each Purple accessory below!

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Purple + Gravity Weighted Blanket

purple weighted blanket bedding accessory Weighted blankets have become a huge trend lately. It seems any home now seems incomplete without one. They are perfect for snuggling on the couch or for falling and staying asleep through the night. Gravity is a well-known brand that makes weighted blankets. Purple and Gravity joined together in order to create a Purple exclusive weighted blanket. With it’s cool tech fabric on one side and an extra plush material on the other side this weighted blanket is sure to please.

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Purple Sheets

best stetchy sheets perfect for purple mattress The sheets by Purple are naturally designed to work with their Purple mattresses. They are breathable and extra stretchy, allowing you to reap the comfort benefits of any Purple mattress.

Unlike traditional cotton percale sheets which can feel taught or rigid, the bamboo sheets by Purple are ultra-flexible. This allows their column buckling technology to shine. You get the most out of their mattresses ability to stay cool and provide loads of pressure relief.

The sheets by Purple are relaxed and unassuming. They are made with comfort in mind, not thread counts or fancy embroidery. Anyone who wants their sheets to feel just as comfortable as your favorite old t-shirt, these are the sheets for you.

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Purple Mattress Protector

comfortable water proof mattress protector If you want to improve the longevity of your mattress, then a mattress protector is a MUST. When shopping for a mattress protector, you want it to be comfortable, stretchy, breathable, and waterproof. The Purple mattress protector is all this and more.

First and foremost, the mattress protector is so comfortable, you won’t even realize it’s there. You will notice the way it prevents your mattress from stains, however. The Purple mattress protector is also stretchy, which actually aids you in having better, deeper sleep.

The most important feature in a mattress protector is that it keeps moisture OUT! The Purple Mattress Protector absorbs liquids on contact without allowing it to leak through. Which helps keep you comfortable and your mattress clean.

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Premium Face Mask by Purple + Gravity

purple and gravity face mask review Another Purple + Gravity product that is exclusively sold by Purple. This premium face mask does more than simply block out the light. With the eco-friendly glass beads this mask evenly distributes a soft pressure on the face. This helps to relax the muscles around your eyes which is a common place that we hold onto tension in our bodies when stressed. This helps you to release that tension and relax.

The mask is covered in a plush faux mink material. It is gentle nice and gentle on the skin. This is a great addition to your nightly routine. It also makes for a lovely gift for friends and family.

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Purple Power Base

benefits to the purple adjustable power base For those who don’t already know, a Power Base is an adjustable bed frame. The Purple Power base not only changes your position but it also has a number of other tech-savvy features as well. While adjustable bed frames that move used to be purely utilitarian, they are now seen as a luxury item. You can use it to sit up in bed to read or watch TV.

Since you can adjust the Purple power base to any comfort and position you like, it is guaranteed to provide relief to those never-ending back aches and pains. This alone could melt stress away from your life, but the true magic comes from the frequency massagers inside the base.

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The Purple Pet Bed

best dog bed accessories Purple loves your pet almost as much as you do, that’s why they’ve created a pet bed specifically designed for man’s best friend. Using the same technology as in your mattress, Purple has created a bed your pet will actually want to sleep on, instead of always stealing yours.

The pet bed by Purple features the same hyper-elastic polymer that the Purple brand is so well known for using in their mattress designs. So now your pet can experience the same pressure relieving comfort that you do.

The entire bed is wrapped in an ultra-durable, moisture-resistant cover; oh and it’s also hypoallergenic and odor-neutralizing. A great way to top off a pet bed.

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Purple Seat Cushions

purple seat cushion pressure relief Did we mention that the Pearce brothers originally designed wheelchairs, so they know a thing or two about sitting. Once you think about how much you actually sit in your life; in the car, at work, while you eat- you’ll definitely want a Purple seat cushion. Just because you’re sitting on your butt, doesn’t mean it has to be a pain.

The Purple seat cushion comes in a variety of styles for a variety of needs. These styles include: the portable cushion, double cushion, simply cushion, elsewhere, Royal, and ultimate cushions. While they are meant for various needs, the Purple cushions all use similar technology for pressure relief.

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Purple Original Pillow

original purple pillow bedroom accessories top ten This is the first pillow to be made by Purple. It has a simple slim design that is made to optimize the benefits of the hyper-polymer grid. This pillow is likely different than any you have seen before, and it may take some getting used to. Not unlike the mattresses made by Purple. They may be different, but they work. Due to the low profile, this a great pillow option for those who prefer to sleep on their stomach.

Purple pillow feeling a bit too low profile for your comfort? Looking for a way to give your Purple Pillow a boost in height? Then you’re in luck! The Purple Pillow now has it’s very own Pillow Booster! Comes in two layers so you can choose how much of a boost you want to give. Thus us a great option for anyone who loves the comfort of the Original Purple Pillow, but really wants a larger loft.

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Purple Plush Pillow

top pillows made by purple The Plush Pillow is arguably the simplest design out of the three pillows offered by Purple. It does not feature their polymer grid. However, they do manage to create a way for their sleepers to customize the comfort of their pillow. The sides of the Plush Pillow have zipper that open up to a mesh. This allows you to expand the overall size of your pillow. Not only will this adjust the size but also the feel of your pillow.

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Purple SoftStretch Sheets

what is the benefit of buying stretchy sheets?

These are the latest addition of sheets to the Purple family. They are EVEN MORE stretchy than their original sheets and extra silky smooth. The SoftStretch Sheets from Purple pair perfectly with the Purple Grid. They are extra breathable to keep them airy and cool throughout the night. While their extra stretch makes them perfect for enhancing the contouring comfort of your mattress. To top it all off they are very simple to take care of as well.

Click this link to shop for your SoftStretch Purple Sheets today!

Purple Harmony Pillow

best pillows sheets and more by purple The newest addition to the Purple Pillow family, the Harmony Pillow has a Talalay Latex Foam core. This completely surrounded with their famous hyper-polymer grid. This combination makes for a cool sleeping lofty pillow. You can get this pillow in two different loft heights, both of which work well for back and side sleepers. Stomach sleepers will likely find this pillow is a bit too tall for you.

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Purple: Top 10 Bedroom Accessories

bedding accessories and gifts rated by purple Are you seeing Purple yet? From pet beds to power bases, pillows and platforms. When your technology is as innovative as Purple’s, it’s no wonder they never stop developing new products.

Their Purple Grid goes a long way, and it’s no surprise. It has never-ending benefits that can be used for so many different things. In addition, Purple is backed by science so you know it’s comfy.

We recommend that Purple is most enjoyed in combination of all their products, but even if you start with one, you won’t be disappointed. There’s a reason Purple feels like royalty and serenity, see for yourself by trying any one of their products today.

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