April 22, 2020

Electric Heated Blankets 101

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Heated blankets supply a lot of comfort. Although they used to be a big danger. Now with new technology, safety features, and certifications electric heated blankets are safer than ever. Which brings up a lot of questions on whether or not heated blankets are safe to use or sleep with. Also how to tell a safe blanket from a potentially dangerous one.

We are going to go through all of the different things you need to know about electric heated blankets and how to use them safely. Along with some of the top heated blankets along with other ways to stay nice and cozy. Keep reading to get all of the details.

Is It Safe To Sleep With A Heated Blanket?

heated blankets safety The short answer is no, heated blankets are wonderful for creating a warm and cozy space for sleep. However, they are not recommended for overnight use. This is for several reasons, the first being that electric blankets can and do cause fires.

While electric blankets these days are made much safer than they used to be, they are still considered a risk by insurance companies because they are still causing household fires. Even though this is now an extremely rare occurrence, especially with new models, for your safety we suggest only using them while lounging for with a timer before heading off to sleep

The fires are typically caused by smalls breaks in the heated wires that can spark. The breaks are usually caused by bending or normal use over time. The main danger in these fires is not being able to stop them quickly or get yourself to safety. Which is why it is always suggested to use them while awake and in the same room. If you are going to leave the room, we suggest unplugging your blanket.

How To Use An Electric Blanket Safely:

is it safe to sleep with electric blankets? The following are a few precautionary measures that can help ensure that you are using an electric blankets as safely as possible.

  • Use Only While You’re Awake: To help ensure you do not fall asleep from being so warm and cuddly, we suggest buying a blanket with a timer that will shut off after a certain period of time.
  • Keep Blanket Flat: With the major risk factor being fires caused by damaged wires, it is vital to keep the wires within your electric blanket as safe as possible. So try to keep your blanket flat at all times. Do not crumple up or fold if at all possible.
  • Use on Fire Safe Furniture: Thankfully, most furniture including mattresses are now made with flame barriers. Although, some older furniture are not have these safety features.
  • Use as Top Layer: Insulating heat around an electric blanket can increase danger. So be sure to use your blanket as a top layer over the rest of your sheets or blankets.
  • Do Not Use With Pets: Not only do pets roll and scratch which can damage the blanket. Heated blankets can also cause your animal to overheat and harm them. This is especially true for smaller animals.
  • Do Not “Tuck in” Cords: It can be very tempting to try and hide unsightly cords. However, it is important not to cover your cords or tuck them under your mattress as this can cause stress and break the cord, and cause them to heat up.
  • Always Follow Manufacturers Instructions: While we always suggest this for any product you purchase, this is incredibly important when it comes to electric heated blankets. Be sure to use proper storing, washing, and use instructions to ensure you are using your blanket as safely as possible.

Benefits To Using A Heated Blanket:

how do i know if a heated blanket is safe? Heated blankets provide a lot of soothing comfort. There are a lot of different benefits of using them. While we do not suggest falling asleep and using a blanket throughout the night, electric heated blankets can be wonderful to use while lounging.

When there is a slight chill in the air it is nice to snuggle up with a heated blanket without the cost of heating an entire home. We also love a heated blanket for easing small aches and pains. Whether you are wanting to warm up right before bed or you’re staying warm while sitting at your desk, a heated blanket provides a lot of comfort.

  • Comfort
  • Pain Relief
  • Save Money on Heat
  • Helps Induce Sleep
  • Price Effective

Electric Blanket Shopping: 

shop vintage onlineWhen shopping for an electric blanket, safety comes first in our books. Which is why we want to share with you our top tips for purchasing a heated electric blanket that is safe to use.

  • Certified By A National Testing Laboratory: Certifications from a 3rd party can help supply a level of security that the blanket you are purchasing has been tested and meets safety standards.
  • Check for recalls from Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC): Worried the blanket you own or are looking to purchase is unsafe? Check for recalls with CPSC.
  • Never Purchase Secondhand: Older blankets don’t always meet modern safety standards. Also, the blanket may not have been properly or safely taken care of.
  •  Choose a Low Voltage Blanket: If you are wanting to stay especially safe, purchase a blanket that is low voltage to lower your risk.

Top Electric Blankets:

SoftHeat by Perfect Fit:

The SoftHeat blanket is a low-voltage electric blanket which operates on less than 25 volts. It is even certified as non-hazardous, so you can feel safe and sound while using it. It has a plush 100% polyester cover that is machine washable. The larger sizes come with dual controls so you can choose a different heat setting than your partner.

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Serta Luxe Blanket:

This super soft plush blanket from Serta is also certified as non-hazardous and is a low-voltage electric blanket. We also love it’s luxurious soft feel. The Serta Luxe blanket operates under 25 volts. With the Serta Luxe’s larger sizes you will get dual controls to ensure perfect temperature for both parties.

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SunBeam Heated Throw:

The SunBeam Heated Throw blanket is perfect size for personal use or snuggling up on the couch. It has three heat settings to choose from. While the SunBeam is not considered to be a low-voltage blanket, it does have an auto turn-off after three hours of being on. This is a great backup safety feature just encase you forget about your blanket and leave it on.

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BeautyRest Heated Microlight Blanket:

The BeautyRest Heated Microlight blanket is the strongest of all of the blankets on our list. It has 20 different heat settings and dual controls. It is not a low voltage blanket. Although it does have an auto shut off after 10 hours. While this blanket reaches up to 120v while using it’s highest settings, it is certified for safety by Intertek Testing Service, and Underwriters Laboratory.

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Electric Blankets Alternatives:

Electric heated blankets are not the only way to keep your bed nice and toasty these days. Whether you want to go old school with a heated water bottle, or if you prefer high tech mattress pads, we have selected a few of our favorites. While all but one of the following options still use electricity, they do not have wires that heat up throughout the surface of the blanket or pad.


The BedJet blows warm or cool air direct into your bed to cool you off or warm you up. It even has dual zone controls for couples. So you can sleep warm even if your partner likes it crisp and cool. Since the BedJet uses air to heat and cool the bed, it has the added benefit of limiting the amount of humidity in the bed. It also works quickly and efficiently.

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The ChiliPad is a mattress pad that uses micro-tubes filled with water. The water can be heated or cooled in order to change the temperature of your mattress to whatever you desire. The ChiliPad also has dual controls allowing for different temperatures on different sides of the bed. The ChiliPad is controlled using an easy to use remote control.

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Ooler Sleep

Also made by ChiliPad, the Ooler Sleep is a hydronic mattress pad that controls the temperature of the bed with heated or cooled water. The Ooler Sleep comes with it’s own app so you can control the temperature from your phone. If you choose the Ooler Sleep you also have the capability to schedule temperatures throughout the night and into the morning. So if you want it warm while you fall asleep cool in the middle of the night and warm as you wake up, you can schedule that with Ooler Sleep.

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Hot Water Bottle

While a heated water bottle won’t last for hours on end or cover your entire body, they are a simple and effective way to stay warm. If you want to completely cut out any electricity out of your warm and toasty snuggle time, a hot water bottle is the way to go. We suggest purchasing a water bottle with a soft plush cover and snuggling up with it under a cozy blanket.

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Electric Heated Blankets 101 – Final Thoughts:

Not only are electric heated blankets safer than ever, now you know how to shop and care for your blanket to ensure you stay safe. We also suggested some of our top favorite heated blankets along with other heating and cooling technology. We hope all of this information will be helpful for keeping you literally safe and warm.

electric heated blankets 101

If you have any lingering questions, we would love to help you out. Head over to our Contact Us page to ask us any questions you have. We would love to help you in anyway we can.