April 27, 2020

Reading To Your Kids Before Bed: Benefits & Top 10 Stories

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Beyond simply reading a book, bedtime stories usually include cuddling up without distractions and spending some one of one time with your little ones. This is what truly makes bedtime stories so special. Not only are there many benefits for your children, but also for you as a parent.

We wanted to provide a reminder of all the positives that come with developing uninterrupted story time before bed. As well as have collected a list of the Top 10 Bedtime Storybooks for Kids to share with you. This includes some classic bedtime books, as well as some family favorites. We hope you love them too.

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Benefits Of Reading To Your Kids Before Bed

reading to your baby There are so many reasons why reading to your children before bed is important. Giving them a sense of appreciation for reading and stories develops at a young age. It also gives them an edge in excelling later in life.

We recommend reading for a minimum of 15 minutes before bed each night. Even as an infant your children are able to benefit from reading. Below are a handful of benefits of reading to your children before bed.

Quality Time:

The world is full of distractions for all of us. Shutting off the TV, putting down the phones and tablets, and picking up a book to read together is a great way to spend quality time together.

benefits to reading bedtime stories with your kids

Books are more interactive than any other form of entertainment, which promotes beautiful bonding times with your kids. This is a big benefit of spending time reading to your children at any time of day.

Developing Skills:

Reading to your children long before they are learning how to read themselves will help them gain many important skills. Language skills is a big one, hearing your voice, inflection, and word choice can help them to understand language and even expand their vocabulary. There is even the emotional development from snuggling and spending quality time together.

It also helps your child develop concentration and patience. Benefiting their attention span now and later. Reading also helps develop better and increased communication skills in general.

Another skill that is developed through reading is the use of your imagination. By listening to scenarios and being able to develop extensions in your own mind helps children expand their own imaginations.

Learning Lessons:

benefits of reading to children Many children’s books are full of important learning lessons. Like how to treat your brother or sister, or how it is important to listen to your parents. These may be more subtle, but also more easily understood in the context of a book.

It is hard to find a children’s story that doesn’t have an underlying message. Some of our top 10 bedtime story books are great examples of these books. Scroll down to see our full list of favorite bedtime books.

Love of Reading & Stories:

Reading to your children is often one of the very first experiences they will have of books and story telling. Learning how to read can be challenging, but if you can show them all of the wonderful stories and adventures they hide in those pages, it can spark the joy of reading in their hearts at an early age.

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Snuggle & Cuddle Time:

it's important to read with your children why

Of course nighttime stories is more than just reading. When you snuggle in bed to read a book to your child you are getting in some vital physical connection. Physical connection is important for family bonding and emotional development.

Decreased Anxiety:

It may be hard to imagine children having anxiety, but they certainly do. Reading is a soothing activity that helps ease anxiety, regardless of age. So reading to your child helps them develop another habit that will help them learn how to relax and  self sooth before bed. As well as in any situation where setting aside some quiet time to focus on a story will help them.

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Ease Into Sleep:

The calming sound of your voice as you read is a relaxing thing to fall asleep to. Even if your child does not fall asleep in your arms, it is a calming activity that helps them calm down before you leave them to go to bed. Much better than much more stimulating activities like playing, or electronics.

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10 Great Bedtime Story Books For Kids:

bedtime storybooks for kids top rated classic

1) Goodnight Moon

A classic bedtime story book that seems to make it’s way onto everyone top hits list. Sweet and whimsical this one is sure to please.

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classic childrens books you're going to love

2) Llama Llama Red Pajama

The lulling rhymes of Llama Llama Red Pajama is fun to read and a story all families can relate to.

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best books to read at night age 1-10

3) Guess How Much I Love You 

A beautifully illustrated story book full of opportunities for big hugs and telling your kids that you love them with all your heart.

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best children's night time stories

4) The Going to Bed Book

Short and sweet, this book is perfect for that late in the evening “Just one more!” plee.

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best kids night time stories to go to sleep to

5) Berenstain Bears’ Bedtime Battle

This wonderful Bear family is always teaching us important lessons. This time it is all about the bedtime battle.

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best bedtime books for kids family favorites

6) Where The Wild Things Are 

Another classic story with imaginative illustrations that take you to another world. This is a great choice for older children and wild things.

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best nighttime reading books for young children

7) Pat the Bunny 

An interactive sweet book. Fun to read and touch. Great for youngsters and for beginning readers.

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good night time books for kids

8) The Velveteen Rabbit 

This is true classic tale of a toy rabbit, a longer read then others but a story that will touch your heart. A good book for older kids and those who take a little longer to drift off to sleep.

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quick read bedtime stories for children

9) Bedtime for Peppa 

This is a family favorite in our household. Read along as Peppa, George, Daddy Pig and Mummy Pig get ready to go to sleep.

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top ten childrens books for bedtime reading

10) Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site

A fun read for all of the kiddos who love big trucks.

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great books for getting your kids to fall asleep

Bedtime Stories – Final Thoughts

At the end of the day just about any sweet book will do. It is the quality time spent snuggling and speaking to one another that really make story time so cherished. While having a soothing story with lovely illustrations is a fun addition, it is really about the quality time together that really matters and helps your little one relax and fall asleep. We hope you enjoy these books and reading them to your loved ones.

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