October 23, 2019

Best Weighted Blanket for Kids

best weighted blanket for kidsWhen it comes to weighted blankets for children safety is first. While weighted blankets offer a plethora of benefits, you need to understand how to choose one. Especially for a younger kid who weighs less. Fortunately, having two little tots myself I have scoured the options to find the best weighted blanket for kids.

The key is finding a weighted blanket brand that gives you loads of options. They make each blanket after you order to your specification. This ensures you get the right size and right weight. Which is where the brand Everything Sensory has mastered just how to make the best weighted blankets for children. Making a large variety of size and weight options to get exactly what you need.

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How Heavy?

what to know about weighted blankets for kidsMy oldest daughter is not quite 3 and weighs less than 30 pounds. Making even the standard calming blankets made for kids too heavy for her. After some investigating I learned that choosing the correct weight for a child’s weighted blanket is just a bit different than that of an adult.

For an adult the rule of thumb is to find a blanket that is about 10% to 12% of your body weight. I personally weigh about 135lbs and ideally a 13.5 pound blanket would be an ideal 10%. However, most weighted blankets for adults don’t get quite so precise on weight. I use a 15lb weighted blanket, which has been a great fit for me.

Now, for a child it is similar on how to go about finding the most ideal weight, but slightly different. You again will be using about 10% of their body weight for the starting point. So, if your child is 30 lbs, ten percent would be 3 lbs. But, because the increments of weighted blankets for kids go up pound by pound it is recommended to add one pound to the weight. Meaning all together the most ideal blanket weight for my 30 lb daughter would be 4 lbs.

What size? 

can i use a weighted blanket for my kidsBelieve it or not, the size of the blanket has an effect on how well it will work. If the blanket has adult proportions then your little one will have a much smaller portion of the weight on their body.

On the other hand if you condense that weight into a child size blanket, then they will experience more pressure from the weight and get more of the benefits out of the blanket.

It is worth mentioning again that it is important to be sure you have the right weight for your child’s health and safety.

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Stay Cool:

weighted blankets might make your kids hotDue to the nature of weighted blankets, it is important to keep in mind that they may keep your little one warmer than usual. This is due to many of the materials commonly used to add weight to a blanket, and the fact that the materials need to be very tightly knit in order to keep those weighted materials contained.

This cuts down on air flow, and therefore holds onto more heat. During the colder months this may be a big benefit. However, if your child gets very warm while they sleep, then this blanket might be better used for just relaxing or short naps rather than a full nights rest.


why weighted blanket is good for childrenWhile we focus a lot on sleep and the benefits that weighted blankets can bring to you and your kid’s nights rest. You do not have to sleep with a weighted blanket in order to reap many of the benefits.

One of our favorite ways to use a weighted blankets is simply while we snuggle up on the couch or in bed while watching a movie or hanging out.

The next time your child is clearly upset in a manner where you would normally give them a hug, bring the blanket along as well. (If it happens to be near by of course) Wrap the blanket around them as you give them love and comfort as you normally would. This may help to calm them down even faster. It also extends that comfort even after you leave.


how weighted blankets can be usedThe benefits of a weighted blanket can be helpful at any stage in life. As long as you have the appropriate size and weight. Having a weighted blanket, or a comfort blanket, for your little one can be priceless. Being young and feeling more vulnerable while in a room alone having the comfort of a heavy blanket could tremendously help a child adjust to sleeping on their own. This is not only a great benefit to the child, but for their parents as well.

The benefits of weighted blankets for kids goes beyond getting your child to sleep on their own. Before the weighted blanket became a huge craze, there were pressure weights and pads already being used for therapeutic purposes. Kids who need help with Autism, sensory processing disorder, ADHD, and even hyperactivity can benefit from the use of weighted blankets.

The weighted sensation helps to calm down and provide a sense of security to these kids. The gentle pressure and hugging sensation helps the mind to produce oxycontin which calms the mind and body. It is no wonder why the concept of a weighted blanket really took off and created a life of it’s own. It is so beneficial to so many.

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The Best Weighted Blanket for Kids:

Now that you know why a weighted blanket may be a great idea for you child. It’s time to know why the Everything Sensory option is so fantastic. This handmade weighted blanket is not only adorable, but the are also super soft to the touch. You can also get it made to the perfect weight and size for your little one.

As mentioned above, the Everything Sensory Weighted Blanket is what I have found to be a truly exceptional option for custom made weighted blankets specifically for children. If you’re looking for a handmade option than we highly recommend it.

why we loved weighted blankets for children

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