October 23, 2019

Bear Pro vs Tuft & Needle Mint Comparison

If you have made it to this comparison review, then you are likely looking for a quality, all foam, medium-firm, supportive mattress. If so, congratulations! You have made it to the right place. The Bear Pro vs Tuft & Needle Mint mattresses are prime examples of luxury supportive foam beds. With such similar beds it can be difficult to make that final decision between the two. That is where we come in. Get all of the stats side by side to better decide which mattress is the right choice for you.

tuft and needle vs bear pro mattress review

Bear Pro Stats 

  • comparison review for bear proHealth Aiding Celliant Cover
  • Supportive for Back & Stomach Sleepers
  • Cooling Copper Infused Foam
  • Medium-Firm Comfort
  • Free Shipping
  • 100 Night Trial Period
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Price: $940 – $1,290

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Tuft & Needle Mint Stats 

  • comparison review for tuft and needle mintLots of Cooling Materials
  • Adaptable for Side, Stomach, AND Back Sleepers
  • Solid Edge Support
  • Medium-Firm Comfort
  • Free Shipping
  • 100 Night Trial Period
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Price: $595 – $1145

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And the WINNER is…

  • tuft & needle mint mattress vs bear pro comparison reviewSleeping Cool – Tuft & Needle 
  • Edge Support – Tuft & Needle
  • Health Aiding Materials – Bear Pro
  • Motion Isolation – Bear Pro
  • Comfort – Tuft & Needle
  • Support – Bear Pro
  • Coupons – Bear Pro
  • Price – Tie 
  • Shipping & Delivery – Tie
  • Warranty & Trial Period – Tie

These mattresses are truly well matched. Which is why we go into full detail on specs with these mattresses below. However, while we see the Bear Pro as the winner overall, once you read why you may find that the Tuft & Needle Mint may work better for your personal needs. Keep reading to find out which mattress is best for you.

Bear Pro vs T&N Mint Construction:

Both of these beds are all foam mattresses made without the use of coils. All of the support for these mattresses is made by the dense layers of base foam. Then those are topped with transition and comfort foams closer to the body. As far as the materials, while each brand uses foam that have decided to use different types of foam in order to get different benefits for their bed. Keep reading to find out what those materials are and why they are beneficial.

Bear Pro Materials:

bear pro materials and layersOne aspect that is special to the Bear Pro mattress is that they wanted to create a bed that featured potentially health aiding materials. These are materials like copper infused foam and a cover made with Celliant fabric.

This Celliant fabric is designed to take in the energy from your resting body weighing down the bed and turn that energy into infrared light that is supposed to bounce back and energize your body. They also have infused the first layer of foam with copper for the potential health benefits and to help keep their sleepers cool.

Underneath those top layers are the more supportive foam layers. These consist of a 1.5″ comfort gel foam layer, a 2.5″ responsive transition foam layer, and then finally their 7″ high density foam layer. All coming to create the 12 inch thick Bear Pro Mattress.

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Tuft & Needle Mint Materials:

The foams used in the Tuft & Needle are a more adaptive foam that supplies support without being too dense. This is what gives their mattress a more adaptable comfort that works for nearly all sleepers. From graphite and ceramic beads to adaptive foams, Tuft and Needle really played to win when they created their Mint mattress.

They have also put ceramic beads into their transitional foam layer. The beads accomplish two benefits in one. They help to keep the sleeper cool, and they add cushioning support to the bed. Another key to the comfort and support of the T&N Mint is in the bottom layer of supportive foam. Not only does this foam give the bed its sturdiness, it has zoned density around the perimeter or the bed. This give the edges of the T&N Mint bed extra edge support.

tuft and needle quality materials

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Bear Pro vs Tuft & Needle Mint Benefits:

Motion Transfer

most comfortable mattress reviewThis is one of the best parts of foam mattresses. Without the bouncy aspect of springs that you get in hybrid mattresses, the majority of motion transfer goes away. When it comes to comparing the different foams in Bear Pro and Tuft & Needle Mint, the memory foam of the Bear Pro might be slightly more deadening than the Mint’s Adaptable foam. The difference is going to be so minor that it really does not make much of a difference.

But if you are coming down to splitting the hairs of these beds, than the Bear Pro will be the way to go for the least motion transfer. However, both of these beds will honestly be fantastic when it comes to limiting motion transfer and are highly recommended for motion sensitive sleepers.

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Sleeping Cool

which bed is better comparison reviewBear Pro is made out of a memory foam, which tends to hold onto heat more. However they have two main material layers that are their main defense against heat retention. The first being their top layer of foam is infused with copper. This copper helps to pull heat away from the body. Then the second gel infused layer of foam helps to disperse heat even further away from the body and out of the mattress.

Tuft & Needle Mint has a major focus and helping their customers to sleep cool. It is even reflected in the name. Let’s start with the different foam. Their Adaptive Foam is naturally cooler than memory foam. On top of that they use graphite and ceramic beads to pull heat away from the body and disperse the heat through the bed evenly so it does not stick condense around it’s sleeper keeping them hot. They also made sure that their cover is especially breathable. All of these precautions paid off and create a cool sleeping bed.

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Edge Support

which bed is better tuft and needle mint or bear proIn the best an issue many all foam mattresses had was creating a supportive edge for their customers. One benefit that both of these beds have is that they are in the category of a Medium-Firm comfort level. This means compared to a soft or medium mattress, these beds will have much better edge support. However one of these brands has done something to their beds to specifically address the issue poor edge support.

Tuft & Needle put a dense foam perimeter in their base layer of foam. This gives the edges of their mattress extra support to keep their customers comfortable. Again, while both of these mattresses have good edge support, it is in the details where T&N Mint get the win for edge support.

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Bear Pro vs T&N Mint Overall Comfort:

bear pro mattress comfort compared to t&N mintThe foams used in the Tuft & Needle are a more adaptive foam that supplies support without being too dense. This is what gives their mattress a more adaptable comfort that works for nearly all sleepers. While both mattresses have a Medium-Firm comfort level, the Tuft & Needle Mint is going to adapt to side sleepers slightly better, giving them more pressure relief than the more dense foams in the Bear Pro.

However if you are really looking for a mattress that is more dense and leaning more on the firm end of Medium-Firm, then you may prefer the Bear Pro. Typically this comfort level is a better option for those who sleep on their backs or stomachs and need extra support.

We picked the Tuft & Needle Mint to win for comfort due to the fact that it will work for more customers overall. If you are a couple with a side sleeper who needs pressure relief and a back sleeper who needs extra support, then the T&N Mint is going to be the better option. It wins for us because more people will be able to enjoy the comfort provided in this bed.

Having trouble deciding still? Contact Us directly and tell us what you are looking for from a mattress, we would love to help you out.

Bear Pro vs Tuft & Needle Mint Basics:

Shipping & Delivery:

T&N mint mattress review When it comes to shipping and delivery these two companies are rather well matched. Both brands offer free shipping, both brands ship in about a week, and both beds come delivered to your door compressed into a box. The set up is also very similar to most bed in a box mattresses. Neither brand offers white glove delivery service or removal of your old mattress.

However, this is no big deal considering that the set up process for both of these beds are rather simple and easy to do. We simply suggest having at least two people lifting and moving the bed at a time because they tend to be a bit heavy for one person to carry.

Value & Financing:

bear pro sitting on the edge of a mattressWe believe both of these mattress are priced rather well for the quality of bed you are getting. However, Tuft & Needle is priced exceedingly well for the quality comfort and build of their mattress. It is truly a luxury feeling mattress at a very attainable price point. This makes it a rather popular choice and is often a big deciding factor for a lot of people.

With both brands offering the same warranties, trial periods, and similar financing options. The price of the Tuft & Needle Mint gives them the win in the value department.


The best thing about buying online mattresses is the cost savings compared to buying in store. And, with our coupons below you can save even more. The only downfall is that Tuft and Needle offers coupons, but rarely. While Bear is very good about adding additional savings. Find the best and latest coupons below to ensure you’re getting the greatest deal!

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Bear Pro vs Tuft & Needle Mint Comparison: Overall

We love both of these beds and we truly think if you’re looking for a Medium-Firm all foam bed, that neither of these mattresses will disappoint. They are both well made beds containing quality materials at accessible prices.

The details in both of these beds are fantastic. And the price points for both of these 12″ thick multi layer foam mattresses is hard to beat. We truly think that it is like splitting hairs when it comes to choosing between these two well made mattresses. Both USA made, with free delivery and trial periods for you to test for yourself. However, if we have to pick, we lean a bit more towards the Bear Pro.

which the right right bear mattress for me pro


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